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Staring at the strange man who was now her husband, she had to blink back the shock he had given her. He didn't wait for her to respond. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction that she feared or was affected by his tone of voice. "I said take it off!" He stared at her in return but his eyes flashed danger and impatience with her. She was dumbfounded and she uivered at his words from within but she didn't dare allow him to witness her demise. !hat did he want her to do" She would always refuse. She was never going to forgive him. "#o. $ou cannot make me. %o back to where you came from. &ah!" He came at her and she turned and tried to high tail it out of there. She grabbed whatever she can to slow him down and help her escape' tossing the flowers, the broom, and the cat. She couldn't contain her laughter anymore. !hat sort of marriage was this" (he chickens, goats and the pigs scrambled out of her way as she flew through the man)made farm. She almost stomped on a poor chick but skirted around it *ust in time. Here was her chance and she didn't dare to turn back in case it slowed her pace. She couldn't believe her circumstances because she is a Hi)So heiress what was she doing in a village the si+e of an ant farm. ,ll the men and women wanted to be with her or be part of her entourage back in &angkok' but now she had no one but him! She hadn't reali+ed he was mere inches from overtaking her. He easily lifted her up off of the ground not concerned about her weight. She was kicking and screaming and saw the big eyes of the villagers staring at their altercation. Some were shouting at him with encouragement. (hey *eered and smirked and said to take care of his wife better. He tossed her over his shoulder and she was so humiliated, she wasn't a bag of potatoes. How dare he treat her this way" -h she was so livid. How could her life so uickly did a ./0 degree turn around" She needed a way to change her misfortune and fast. ,s she was upside down and pounding on his back. , large smack was heard. ,nd silence. He firmly smacked her butt and in front of all these 1)San people who were clearly strangers to her" -h all hell was going to break loose as soon as she could escape she will show him all about fear. She could not believe it that he was like this, out of all the most chauvinistic and barbaric thing to do to her. He did not know who he was dealing with! 2eiterating to her his command, "!hen I ask you to take it off, then you take it off. $ou have a lot to learn from this poo bao!" He shifted her easily over his shoulder as she tried to claw at him.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

He pretended she didn't affect him but slowly this unwanted wife of his was creeping into his heart. He had never in his life encountered a woman so spoiled and undervalue the importance of other people's worth. She was in for a rude awakening when he finishes with her. MY ISAAN HUSBAND-CHAPTER 1

(wo very handsome gentlemen sat down together over homemade rice porridge in 4hiang 5ai on the street. (o the ordinary people they were the same but these two were one of the most powerful men in (hailand. (hey were discussing the benefits of marriage between their eldest children. 6!e don7t know what to do with her, #arun, my best friend who is like my brother. (hat is why I am coming to you. She is the eldest but she isn7t leading a very good e8ample to her younger sisters. She does not understand the fact that we come from very humble beginnings but we were very fortunate with having hard work that prosperity follows. (he hard part is because she is my daughter.6 9hun Sahat spoke from his heart with his best friend 9hun #arun. (he two men have been together since childhood when they both were orphans left at the monastery back in 4hiang 5ai. #ow they are both very prosperous tycoons owning half of the banking industry in (hailand. 9hun #arun specialty was loans and credit analysis and 9hun Sahat was business development. (he two families were very well known in (hailand as per their names but they never allow media to delve into their personal lives so only the men photos were available to the public. (oo much media attention always breaks apart the other high society families. 9hun #arun responded, :I don7t have much advice when it comes to daughters as I only have two sons. I know that our eldest children are to marry but the years keep passing us and now I don7t know how to approach it to my son either. He is very low key but his silence makes our debtors fear him. He is very sharp and I fear he may not have a heart either. He puts all his effort in this business because I raised him to accept his responsibilities once I retire ne8t year. He is almost thirty now. I am not going to defend that my son is innocent but your daughter *ust turned twenty two" She in my eyes is still very young. !hat was she studying again in #ew $ork"6 9hun #arun didn7t know what to tell his best friend. (hey made a pact to engage their kids but with life it seems only yesterday this promise was made between them. 9hun Sahat wanted to show his daughter the more realistic world where not everyone could afford e8pensive designer labels nor would they care for it. !hat only matters to the rest of the people, was feeding themselves and their families. !ith him being so busy with his empire he neglected the proper child rearing of his daughters and as much love he had for his wife, she too was a spoiled rich girl but she understood the importance of being humble. She saw his ways easily too but yet she didn7t pass it down to $aya. $aya was his eldest daughter, his superficial and too high maintenance daughter' but she wasn7t mean spirited she was very generous. ,lthough currently her new group of friends she met in #ew $ork change her uite a bit. (hey were all the typical high society daughters who only all about 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

for caring about the ne8t best thing when it comes to commercial goods and products. ,nd their parents were the same. &ut with him, he was not like that and he didn7t want his daughter to be painted with the same brush. :;et me talk to my son Sahat. I am sure #adech won7t be too opposed to this marriage. He takes my *udgement seriously. If I put it to him that your daughter is the perfect wife material I am sure he won7t refuse her. Is she wife material"6 9hun #arun asked his friend. :She is definitely wife material if you get past her e8terior comple8ity. (hat is where my problem arise #arun. $aya is being easily influence by her new group of friends. She is a really great kid not because she7s my daughter. She wants to be a fashion designer and before she left for school in #ew $ork she wanted to create school clothing for the students up in our hometown. &ut since she was in #ew $ork for the past few years she7s changed. I don7t know what is the real her anymore.6 e8plained 9hun Sahat. 9hun #arun took in his words. $oung minds and opinions do get easily persuaded but he hasn7t heard anything in regards to scandals and such with his niece $aya. So maybe 9hun Sahat is over thinking things. :!e need something that will tie our kids together. (hey can learn to love each other. (hey are our children.6 replied 9hun Sahat. :I agree. #ow what is the ne8t step to make them meet"6 asked 9hun #arun. (he older gentlemen continued on with their plotting and unfortunately two lives were about to change. #adech and $aya were the unwilling p7ek and n7ek in this lakorn created by their fathers. -ne was a tough businessman and another was a spoiled rich girl. !ill love prevail or was this *ust a disaster waiting to happen.


His father told him she was the perfect wife material. <on7t let her age deceive you he mentioned as well. He couldn7t believe his father is still naive enough to believe in arranged marriages. !hat is this ridiculous notion of childhood promises and mashing strangers together" (he notion of strangers falling in love was so farfetched to him. &ut yet here he was spying on his :intended6 bride. She wasn7t unattractive but neither was she any different than what was already out there and *ust looking at her now with her group of obno8ious and superficial socialites he shook his head. His father7s best friend was clearly trying to deceive him. (his woman before him was stunning but what is on the surface doesn7t generally reflect what was within. ,s well what was she wearing" Short everything, to her skirt to her cut off blouse. She didn7t dress very age appropriate as well her makeup was too much. In his honest opinion he liked women make up less. It pertains to their ego and their confidence in the way 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

they look. ,nyone can be made to look good with the e8ceptional talent of makeup artists in this day and age. ,s well his e8periences with beautiful women were that all there was to them not a lot of substance. :-h my goodness do you see that man over there. He has been checking me out for a while now! He is so hot too!6 =Soriya whispered to her friends. $aya didn7t notice anyone but then as she looked up she saw the piercing eye of that man. He was not smiling and she knew he made eye contact with her. She shivered with an unknown emotion. !hat was he doing here and how creepy that he is spying on young women. (hat wasn7t right and the ne8t thing she knew she started to walk towards him. :Hey you there, looking at us! $es you! <o you have some mental issues" !hy are you stalking us women" (hey have places for people like you. >gh how incorrigible.6 $aya stood toe to toe with him. #adech *ust smiled at her, at first he was shocked when she came at him and so he fro+e there but seeing her up close he *ust stood there smiling at her. ?lashing $aya his bright white teeth and deep dimples was his response to her. (he other girls he saw started to giggle and blush. %reat in the company of airheads he thought to himself. $aya stepped back a bit from this funny man. $es he was uite handsome but that it was a shame that he was prone to spying on strange women. She had never met him before and wondered why he was smiling at her. :!hy don7t you answer" -r did you want the police to uestion you"6 she in uired with him further but he refuse to answer her. !ith her hands on her hips she was going to give him more a piece of her mind that women are not meant to be ogled at and all of that. He should be ashamed of his public behaviour. <ressed all professional but cra+y. So unbelievable this man! #adech turned and saluted her and the others. (he girls s uealed in delight at his gallant gesture and they waved at $aya to come back to them and tell them what he said. $aya didn7t have a choice as she watched his retreating back. !ho was he and why did he seem unashamed in her company. #adech thought hard about how to handle this girl. She wasn7t all about *ust having a pretty face. She defended her rights uickly enough, he would give her that. <id she know anything about their fathers7 arrangement for them" He needed to speak further with his father and hers too. If the marriage was to be sealed he needed to get to know her first but on his terms.


3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:-h my I was so pissed off! (aew and %ubgib he was so shameful in spying on us girls. @ust because we were wearing short skirts doesn7t mean he has the right to stare!6 $aya vented with her younger sisters. (aew was the second born and then came %ubgib. (hey were all only a year apart. (heir parents had them at an older age and they didn7t wait in between. (hey always asked their father if he regret not having a boy but he always said he loved spoiling his princesses and his ueen. (he girls were definitely very spoiled but they all were great characters. $aya currently was *ust going through a phase they hoped but more and more she was behaving and saying things that were offensive to a lot of people. $aya doesn7t reali+e this but as well they didn7t know how her mind works. She was very kind)hearted and her intention was not to be mean. She may only need lessons on communications first and foremost. :&ut Soriya kept saying he was so handsome that she didn7t care that he was staring, but really $aya who would want to look at her, she is eighty percent plastic on her face.6 announced (aew. She was the sister that was most outspoken and very unfeminine. She liked to delve in men7s sports and was fairly competitive about it. She gained a few trophies in doing so. %ubgib was the uietest and the most calming of the three sisters. She was always a gentle child when they were growing up but she never cries either. She was a hard person to read. $aya didn7t respond to her sister7s comments because it was the truth but everyone has their own lives to live so she didn7t really *udge her friend in that way. &ut if Soriya decides to put one more needle in her face god help her! She didn7t look herself any longer since the second in*ection was done. She herself hated cosmetics but being with her new friends she had to at least pretend she did. Sitting here with her sisters she was glad she can be herself. She didn7t know why she had to do this, having the need to wanting to belong but it bespoke her interest in the way society works. She was hoping to research the intricate minds of the well off and disillusionment of these young women. How careless, how cruel and how naive in the end they really were.


:$ou know what, I think your friend or your best friend is trying to pawn off his less than perfect daughter on you and on me. She is too overdone and dresses inappropriately. If she was eighteen understandable but at twenty something it is very unbecoming and besides I think we are too far into the twenty first century to be considering arranged marriages or childhood promises as sacred in this day and age. I am a businessman dad, not a kid. I think I earn the respect and right to choose my own wife and the mother of my children. (his woman is not to my liking whatsoever even though at first I would love to help you out because your opinions 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

does matter to me but this time you are a bit off. <id you say she has sisters and younger ones too" I don7t think she is a very good role model currently. !hat does she do anyway" !hy is she standing around with her friends I thought you said she graduated from a prestigious ?ashion school in #ew $ork" (hat would be a waste of money and time if she did and is unemployed or has no ambitions to pursue her career.6 #adech didn7t hold anything back from his father. 9hun #arun listened to his eldest son. !hen in the world did he meet with $aya to have this thorough opinion of her" 4learly he was somewhat curious and possibly interested in her and so here he was a bit too much denying their future union. His son was very diligent when it comes to researching and stalking his debtors. (hey never lost sight of any of their loans so he must have used these skills on his future bride. :5y best friend, 9hun Sahat would never lie to me. ,re you sure it was $aya you saw and not her new friends" She graduated with honours and she will be interning at the fashion studio here in &angkok, Styles Incorporated. So no she actually is uite ambitious and must be very good to be accepted uickly by Styles. I met her a few times. $es she is high maintenance in the sense of she likes her things and people great so she e8pect great things for herself. I don7t devalue that but I think if she has you or learn a few things from you than maybe she will understand people and life a little more. (hat is what her father wants for her and I hope to help him out in that way. She is very beautiful too so I don7t think that would be an ob*ection for you #adech, am I right"6 he replied back to his son and saw #adech nodding in agreement hesitantly. :I am not one to be overly e8cited about a pretty face. I couldn7t tell what her real face was, not with all of that colour and glob on it. I guess she is passable.6 He didn7t deny she was uite beautiful when she stood toe to toe with him. &ut he had enough e8perience with women that the outer cover doesn7t reflect the interior of a person. :!hat can I teach her" I barely have time to understand the workings of my own self. I know I see the hard struggles of entrepreneurs and the desperation of the less fortunate. I give everyone a chance when I see that my investment will pro*ect e8cellent results. Speaking of which, have you seen 5ario" He went down to 4hiang 5ai and never responded to me in regards to our %randmother at the village. I think I want to visit our Isaan family soon. It has been awhile. How is your doctor son, <ad"6 #adech did miss his adoptive grandmother. She was actually a great aunt to their father7s mother side, so he was half Isaan and he en*oyed the uni ueness of that part of him. (hey were simple folks but very rich with their language, culture, music, and art. (he food was as well ama+ing with abundance of flavours' he didn't shy to the e8treme spiciness although if brought to the city people here would run to the hills, *ust like his future bride. !ait why did he think of her that way" He didn7t know his thoughts were of her. (hat was strange. :-h he called. He is en*oying himself and nature and his e8pertise is much needed there. He is a good kid your younger brother. It is too sad he won7t tell us what happened in @apan. &ut this should keep him busy with being the local doctor at the village but back to you and $aya. How 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

about you get to know her" I can arrange that for you if you would like. $ou don7t really have a say in this to be honest. I have made a pact with 9hun Sahat and I am man of my words. (ake it like a man and accept your gift. I would be honoured to have $aya as my daughter in law' she is still my best friend7s daughter. He didn7t raise a moron I am sure of this. ,s well I didn7t raise you to not accept your duty as my eldest either6 (hat was definite from his father which left #adech7s mouth gaping open as his father walked away from him. He had never seen his father being so headstrong about an issue before. !hat was so special about this woman"


