Magic three coins to raise money When you have to deal or important meeting, the outcome of which depends

on your material success, take the following morning witchcraft. Toss three coins at the same time as long as one of them will fall tails, while the other two eagle. By doing this, utter each roll:

Gamilon safrason.
And when the goal is achieved, mark this event with the words:

Vidmalah izgamu Adon.
Collect all the coins together, put on top of the coin with eagle coin with tails, and over it again with an eagle. Hide the collected coins in a safe place, until the end of the day that they were together one above the other, and half your success achieved, the remaining half of work to make yourself.

Ritual to attract money To attract money will make a magical ritual . P leave on the table at a distance of 20 centimeters from each other green and white candles. Imagine that white candle - it's you, and green - it's money and prosperity. Light the candles on one match, first white, then green. After some time, blow out candles and remove them in a secret place. Repeat this sorcery ten consecutive days, each day bringing candles to each other by 2 centimeters. When the candles touch each other, take your secret action for the last time, and then tie the candles gold ribbon and store them as a money talisman.

Money back Put on the table a green candle. Spread around the paper bills and coins. Ignite the wick. Think of green mist coming from the candle flame and rolling on the money. After some time, collect the money, put out the candle. Paying the money for the purchase, rest assured that they would soon return to you. To do this every day for five minutes kindle your ritual candle, which will be the center of attraction for both the old and new wealth.

Magic attracting money Spread out on the floor in the center of your home a piece of white thick rope so that it formed a circle.Light the four candles and put them on the four sides of the circle. Stand in a circle. Imagine a huge space on the tube (cornucopia), from which you drop huge amounts of money, multiple checks, credit cards and other forms of wealth. Do not be afraid to be too greedy, but do not repeat the mistakes punished golden antelope Indian sultan, do not stop the fall of the money in your mind as long as do not leave the limits of the circle. Ending ritual, exit circle, blow out the candle and stop the endless drop money. Spend a visualization as often as possible in order to become part of an imaginary abundance of your real life.

Cash tradition of attracting money

Many peoples have exactly the same beliefs, traditions and customs associated with attracting money and maintaining the welfare of the family home. It is believed that if every Wednesday to light three candles traditionally money - green - the colors, or do the same on Thursday, using yellow or orange candle, then you will never be in danger of ruin. Besides dedicated customs put in the northern part of the house three red carnations and keep a regular broom broom necessarily up. But piggy bank with copper coins can bring trouble, especially if they stand next to the head of your bed. If you decide to collect the money, they shall be white. Many people know that borrowing money should be on the growing moon, when there is a natural flow coming astral forces and influences, and return when the energy of the Moon is decreasing.When this money is better left to take, and give the right hand. This will help create the right relationship between you and your money, and if I do not bring special benefits, be sure to save from wasting and loss. Talisman to attract money Find oceanfront or buy in the store a large white shell (you will need one of the wings bivalve shells). Put it in the cavity of a metal coin. Put a coin on the three drops of essential oil of bergamot, sandalwood and basil. Light a green candle. Tilt it over the sink so that the melted wax or paraffin wax dripped into the sink and fills out her entire cavity. When the wax cools and hardens, hide the sink in the place where he has his business and do business. Such a talisman to attract major new investment and money.

Tangle money To attract money, wrap a copper coin or paper bill green yarn so that you have turned a mediumsized ball. Reinforce it so it does not unwind. Moisten the tangle of three drops of eucalyptus or bergamot oil and hang it on the free end of the thread over the front door of your apartment. All those who will go through this door, will strive to bring money and gifts into your home. To maintain the desired properties of this amulet lubricate tangle essential oil every week on Wednesday. Fat cat Collect coins in a small bag of various denominations all penny and rubles, which are currently in circulation. Lubricate each coin individually eucalyptus oil. By doing this, say the conspiracy:

Cents to pennies, penny to penny, fifty dollars to half a ruble, ruble to ruble ducat to ten rubles, all to the court.
Hide this bag in the northern part of their home.

