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The human body ! The human body is nothing more than an interdependent matrix system that communicates with and amongst itself all day long through electronically charged molecules-you are an ever evolving and fluctuating organism that is self-regulating and supercompensating-you are nothing more than a bio-electrical field that is hell bent on one function---SURVIVAL! .

Horse/Carrot Theory ! ALL programs work-they only work for so long-NOTHING works forever! ! To adapt is not to adapt (Louie Simmons) ! Definition of adaptation .

Adaptation ! Hans Selye-GAS (Stress of Life) ! 3 stages (Alarm-Resistance-Exhaustion) ! Body does NOT differentiate stressors-all stress is stress and is accumulative over time ! Only differentiates between Local and General ! Stress response of the body is greater for training than it is for a broken bone (general vs. local) ! Training affects 7 different biological systems (omegawave) " " " " " " " Cardiac Cardiopulmonary Hormonal Detoxification Metabolic CNS neuromuscular ! All these systems DO NOT adapt at the same time ! Adaptation is also NOT an equilibrium process (Verkoshansky) .

Adaptation (con’t) ! Is a phenomenon of accommodation " characterizes the organism’s entire reaction " reflects the specific features of the external influences ! It is the active maintenance of a definite level of disequilibrium between the organism and the environment " The fundamental reason for the origin and development of accommodative reconstruction within the organism (Verkoshansky). .

NOBODY has it figured out ! ALL programs are flawed " training is by nature incomplete ! No perfect training variable ! No two people respond the same to the same stimulus ! No one best exercise for anything .they are all stimulus’ to be used ! There are those who the only difference between them and GOD is God knows he is not them .

Recovery ! REST at some point in time becomes an actual training methodic ! Recovery/ restoration begins with a well conceived program that allows for recovery " It is the first means of recovery!!! ! The optimal load applied during a period of supercompensation (deload week) creates a summation/ additive affect that aids in stabilizing the increase in performance .

the opinion of the athlete and finally the opinion of the athlete’s body The athlete’s body is ALWAYS right-their bodies talk to you during every workout –are YOU listening??? As a coach you should be dynamic and above all flexible Everything I know I have learned and I change my mind on certain things on a daily bases (stole from Mike Boyle) Increase in volume or intensity must increase amount of recovery Introducing a new exercise also is a means to increase intensity .Other stuff I believe ! There is the opinion of the expert. the opinion of the ! ! ! ! ! coach.

Reasons for deloading ! Stolen from Jim Wendler’s article on Elitefts ! Give the body a rest (replenish CAR) " take advantage of supercompensation ! Give the mind a rest ! Prevent overtraining-yes Joe Weider & the barbarian brothers there is such a thing ! Strength training athletes are prone to overtraining from too much volume (addisonic-sympathetic inhibition)-which usually occurs in endurance athletes and from too much intensity (basedowic-sympathetic over activity) ! Christian Thibaudeau articles on T-nation detail this more and is a great source of info .

Reasons for deloading ! Prevent injury (McGill applied load –tissue tolerance- safety zone) ! Increase chance of progress " " " STABILIZE new level of performance if you set a PR in training shut it down and do not train at that new PR immediately allow for the body to accept that new level of increase max effort is what you have for that day you will not break PR’s every time you perform the same max effort exercise ! Speed and strength levels fluctuation on a daily basis " " .