:<addy! $ou must be kidding me right" 1ngaged" !hat the hell is Isaan" #ot in this lifetime, how could you not know how I am. I en*oy the city, the lights, sound and cra+iness. I don7t care. If you promised him then you marry him yourself. I am not being ridiculous! ?or heaven7s sake you want to sub*ect me to a hell on earth"6 she stopped long enough to catch up with her heavy breathing. She was so frustrated and shocked at the news her father *ust dropped on her. 9hun Sahat almost burst out with laughter to his eldest daughter7s hysterics. He was glad he didn7t allow his wife and her sisters to witness this. $es initially it did sound farfetched this scheme between 9hun #arun and him. He knew $aya would be the most unwilling player in this but he made a vow with his best friend and he was a man of his words. :$aya calm down sweetheart. ;isten carefully. If you don7t do it I have no choice. He is my best friend but he7s been loaning me credit since I started our family business almost thirty five years now. I don7t want to lose it all, but his son is smart, business savvy and very handsome too. He is Isaan well half on his father side. He needs to be cultured. ,nd like you said you are a city gal so enlightened him. !hat is the harm" $ou aren7t romantically involved with anyone are you, here or #ew $ork"6 he waited for her response. :#ot really. I have dated a few men but that is beside the point. How is it that we still have this sort of thing here in (hailand" 5arriage arranged by closed minded individuals. I am sure it wasn7t your idea, they blackmailed you right. If he is so handsome and he7s how old again, thirty and have never been married, I think there is something not uite right with him then. -h I see it on your face. !hat are you hiding from me <addy"6 $aya kept her father7s ga+e. He doesn7t blink when he is lying. :He is not a man who has time for frivolous things as a wife. He trusts his father7s *udgement. !hat is wrong with my beautiful daughter" I am sure he will see that men grovel for you and women want to be you, so *ust get to know him. I mention Isaan people because that is his destination once you marry. He wants to settle up north for the first part of your marriage. He is very serious about this part of his heritage.6 Her father held her hands firmly and looked at her. 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

$aya was taken aback. Her father was looking so serious this very moment that she suddenly feared that this wish he asked from her was his soul breaker. !hat did this 9hun #arun family have over her father" She will do it because her family is still the most important people in her life. &ut first she needed to figure out who this 9hun #adech !onsawitiya is all about. :!e will lose everything $aya. I have no power to deny them anything.6 9hun #arun heart felt heavy as he had to lie to her, but he wanted to really see her reaction when all her world she was accustom to, will be disinergrate in front of her. :<addy I cannot give you an answer right now because I am too shell)shocked about this news you have put to me. I am not ready for marriage and most likely not anytime soon. I am still new to this world of fashion and want to make a name for myself, if I marry and by the sounds of this man being Isaan whatever that is I cannot do it. He will try to make his demands on me to be a woman and bride of his liking. I refuse to bend to any man7s will. I need to go <addy. I need to go shopping. It is the only stress reliever for me.6 $aya turned on her heel. 9hun #arun took a deep sigh. She has gone shopping, that was the main reason he wanted her to get married fast and maybe her future husband can show her the intricate details of real life. $ou don7t run away and hide in a shopping mall when life7s dilemma comes at you.


:So what is the problem" $ou go out and find yourself a boyfriend or make believe fiancA. I don7t know it always seem to work on television.6 suggested (aew. If they wanted her opinion she only thought of this option in her meager e8periences or actually this type of topic was new to her. Her older sister stared at her blankly and %ubgib7s *aw dropped. (he sisters were brainstorming a way as how to help their sister survive or pull out from this impromptu wedding and marriage. :-h yeah then that will set <addy to push up the wedding date and leg)shackled me to this Isaan person even sooner. <addy is *ust waiting for me to slip and blackmail me further into submission. (here must be something I can do for our family other than get married. (hat is so typical lakorn drama)es ue. ,rranged marriages and marriage out of duty but the last I checked this is the twenty first century and I think we can vote in this country right" !hy can I not choose my own spouse or choose to live in sin"6 $aya was still frustrated and venting out loud to her sisters. She knew she shouldn7t mention the living in sin part because that wasn7t a good impression or provide a great ideology to her younger sisters' but seriously she wanted to escape back to #ew $ork. %ubgib blushed at her sister7s words of living in sin but inter*ected with her own advice, :It is okay $aya. !e will help you find a way. &ut have you approach the other party in uestion. 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

5aybe he is feeling the same as you. If so that will ease your decisions a lot because if you both protest than our dads cannot pursue this. I think that makes all kinds of sense. ,m I right"6 $aya pursed her lips, she did try to approach her dad about it but he said, this #adech, what an unusual name, he is very loyal and duty bound to his father. He would not defy his father the way $aya was doing now. %reat she thought, lay out the :what a daughter7s duties are7 list on me. &ut regardless she was adamant she value her single status and continued on her way out the door last week when they argued over this situation. She said she wanted to go shopping but for the most part it was to let off steam and in the end she value every single penny she earned since she lived on her own in #ew $ork and didnBt spend frivolously. &ut she had to keep up with her friends though whenever they went out and shopping at the e8clusive bouti ues. She only ever dabble with accessories as she loved the handcrafted and uni ue designs of the *ewellery the up and coming new designers created from the heart. ?lipping back to the present $aya sighed heavily, :I have enough of this conversation. It is going nowhere and I pray every day that it disappears with the nightmares I have been having about it. #ow I want to hear all about my sisters lives. It has been too long and I am sorry I have neglected you both since my arrival. (he friends get first dibs but now I am back to family.6 She hugged her younger sisters and listen attentively to their updates. #e8t month (aew was entered in the C0th annual women7s field hockey tournament played out in 1urope, so she7ll be gone for a few weeks. ,s for %ubgib, nothing special she said. &ut both sisters knew last year, something neither good nor bad happen in @apan but %ubgib was relentless in being mum about it. (hey knew how their youngest sister was. !hen she was ready she will spill the bean. :-n further contemplation, I think I will try to figure out a surprise meeting with my future intended. !hat is he all about" If he cannot be a man and make his own decisions, already he lost points in my books. So 5r. &usiness savvy #adech. 4ool and collected is your game. Hmm, you haven7t met someone like me yet so let us see what you are all about. -kay, %ubgib I know you know lots of people, so can you get me his number ,S,D please.6 She asked her youngest sister. Her plans were unraveling before her. (his was a start because initially she was leaning towards defeat and relin uished her will to defy and deny her father7s re uest. &ut now she wanted to confront this man who was to be her future spouse. Her married, it was too comical. She never thought about marriage but that was because she never have fallen in love and no man has ever attempted to come to scratch' either due to the fact they were intimidated by ambitions and intelligence or she was not appealing in looks. (o be humble she knew it wasn7t the latter because she went on plenty of dates and blind dates and en*oyed their company but that was all there was. It was always casual and nothing serious. !ho has time for that sort of drama anyways"

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

#adech looked up at his secretary. She said who was here to see him" She mentioned the woman7s name again. :It is a 5s. Eisayavongtri to see you. She said you are related and friends with her father. 9hun Sahat Eisayavongtri.6 ;ily waited for her 41- to respond. &ut considering the young women in attendance waiting impatiently in the front foyer, she knew a storm was brewing. :Show her in. I am familiar with her sadly. (hank you ;ily.6 He placed his piles of mergers and debt documents away. He knew his full attention was re uired. (he bratty ueen was here. -ut of his latest conversation with his father, he knew she, his future wife was looking for a reason to dissolve their fathers7 schemes or intentions of a long ago promise to marry their elders. So he guessed she was going to throw him under the bus too because clearly she thought he was there when this sub*ect was established. He was only F years old then and she was still in her mother7s womb. He waited only briefly when a light rap was heard on the door and the young woman in uestion came through the door. $et again she wore the most inappropriate attire. <oes she not look at herself once over in the mirror" 4learly not as he looked over her style of choice' she wore a tight and too small of a girl7s t)shirt and ripped denims showing her thighs as the open scores in the material didn7t hide it. %od help him, if the marriage was to be a success. !ait marriage as a success" #ot going to happen ever as long as he had his wits around him. &esides he had other plans for them. He stopped his once over of her and noticed her impatience, rapping her finger on her cell phone she was carrying with her. :%ood afternoon $aya, I hope that I may be less formal considering we will be united really soon. Dlease sit down. 5ay I get you something to drink"6 he asked her too politely. She glared at him. :#o thanks I don7t drink before noon or on the *ob. I am going to cut to the chase because I am not a woman with patience as I find myself to be lately. !hy do you want this marriage" 4learly looking at you now, you are uite handsome and successful. I am sure all kinds of woman are knocking down your office or bedroom door every second, I am sure this is true. !hat do you want from me" >nless you have so many baggage that no woman would want to be near you even if a ten foot pole was available"6 She knew her approach was rude but she didn7t have the galls to beat around the bush. (his was her life not a play they were acting out. #adech fro+e at her words. She didn7t remember him. -f course and he wasn7t surprised, why would she give a :stalker or man with mental issues6 a second thought" Interesting revelation he thought to himself. She was really high handed and dismissive then and even more so now. :(hank you for your compliment even if it is somewhat back)handed. I never really had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know you. I understand you are upset likewise I was the same, but clearly you must know that your father owes my father a lot. #ot *ust monetary but we take our vows and promises seriously. 1specially for me, if you don7t have integrity then you are at a loss. #ow tell me why you think this marriage of ours will be a wrong. I see that you are young and seek e8citement and you seem to like to live a certain lifestyle in which I don7t 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

oppose to continue for you. ,ll I ask is that you accompany me back to my grandmother7s village. ,s your husband I would love to have my wife understand my culture and history as we will have kids no doubt so it will be nice to pass it down to them.6 He stopped momentarily as he saw her eyes dilated with shock as his words registered with her. He hid his smirk. She came in here trying to shock him but she had no idea who she was dealing with. Holy heck! !as this man drinking or did he escape somewhere to smoke something before meeting with her" !hy did she have the misfortune to always meet with men with weird tendencies and mental issues, but then it hit her right then and there. :-h no it is you! (he ogler on the street! I cannot believe how small this world is! ,hh!6 $aya screamed. She didn7t know why she did it but she did and several people came crashing through #adech7s office as they thought someone was being abused. ,ll eyes were on the two original people in this room. (he woman7s mouth was firmly covered by one of their 41-7s hand and the other around her abdomen. He didn7t look please at all and with the glinting menace displayed in them now, they all ushered themselves uickly out the door and it shut softly leaving the two alone once more.


So now they had witnesses to their predicament. How does she convince her way out of this because once words get back to her father there will be no more e8cuse heard from her and she7d be married to this alpha male in a heartbeat" She hissed at him and seeing the way she was breathing heavy once his hand covered her mouth she wrestle to free herself' he was suffocating her. She felt a little uneasy and warm with his other hand resting too close between her belly and the bottom of her heaving breast. !hat type of a man to take advantage of a woman was he" She dressed to impress for sure knowing he was all about sophistication and when she entered the room she saw the way he gave her a once over and rolled his eyes at her. He doesn7t like the tight tees and *eans girl she scoffed at herself. She borrowed one of (aew7s denim as her sister had used as a Halloween costume and reali+ed her sister7s taste was much different from hers. (he slashed thigh area was a little blush worthy but she still went head on in looking her worse for her future groom.

She finally manages to escape his hovering hand, :;et me go you imbecile. !hat do you think you are doing" >nhand me right now or I swear you7ll regret this' don7t tell me that this is what Isaan is all about" ,buse of the weaker gender! I said let me go!6 she tried to bump her hip

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

into him, anything to get this man to release her. He chuckled at her futile attempt to dismantle him. #ot a chance girl!

:,re you trying to seduce me" 9eep at it and I will bend to your wishes. $ou are right $aya, women do tend to find me uite irresistible and it seems you are in the same category" Hey now, rela8 wife!6 his words made her free+e in his embrace.

She looked at him uickly and manages to crash her head up to his chin. He let out a curse and she fled from him. (aking a few steps away and glaring at him. How dare he call her his wife" (hey were not even remotely close to having any type of relationship as intimate as he shouted at her moments ago, calling her his wife how very obscure of his *udgement.

:;isten to me now I will never ever be your wife. <ream on buddy. &ecause unless the pigs spout wings then even that would be a stretch for me. I refuse you, everything about you. $ou stand here in your e8ecutive office 5r. 41- and yet you don7t understand the meaning of se8ual harassment. 1specially that I am the very innocent party here. <on7t you dare smirk at me you idiotG6 he didn7t allow her to continue.

!ith a punishing kiss, he didn7t know that this tactic was the best action to take with the spiteful tongue of his intended. $aya hit him hard on the back but he was relentless, she started to tear up. (his was not what she was e8pecting to happen upon her impromptu and surprise visit to her <ad7s proposition and its owner. She stopped fighting him because she knew in the end there was no way a woman had the strength to overpower a man7s will to oppress her. He slid his hand underneath her t)shirt rubbing circles across her back. His hand was warm and perspiring. She tensed up immediately. !as he going to force her into submission right here in his office" She shoved at him and he let her go.

