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1. A compilation of basic thoughts on Neecha Grahas This looks fine. I only do not agree to the ans no.

6, also do not agree about fallen 6th lord causing Jaya Yoga to defeat enemies. [This is the point I strictly disagree.] Then I also have some doubts that aspects between exalted planets can lead to poverty. How come? Rahu Ketu gives good results like exaltation in some signs. And I did not know about this "Ucha Bhanga" ! - Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) Incredibly powerful predictive astrology with problem solving remedies Tanvir ji, Rohini ji and others, I have compiled a small Q&A on Neecha Grahas in a FAQ form. Please let me have your views. A compilation of basic thoughts on Neecha Grahas 1. Is there any way a Neecha Graha will cause absolutely no problems? No way. There will be some problem even if the Graha gets Neecha Banga, or even Neecha Banga Raja Yoga. 2. What happens when a Graha is Neecha? It is essentially weak and will cause difficulties relating to the house it owns and aspects. Its dasa/bukti will also be painful. 3. What is Neecha Banga and how is it caused? Neecha Banga causes some alleviation, and is caused if the Graha is Uccha in Navamsa, with an Uccha Graha, etc. 4. Will Neecha Banga nullify the negative nature of a Neecha Graha? It will reduce the effects. Total nullification is not possible. 5. What happens when a Neecha Graha gets relief by itself? It will then reduce the difficulties concerning the houses it owns, aspects, and its Dasa/Bukti will not be that painful. 6. What happens when another Graha helps a Neecha Graha to get Neecha Banga? The Neecha Graha will produce difficulties, but the Graha that gives Neecha Banga will produce a good Dasa/Bukti. 7. What is Neecha Banga Raja Yoga? It is said that a Neecha Graha that is in a Kendra from Lagna or Chandra gives Neecha Banga Raja Yoga. 8. Is Neecha Banga Raja Yoga greater than Exaltation? Doubtful. While more blemishes are possibly removed by Neecha Banga Raja Yoga than merely by Neecha Banga alone, there will still be some difficulty. 9. If a Graha gets NBRY, can this be used for pronouncing Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga? No way. You consider yourself lucky that you have NBRY. 10. Is there any other way a Neecha Graha can get some relief? If a Neecha Graha is aspected by a benefic or a Trikonadipati, then there is a possibility of some relief because the Dasa/Bukti will be coloured by the benefic or the Trikonadipati. This is usually better than nothing at all! 11. Is there any possibility that Neecha is better than Uccha?

Let's consider a scenario where Kuja and Guru are in Kataka. The former is Neecha, but the latter provides it Neecha Banga. So, the native gets 7 years of bad Kuja Dasa, but 16 years of very good Guru Dasa. Guru's Dasa will be anyway good because it is Uccha, but by providing Neecha Banga to Kuja, it could improve even more. 12. Isn't it better if, in the above example, both Grahas were Uccha? Shri BV Raman says that the aspects between Uccha Grahas can lead to bankruptcy. Keeping this in mind, the above Neecha Banga is better than having Uccha Guru and Uccha Kuja Sama Saptaka. 13. Is there any other case where a Neecha Graha is beneficial? Shri BV Raman says that Jaya Yoga is caused when the lord of the 6th is Neecha, and the lord of the 10th is deeply exalted. 14. Is there any way in which one can escape the Neecha effects? If Chandra is in the edge of the 4th Pada of a star owned by the Neecha Graha, it could be beneficial. This is because one starts at the very end of the dasa of the Neecha Graha - and one will be dead by the time this Dasa comes up again after around 100-120 years! However, the Buktis will still be painful, though fortunately they will operate for only a smaller period. 15. I have a Neecha Graha in my chart. Should I be worried? Not necessarily. Remember, all factors should be kept in mind, and if the rest of the chart is strong, one could lead a fairly good and successful life. Saravalli says that Surya, at the point of his deepest fall in Tula (10 degrees), can destroy a hundred Raja Yogas, but it is doubtful if this will actually materialize in practice. 16. Which are the Neecha houses for Rahu and Ketu? Rahu and Ketu are not exalted anywhere. So, they can't be debilitated anywhere either. 17. Does this mean that Rahu and Ketu never experience the state of being Neecha? If the lord of the house in which Rahu or Ketu are posited isNeecha, they will experience it to an extent. If the Neecha Graha aspects Rahu or Ketu, again, Rahu and Ketu will behave like these Grahas during their own Dasa/Bukti. 18. Will Vipareeta Raja Yoga work if a Neecha Dushtana is in another Dushtana house? It will technically be there, but only in theory. VRY requires some strength, and a Neecha graha usually doesn't possess strength, unless it gets Neecha Banga or NBRY. 19. What is the opposite of Neecha Banga? Uccha Banga. It is caused if a Uccha Graha is Neecha in Navamsa, or is otherwise afflicted, causing its power to be reduced. 20. Is Uccha Banga the same as Neecha? No. It reduces the Uccha capability of a Graha, but not to such a great extent that it can be called Neecha. alaji Narasimhan * Author, Sherlock Holmes: Solutions from the Sussex Downs Editor, The Partial Art of Detection