Money ritual Want to increase the probability of multiplying money, then come into the open field, dilute a small fire, put in a bowl of dry grass wormwood, a lock of his hair, cut nail with the thumb of your right hand, bird feather, leaf clover, tuft of wool black cat and rolled into a tube note on which write how much money you want to soon find in my purse. Pour it all and put a bowl of milk on the fire. When the milk boils, pour it in a pre-dug hole and throw in all the same that was in the bowl. Dig a hole and say: "I bring this sacrifice earthly king and underground, in order to multiply in my house and in

my purse. Incidentally, it's done, all the words in case addressed. "

the third . Go to the green candle set fire to her flame wick away the white candle and say: . 8. do the following: light a green candle and cut the green yarn skeins nine identical ropes. Add these ropes together. cardamom and cedar hulls nuts. the second . To do this. This work finished. By doing this. Attract money into the house To attract money into the house fabricate magnetic powder. stone tourmaline or Lal and dried herbs: saffron. sage. 4. wipe with a file a piece of magnetized metal. fennel. The general order of knot in the cord should be: 1. Ritual to attract money Set in the northern corner of the largest room in the house green candle. gold pieces. my monetary authority. 2. 5. 3. Collect all of the powder in a bag and store it as a money talisman. You can give your mascot even greater force if cover all filings with gold paint.on the other end. my passion. 9. 6. burn cord with knots on the candle flame and develop the ashes to the wind. bond paper significant. silver rubles. Light the wick white candle and say: From darkness to will. paper notes and a small magnet and store the bag at home or at work. signatures and seals indicated.Attracting money To have no shortage of material resources. rolling and forming a rope of them the middle column. 7. Then tie the cord nine knots. In the southern corner of the red place. Attracting Wealth To attract wealth store in his home a small bag of blue leather. thistle. cinnamon. the fourth-midway between the first and third nodes. nine ways to come to me that I wish: copper coin. Money amulet Attraction to put money in a red flannel bag nine hair from his head. which put a magnet in the shape of a horseshoe. the fifth between the third and second and so on. bird feather.That is the first node you fastened on one end of the cord. hold them between your palms and rub the palm of his hand. repeat the plot: Countersigned by the node all in one . anise. Pick up a white candle and stand with her in the middle of the room. Knotting each node. utter these words: Nine roads.

In this case. Place the paper on the table and set it to the green candle. do not leave them unattended. To do this you can use a spray. In doing this. Money Candle Cut a sheet of paper square with the side seven centimeters. filled with rice. collect the remaining wax after them and hide it behind the skirting board or under the floorboards in the eastern corner of your home. By ak attract luck and money . Collect twelve large acorns. collect all the metal coins. which currently are in use in the country. geraniums or marigolds. gather cinders. made out of green cloth. With the growth of the flower will grow and your well-being. When all the candles burn through completely. adding to them a few coins of different denominations . In this case. the results of which will be visible in the spring. Put in a pot cactus. automotive enamel. Rite to attract money Cover the table with a tablecloth dark. your mantra should be: Light for good luck. Put it on a plate of black. so they do not become the cause of an accidental fire.Light for money and prosperity. and keep it as a talisman of wealth and prosperity. Set the white candle in the center of the room. Growing money To improve their monetary situation. do not forget that in this world nothing goes for nothing. Talismans to attract money Cover with gold paint five small flat stones. of course. Burn it for five minutes every day until accumulate until the desired amount.Put them in a flower pot filled with soil. Fold all the pebbles in the bag. which at the moment are in circulation. Light the four green candles and put them in a plate on the four sides of the cross formed by coins. Bury them all together on the south side of his house. Write on it in red pencil the amount of money you want to get in a short time. Talisman money This traditional autumn witchcraft. rice and coins in a green pouch that store as a talisman of prosperity and wealth. In the spring of your wealth should be increased by 12 times.all copper and nickel coins. Cross the room and divide fire white candles with red. and therefore apply their own abilities and efforts to acquire the money that you promised this magic. But. or any other wizardry with candles. all the melted wax. Put the rice on top of the five five-ruble coins so that they amounted to a cross. even for a minute. you can be assured that your efforts will not be wasted. When all the candles burn down. wealth and happiness.