Seeing the accusation in her eyes he felt a little guilty, but in all honesty he didn7t want to let go of those succulent lips. #ow they were thoroughly kissed by him. (o think that studying in #ew $ork she would come off as being more e8perienced. <eep down he knew that he may have been the first to kiss this young woman thoroughly. ;ooking at her now his opinion of the occurrence that uickly transpired between them, was most likely a correct analysis of her lack of e8perience. She had never been kissed like that before. She acted like that she was a violated virgin currently. She was a great actress he thought. He dabbed at his lips and stared at hers, bruised and pink. She glared at him even more and he can see the all)consuming fire burning within her as her body was riveting with anger and channeling the ball of flames at him through her eyes. If he wasn7t amused currently he7d be scared of this woman" #ot very likely 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

he thought it over. (his was becoming more and more interesting for him. 5aybe being married to someone like her will keep him very entertained in the long run, but dare he risk it as his pride will surely take a beating from her. !hatever happened in their past lives have finally caught up to them in this one. !ell at least for him that is. MY ISAAN HUSBAND #7:

$aya stared up into the man who took liberty to steal her first real kiss. She only ever dated casually and was skeptical about men. He was the epitome of these men. (hey took what they wanted. He was the 41- of a company with power and will trample over any one in their way. ;ooking at his dark eyes flashing menace at her. He knew he had control and he used it to entrap her. She whispered out loud with heated anger underlying, :;et me go now.6 ;ooking at him without blinking she wanted him to see the rage that overcame her and if he didn7t let her go he would be sorry. #adech stared back at her. Her soft spoken words made him still. He knew he may have crossed the line but since the first time he7s seen her' his well collected emotions always got out of control. He stepped back from her. He wanted to touch her' badly. :How dare you! $ou don7t know me and I don7t care to know you. Stay away from me!6 $aya turned to leave but he grabbed her arm to make her stay. She knew she had a ridiculous temper and she kicked him at his inner thigh, barely missing his precious heirloom. #adech doubled over. He did not e8pect that from her. -bviously, as he is trying to catch his breath as she kicked the wind out of him. (he door slammed behind her.

She didn7t know how to respond to her sisters in uiries. !hat happened today" (oo much that she wasn7t able to discuss. She thought to herself she7d go into the meeting and they would have mutual understanding that this marriage arranged by their fathers was an impossible transaction. (hey didn7t know each other or even liked each other. Her father7s word, about wanting her to help his best friend7s son was false. She was to teach city life to this Isaan man was a lie. He was so business savvy and ruthless. His sense of sophistication and entitlement was beyond her capabilities. !hat did he like about his Isaan culture" He was all business)like there was no rural in him, how deceiving! :It was the worse e8perience of my lifeG6 she replied but (aew interrupted. :!as he ugly, deformed or not all there" He must be if he needs his father to help him find a wife.6 (aew waited for her sister7s response.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:He is none of that. He is as much as I would begrudgingly say this, is every women7s dream guy. (oo handsome but also too confident in himself' I swear men like him give good guys a bad reputation. ?orget it, I am glad I made it out there without out wounds.6 She didn7t want to elaborate further. She slightly smiled as she remembered her foot had connected with his soft thigh. (hat7ll teach him to mess with her. She warned both her sisters not to relay today7s event to their father. -r else she will feed them to the dogs and trade her place so maybe they could do their duty to their father instead. (he younger siblings gasp to $aya7s threat. She sounded like she was out for blood whispered %ubgib to (aew. $eah let7s leave it alone agreed (aew with her eyes.

:She what"!!6 both the elderly men e8claimed out loud while listening to #adech7s story with his encounter with $aya today at his office. (here were witnesses too so word will spread that his bride, who looked like a child bride came wooing. :So the wedding will get moved up sooner than later. I know $aya will refuse it. #adech, if I may call you son now with your permission. I will give you the responsibility to persuade your bride. &ut don7t hurt her in any way. She may be very bratty at times but she is still my daughter and I know I raised a good girl.6 9hun Sahat will oblige with his future son in law7s plans. #adech didn7t have one. !ith the older men confronting him, he wished he had more opportunities to find a way to back out of this marriage but instead of accomplishing that it backfired on them both. &ecause of her, $aya ruined his well laid out plans to dissolve their father7s vows. #ow they were even more adamant that the marriage will need to take place as soon as possible between their oldest children. :I will get her to the altar no matter what. (hrough truth or wiles she will be my Isaan bride. -kay Da7Sahat I will try to convince your daughter that I would match her in lifestyle and personality.6 #adech said what he needed to say to make the older gentlemen happy but inside his confidence decline because if what happened between he and $aya was any indication. He has a huge uphill battle to convince her to be his legal wife. (hen wiles and treachery it will be. (here was no other choice.


Staring back at the round eyed and sophisticated young woman7s reflection in the mirror, $aya was taken aback and impressed too by her sister %ubgib =s talent. !as that really her" She was tall and lean and her curves were shown in perfect proportion. (his electric blue dress was 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

figure)hugging for sure. It was short and had a +ipper in the front that started from her breast to the bottom of the hem that ended right at her mid)thigh. She was definitely dressed to impress. It was se8y as hell but business)like too with the cap sleeves and s uare neck)line. #ot revealing her cleavage at all but she was all legs tonight. (aew came by and gave a loud whistle. She was dressed in her casual t)shirt and ripped *eans as per usual so she couldn7t help but compliment her own sister. She really believed her sister should be in front of the camera and not behind the scenes creating clothes. :!ow big sis, you look absolutely stunning and a knock out. So is it the black or nude heels" %ubgib, my baby sister your makeup for $aya is flawless too. $ou look better in nude tones than what your friends had you pasting on your face. $es I said it out loud you don7t look like a harlot any longer. #ot to sound crude or anything. !ell my best friend will be arriving shortly' good thing he is willing to help out and why not, look at my gorgeous sister here. Dor is very handsome too and tall so you both will suit. 5ake sure to smile at the media too. If this doesn7t turn your Isaan husband away I don7t know what will. $ou are going to be officially =taken7 by tonight7s news. (he gossip makers will have a hay day with this.6 (aew insisted that her plan will work. $aya was a little worried knowing how 5r. 41- handles things and her.

Seeing how $aya was so forlorn and devastated when their father came home and said the wedding date is being pushed up because the scandal at 5r. 41-7s office yesterday. (he sisters gave each other knowing glances and so their brainstorming became important. 4learly $aya7s feelings were not considered by their father. !hat was his mad rush to marry off their eldest daughter" $aya was the only one who knew the impending reason and she didn7t relay it to her sisters. She didn7t want them to stress out with her and their <ad. She must do whatever it takes to resurrect her father7s business of thirty five years. &ut she will refuse to marry to resolve the crisis. 4all her old fashion if she believes in falling in love and getting married to that person. She and #adech, not a chance because they couldn7t be in the same room and not want to throttle each other or worse. Shivering she revert back to the memory of his punishing kiss. She didn7t want to e8perience that again, it was romantic it was all about possession and to tame her. (hinking of his high)handedness with her, she wanted to strangle him or kick him again.

(he voices below were heard all the way up to the girls7 room. (aew hurriedly rush downstairs to greet her best friend. (hey have known each other, she and Dor, for who knows how long. He never says no to her and if he did she7d always find a way to make him agree to her plans, be it good or bad.

:Dor how are you" !ow you cleaned up well.6 complimented (aew to her very handsome best friend. He beamed at her. She looked her usual tomboy self and he liked that she kept it real all the time. 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:I guess anything for you buddy. #ow you said your sister is a knock out so where is sheG6 his words stalled as he saw the woman in blue walk downstairs. -h boy, he gulped she was a looker and absolutely beautiful.

!ho wouldn7t want to marry her" He thought to himself. He saw (aew pinching him and raising her brows to get him to be the gentleman and help her sister down the stairs. 2ight, he thought again. !here were his manners, his parents taught him better than that"

:5y pleasure is my goal, and that is $aya to ruin your image as you have demanded from me. (aew don7t glare at me. I know my duty and that is to make your sister look taken. $ou owe me big time buddy.6 ,s he responded to (aew7s ushering. He smiled his genuine feelings towards (aew. !hen she first approached him about this at first he thought she was talking about herself needing a fake fiancA but it was her sister instead. He could never say no to his best friend. It was acting, what could possibly go wrong" :-kay name the price, you know I am good for it! #ow hurry to that fancy stuff that couples do. (he media was told to be there for F tonight. %o now. ,nd good luck kids!6 (aew didn7t allow Dor to peruse her sister for too much longer as she responded to his demands. (here was a little feeling of pressure on her heart but she uickly brushed it off. If her well thought out plans didn7t work for $aya then this 5r. 41- was tougher and more ruthless than she give him credit for, but $aya seems to think this may be the ticket for her way out of this arranged marriage. (aew felt really bad for her eldest sister. (hey all made a pact that they would marry for love only. (his was so unfair for $aya. She turned to see %ubgib with a grim face. She asked without words to her younger sister, %ubgib *ust shook her head. It is not going to work she relayed back with her eyes. (aew prayed %ubgib was wrong.

,t the restaurant the new couple discuss what was necessary and what was a no go +one for the media. -bviously no physical contact but they must act as intimate as possible in conversation. (he flashes were seen at every corner of the fine dining restaurant. !ord escaped that one of the most successful businessman7s daughter has been seen out and about with an up and coming 1ntrepreneur. !edding bells will be happening soon" $aya smiled shyly at Dor as was needed of her but between them they were making fun of the unsuspecting reporters and gossipers.

:(hank you so much Dor! It was really nice of you and I hope we can remain friends. I heard so much about you from (aew. $ou are the only guy she ever talks about and don7t give me that look, it is all good. <on7t you worry about (aew bad)mouthing you. She likes you so that is something to consider. -kay smile. (hank you again.6 $aya didn7t need to lie to Dor. She was 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

grateful for his help. So #adech, she thought you better back off. of her success, she notice gathering at the front of the restaurant.

,s she was busy fantasi+ing

,s if she wished him to appear, there he was standing at the threshold of the restaurant7s entrance. Her Isaan husband, wait where did that come from she chastised herself. -h crap, what the hell was he doing here" -h my goodness thought $aya with shock. . If she was a teenager again she may actually have drooled. &ut snapping out of it she knew how domineering he could be. He was dressed impeccably, a black shirt opened at the neck and his black with tiny grey pinstripe suit was wrinkleless. <id he *ust finished work and came to confront her" <id the media already started to post these pictures. Holy shit she was in trouble, but wait why did she fear this" She didn7t owe him anything.

$aya uickly whispered at Dor that her unofficial or real fiancA was here. His eyes widened. He was not prepared to act out in front of her real intended. (aew what have you conned me into" (hese were his last thoughts. He was a handsome business man reaching their table. (he air was harsh and tense. Dor thought he heard $aya muttered. <id she *ust let out a curse, Holy shit" It was that bad" -h heck time to lay it on thick in the acting department, what he does for his best friend. Dor could never deny (aew anything.


He was so e8hausted from work and needed to head out to his favourite club lounge' he needed a stiff drink as his week has been hectic in both matter of business and personal. He thought was it ever personal when his unwanted fiancA came crashing into his office. (he restaurant was unusually crowded which was weird because its appeal to him was that he had a bit more privacy especially in the congested population which was &angkok.

He noticed the commotion around a table of a couple being bombarded by media. -ut of all nights why tonight, he ruffled his hair to ease the low aching of pain pounding in his head. He came here to rela8 in his usual private booth. , flash of blue caught his eyes and because he it was his favourite colour it easily attracted him. He moved towards the table and there his fiancA was shamelessly flirting with another man and in front of the cameras. !hat the hell was going on"

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

,s he approached their table he saw the other man stand up and ushered his unwanted fiancA away from the media. He stopped them from going any further. He in uired solemnly trying not to attract the media interests and make it as casual as possible. He didn't need this tonight either. !hat were her plans for them"

:!hat a pleasure 9hun $aya. Is he a friend or more" I *ust wanted to greet you both but I didn7t want to interrupt your date. It is a pleasure and a surprise to see you here. !ell en*oy the remainder of your night as I will be en*oying mine. &ut my invitation is here, would you like to *oin me. Sorry you are"6 #adech looked to Dor who had a slight height advantage over him but yet #adech was the one who seem more domineering. (hey shook hands, they si+ed each other up but there was no animosity.

:I am Dor. #ice meeting you as well. How do you know $aya"6 Dor knew their relationship but he feigned ignorance but he wanted to know if this man was going to admit to his relationship with $aya.

:!e recently have known of each other. -ur fathers are best friends. !ell follow me if you would like.6 He turned and didn7t wait for their response. He didn7t really care if they were going to *oin him or leave now. He needed a drink, something like hard li uor on ice.

:<o you want to leave with me now or *oin your real fiancA"6 Dor looked at $aya he was holding her hand and felt her palms feeling clammy and cold.

Dor noticed that $aya changed her mood and body language since #adech walked into the restaurant. 5aybe her sister (aew didn7t reali+e that there was something between #adech and $aya. He couldn7t confirm things but *ust seeing their brief interaction he knew it was more than meet the eyes. He waited for her response.