Decreases the volume of work to the CNS and unloads the intervals .2 board.close grip bench.weight releasers (80/60-6x1 5min.Examples of deloads ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Deload every 4 weeks-either the 4th week or the 3rd week Performance block (USA weightlifting) wk 1-70/6x4 wk2 -77/4x4 wk3-65/7x3 wk4-85/2x5 Base-load-load-deload wk1-75/5x4 wk2-77/4x4 wk3-80/3x5 wk4-70/4x4 Performance base wk1-72/3x6 wk2-80/2x8 wk3 67/3x6 multiple rep max based on a training intensity from a previous 1rep max Zatsiorsky performs 60% of their highest volume for the training cycle on the unload week as a rule of thumb-switches lifting to Tues/Thurs and MB circuits/tempo work on Mon-Wed-Fri. His belief that the extra tempo flushes the system and aids in restoration process Wk 1-70/4-6x3 wk2-80/3-6x4 wk3-75/3-6 wk4-85/2-4x5 Wk1-70/4-6x3 wk2-75/4-6x4 wk3-80/3-6x5 wk4-70/4x3 Unload from max effort 4 weeks followed by 2weeks of high rep db work 2x20 with 5min rest intervals Max effort work is based on 1rep max of exercise/classical example-floor press is 92% of 1rep bench max for an athlete Max effort exercises follow partial/ full movement scheme ex. Floor pressincline press-3 board.

pre/rehab. squat. jumps before or after (primer or pap) " Post mobility work/stretch static " Core stabilization exercises/ timed method " Strength training guidelines with exception of rehab/ prehab work.Weekly template ! ! ! Train Offensive / Defensive Line like throwers Train Skill / Linebackers / Tight Ends like sprinters Monday " active/ dynamic warm-up " Speed mechanics/drills (as part of a/d warm-up) " Wall acceleration position " Speed training (Charlie Francis short to long program) " Example: " 1st 3 weeks hills for acceleration 10/10 10sec rest-2mins.10/20 20sec rest2mins-2/30 30sec rest (skill only) " Total volume of speed training is between 300-500 yards " Strength training. NO MORE than 3-5 exercises . posterior chain work (2 exercises).

2-3sets 10-15reps Abs/ repetition method Active/ dynamic warm-up followed by conditioning. yardage based on position Mobility exercises/ work. example 2min/3min. static stretch .Weekly template ! Tuesday " " " " " " " " " " " Prehab/ rehab work/cuff-neck-traps MB or iso holds Upper body training Max effort exercise Assistance exercise for chest (pap) Rowing/ back exercise Upper back (option) light triceps work low intensity-higher volume/reps.

dynamic effort method (OL / DL.Weekly template ! Thursday " " " " " " " " Active/dynamic warm-up Speed mechanics/drills Wall acceleration position Speed training-same volume of work as Monday (as they adapt to workout will change sets and reps ) Strength training. LB / TE) Skill # uni-lateral movements (start with BB lunge) Post mobility work/stretch static Core stabilization/timed method .

altitude drops. depth drop push-ups) Dynamic bench press (start with isomiometrics-then progress to reactive/speed method-3week waves straight weight. chains and bands) Tricep emphasis 1. isoballistics.Weekly template ! Friday " " " " " " " " " Pre/rehab work/cuff-neck-traps Upper body plyometrics (MB’s.2exercises (close grip board presses-db tricep extensions) Back exercise / vertical pull Shoulders/variations of posterior delt raises-lateral raises Abs/repetition method Active/dynamic warm-up followed by conditioning (progresses from timed work/rest intervals to Fartleks to tempo work) Mobility exercises/static stretch .

Conclusion ! Once the body stops learning the body stops growing ! How you perform or present an exercise to the body is oft times more important than the actual exercise ! Bruce Lee. Use them all! there are always ways to improve your training program (if and only if you are willing to be open-minded) ! Train optimally not maximally .Having no way as way and no limit as limit (disregard what is useless and retain what is useful) ! Always search for the Holy Grail and realize there is no magic formula or magical programs " " there are many means and methods.

Paul Childress.Sanity ! The following people are held responsible for maintaining my sanity: Louie Simmons and all of the Westside athletes (which includes Dave Tate and Jim Wendler) " Tom Myslinski. most of all Mike Hope who without I would have begun a heroin addiction years ago! " . Charlie Francis. My Sportster and Harley Davidson. Allan deGennaro.

Websites ! Elite fitness system ( ! Poloquin’s ! Higher-faster ! ! .com ! ! Ruggedmag.

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