and those that have fallen eagle. Attraction of money To attract more money. Improvement of financial situation To increase their income and improve the financial situation.Fill the bathtub with warm water. gather again and shake hands and throw on the table. five dollars) in a red envelope (or just wrap it in red paper). Replace the envelope green candle and burn it for five minutes every day for a week. Again set aside coins with tails and collect coins with the eagle. which will attract to you the new value and benefits. take the first dollar or ruble earned by you in the new case (just choose one of banknotes from its first profit or wages). Monetary bottle Throw in the green bottle pinch of sugar and a pinch of dried herbs basil or yarrow. Once the sun disappears behind the horizon. it seems that silver gives you a portion of their fluids. minted only in even-numbered and leap years. Put aside all the coins fell tails up. Attract money into your life To guarantee the security of their financial position. While in the water. start your witchcraft. Apply on the surface drop bergamot oil or basil oil and rub it all over the map. Keep all the coins in the castle between the folded palms. Then release your hands. Keep this card in your wallet as money mascot. John's wort and secure it with the red thread. seal banknotes odd dignity (eg. throw silver coins into it and lie down. and throw a coin in front of him on the table. Shake them so that they move freely between your palms and overturned. do the following: take twelve coins of the same denomination. and my house is always full of prosperity and happiness. Attracting good luck and money In order to succeed and get rich. take from the deck of playing cards of diamonds ten. Every day in the bottle add one coin of any denomination. Wrap it in red cloth and keep it as a money talisman. Keep this piggy bank in his home. Put this in the green talisman pouch that hide in his house.Repeat these steps as long as you will not have only one coin. Money Mascot Nail over the front door to your house horseshoe ends up so that its shape is reminiscent of the "full cup" and say these words: How this bowl is full. Wrap the bill around the whole ginseng or St. Cap-Net in the same bottle or three drops of bergamot oil or tincture of eucalyptus. .

conspiracy and executed. then red. so that forever and ever and visit. put this pitcher in the farthest corner of your home or office and say заговор: «Как полон этот сосуд. Light a candle next orange and say: This fire . *** For protection from ruin and bankruptcy sprinkle ceramic jug alfalfa.a symbol of my immortal soul. success and good luck.Augmenting If you want to increase their capital.a symbol of change for the better in my life. use of ritual candles of different lengths. and finally white. Must first be extinguished black candle. a loaf of bread) and say: Let peace and prosperity will be in this house. red and orange candles: so that they form a triangle. sculpting. *** . To do this. then orange. *** If lately you pursue some failure and frustration. Finally. write on a sheet of paper the amount of money that you need. Place in the center of this triangle white candle.a symbol of my failures. Then light the black candle and continue conspiracy: This fire . which today leave me. yes it will come down to earth and heavenly grace. так мои карманы полны будут». Light it and say: This fire . For this to happen this way. To protect your home from starvation and ruin. All candles should burn completely.a symbol of my wealth. so that the seeds were inside and could not sleep there. put on the table black. My words are strong. you need to sacrifice to the spirits of the earth. Put on this paper three sesame seeds and roll the sheet several times. light a red candle and finish the plot: This fire . bury it near the front door something to eat (for example.

On the left path to get off on the right road to go. the gray light the candle from the flame black and say: This transition from dark to light." Use the red ink. black candle grease or oil of lemon geranium. . imagining that all your troubles go away from you. After that. Can simply write one word . Say: This is me in all things. Then grab a pen and cross out black large cross made you sign. from misfortune to happiness. By doing so. *** Sit down at the table. and evil side bypass not against fate but will afford me. all evil. *** If you have already touched on monetary troubles. thinking at this moment only the good or its main dream. Collect the remaining mixed white-orange wax and keep it as a mascot for getting rid of the old symbol of failure and future victories. Put the orange and white candles on the table next (next to each other) and let them burn down completely and turn off. Then light the black candle and say: This is a problem that slows down and stops and does not give way Fortunately. from all defilement. Ignite the paper from the flame of a candle and say a magic spell : Purify the sacred fire from all evil. Zaduyte black candle and light the flame of orange sulfur. order and prosperity. from black to white. Every time you pass the fire from the candle to candle necessarily represent the external and internal changes in his life. Then grease a white candle or patchouli oil of bergamot. Gather the rest of the paper ash and develop it in the wind. "crash" or "ruin. what should be. Light a white candle and say: Kaalaro Zain. Light a candle and say: Veruda Azlan iurash. you should feel that his action did eliminate unwanted out of your life. Idel Kaul headlights. what is.If you expect or anticipate any failure or misfortune. saying: "It is the light of happiness and well-being that close to me and around me."failure". light yellow or orange candle. put in front of a white candle and imagine that this candle represents yourself." Now light the white candle on orange. from all evil thoughts that what was. from failure to victory. describe on paper unwelcome but highly probable event that could or should happen in your life.