:I think I will speak with him briefly please wait for me in the car. (hank you Dor. I will be right back." She walked uickly to catch up to #adech. ,ll the while trying to steady her erratically beating heart.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it


He was pouring himself a second glass when he heard the door open. She arrived alone. ,ll legs and flawless, she surely was oo+ing with s.8 appeal. !here was her boyfriend" He thought to himself. 4learly that was her intention to dissolve their fathers7 plans. It was a great idea and if it is the truth he didn7t want to break apart anyone7s relationship, it was not his preference to be a home)wrecker' his father should have done a background check on her because she has a boyfriend and a healthy love life. &ut yet why did she pretend that his kiss was shocking. Seeing her and Dor ga+ing at each other he knew their relationship was not platonic. How could anyone stay platonic with a woman like her"

:Sit down $aya' I guess we should cheer to your success" I was wracking my brain in trying and wanting to figure out our dilemma in getting out of this but you got it. >nusual that a woman like you is both beauty and brainsG6 he informed her. She glared at him at his words.

:!hat do you mean by a woman like me" How dare you" $ou don7t even know me. &ut it doesn7t matter. I told you this arrangement between our fathers wasn7t a good ideaG6 she replied but saw him rise before she finished her sentence.

!hat was he going to do" She silently s uirmed in her shoes. (his dress she now felt was too much body)hugging, she felt she couldn7t breathe well as he stared at her too.

:!ell then I guess you will be depositing si8 hundred and fifty million bahts into our account before 5onday"6 he asked of her and so matter of fact' not even blinking either. He looked very serious.

5oney" She didn7t have that kind of money but her father owed his and him that much money" She gulped down her vile. How she disliked this man. He was blackmailing her, so that was his approach.

He continued on as he down his drink, :$es, I will rip the debt agreement as I see all the monies no later than 5onday. ,nd best of luck with your relationship. <id you want me to pour you a 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

drink now"6 He saw her spitting daggers at him. <id she not know the seriousness of her father7s dilemma" It was a lie of course.

(hrough vile or treachery and this was his option. !hy he decided that he would have her as his wife, he still needed to think that over but once seeing that a woman like her was really against a marriage with him, his pride took a hit and he didn7t like it one bit. He never liked being second choice. She was in for a rude awakening to put it lightly.

She finally found her voice, :I don7t think we have that kind of money. !ill you give me more time"6 (hat was all she could muster. She thought her family was rich but how rich was ,ndes7s family" If her father owed that huge amount of money and he was *ust one client then how about everyone else who they loaned out money to" She was really out of her element here. !here was she going to find si8 hundred and fifty million bahts" He held out a mi8ed drink for her.

I%ame on 5y Isaan Husband. &lackmail card is now played hehehehe. #o love lost here, $aya is pissed and distraught! ;-; (hanks ladies for all the entertaining comments, I hope there is enough comedy here, sadly I am more of a dramaJromance person but I am trying my best! (hank you ?? readers!K.


Her hands were shaking when she reached to take the drink from #adech but they were shaking so bad that she didn7t get a good grasp of the glass that it slipped from her hands and fell back on to his lap. -h no! She couldn7t believe that happened and was he going to be mad at her because tonight he was not that friendly or receptive to her. She uickly looked around for some napkins and found some on the table beside the club chair he was sitting in. (hat was all she needed to cause more animosity towards herself and her family. She didn7t know what was re uired of her and her family now if si8 hundred and fifty million bahts was re uired to be repaid on 5onday. She started to dab at his thighs and reali+ed he stiffened. -h how e8pensive was his tailor)made suit, it was a designer brand what else would he wear but her 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

eye for fashion confirmed his taste. He held her hands tightly to stop her from continuing her cleaning and she fro+e.

:1nough. 4learly the loan information has shocked you. If you do not have the funds then think carefully and I suggest you sleep on it. How about marrying this Isaan husband of yours" ,m I really a bad catch" &esides your boyfriend there should have been with you or he should have come and get you by now. If I was your boyfriend I wouldn7t allow you to be in the same room with another man. ,ll dressed up and you cleaned up well $aya. (o think if you wanted to leave a good impression the first time we first meet this would have changed my mind immediately. $ou are beautiful, very beautiful actually.6 He grabbed her chin to make her look up at him and keep eye contact. !ill she accept him and his offer"

:#ot in a million years. ;et go of me now.6 (hat was her answer and she pulled her chin away from his grasp. She tried to walk away from him with whatever pride she had left but he stopped her from leaving him. !ith her temper yet again she elbowed him in his gut, he was very fit that she met hard abdomen.

He doubled over once more because this woman had a lot of strength in her attack' her inner strength he commend more. !atching her sashaying her way out the door, he couldn7t help but chuckle slightly even with the pain he was feeling. <id he really want to take on the task of being her teacher and husband" 4an he tame probably the most stubborn and hard)headed woman he has ever had the misfortune to have met"

:Dor said #adech wasn7t affected by seeing you with him. &ut what happened between you and him in that booth. $ou were gone for a bit. He didn7t try anything did he"6 (aew tried to get some form of answers from her older sister $aya.

$aya couldn7t respond all she could think about was the loan amount. How was the feat to repay going to ever happen" She confronted her father and he paled but he never denied the amount. It was definitely very bad for her. She literally now had no choice. !hat and why they wanted her as the bride she couldn7t understand. #adech must have women lined up at his door why was it so hard for him to *ust choose one of them and be done with it" (he vow between best friends shouldn7t be passed down to their children. It wasn7t fair to any of the party and especially her. She was not ready and she felt she could not take on this endeavour and willingly become this arrogant man7s wife. (hen she was to consent to live in the woods 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

after the wedding. Honestly she7s never encountered any form of wilderness and Isaan people. She did a uick look up on !ikipedia, to find more information on this culture but the information was so limited. She wouldn7t be able to properly prepare herself. &ut first things first, she needed to figure out how to get out of this predicament. 5aybe it was time to be serious with #adech and they needed to work together to get out of this pre)arranged marriage made by their fathers.

:-h he wasn7t happy about it but I don7t think he cares. !e are not in love and we are definitely not compatible. I don7t understand our fathers and their traditional ways, it is the twenty first century isn7t it" (aew I don7t know what else to do. !hat is the media saying" Have you seen the papers or anything on (E"6 she replied to her sister and seeing (aew shaking her head.

(hey were both uite surprise that there was no news that leaked out about herself and Dor. !as it not news worthy but they planted the event last night. (here was definitely a lot of media coverage but as of this morning nothing about her made it to the news. (he media and gossip columnist were all given the leak information. It was only rumours but at least she could have that as an e8cuse. She was attached to someone else. !ho would have the heart to break lovers apart" 5r. 41- never said anything about Dor. -f course not because all he cares about is getting his money. It was his bread and butter milking off the interests of those who have the misfortune to ask a loan from him and his company. ,nd he thought he was a great catch for her. If she was deaf, blind and desperate or destitute, if even those reasons will ever change her mind to marry him.

:#othing big sis, I wonder why" -h my god do you think he had anything to do with it. I think it must be your 5r. 41-!6 %ubgib blurted out.

$aya looked at her sister blankly, her 5r. 41-, her nothing, how could he play a role in dismissing the media coverage. #o way, how can it be" 4an he" She looked at both her sisters and they all came to the same conclusion. He must have paid the media. He had that type of money. How dare he do this to her! !hy did he want to win over her so much what was so beneficial of this marriage"

He wasn7t going to get away with this, who did he think he is" <id he not know who he was dealing with" She may be a (hai woman but that was the only cultural thing about her. In #ew $ork she knows the difference between dependent and independent. She wasn7t a woman to bow to any man!

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:!hat do I owe this pleasure to have a visit from you $aya" 4are to sit down or are you going to stand there, arms crossed and spitting fire"6 He sat leisurely in the patio chair. He was in his casual clothes and he looked much younger than his age. $aya tried to keep with her anger or his attractive physi ue will distract her from her plans.

He was waiting for her at the bistro as she chose this public place. She was intimidated by him" It was a compliment and a surprise to see her act this way with him. She didn7t sit down as he suggested, tapping her foot and taking shaky deep breaths' was she counting underneath her breath" !hy was she so an8ious and e8asperated" !hen she called him he knew it was her right away. She is very intelligent after all or for some reason knows how he works. It was uite refreshing, a woman challenging him.

:I will be sitting in a moment. How dare you!6 she finally sat down and placed her palm on the top of the table, inches from his fingers. He wanted to touch her.

!ait where did that thought come from" It has been awhile since he had a se8ual liaison' it had been over si8 months already" (he mergers with the Hong 9ong banks were really enveloping his personal life. He was still young and had a healthy appetite. Something must be arranged soon. -r else she will be his ne8t target which will be inappropriate to lust after one7s future bride and an unwilling one. If her frown right now was any indication of how subservient she was feeling towards him.

6!hat did I dare do" I have no idea what you are accusing me of. I thought I was invited to come and share a congratulatory drink and you will be handing me the money your family owe us. &ut I guess that isn7t the case. !ere you hoping for a negotiation"6 he looked at her dead on. !hat was her ne8t move" It didn7t look like she had a plan, but yet she stared back and smiled"

:$ou know damn well you paid the media off. !hat happen to my news" !hat are you hiding behind that cold e8terior of yours that no woman is willing to marry you" $ou are a thirty years old man, still handsome, rich and young. ,re you demented" Have a mental illness like when we first met. #o one will condone that stalker)ish mode right"6 she smirked at him, that7ll show you!

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:,ctually I am only doing my duty as an eldest son. I marry you, use you when I find it necessary and move on. $ou live in your little narrow)minded world and I will continue on with my lifestyle. I don7t see the harm in our union.6 He shrugged, she wanted to play. -h he will eagerly play with her.

She opened her mouth then closed it. He *ust said he will use and discard her" !hat kind of monster was he" She was definitely out of her element now.

:I will not oblige to your whims. 5y father confirmed our debt we have with you but he said your father allowed him some time. !hat do I need to do to repay you back" It is only marriage you are after" If so can you read this over and add or make changes then"6 She went into her purse and saw him push back a bit from his chair.

(hat is right you weren7t e8pecting this, she didn7t bat her eyelashes either, she was dead serious now. She was up all night with her sisters trying to build a strict contract stating what can be or cannot be done in their marriage. (he marriage was to last five years only. -r if he so wishes he can dissolve it but pay a contract cancellation fee of si8 hundred and fifty million bahts. Her father7s business was still prospering but somehow he convinced his father to ask for the loan back much sooner than verbally agreed upon by the men. !as it because she refused to marry him"

:(his is amusing. ?ive years with you is e ual to /L0 million bahts. !hat do you take me for" How do I trust you or what do I gain from this"6 He looked at her as if she grew horns.

:@ust read it over and let me know. $our father said it made sense to him, so if you have a real problem with it then take it up with your father. ,t least he keeps his vows and promises like a real man. If you are so desperate to marry me then sign on the dotted line. Have a good day 9hun #adech.6 She saluted him.

(hen she walked away. Inside her heart was uaking so badly. She felt she was going to pass out. She did it. It wasn7t so bad. He still didn7t admit he had control over the media, but he wasn7t going to have full control over this impending and intrusive marriage.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

She wore red, a one piece short suit and her navy blue bla+er. It must have been the loud colours that distracted him so much. !hen she pulled out her contract, he was flabbergasted and watched her walk away. #ot looking back. Her back ramrod straight and the regal brat returned to her isolated castle. He started to read the contract, all C0 pages and its terms. He let out a loud laugh. (he people stared at him. $es this was uite entertaining for sure. , wickedly handsome man in his washed dark denim and black t)shirt, but clearly he wasn7t all there as he was laughing out loud by himself. !hat a shame as some of the young woman thought especially when he first *oined the patio scene. He was very pleasing to their eyes and hearts.

5$ IS,,# H>S&,#< MCCN



3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it


He stopped there. !hat was she smoking or had no clue what she was asking from him" ?irst and foremost he was a man. He is still a young man with a healthy and robust man7s needs. He couldn7t believe the stipulations provided in this contract. She was all over the place and couldn7t make up her mind if she cared or would okay e8tra)marital activities. #ot that it mattered once he marries he would never demean or disrespect his wife in that way. &ut that was when he believed in love and able to choose his own wife. (his was all new territory for each of them. ?ive years from now he would be thirty five, he didn7t know if he wanted to start having children then if she was not going to be a willing party during their potential contract marriage. ,t least she didn7t deny him his visitation with his grandmother. If he could get her out of the city she will most definitely be out of her element. !ait what and why was he speculating on their future" He has most likely *umped off the deep end himself to even have these visions of her in his life. ,lthough she never said anything about his revision or right to add, change or delete some of these rules and obligations she put in here. He thought long and hard and called his lawyers. If she wanted this contract binding, he wanted the same.

:So how many weeks has it been $aya. !e scared him away didn7t we" ,lright high five my sisters!6 cried (aew. (he younger sisters high fived each other but stopped when they saw $aya7s silence. $aya didn7t have a good feeling about #adechBs silence and he hadn7t dropped off the contract which was to be e8pected. ,s well her father no longer kept hinting at her about giving his marriage vows to #adech7s father onto her. (his was what she wanted of course, but she also felt a little apprehensive as if it was the uiet or silence before the big storm comes assaulting. She shook off her inner fears and gave her two sisters high five. -verall she was very relieved she didn7t have to marry him. He was so arrogant, self)assured, this too handsome for his own good man but also the most manipulative person that she had ever encounter. ' @ust then the tiny particle of hair follicles on her neck pricked up. $aya shivered involuntarily. She heard her father7s voice booming loud and her worst nightmare had come true. :9hun #arun, I have been e8pecting you. #adech welcome to our home officially. $es you should go find $aya.6 Said her father overly enthusiastically as $aya7s mood and heart plummeted' she knew the ne8t phase in her life was about to change. Her sisters7 faces were priceless. &oth with :-6 sketched on their mouths.

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So he was here" She was kind of not that surprised. She knew he was not going to not do anything. Her contract for their marriage was atrocious and her sisters wording were all as if they were shocked innocents and virginal outrage. She didn7t have any more e8periences than her sisters but she7s seen how liberal both men and women were in #ew $ork but that wasn7t a bad thing either. ;ust and love could easily intermingle between consenting adults. She didn7t ever e8perience that sort of butterflies and can7t sleep or eat syndrome when one falls madly and deeply in love. He was looking for her' no he was here to hunt her down. She was surprised it took him this long to visit her and her family. (aew and %ubgib started whispering amongst themselves then they walked over to $aya and hugged her hard. ,s if she was going to be sacrifice to the lions. She almost burst out laughing at her sisters dramatics. :It isn7t as if I will be tossed into the volcano of death and turn into cinder. 2ela8 my sisters, I am a big girl and I have to deal with him right now. He isn7t here to negotiate he is here for his bride. !e did well with our contract so I have no fear of what will become of our marriage. ?ive years will pass fast enough. I have my career to keep me busy. @ust know that I will do whatever it takes for you both and our family.6 She hugged her sisters back and winked before she walked out the door with them following uickly behind her. She descended the stairs, dressed in her waist high sapphire shorts with double button and her coral lace tank top. She looked fresh and stressed free. (aew looked so young in her regular white t)shirt and *eans while %ubgib in her eldest sister7s designed &ohemian doll dress in shades of green and yellow followed. $aya smiled at her father and 9hun #arun but there was no sign of #adech. She wished her mom was here but right now she was in 5ilan buying the ne8t clothing line for her small bouti ue she co)owned with $aya. (hey started the business since she7s shown interest in fashion and design when she turned thirteen. $aya was good with what she does with fabrics' she was actually very talented and creative as well uni ue. (aew felt a little apprehensive and sad for her sister. She knew how $aya was a very strong) willed woman and as her sister she never take advice from anyone much less be forced to marry a stranger. She turned back up to call her best friend Dor as he needed to get here as soon as possible as it was agreed upon that he would be the acting boyfriend for $aya. He better have his phone or else she wouldn7t let him live it down. He promised her and he will have to follow through.

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#adech stared off into the man)made pond in their backyard. , family full of women, he didn7t know how 9hun Sahat does it. He couldn7t even handle one woman in particular the eldest daughter of this household. He didn7t think he would ever step foot in her territory but here he was. His father made a threat that he needed to make it traditional to ask for $aya7s hands for marriage. 1ven if it were the fathers who initiated it, he was to follow through with their promise to each other. His lawyer still had the drafted contract with him at the office and will email him momentarily. $aya lied about his father knowing about this contract it was only between him and her. He was going to return the favour once she comes out of hiding. It was a warm household and seeing the family portrait in the hallway, $aya looked the most like her father and tall as well. It was a happy picture of the family of five. ,t least he knew that she was family) orientated. 9hun Sahat said $aya and her sisters were very close, of course he believed it because all of the rules set up were the workings of more than one mind. He heard a small sound from behind him. :I hope you are en*oying your visit. !as there anything I can get you" -r are you not staying for too much longer" It was nice meeting your father but to my surprise he is nothing like you.6 $aya informed him and not backing down with her intentional insult.

:I believe I was actually invited over for lunch and then I hope to take you out to the movies and dinner later in the day. >nless you have plans but your father said you are normally in your design studio on Sundays. So let us get you out more this Sunday.6 #adech retorted in kind. She didn7t know how really angry he was with her insolent actions at the bistro.

:I actually have plans, sorry to make you waste your time. Dor and I are actually going out later. $ou remember him right at the restaurant, he is my boyfriend. 5y attentive and loving man.6 She didn7t want to stand here verbally combating with him. She knew he wasn7t please with her answer but who cares she didn7t sign anything and neither did he.

:I doubt he will be as loving if he finds out that his girlfriend is going to be someone else7s wife in the very near future. 4ome $aya sit down we need to talk as two mature adults here. $ou put forth a business proposition to me. 2ight, here comes the email now.6 He pulled the chair out for her to sit, she didn7t have a choice as she saw his long fingers tapping the back of the chair and his eyes directed her to sit in this chair now.

:1mail, what does your personal email has anything to do with me"6 she asked. She noticed he didn7t remove his hand from around the back of the chair.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:Have a look here $aya. I made some changes, added a few stipulations for my own benefits and deleted some of your ridiculous rules here. I will be honest with you I don7t approve of infidelity any more than you do. !hen we marry, yes when not if, I vow to be respectful of you and give you your dues as my legitimate wife. It is mainly the Isaan ways. #ow read it carefully, I have all day for you wife.6 He slowly said the last word to her as he leaned into her and close to her ear.

$aya turned to stare at him, why was he doing this" She read each line methodically. (he marriage was to last only two years and he wanted to spend half of it on his grandmother7s northern land. If she doesn7t sign he re uires all monies to be paid in full plus interests owing on it which accounted for another L0 million bahts. (he initial amount did not include interests" !as he running a legitimate business or a loan shark venture" How was she able to pay any of this loan amount back, this was definitely blackmail on his behalf. :I will sign it but you need to give me some time as well such as it took you several weeks to get back to me I only ask for the same. (wo years will be done and over without a hitch. I live my life and you live yours sounds fair. I don7t know about visiting your Isaan village. If we are being honest with each other, I do not like the wilderness. #o running water or flushing toilet irks me. I am a city woman and you know this, how our incompatibility is actually the only similarities we have with each other.6 She started. :I think you may be in for a treat. (he natural world is not a scary place. It is healthier and more soothing to the senses than the artificial air from air conditioning and smog created by all the pollutants from the vehicles in &angkok. So it sounds like you are not going to disagree to the new terms" I kept your separate uarters here but physical contact will be open to you. $ou may find me irresistible someday $aya. I am willing to oblige to your needs anytime, you are a very beautiful woman as you are aware about it yourself.6 He shifted his chair closer to her but $aya pulled back.

He was trying to seduce her here in the daylight" She shoved at him and tried to get up but he grasped onto her arm to keep her seated. She was really bad at reigning in her temper he reali+e, if he didn7t hold onto her she would have punched him out already. She was tight lipped and he couldn7t help but stare at her mouth. !hat was she doing to him" He really needed to stop lusting after her' it wouldn7t be good for his health or their arranged marriage.

:,m I interrupting anything" $aya how are you sweetheart" Sorry I got delayed at work.6 Dor said from afar and came to help $aya out of her chair.

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#adech didn7t look impressed with Dor. He got up as well. (hey eyed each other but Dor was oblivious of the impending marriage agreement between the couple.

:If you don7t mind I will ask my girlfriend here to come *oin me for a lunch date"6 Dor was about to walk $aya away but #adech stopped them from leaving.

:I don7t mind that you ask me but I do mind that you don7t touch my future wife.6 #adech said this seriously.

$aya stared back at him. !hat was he thinking she never agreed with anything about the marriage agreement" (hat was uncalled for and why was he acting *ealous, they didn7t even like each other. Dor didn7t know what else to do, $aya s uee+ed his arm and asked him to give her a few moments she will be having lunch with him outside so *ust go get her sisters as well. She turned back to #adech.

:I did not agree to anything yetGdon7t you try to force me to do anything I don7t want to do. $ou had a couple of weeks to get back to me I only ask for the same. <on7t make it a habit of pretending to be possessive of me and I thought we would at least be honest with each other. I am not your anything do you understand. Stay away from me until I say soG6 she was pulled into his embrace immediately. $aya couldn7t believe this. His aggressive nature was getting tiring.

:Speaking of nothing was signed you don7t mind if I take a little sample of what I paid for"6 #adech couldn7t believe her ways of still trying to tell him what or what not to do.

She had a too smart mouth and never leaving him with the last words, let7s tests out what else her mouth is good for. !ith that he kissed her slowly. She stiffened in his arms and didn7t fight him. He caressed her back and slowly slid his palms to grasp her enticing bottom. 5ore and more he has been dreaming of having her in his arms like this. She started to kiss him back which was very pleasurable and his body immediately responded to her and as they were en*oying the kiss their tongues circled and stabbed within each other mouths but then she bit down, hard.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:(ry that again and I will make you bleed ne8t time. I hope you en*oy the rest of your afternoon 9hun #adech.6 She pushed him away and uickly rushed back inside.

!ell he never thought he would feel so much rage with this woman but here he was aroused but also in a bit of pain. <id she really wreak havoc with his lust but then violently put an end to it *ust moments ago" $aya was not an easy woman to handle. She has thrown the gauntlet and it was time he picked it up. He will wait for her this evening and in the meantime find out e8actly what makes her tick and the nature of her mind. !ill she accept the contract and his re uests or will he have to resort to other methods to convince her. $es he has come to the reali+ation that he wanted her badly and he will have her. ;ust to him seems to be very uncontrollable when it comes to $aya.


She almost wanted to shout out loud to the world that it was so unfair. #ot only was that man, #adech pushy but aggressive in forcing his desire onto her. He clearly was a se8 maniac if every time she was in his company he would always try to lightly touch her, give her those smouldering looks or *ust steal kisses from her. !hen his mouth was upon her she was a bit shocked but played along and briefly reali+e she was feeding into his lust, she instinctively bit down on his tongue. She felt bad but she didn7t know what else to do to snap him out of his mood.

Her sisters and Dor were waiting in the front of their home. (hey stared at her as if she was running from the devil. !ell she was with #adech a moment ago so clearly he has shaken her up once more. Dor e8plained to (aew that $aya will no longer need him because #adech informed him that he and $aya are getting married. $aya didn7t deny this fact. (aew7s heart broke a little because now she knew the e8tent of how much pressure her oldest sister was in because this marriage promise between their fathers could not be broken. 1lders and their old ways, if it was her she would have ran away already. She felt bad her maturity level was not like $aya, who was responsible always. %ubgib never offer her voice in regards to $aya7s dilemma but she knew that it was serious more so now because $aya would never give in to their father7s demand, she *ust wasn7t that type of person. <id they really have no way out of this" &ut to be honest $aya7s 5r. 41- or her Isaan Husband since (aew and she have been talking behind their eldest sister was a very handsome and charming man. He was taller than $aya by a little bit but yet he carried himself very well. ,nd those dimples, %ubgib didn7t begrudge $aya this attractive man, but in the end they weren7t in love or even like each other. !as it that bad of a deal if two adults marry and maybe get to learn to love each other. She 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

personally felt the heartache of two people who love each other but could hurt each other so traumatically. (hinking briefly about @apan she shuttered at the memories.

:-kay, let us get out of here and fast before that man follows us. He can visit <addy here. -h the nerve you guys. He came back with a revised contract. !hat must I do to tell him to back off and leave me alone" He only wants to be married for two years, I kind of wondered why" &ut regardless thank goodness it wasn7t five as we first stated *ust to scare him off, yet again nothing works. I am so frustrated.6 $aya got into the passenger side and waited for Dor and her sisters to get in.

She couldn7t drive because she was shaking with so much anger all because of him! Dor drove to the in trend little 9orean &&O spot in the central s uare of the capital. !hat a packed place but good thing Dor had connections, he owned F0P of the company because of his entrepreneurial spirit he sees business who have potential to uickly succeed. (hey were seated at their usual corner table and the food and condiments were served immediately. Dor must have called ahead. $aya did find the she was hungry all of a sudden maybe all that anger has created her appetite for food. So she ate the marinated beef, shrimp, salmon and chicken served to them. It was rela8ing to grill your own meat and vegetables on the charcoal &&O. -verall the lunch was a great idea.

&ack at the house, #adech was running out of patience. He had asked her out for dinner and a movie and now it was beyond past dinner. !here did she go" Her sisters returned immediately after lunch but there was no sign of Dor or $aya. She was going to play that card again, he knew from her father that Dor was (aew best friend but seeing now how Dor would come to the beck and call of (aew, he felt a little more relieved that it wasn7t $aya that Dor was interested in but more of the tomboy type like her younger sister (aew. She would clean up well if she started to act and try to look like a girl more, he thought. &ut that was Dor7s problems not his.

:Is she not back yet" I cannot get a hold of her #adech and her sisters are not forthcoming. I am sorry maybe you can meet her at her *ob for lunch tomorrow" Styles Studio is where she is working. -h %ubgib come here and meet #adech properly my dear.6 9hun Sahut called over his youngest daughter.

She has been unusually uiet since her return trip as an e8change student to @apan. He couldn7t get anything out of her. &ut he knew she was silently in distress on her own and he felt defenseless as her father that he couldn7t protect his daughter. &ut they were all adults and will live their own lives. !hen they are ready to share with him he will be there for his daughters. 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

His responsibility and his decisions were all made for the best interest of his children. 1specially this one for $aya, he found it very comical that the more $aya tries to defy destiny the closer her fate is sealed. He knew #adech has accepted willingly that $aya will become his wife. He was concerned at first about lying to his daughter and about the fake debt. He never believed in owing anyone any money. He was a shrewd business man and he needed to always capitali+e on revenues gain then use that to reinvest into the companies. In the end it seems to be the only concern is $aya7s disinterest in his business, if she did the proper research she could easily look up their debt ratio which would show none owing. (hat reminded him to contact their head accountant to lie to $aya too if she finally decides to check with his finance team.

9hun Sahut introduced %ubgib to #adech and 9hun #arun, :(his is my youngest daughter, %ubgib. She recently came back from @apan. She is interning at our company because she shows interest in business development and wanted to add other cultural business ideas to (hailand7s industry. She is my strong silent type here. <o you have any idea where $aya is, it is uncharacteristic of her to not call and let us know. Dor is (aew7s best friend how did they start liking each other so soon" -kay go on back up and get me (aew please. Sorry #adech my daughters have been showing biased against you because they are not this unfriendly.6 9hun Sahut chastised %ubgib in front of the guests. %ubgib nodded and return upstairs to get (aew. (aew was the worst, she didn7t give a fig about anyone and the more pressure is put on her the opposite answer or results they will get from her.