Casa Anga. repeat the plot: Quad aina cola yes. Slide on the two white candles. and make a symbolic act . and then go off to another room or go outside. Then tilt the glass to all the water poured on the stone and glass with him on the black earth. Keep your hands on the glass and imagine that all your negative energy. put it between the black and white candles. give it to the wick and flame cast a spell: Flutter down. tears. Put the rope on the table. Submit your problem in detail.on the north side of the house where you live or work. Put them between the glass beaker with pure spring water. *** If you are faced with obstacles and challenges in any case. *** If you have any problems or experiences that do not give you peace of mind and from which you want to get rid of. . Let candles burn down completely. then collect them after the remaining wax and bury it in the yard . allafon. iza Libura. On the way back with no one to say hello and do not talk. Then cut the apple into four pieces and bury them in the ground in various places. clean water. again take the rope in his hands. leave them together with a glass on a stone and go home. such as an open field or in the woods. passion. clear fire. in particular the forces of the Earth. Quad aina Colada lag Fain viruda. a yellow candle grease or oil heliotrope laurel. covered with a white cloth. do the following: hold between the palms of large ripe apple. Daily activities and try to forget about the node on the rope. thereby concentrating the energy of your experiences into a single point in space. When your senses will bounce back. By doing this. be aware that you bring a sacrifice forces of tie the knot on the rope. all the problems and troubles spill over into the water in the glass. While others say the words: Site ella kafon. all light Multiply. By doing this. and inner passions subside. Imagine that all your difficulties and troubles go into the fruit. Blow out the candles. take all the dark. black earth. add to their notions your feelings. *** Step into the sparsely populated place. gibur Kaita. grab a red wool rope. and that these forces will have to contribute to the successful resolution of your affairs. Stand in front of get "altar" to its knees.After that. anger. Find there is a large flat stone. lag viruda Fain. what was before. untie the knot and feel that all your previous anxiety disappeared and were dissolved and ceased to be an oppressive power of your inner part is that now you are free and has no negative past that power over you.

and describe it on a small piece of paper and fold the paper several times inscriptions inside. light a candle and say the secret words: Sabargo halls Kabush ain on. When the candle burn down to the level of the present and it will extinguish its wick. the whole house obmetite new broom. and say. I destroy charms dismiss. In the new day will come all that I myself wish.otherwise razmetete the corners all his wealth. After that. write on a sheet of paper. and will. saying: I do not litter and dirt Met. discard the broom on the intersection of two roads on foot. wipe the front door knob in your home or office juice. *** To get rid of the trouble. *** Remember that in one house can not sweep the floor two different brooms . Cut in half and cut out the big apple in the center of each half of a small . Burn this note on a blue candle flame. Pour the infusion and then bury the candle along with a bowl of black earth. You can do this by the leaves. my trouble and suffering. *** To solve a problem. Pour into a bowl infusion of yarrow. asserted and unpleasant conversations. squeezed from odorous geranium leaves. strongly pressing it to wipe the surface. With this broom will leave all my misfortunes and sorrows. your problem will be solved.*** Put the old iron bowl short gray candle. *** To get rid of all the bad things in my life. what or who is your problem. saying at the same time such a conspiracy: Through the fire depart from me my grief. which would embody your problems and unhappiness. so it was not. They have no more place in my life and will not be. *** Wanting to avoid unnecessary meetings. failure of home scram.

When the candle burns out almost to the middle and start to burn your fingers. think that all your sorrows and troubles disappear and evaporate. Conspiracy for good luck and money That your house always had money.depression. . If you decide to play in the casino. At the beginning of each working week take this bag in his hands and fingers flexing its contents. Conspiracy for success in business For success in business and business gather in a small green bag ten pinches of basil. and the lower . bury all of its attributes (bowl and paraffin residues) into the ground in a deserted place. where solve your petitions and cases. otherwise the morning all the money will go to you. manufacture its own different colors of wax or paint a white candle. Fold the two halves of the apple together. If the cat will escape and run away. the first stroke is very slow tail of a black cat. Make it nine Recite this bag conspiracy for good luck and hang it in the place where his conduct of affairs: Case behind. in front of the case. *** To protect against possible failures purchase a short candle. in which the upper part of the red. If you can not buy a candle. and all the works will be opened in favor for me. repeat conspiracy. At a time when the molten wax will drip into the water. the middle income. three pinches of coarse salt. and say the plot: Gold for gold. Apple folded tie string or pierce him through the wooden spokes to apple halves held together and did not disintegrate. grasp the doorknob and say conspiracy luck: As this opens the door bracket. bet on horse races or enter into contracts and transactions. hide under the threshold of three shiny new coins minted in a non-leap year. dried and powdered rind attrition from three apples. money makes money to this threshold in this house. putting your note in the cavity formed by the notches in these halves. Sitting down at the negotiating table or gaming table. throw it in a bowl with water. left hand lightly pull it out and say barely audible or not opening his mouth: All my everything to me. silver for silver. Apple bury in the ground in a deserted place. Light the wick with its two sides. then. three copper coins and one coin of the white metal. Having finished this sorcery. before you enter into it. mint five pinches. Pour into an old bowl of clean water. Speak luck If you go to the state house or elsewhere. red and black colors. and your problem will disappear completely when it rots and istleet. Keep a candle at the middle horizontally over a bowl. do not play.