(aew came down the downstairs heavy footed, his middle daughter was the e8ception to uni ue. She was the tomboy out of all the girls and her best friend so happen to be his business colleague7s son, Dor. (hat boy was a great kid so he didn7t have any concern about the children befriending each other.

:She7s with Dor so that is all I kind tell you. (hey are in love so how can anyone interrupt them"6 she asked glaring at #adech. #adech stared back at her which made her blush. He was not one who can be disregarded so easily.

:$ou think they are love, they barely know each and you know better that #adech here is her fiancA, he asked me for permission to take $aya out today and now your sister has pulled her spoiled routine on us. #ow go get me Dor7s number now or I will cancel all payments to your sports team. I am serious now (aew. I see you understand my threats are not idle.6 responded 9hun Sahat.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

#adech watched each daughter come downstairs sticking to their promise to protect their sisters. &ut now he sees how 9hun Sahut can handle the women in the family. !ith no nonsense attitude was the way to deal with these women. He was grateful his future father in law was so open with his relationship with each of his daughters, as if he was already the older brother of this family. He looked to his father and saw his grim face. !hat was concerning him"

:Is it right that we trespass on $aya7s heart 9hun Sahat, I don7t want to be the third hand for a young couple who are in love,6 said 9hun #arun. He knew all about third party involvement in breaking up a loving relationship, he e8perienced it with his now wife. (heir marriage was not blessed by her parents but they came around once #adech was born.

:-h don7t believe that load of crap. Sorry for my crudeness. $aya from what I have seen and heard does not have a serious relationship with anyone. She only hangs out with her new high society #ew $ork friends and her sisters. I have seen Dor with (aew the most but only recently since I have proposed this marriage, has Dor so conveniently have become $aya7s boyfriend. I wouldn7t do anything like this either if I knew $aya was madly in love with someone else. #adech and 9hun #arun do not worry about that situation.6 replied 9hun Sahat.

@ust then the door open and both $aya and Dor walked in laughing from the previous conversation they were having. #adech7s *aw twitched in annoyance, he as well knew that they didn7t have a real relationship but he was affected by the fact that this woman has yet to smile or laugh with him. ,t him maybe behind his back but he didn7t really care about that or did he" $aya slowed her step and asked, seeing the two older men and #adech greeting them at the door.

:Hello again gentlemen, I am surprised you are still here #adech I hope it wasn7t due to me was it" I already declined your thoughtful invitation but I have work tomorrow. 9hun #arun it was a pleasure meeting you earlier this afternoon, I hope you had a wonderful discussion with my father today and I am sorry about our hospitality we weren7t inform of your attendance, if so I would have prepared a menu and entertainment for you all. Dor thank you again for a wonderful meal.6 She was about to walk back upstairs but (aew came down and she dragged Dor away from the group.

$aya looked at the friends walk outside. She was left alone with the men. #adech came up to her and smiled, she hated whenever he smiled at her, it was never a good thing to what follows.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:I would wait for you forever $aya. -ur fathers clearly understand we are destined for each other. 5r. 41- and 5iss Hi)So always make great business and family binding relationship. I never heard you decline me so I have waited. (he least you could do is come out with me for some coffee" @ust coffee I hope Da7Sahut wouldn7t mind" !e really do need to talk $aya.6 #adech waited for her response challenging her on. If she says not she would admit that she was afraid of him.

:$ou know what yes we need to finali+e all of this. I don7t think I have a choice. (hank you, coffee will be good. Should I or do you mind driving"6 $aya responded uickly. (hat was enough he was always trying to taunt or intimidate her. !hatever happens now she was not going to marry him. She didn7t like him and there was no way she was going to marry him.

She said farewell to their father and waited for #adech to show her to his car. He uirked his eyebrows and nodded to her lady first. She did as he suggested for the first time. (hat was a surprise to him. He smiled at her back. Has the brat finally given in to his new contract demands" (hey drove to the closest coffee shop near the waterfront. If it wasn7t filled with animosity on her part it would have been a lovely environment and warm night bree+e for en*oyment. ,nd if there wasn7t him sitting beside her it would have been perfect. How and where to start"

:So what is in that head of yours"6 he asked her ui++ically, :!hat decision have you come up with our revised marriage contract"6 he waited for her to respond.

$aya started off by shaking her head, :I am not ever going to marry you. <o what you must but there is no way we can pay off the principal amount and interests. ;et our lawyers hash it out. I haven7 spoke to my father but I am going to pull a selfish game here and take care of myself. I only have L0 million bahts to my inheritance, that can pay off the interests but other than that I do not have anything left. (hat is my answer. (hank you for coffee and I hope we do not meet ever again.6 She got up off from the chair, then saw the way he stared at her.

She noticed #adech not saying a word or stopping her from moving. She sat back down because she needed to be fair with him too. In reality they didn7t want this marriage so why must they both sacrifice their lives and commit to a marriage to a stranger" !hat did he have to say with her words.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:$ou are not willing to do whatever it takes for your family" #ow I know why you are not woman enough for me or a good wife material. 5arriage and sacrifice goes hand in hand. !ell that is good, I will call my lawyers now. $ou reali+e it isn7t about the contract or the money. $our father, sisters and family will be in the media and I am sure your aging father will not take this well. How about all of the workers and investors whose livelihood depends on your family7s business" $ou have to consider everything, I as well wanted to take the easy way out but we cannot always think about ourselves $aya. If only it was that easy as who cares about the money. &ut it was never about the money. <o you understand what I am trying to say"6 #adech waited for her response but he wasn7t e8pecting what happened right before his eyes.

$aya looked up at him solemnly and with frustration and sadness in her big, round brown eyes, her lashes fan down and her tears sprung from the ducts at the corner of her eyes. She started to weep in front of him. She didn7t look pretty doing so yet he knew this was most likely the first time that her vulnerability finally came out to the surface. (he more she tried to hold back her tears, the louder and bigger the sobs were heard at the waterfront. -nlookers came by and they instantly glared at him as if he was the guilty party in making this young and beautiful woman sobbing noisily in front of him. <id he *ust break up with her in a public place rather than in private" !ith all of the accusatory stares, he pulled her into his arms to stop her from making a bigger scene and muffling her sobs into his chest. He let out a loud sigh and found himself caressing her back. -ver time that seem to help her sobs lessen. !hat was he going to do with this woman, yet right now she was weeping like a baby in his arms and soaking the front of his dress shirt. MY ISAAN HUSBAND #14:

Her sobs lessened into muffled sniffles. She took shallow breaths to calm herself down further. $aya couldn7t believe she cried and especially in front of him. She reali+ed she soaked his shirt front but she couldn7t hold back her distraught and emotional turmoil any longer. She didn7t want to get married any time soon and not to this man. He irritated her at best and always man handling her. He was not a gentleman and of course he never claimed to be one. (hat probably shows how he only deals well in the business world than a woman7s world. She slowly removed her face from his chest. , bit embarrassed but she finally managed to calm her waterworks and come back to reality. 4ould she sacrifice her life for her family" She didn7t think she could currently. (hen what was she to do" Her responsibilities outweighed her selfish nature to *ust run, run back to #ew $ork and never look back. (hat later path to take, it seem to her to be more appealing to her now. <idn7t (aew suggested running away and never looking back"

:$ou look a mess. I suggest I take you home. If you need a couple more weeks to think about our future then do so. I am in no rush but be warned that I don7t take kindly to broken promises. I know you have a lot to consider but I will make a pact with you that I will never force you to 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

give up your favours with me. I think you will eventually find me appealing enough that no force is re uired.6 He tried to cheer her up but looking at her blank e8pression she thought he was being serious.

$aya looked at him dumbfounded. She would never sink low enough to welcome him into her bed. She didn7t even like the man. -ne he was arrogant, stubborn, manipulative and possibly an addict in the lust seeking department. She didn7t think she was the only victim of his advances. He oo+e with se8 appeal, charm and a charismatic trait that seeing some of the women passing by stop to stare at him, they would only willingly become easily involved with him in a physical term. &ut beauty on the surface can only take you so far. His behaviour with her was appalling at best but she didn7t care to fall into his pressuring. She had to think of another plan fast. !hy did she cry in front of him" She knew very well know what she must do for her family. &ut she needed *ust a little bit more time. She flinched lightly when his long fingertips touch her cheeks, wiping at the remaining tear drops left from her earlier breakdown. !hat and why was he the only man that would make her weakness comes to the surface like this" 5aybe because since their meeting there was all of this pent up tension between them and now it had gotten the best of her. $aya needed some space between them, her brain was turning into mush and unable to think clearly whenever he was around her' it was becoming more evident that he was getting under her skin and vice versa at the unnecessary contact he has with her.

:Dlease try not to touch me without my permission. !e are not anything to each other. I would prefer to keep some distance between us. I don7t know what your game is but please don7t use it on me. I know where we stand with each other. !e don7t like each other for one and our marriage is all about our fathers7 vows to each other and nothing more. $es I owe you that money because my father is my family. I will try to pay off as much of it as I can. I would like to add one more clause to this contract. If by chance I manage to come into this money my family owe you. (he marriage will dissolve immediately. 4an you accept this"6 she waited for his response and watched him think thoughtfully.

(here was a long pause and he finally replied, :-kay, $ou have three days that is all I am giving you to think about all of this' I will do the same with your last suggestion but really if you pay the money than we don7t need to get married. I need a real answer because I need to head up to my grandmother7s farm and why not kill two birds with one stone and bring my future bride with me. , cultural learning e8perience will help you more. (he world $aya is not all about malls, clothes and city lights. I can show you a different side of life different from #ew $ork and &angkok.6 #adech waited for her answer to his suggestion.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

$aya *ust nodded. She couldn7t reply. ,ll she could think about was trying to escape from all of this. She stood up and he did the same. (hey looked at each other seriously. 4ould they really make it a go of this arranged marriage by their fathers" ,s long as their hearts didn7t get involve they could humour their fathers7 decisions and two years from now return back to their normal life.

:It has been over three days and she never responded to me father. <id her dad call you or send a note"6 #adech asked his father. He couldn7t shake it but he had a feeling something was out of sorts.

:9hun Sahat spoke with me this afternoon #adech. $aya hasn7t been home since yesterday. I didn7t want to tell you then and now we are a little concern, maybe something occurred to her we don7t want the police involved yet because she is an adult. I don7t know what to say #adech. If you can somehow contact her it would help her father. He is at his wits end and a little concern that he forced her hand in this way. He didn7t think she7d consider running away. She is not in #ew $ork or heading there as he asked her friends over there. #adech, where are you going"6 9hun #arun watched his son pacing back and forth and #adech started to head out the door.

:I must speak with her sisters especially (aew. I have an idea what may have occurred. <on7t worry I will find my bride. If it is the last thing I do.6 #adech replied to his father and with determination as his focus he was going to speak with (aew and then ask her where Dor is living.

His intuition told him that was where he would find $aya. ?rom any indication as to how close the sisters are, (aew would be the link. He recalled now when $aya and Dor returned was when (aew pulled him away. (he planning must have been initiated then. He shook his head because he couldn7t believe the immaturity of his future bride. He warned her that he didn7t take kindly to those who want to pull back on their promises. It was very rare and a challenge to meet a woman who didn7t easily fall under his ministrations. $aya thought she had the upper hand but he knew he always had to be a few steps ahead of her.

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5$ IS,,# H>S&,#< MCLN

She said farewell to Dor after a heartfelt and long talk she didn7t know it was so very late already. He was a great man but for her sister (aew only. Dor only have eyes for her. (he whole reason he was so eager to help her out was because he would do anything (aew would ask of him. He wanted her to feel at ease around him because he didn7t have any romantic intentions with her. He was already madly in love with his best friend and would wait forever for her to take notice of him as more than her best friend who was a guy. Dor7s devotion and love for (aew was what she wanted for herself too.

#ot like #adech. @ust thinking of him made her shiver. He didn7t love her nor liked her. $et he consistently would make advances on her body. Such a strange man, he seemed to be very professional but when it came to her he was all lust. She didn7t like that one bit. She wanted her romance, wooing and getting to know each other. !hat did she know about this man who was to be her future husband in name only of course but for two years" (hat was a long time out of her life. She left home and wanted to re)evaluate her choices. Dor suggested that he could help out but only if (aew approved. 5oney between friends was going to cause a rift between them he knew this too, but $aya as well didn7t feel comfortable accepting his money. It was their family problems not his. She told Dor because he told her his truths. (hey will be brother and sister in law someday if (aew finally wakes up to see and stop taking advantage of a man who loved her wholeheartedly.

She gave Dor a pat on the back as he was leaving and smiled her farewell before shutting the door. It was one day overdue since she nodded in agreement to give #adech an answer. She hoped he got the picture and left to go see his grandmother in the wilderness wherever that was. She cringed at the thought of outdoors, mos uitoes, insects and the unknown. She shook her head to clear the images in her mind, as she shook away that feeling that was now embedded in her.

She turned at the soft sound on her door. <id Dor forget something" She uickly unlocked the door and reali+ed too late that she forgot to check through the peep hole before she opened the door and smiled up at him. #adech! Holy hell, what was he doing here or how did he find her so soon" !asn7t he supposed to be with his Isaan grandmother"

He looked coldly at her, waiting for her to invite him in. She wasn7t going to do any such thing and tried to uickly slam the door in his face. He knew what she was about and put his foot to wedge himself and the door from closing. He smirked at her and actually smiled wide. 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:I am glad that as your future husband I am welcomed very warmly by you my future wife. 4learly your interest must be of a different nature as I see Dor, your sister7s best friend leaving here not too long ago. !hose place is this" His" #ot to protrude but I will welcome myself in if you don7t mind,6 he pushed her out of the way and closed the door behind him and it was definite. He locked it too.

$aya swallowed hard. She couldn7t believe she *ust stood there in shock and *ust watch him lock them inside this condo. It was an investment purchase she made with her mom last summer and by chance the tenant7s lease ended a few days ago and she moved herself here temporarily in order to sort out her life and future. She refused to let him see her nervousness, he was unnerving but yet he looked around all calm and cool taking in the view of the condo and notice the bedroom door was left open. !hat did it matter" #othing was between she and Dor, but if it gave the illusion maybe he will finally back off"

:How long have you both secretly meet here" I must say you are this type of woman" (hat is all good' we will make good bed partners. I love my women e8perience maybe that means I don7t need to work so hard. !here are you going, come here"6 #adech grabbed her elbow before she tried to flee and pulled her up against him but she finally fought him.

She kicked his shin but it didn7t do much damage as she was barefoot. He chuckled at her violent temper. She always got physical with her, she backed away from him but he kept moving towards her until she found herself pressed up against the front door. She really had nowhere to go. ;ooking anywhere but at him she closed her mouth firmly. Seeing the intent in his eyes she knew he was going to kiss her. Her thoughts came to reality. He kissed her none too gently. 5ust he always treat her this way" His lips sought out for hers to open for him but she refuses, he licked the seams of her lips lightly but put a little more pressure causing her to gasp and that allowed him to possess her mouth wholly. He raised his twitching palm from his previous grasp on her hips and trailed up her waist then ribs and up to her breasts, gra+ing it lightly and inching the fingers up to her shoulders and rubbing now her neck. $aya needed to use all of her force to stop his caressing of her. She finally managed to get him off of her and slapped him soundly across the face. (he silence was deafening. Her eyes round and her breathing heavy she knew he was not e8pecting that. !ould he now finally wake up and reali+e that she was not succumbing to his assault. Her body did react differently this time around, something unknown to her, but he was really starting to scare her as well.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

#adech grabbed at his cheek, and with cold intent he rubbed it while looking at $aya with his piercing dark chocolate eyes. He had the nerve to flash $aya his dimpled smile. He knew he deserved that.

:I guess you don7t have enough energy for me after what transpired between you and Dor. <on7t try that again. I will allow you this once to slap me but do it again I will take you to another level of intimacy $aya. <o you understand me" #ow tell me what games you are playing now, pulling this childish stunt" <o you really think running away will solve anything" $ou have put a dent in my plans and my promises to visit my aging grandmother. Dlease grow up and stop acting like a spoiled brat. <o you think I will treat you badly" $ou can have anything you want with me in this marriage. I am a generous lover and man enough for you, $aya. (hink about that.6 He responded to her in kind. He moved in to kiss her again.

$aya couldn7t believe him, can he not think beyond than what was in his pants that dictated to him" His kiss was not as punishing but actually very gentle and passionate. She found herself returning his kisses and something was starting to build inside her but yet she tense when reali+ing her actions as she noticed her eagerness to kiss him back. ,gain she pushed him away and was about to strike him once more but he held both her wrist in his one hand and pressed his arousal up against her. She gulped down her panic. #adech was keeping her hands above her head as she was molded to him while her body was flushed against the door, she felt helpless.

:(sk tsk, my beautiful but spoiled rich girl. $ou have very poor listening skills. #ow what I want you to do is pack up. !e have somewhere to go. #ow when I let you go you will either uickly pack on your own or I will do it for you and where we are going you won7t need designer labels or anything like that. $ou have twenty minutes. I will wait here until you finish, understood"6 he warned her.

He stepped away from her, #adech crossed his arm and blew her a kiss as she huffed away and finally turned and did his bidding. He wanted her to pack, fine. She would pack only the necessary essential, he will be taking her home and then she would return here the ne8t day. He wanted to tell her what to do" #ot a chance! :!hy are you taking so long in there" I am coming in if you don7t come out now,6 before #adech could follow through with his threat she walked out with a carry on and an e8tra)large si+e suitcase. !here and for how long did she think she was going for" ,t best they may be back in a week after their visit to the most #orthern part of 4hiang 5ai which bordered along the country of ;aos3. (he Isaan culture was a blend of indigenous (hai and ;aos. 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:(ake me home then. I will let my father know about my decisions now. $ou clearly made it up for me.6 $aya waited for him to move aside as she was going to try to bolt out of the condo. She wasn7t going anywhere with him. :,ctually I forgot something, why don7t you go down stairs and I will meet you at your car. $es you can trust me' I am not that ridiculous to try anything anymore.6 She handed off her luggage to him and watched him give her a ui++ical look and then turned with her items and walked out the door.

She proceeded to call a ta8i and asked for it to wait behind the building. #ow what did she forget to bring, she had to at least make the appearance of having forgotten that item. -h yes, her sketch pad. (hat7ll do for an e8cuse. She needed this to create more designs for the summer fashion line anyways. Still in the back of her mind she reali+ed that this strange man, maybe insane, how did he always figure out where she is" ?irst time it was at the central s uare when she first caught him ogling her and her friends and now he found her condo" $aya shivered unconsciously because she felt uncomfortable about #adech7s investigative techni ues or really his stalker tendencies when it comes to her.

#adech waited impatiently in the car for her' there was only one entrance and e8it when he had asked the desk clerk in the front lobby so $aya couldn7t try to sneak away from him. It has come to that knowledge to him that he could never trust his future bride. She didn7t want this marriage but yet he couldn7t understand why he wanted it' he scolded himself it was because he hadn7t got laid in months. (his was a huge price to pay to get laid he mocked himself silently. He saw her out of the corner of his eyes and as he was about to get out of the car he saw her uickly scan the parking and lot and focus on the ta8i. <amn right she had plotted to run from him he knew he shouldn7t allow her space. He got back in the car and drove towards the ta8i she was frantically trying to get into and manoeuvered it to block her. !here did she think she was going"

%etting out of the car he walked towards her side and pulled the door none too gently open, :%et out of the ta8i $aya. Sweetheart, I am sorry I cheated. I was drunk don7t be mad like this. 5en will always be men. Dlease give me a chance, look at the poor driver. He doesn7t need to be part of our argument. Dlease $aya get out.6 He annunciated the last word, out. His eyes not leaving her face, it was heated and intense. 1ven with his fake smile to the driver he grabbed her elbow and pulled her out.

$aya was going to scream but he threatened her with his grip. <on7t try it was what it stated' she winced at the slight pain.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

(ossing the driver some tip money #adech thanked him and took $aya to his car. She tried to dig her heels in but he was stronger. He shoved her into the passenger seat. -pening up the glove compartment after the ta8i driver drove around them he pulled out duct tape and a handkerchief. $aya7s eyes nearly bulged out from its socket. !hat" !hy did he have all of that with him"

:I have no choice. $ou prove so out of sorts I need you tied and uiet. I am not taking you home. !e need time together.6 He replied to her unspoken uestions.

:$ou are clearly insane, &ah! <on7t touch me! I swear I will scream. (hey do have security guards here.6 $aya e8claimed.

#adech ignored her and gripped her face to slap the tape over her smart mouth. It felt good doing that although he did wish he was able to do other things with that mouth but now was not the time. Her eyes filled with animosity or even hatred now. He moved to tie her hands together in front of her, she fought him and then he finally secured it.

In the end his choice was through treachery and lies to collect on their fathers7 marriage vows. #ow he must add kidnapping to the mi8. He pulled out from the condo and drove toward his intended destination. He was going up to his grandmother7s northern village. It was time to go back to his Isaan roots. He ignored her muffled noises. She didn7t have a say any longer.


She was livid. How could he treat her in this way or any person" She wasn7t being unreasonable he had no right to sub*ect her to bondage and entrapment. She glared at him and he smirked back at her, mocking her even more. !hat point was he trying to prove" She hated him. He would never get away with this. (his was illegal without a doubt. She watch him dial out hands free and inserting his &luetooth into his ear while still keeping his eye on the road. #adech was talking to her father"

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:$es Da7Sahat. She is with me. !e decide to head up to my grandmother7s place to get to know the Isaan culture. She is very willing, that is why she7s your daughter. $es I will let her know. -f course we will see you soon. $es it is best we move up the wedding date as soon as possible, we are now both very e8cited because we have come to some form of understanding. 18actly, yes I understand. -h no she7s currently occupied at the moment. I will call again once we come home because there will not be any reception up north. $es I will say hello to grandmother and 5ario. (hank you. I will let $aya know.6 #adech ended the call and smiled at her.

9nowing full well she was going to be giving him payback as soon as he releases her, but they still had another three hours before they reached their destination. He pulled onto the side of the road and carefully not to hurt her remove the tape off of her mouth. He smoothed over her sensitive skin around her lips and the areas there. She allowed him to finish. $aya was looking at him stunned and serious.

:$ou know this is illegal. How could you lie to my father that I come with you willingly" #o matter what I am staying in this car until you reali+e your error in doing this to me. I am not a child but a grown woman. %ive me the phone, you need to call my father back and let him know I change my mind about this whole thing. I swear there will never be anything between us and especially no marriage. In my days away I finally reali+ed I should7ve checked up on the financial circumstances of my father7s business but unfortunately it is all true, we owe you this debt. &ut the head accountant acknowledges that we have a reprieve which means we have time to pay it off. I don7t know where you get off in threatening me to marry you" #ow you pull this stunt. $ou reali+e you are mentally unstable" <on7t touch me!6 $aya tried to s uirm away from him as #adech moved inches close to her face.

:$ou sound very reasonable when I know how that wicked temper of yours can be. ,re you plotting again my brat" ;isten carefully. If you did what you promise I was hoping we could work together to delay this marriage or dissolve this notion of our fathers impossible scheme all together. $ou reali+e that every plan you concur up in trying to take me down, it backfires then pushes our fathers into eagerly making this wedding and marriage a reality. 4an you not stop to think things through" (his is not illegal what I am doing. $ou don7t listen very well so I am taking it upon myself to make you see my ways. $ou are not in any pain are you as well learn to get to know me better' I am not such a bad man. 5y grandmother has waited over an e8tra day for us. She wants to meet you. ?ather has been saying things about us. I owe her this visit. Dlease try to be mature and understanding. It won7t be torture you may find it pleasantly surprising to learn a new culture and meet very interesting people. !ith your fashion sense you may find an interesting concept in the styles and fashion of my Isaan people. Dlease consider this as a field trip. , new learning curve let say. I am not going to force you to do anything.6 He responded to her in kind. 3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

He was really smooth and logical in his reasons. 5r. 41- in his world was never wrong. $aya listened to him begrudgingly. He had his points but why didn7t he mentioned all of his ideas sooner and looking down at her hands she nodded at him to release her hands too. He shook his head.

:I am not going to risk you clawing my face out. $ou have a very bad and violent temper my dear. I notice this if you haven7t. !hen we reach the village you behave understand" -r else you don7t want my wrath on you. It is not a threat, if I say I will do something I will follow through unlike some people. #ow it is getting late, we should be there around midnight. I suggest you sleep now unless you are hungry" #o. -kay let7s rela8 and en*oy this *ourney together sweetheart.6 #adech started the engine again and watched her at the corner of his eye. She was tight lip and frowning but she didn7t say anything.

(hey were near their destination and #adech finally was able to glance at her. She was fast asleep. She didn7t look or say anything to him this whole trip. He knew he had his hands full once they reach his grandmother7s village. He pulled into the port to park the car. (hey needed to travel a little bit more on the ferry that crosses over the little lake to the secluded Isaan village. She looked very young and innocent sleeping soundly beside him. He caught himself smiling at her. 4learing his throat he chastised himself for getting caught up in her uiet state because she was not at all like this when she awakes. He nudged her awake. $aya slowly opened her eyes then she remembered suddenly she was kidnapped and screamed. #adech couldn7t believe it. It didn7t talk too long before $aya behave her usual way. He covered her mouth with his hand. Shaking his head at the same time he whispered in her ear.

:<idn7t I warn you to stop behaving so spoiled and act liking a child. I thought we came to a compromise and understand each other now. #ow I must tape your mouth again" I see you don7t want that. -kay when I let go of my hand from your mouth you must not scream. -r else you will not like what I have in store for you. %ood thing you are wearing pants and shirt. Suitable for the wilderness trekking and by the way there is no one here e8cept *ust only the two of us. So I can do about anything to you without witnesses. ,re you scared now" &ut yet again I have told you I have never needed to force anyone to get into bed with me and you are not the e8ception. %et out now, we still have another half an hour until we meet our destination. %ood thing I am skilled at navigating a ferry in the dark.6 He ushered her out and then surprising her by picking her up and placing her down into the ferry. She stood there waiting for him to finish loading her luggage and his one back pack onto the ferry and getting on board himself.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

!here were they going" It was so dark she wasn7t able to memori+e any landmark. If she somehow escaped how would she know how to return home" She cried out in frustration silently. She was trying to plot the ne8t move and to get away from this strange man. He was clearly not all there. !hat person will resort to this to get one a wife"

:!here are we going" $ou promise you won7t hurt me" How long must I suffer your company" I really think there must be a different way to resolve our situation' what is happening now is scaring me #adech.6 $aya was being truthful with him. How can she trust a man who kidnapped her"

#oticing she was using his first name, he untied her hands. He rubbed them gently as he saw the impression left by the handkerchief. &esides they were moving already, she wouldn7t dare *ump off the ferry would she" >nless she was out of her mind and became too desperate to escape.