Pour over it three tablespoons of sugar and the same amount of uncooked rice. pour a small plateful three heaped tablespoons of salt. If the cat will escape and run away. If you have a competitor. brown . fame and career In order to become famous. betting on horse racing. Fold the sheets together and tie them to the ends of brown thread. On the first page write the word geranium oil " Zaaks ". yellow . wealth and money close to you.for professional success. Conspiracy to win at cards . otherwise the morning all the money will go to you. For good luck.for the successful completion of any important things for you. Look at the flame and mentally imagine your dream. famous or succeed in life. Every morning. Open the safety pin and slide it on top of the needle into the contents of the plate. Pass through the hands of candle power and energy of his desire to return and get the confidence and the realization that everything is now in your hands. red . or enter into contracts and transactions. and white .for love and passion.Keep this talisman with them for success in a game of chance and luck in all affairs and business. do not play. purple .to defeat enemies. For luck in gambling If you decide to play cards. before going about their business. the first stroke is very slow tail of a black cat. The color of the candle. imagining that success. writing gold or silver ink. pin it to your clothing so that it was invisible to prying eyes. You can also buy silver or gold glitter and showered them the paper on which your name will be written in regular ink. For success in every affairs To attract good luck on his side. Keep the candle between your palms and breathe at the same time slowly and deeply.Attracting good luck and fortune To gain more strength and energy to attract good luck and fortune. Leave everything as it is for the whole night and in the cure diseases. write on a piece of paper your name and surname gold marker. Sprinkle a few pinches of this composition at the threshold of his office and around the premises. which do business. get a marker. Attracting luck To attract good luck.for the acquisition of new knowledge. do it exactly nine.for the health of the blue . Thismagic is effective especially for men. then scatter around his office powdered herb motherwort mixed with dining soda. light a large candle. mix powdered sugar with yarrow. choose according to your desires: take the green candle for money. pink . and that all your actions and deeds will be successful. Laurels for good luck and fame Buy on Wednesday three bay leaves. the second -" Mufaoks "and the third -" Kramor ".

the other on the left. write in red ink on a sheet of green paper the amount that you want. wear in the left pocket of a magnetized piece of iron. and then dip the ends of the tube into the melted candle wax. under the insole of the left shoe. turn the paper into a tube and sprinkle poppy seeds in it. and financial flows you never dwindled. on the mystery of her determined to wealth profit on my dream. a card game to take the next magic. Erase in a powder dried root fern. Sitting down at the negotiating table or gaming table. and the crosses you draw blood from four fingers (except the thumb) left hand. Good luck charm Write on a piece of paper: " Aba + athai + agara + fato + aznax ".Close up the open part of the white candle wax pen. sealing thus your good luck charm. Mother Earth of her age. stone. or aquamarine beryl. bay leaf and a bird feather. where there is no hair.Planning for the coming days. When the ink and blood dry out. To win money In order to win money at the casino or the lottery. For good luck in business Cut from a large goose feather lower part. Keep it with you each time you play cards or do business and business. burn the paper. cat's eye. Keep this talisman with you when you play cards. quietly scatter on the floor at his feet three pinches vegan powder pinch drop one right. Magnet to attract the good luck To have success in the game. and sprinkle its cavity plantain seeds. Before you go to the gambling establishment. gather in the green bag all metal coins that are in use at the moment. All words must be drawn in black ink. bet on horses or buy a lottery ticket. and the remainder of her ashes pour under the insole of his left boot. Winning the lottery . Also throw in a bag three peas black pepper. while saying this: Yes come with me the wisdom and strength of the grass forest. angelica root. and then you will always be in abundance and profits. shark tooth or a piece of alligator skin. Good luck to you accompanied To luck never left you. Hang this good luck charm in the room where you conduct your business or spend the most time. you can put a tuft of wool white cat. and the third straight ahead. Besides all this. and to make business transactions and do business.

a dream come true. make it into a ticket. jasmine or rose petals . trying to see in his quiver vague images. green . write on a small piece of paper the amount of money you want to get this way. Also you can pound in a mortar different dried herbs: lavender. For this yarn can be used in different colors. Place the card in a small jar or bag which fill peas black pepper. which was then half fill peas black pepper. Keep this good luck charm with him during the game. fennel or endive . Game mascot Going to play cards. for more fruitful business development. symbols and numbers. shake the jar in his left hand. remove such unintended game deck jack of spades. grass clover. Write on the back of the card the amount of money you want to win. Before the game. Sprinkle these herbs in a bag and store it as a talisman of good luck. each time using a new candle.for success and career multiply money. blue . imagining that you transferred to the special energy and strength.If you have only one goal. You can also weave a cord of three strands of different colors that provide a balance between your physical and sensual desires. Magic win Before you fill out a lottery ticket or bet chips on roulette cherished by. Mortar and pestle In many voodoo rituals used items such as mortar and pestle. In a mortar and pestle can crush ordinary salt and sprinkle it where you conduct your business. attracting good fortune and luck. pine needles. Fold the paper three times inscription inside and hybrids it in a small vessel. light a purple candle and carefully look into the flame.wealth. Good luck in all matters Magic Cord To attract good luck and fulfillment of their desires weave magic cord. Seeing the first digit in the fire. . A pinch of this powder. Energy of good luck To win the lottery or at the casino. take three strands of the same color and weave of them a small pigtail ends are joined together: so that they form a bracelet. development plans and so on. Red symbolizes passion and physical strength. In a magical sense they symbolize male and female sexual organs. Wear it on the ankle of the left leg.Want to win the lottery? Then Peremel mortar black pepper and cinnamon and sprinkle the powder obtained at the corners of your house and around your bed. where they are used. mean intercourse that will lead to a new life or development: for example. cinnamon or ginger . and any work. eucalyptus leaves. pour in your wallet. Repeat the same fortune telling and all other figures. the promotion of affairs.for the development of love.

Section on sending Maymoon as a messenger . An hour and a half before nightfall one needs to start summoning Djinn by repeating the following prayer a thousand times: Beshmasheymahin (x2). one needs to recede into solitude and quietness. When one breaks his fasting. before sunrise. During the next day fasting is practiced. After a short conversation a contract will be made between them and the Djinn will be bound to a lifelong servitude which includes fulfilling realistic wishes and informing the human about the questions that he sets to the Djinn. Before one starts to fast. needs to pray and praise God. the person that wants to contact a Djinn. while the man is sleeping. eggs. If that happens there is no reason to panic. shamihin ala kulli berahin aksemtu aleyke eyyuhel avnul muin biizeti shemlehin (x2). During the night. the Djinn will come and wake him. dried grapes. Ancient Arabic wizards warn that if there is no response from the Djinn during the first time. After the prayer is repeated for the last time a Djinn will appear in front of the summoner in a human form. milk. During that night. one needs to go to sleep peacefully. shemalehin en te'tiyne ve takdi hajeti bihakki sha'shain esh'ashin esh'ushin (x2).DJINN SUMMONING During any day. barekellahu fiyke ve aleyke ve innehu lekasemun lev ta'lemune azim. Dates and a few pieces of fruit and vegetables. which lasts from sunup till sundown one needs to eat unsalted food out of barley. Under no circumstances can one consume anything that is of animal origin such as: meat. unsalted olives. one needs to consume the same. that one must persist and repeat the process a couple of times until a contact is successfully made. etc. honey.

usually feeling empty inside. In the second case.Write these five names on the fingers of your left hand. Hold your penis with your left hand and incense with the right hand and recite the names one thousand times. RUKJA OR EXORCISM When contacting the Jinn. do to N. the wizard fasts and drains himself of the physical and mental strength and in such a way he creates ideal conditions for communication with a foreign entity. the Islamic theology claims that the Jinn have been created thousands of years before the creation of the first man. In my contacts with the possessed I myself had the opportunity to convince myself of the truth of these claims. In my first exorcist work I was more surprised by the cold that I felt somewhere deep in me than the fact that the Jinn spoke out through the man's mouth. That fire is in its nature cold and cannot warm up anyone. he slowly comes to his senses. Aysh x2. Placing a hand on the body of the diseased while repeating the verses from the Qur'an an opportunity for a contact with a Jinn. it is necessary that the person who is being treated or is invoking the Jinn reaches a state of light trance. In the first case such a state is reached by repeating verses from the Qur'an during which the spiritual being is stirred and for a short time it controls the body because it is panicking. O servants of these names . Mashlamish x2. is presented. as I am doing from the evening till morning. weather it is an exorcism or invocation. During the contact of the medium (wizard) with the Jinn the medium feels coldness. Be charged. When a Jinn leaves the wizards body. Kayhoosh x2. Maqash x2. That feeling was present when the . by right of the burster of days. Namely. The incense is frankincense and benzoin. in order to communicate and defend itself. The charge is on the inside of your palm. the Jinn was created out of fire which is different than the one we humans know. or more of them. These are the names: „Anish x2.

this gives the Jinn an opportunity to outsmart the exorcist and stay inside the body for longer or even forever. Liquidating one of the members of the spiritual world leads to family revenge or tribal revenge which usually has grave consequences for the exorcist. With persistent repetition of prayers. in the light of that they punish and even burn Jinn. however it is an unnecessary part of the exorcism. every experienced exorcist knows that. If the Jinn is exorcised from a house then the exorcist must place the Jinn in another location after he repeats certain prayers and commands. he is usually moved to an abandoned house or a mill. every Jinn will sooner or later leave the human body. When in danger every Jinn is keen on lying and deception. Then he wishes them God's grace and a peaceful life in the new location that he has chosen for them. . Similarly one shouldn't have conversations with the Jinn. Of course. Proper work with the Jinn asks for a moral and just attitude. Today however we come across more and more situations when the exorcist wants to gain fame and demonstrate spiritual strength in order to profit more. their ruler. through oaths to king Tariš. If the exorcist begins communication with the Jinn he immediately breaks off the chanting of verses.Jinn first addressed me. Even though establishing communication with the Jinn has its charms since one can learn information such as the name of the person that sent the Jinn or did black magic. endangers the strength that accumulates through the chanting and weakens the ritual. At the end of the ritual the exorcist communicates with the Jinn using telepathy and explains in a calm way that they cannot stay in the house which they have occupied since their presence negatively effects the people living in it. Jinn mustn't be killed or punished.

2011. Amulet that have inscriptions of the Surat Falak.09. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 19:39. An amulet must be created and the person must be fumigated for three days: 1. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 16:48. letter Elif 1. 3. Nas. Gaded jehennem nashal. # 08. 3.Method of the Arabic alphabet In Arabic magic there are several methods which can be used to establish if someone (patient) is under the influence of negative energy (evil eyes.. Jehennem erban. Nas and Ayatul Kursi are also effective. The patient needs to drink water for seven days. letter Jim 5..A person whose name begins with the letter ELIF/ALIF is possessed by the Jinn. over which the following Qo'ran verses were cited and to carry an amulet (hirz) which was created by recording the same verses. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 19:38. With help from Allah the patient will be cured. # 08. PRINT. PRINT. With the help from Allah the patient will be cured.2011. Jinn.09. It is necessary for that person to wear an amulet on which the following verses are written and to drink water over which the same verses were pronounced.2011.09. Jehennem atshan. will fear graveyards during tuesdays.. # 08. One of the methods is called "Method of the Arabic alphabet" in which one analyses the first letters of the patients name to establish his disease. A person whose name begins with the letter BA is possessed by fairies. 2. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 19:38. The fear will be neutralised by making an amulet which will contain inscriptions of the Surat Falak. PRINT.2011. A person whose name begins with the letter JIM. A person whose name begins with the letter TA will experience fear every Sunday night. letter He . PRINT.). # 08.09. Letters Ba and Ta 2. black magic. Ayatul Kursi and the following verses.

letter Za 11. letter Zal 9. Ayatul Kursi and the following verses. A person whose name begins with the letter ZA will be seduced by a woman and his heart will be filled with doubt and confusion. It is necessary that the person carries an amulet that contains inscriptions of the Surat 2. PRINT. PRINT. It is necessary that the person carries an amulet that contains Surat Falak. # 08.09. It is necessary that the person wears an amulet that contains the inscriptions of Bismila. letter Sin . # 08. # 08. letter Ra 10.2011. Nas.09.09. letter Ha 7. PRINT.2011. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 10:06. A person whose name begins with the letter DAL will be affected by curses.09. PRINT. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 16:48.6. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 14:09.09. It is necessary that the patient wears the following inscriptions. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 14:08. Fil and Ayatul Kursi. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 14:08. # 08. ( Ayatul Kursi) and the following verses.2011. A person whose name begins with the letter RA will be ensnared by a spell that his/hers enemy has made or he will be seduced by a woman. letter Dal 8.A person whose name begins with the letters HA will be possessed by the Jinn or will be ensnared by a spell. The inscription is written in musk and saffron. Surat Falak. PRINT.2011.2011. PRINT. A person whose name begins with the letter ZAL will be affected by curses. The patient will be cured if he wears the amulet that contains Surat Nas. A person whose name begins with the letter HA will fear on Wednesday from an object that looks like a snake. # 08. # 08. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 16:47. Nas and Ayatul Kursi.09. It is necessary that the patient carries an amulet that contains the following inscription.2011.

Heart problems will appear. and to carry an amulet that contains Surat Falak. # 08.2011. A person whose name begins with the letter SHIN will be possessed by the Jinn from the underworld.12.09. PRINT. It is necessary that the patient gives charity and carries an amulet that contains the following inscriptions. letter Dad 15.2011. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 09:05. The patient will recover if he is fumigated by African Rue weed and if he carries an amulet that contains the following inscriptions. A person whose name begins with the letter TA will have issues with his heart and walking.09. PRINT. letter Za 17. A person whose name begins with the letter DAD will be sick on Tuesday.2011. # 08. A person whose name begins with the letter SIN will have a fear of dogs. # 08.09. PRINT. letter Sad 14. PRINT.2011.09. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 08:26. PRINT. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 09:05. . It is necessary to inscribe Bismila and the Surat Inshirah and to carry that amulet. # 08. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 10:05.2011.09. A person whose name begins with the letter SAD will catch a contagious desease. A person whose name begins with the letter ZA a symptom of high fever will appear. Nas and Ayatul Kursi and the patient will soon recover. It is necessary to undertake fumigation with dog hair.2011. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 09:06. Nas and Ayatul Kursi. It is necessary to carry an amulet that contains Bismila and Surat Falak and Nas. Falak. letter Ta 16. # 08.09. PRINT. # 08. The patient will be cured if he is fumigated with African Rue weed (Peganum harmala) and an amulet is made that contains Surat Fil. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 10:06. letter Shin 13.

09. It is also necessary to carry an amulet that has Bismila inscribed on it and Surat Falak.2011. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 08:24. letter Gayn 19. PRINT. It is necessary to carry an amulet with Bismila and the Surat Kevser. He will feel pain under his ribs on the right side.letter Ayn 18. # 07. # 08. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 22:11. A person whose name begins with the letter GAYN will be affected by spellbound eyes from an old woman.09.09. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 23:24.2011. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 08:25. A person whose name begins with the letter AYN will be ensnared by a spell.09. A person whose name begins with the letter KAF will have mental problems.2011. It is necessary to inscribe the following verses and to carry that amulet. PRINT. A person whose name begins with the letter KEF will be possessed by the Jinn. PRINT. # 07. For protection it is necessary to carry an amulet with Bismila. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 23:25. PRINT. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 23:25. leter Kaf 21. It is necessary to eat red sugar seven days on an empty stomach. # 07. letter Mim 24.2011. this verse and Surat Ayatul Kursi. letter Fa 20. It is necessary to carry an amulet with Bismila and the following verses. # 07. It is necessary to carry an amulet with a Bismila and the following verses and the Surat Ayatul Kursi. PRINT.2011.09. PRINT. letter Kef 22. .09. Nas and Ayatul Kursi.2011. A person whose name begins with the letter MIM will be possessed by the Jinn. # 07. A person whose name begins with the letter FA will have a nightmare of a group of people.

It is necessary to carry an amulet with Bismila and the following verses. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 22:10. A person whose name begins with the letter HE will be possessed by the Jinn. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 17:33. It is also necessary to carry an amulet with Bismila and the following verses. letter Vav 26. # 07. # 07. PRINT. It is necessary to carry an amulet with Bismila and these verses.letter Nun 25. It is necessary that the patient carries an amulet with these names and he will soon be cured. letter Lamelif 28.2011.09. A person whose name begins with the letter NUN will have pain all over his body and in his eyes. PRINT. The patient must eat honey on an empty stomach for three days. PRINT. A person whose name begins with the letter VAV will be afraid of a certain group of Jinn.2011.09. It is necessary to carry an amulet with Bismila and Surat Falak. Nas.2011. # 07. Nur and Ayatul Kursi. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 17:34. PRINT. letter Ya 29. A person whose name begins with the letter YA will fall in love with a Jinn.09.2011. OBJAVIO/LA KASUM U 22:10. # 07.09. A person whose name begins with the letter LAMELIF will have pain in his cheast and his head. letter He 27. .

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