He immediately advise her to rethink her intentions, :(he water is full of man)eating creatures so I advise you not to try to make your escape. $ou may be left with missing limbs or maybe nothing. I don7t want to fish out your corpse. #ow that I have your attention I will relay to you some information about my grandmother and our Isaan culture.6 He waited for her to grab a seat near him as he navigated through the water and gave her a crash course into the other half of his life which was the simpler way of living.

He saw her swallowing down hard the fear, so she was afraid of :creatures6 of the wild. He tried to hide his smile and tried to speed up the ferry to reach its destination as soon as possible. (he sooner they got on land the better he would feel of controlling her reactions.


<are she risk the *ump into the water" (he worse that could happen to her was to drown in this dark body of water. Sadly she did not know how to swim to save her life. $aya heeded his advice or threat was how she took in his words. She must hanker down and try to bide her time and maybe try a different tactic. !omen and their wiles would be the best action plan for her. He admitted and it was obvious that he finds her attractive. She on
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

the under hand was getting more and more annoyed with him. His last resort which included her kidnapping was so illogical.

How does kidnapping one7s bride, makes sense in this world" It is the twenty first century. 5arriage for the most part was achieved through personal choice, love and compatibility. (wo people have decided to share their love and commit their life together. She didn7t have any of those choices in what is happening between #adech now. He finally cut the engine of the ferry because they must have finally reached their destination.

#adech turned around and took her by the elbow. He whispered in her ear, :#ow I don7t need to remind you that you must behave or else. 5y grandmother has been anticipating a visit from her future granddaughter in law. $ou shall be the first female that my family has brought to show her. Dlease be civil and do not pre)*udge my Isaan people. I don7t take well to snobs either. I ask you to follow me to the village and please be careful. #ot only are there wild creatures in the water, they also appear in these woods too.6 #adech was being very clear that if she thought to run, he wouldn7t be able to help her if the animals get at her first.

:-f course wild creatures like to be associated with wild people. 1nough of the scare tactic, I will give you one week as you promised my father you will have me back home. %ood riddance this is not longer. !e both didn7t sign the contract so what happens here will be only that. I hope your grandmother proves to be different from you *ust like your father. ,re you sure you are not adopted"6 she mimicked his shrug when he didn7t respond. She hoped that dig got him riled up.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

She slowly followed him dragging her luggage behind her as well. She was glad she had brought enough clothes for the month because it looked like there was no washing machine here. ?inally they entered a clearing and she saw huts and more wildernesses surrounding it. !hat did he drag her into, this place according to her, was so uninhabitable. She had to voice her concerns, :;et me get this straight. $ou e8pect me to do what and stay where. I don7t do sleeping on the ground. !here is everyone" <idn7t you confirm with them that they were e8pecting us"6

#adech balked at her comments. 4learly she watched too many ,ma+on forest documentaries. He started to laugh out loud. $aya didn7t see that he stopped in his tracks and barreled into his back knocking him off his feet and he was landing face down onto the muddy ground. -h shit!

$aya looked at his fallen form. She started to howl. (his was the best payback ever because it was so hysterically funny she was tearing up as well. How sweet it felt seeing him down there. If she did not believe in karma before now she does. She was laughing so hard her sides were hurting. #adech got up momentarily and uickly brushed himself up. He shook his head at her. <id she do that on purpose" He should have noticed his error in allowing her to walk behind him rather than in front of him. He wiped the mud from his face with his clean sleeve of his dress shirt. !onderful, he thought, another ruined clothing because of her. He recalled when she doused him with the drink at the club lounge. !hat did he ever do to her in the past life to have her in his life this time around"

:I will blame the dark that you did this me not with purpose. It was an accident. #eedless to say we are almost at my grandmother7s village, right behind the wooded foliage. ,h here they are now. 5ind the animals $aya. -ne of them could be dinner. !e cannot afford that kind of accident here.6 #adech saw her choke on her saliva. He laughed out loud.
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

He saw his grandmother walking towards them then stopped because with mud caked all over his body she couldn7t tell that it was #adech. @ust a man that has met with an accident by the name of a mud puddle' she giggled with the scene in front of her. She then turned to see a very beautiful young woman beside her grandson.

:#adech is that you" 4ome closer to grandmother. $es I see those eyes and those dimples. Still the same trouble maker as well I see. !ho is with you, is she $aya your fiancA"6 %randma <ao saw the young woman straighten up.

She was shaking with laughter before she took notice of #adech7s grandmother in uiring about her. So everyone knows here that she was his fiancAe in this tiny village" !ill that give her power to command them to take her home before the week is over" She had to befriend them if that was the case. <are she even want to bother doing that because after this week she doesn7t want to create any relationships with strangers' she will not be seeing them ever again. (he elder woman was looking stunning herself even with the basic clothing she was wearing she e8uded confidence and a twinkle was in her eyes as she chatted with her eldest grandson. (hey started to speak a different language where some words she could understand but a ma*ority of it she couldn7t decipher. (his was their Isaan language" !ere they gossiping about her" (hat was low and not fair. If she needed to communicate will they understand her"

His grandmother turned to speak with her, :4ome here child. I am %randma <ao' please feel welcome to call me that. I am told you are not accustomed to the outdoors. It is not too bad once you understand nature and its conditions as long we don7t harm what lives with us, it won7t harm us in return. ;ook at you my dear you are absolutely stunning to look upon.
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

#adech your father has a great sense of understanding of beauty and not *ust physically. I can sense she is a very generous, honest and righteous woman here.6

$aya blushed at his grandmother7s compliment. If the lady was a man she would have fallen at her feet already but right now she proved to be uite a charmer, different from her grandson. #adech raised his eyebrows at his grandmother7s comments towards $aya. He never spoke about $aya to his grandmother in details *ust mentioning that his father has pre)arranged a marriage.

:!ell if you both follow 9eo she will show you to your hut. $es in Isaan culture fiancAs share a bed already, you are practically married so don7t worry about what people say here' it is custom. $our father mentioned the wedding was to take place the end of the month" !ell I am too old to trek down to the city so we will have a traditional wedding here and be done with it. I remember the story of your real great grandmother #adech that she was so eager to be with her husband she literally moved into his home. It actually is the same one that you both will be staying in. (hey had a good long marriage, maybe staying in there will bless you both the same. #ow 9eo take them now, they must be tired. It is past midnight. In a few hours we must all awake to start the dawn fishing for the meals tomorrow.6 %randma <ao turn back to continue her conversation with the other elders in the village.

$aya glared at #adech. <id he plan all of this, how was she going to be able to share a hut or a bed with him" Her chance at escaping was now slim to none. ,s she pondered about her new dilemma she saw the side glance from 9eo. <id she *ust give her the once over and cut eyes" She couldn7t believe #adech' he had a mistress even up here in nowhere land. !hat a womani+er. She crossed her arms and didn7t want to follow them
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to the mentioned hut. She couldn7t make herself feel comfortable of their arranged sleeping uarters.

#adech and 9eo were in conversation, she wanted to listen in but they were too far ahead of her. She finally dragged herself and her luggage and followed them. 9eo was a slender woman but she had curves in all the right places as well. She was actually very e8otic looking in her own rights and that long straight hair of hers was so enviable. @ust si8 more days if %randma <ao7s words were the first indication of a new day was starting very soon. (hey reached the hut, she noticed as well 9eo7s look of longing at #adech and he ignored her. !as he always that cold to his lovers, once he got what he wanted he simply pretended not to know them or even acknowledge them" 9eo didn7t hide her dislike of her as it was obvious she was hoping to rekindle her relationship with #adech. $aya tried to smile at her but 9eo ignored her even more. <rama in the woodlands, so laughable thought $aya.

:4ome in here $aya. I am dirty, cold and tired. I am going to bathe and you should do the same. -nce we are done we need to rest. Dlease do not give me that cold stare I am not going to attempt anything tonight. -r any other night, *ust rela8, you must be hungry too. I will try to round up some fruit for us as I am sure dinner has been finished up already. (hey eat and never have left overs here. 1very person does not go hungry here.6 #adech proceeded to disrobe and $aya turned her back to him.

,ll that kept repeating in her mind was that fiancAs are practically married so it didn7t feel weird that they share a room and bed. <id #adech wholeheartedly believe in this too" She wasn7t going to risk her virtue over this unknown opinion of his. She made sure the luggage at all times stays between him and her.

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5$ IS,,# H>S&,#< MCFN

#adech shook his head at her and walked past her to get to his bathing. He really was tired and dirty. He needed to get into clean clothes and fast to bed. He couldn7t wait to help the villagers catch their meals in the early morning as it was the norm for him whenever he visited the village. !henever he came up to the tiny village but warm and comforting home of his %randmother <ao, he felt more at ease. (he stress of the corporate business world was forgotten at least for the short interim he was up here. He wondered if it would be the same for his younger brother 5ario' he didn7t get a chance to consider his brother was also here. He will have to make a trip to the ne8t village as they were more desolate than their grandmother7s village that is why 5ario was up there with his medical e8pertise. He turned to see if $aya had followed. (here was no movement from inside the hut. <id she make her escape" He rushed back to find her sitting on her luggage and a face full of disdain and disgust.

He ordered her immediately, :$ou don7t like our living conditions" It is not so bad. (his is simple, clean and refreshing. #ow come. I don7t have very much patience for you. Hurry now.6 He yanked her to follow him.

:!ait, what am I to change into after the bath" %ive me a minute.6 She stopped in her track while asking him to give her time to sort out her outfit.

:I asked you to hurry up and you stood there, now you need more time. <on7t worry it was not so long ago that woman walked around with no stitch of clothing. It may be time for you to be more familiar with yourself and your body. I wouldn7t mind the view. $ou have a minute and it starts now.

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-pen that luggage and get your py*amas now!6 he let out a loud sigh. She was very trying.

$aya open her eyes wide at his suggestion of making her be without clothing. !hy did he leave his civili+ed nature as soon as he stepped into the wilderness" His words were so savage. She uickly dug into her luggage, grabbed the camisole and shorts she would normally wear for bed and an e8tra pair of panties to change into. <id they have soap and or shampoo here" She grabbed those too. Ouickly following him into the darkness and reaching the smaller hut that housed the bath. (here was a barrel filled with water, cold water too. $aya couldn7t believe the basic necessity couldn7t be provided here either.

:Is there any way you can get me hot water. It is free+ing water in there and where is the light" (hat small candle is all you have" How about a mobile tub, I love baths not this.6 $aya commanded her needs.

#adech stared at her. He looked around and obviously he was being bossed around to act upon her wishes. #ot likely. (his is all they had and he couldn7t help her. 1veryone was asleep anyways. (hey *ust needed to scrub and get to bed promptly. , new day was fast approaching and the new morning they needed to go out and gather the food and necessities re uired for the whole day. He didn7t want to leave her but he needed to put in his own effort for the village7s sustainability. #o one here sat on their hands and neither will she. She could help some of the women with the organi+ing of clothing. 5aking it and mending the older clothing.

He changed out of his clothes right in front of her and heard her s ueal of shock and embarrassment and immediately turned away from him. He never thought he would find himself with a woman who lack e8perience in
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

everything in life. (o think he was the only man she7s seen naked. He didn7t believe it. !hen was she going to stop acting" He lathered and soaped himself from head to the toe. He loved his grandmother7s recipe for the natural soap they made in the village. He has been working with one of the other organic shop owner in the city to carry his grandmother7s products. She made soaps and creams in the village and every time he came up here he would take back many products to the shops he owns in the city. He started with *ust one bouti ue three years ago and now they had half a do+en of the little shops across the city.

$aya heard his enthusiasm of cleaning himself up as well he was even humming out loud too' did this man have no shame" He was becoming stranger by the minute. <id he not have an ounce of dignity, how could he so easily felt comfortable and bathe in front of a complete stranger' she didn7t know him that well for this encounter of his undress state. $aya hugged herself and the products in her arms hoping for him to finish up fast. 18asperated she turn to see if he was done yet, she too needed to bathe but he needed to get out! Her breath caught in her throat, why did she turn to see him in all his glory" His back was so lean and muscular and she couldn7t help her gawking as her first ever e8perience of witnessing the beauty of a male' naked. How many times does he work out and how does he have the time by the sound of his busy work schedule. He roughly brushed his hair with his long fingers with the bar of soap and the fle8 of his arms showed his muscular biceps. She needed to turn away before he took notice of her greedy perusal of his physi ue and then she looked at his butt. She didn7t know she was a butt person but his was perfect. Snap out of it! $aya chastised herself. He decided then to turn as she reali+ed she muttered those words to herself out loud. She fro+e as he caught her red)handed spying on him bathing.

5$ IS,,# H>S&,#< MCQN

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

!ith his back to her he uickly tried to bathe and give her the space to take care of her needs. &ut as soon as he felt her eyes on him, he tense only briefly and an idea came to mind. &ut yet his idea was starting to backfire because he was en*oying the fact that this woman was taking notice of him and his body. He had always been comfortable about his image. He worked hard to keep up with his physi ue and his many lovers appreciated it as well. Speaking of which he hasn7t had a lover in over si8 months blaming it on the business workload and his father7s ludicrous marriage arrangements to this woman that will not participate in any marital activities with him he was sure of that. He decided to turn to face her, as he thought he heard her mumble something to him. Her face was priceless but yet she didn7t turn away from the site she was presented with.

She finally gathered her composure and instantly lectured him on his shamelessness.

:Is this how you behave in front of a lady" 2egardless of what imaginary relationship we have please return around and finish up. I need my privacy unlike you.6 $aya uickly turned her back away from him once more. It was a relief to her that the night was dark because she instantly felt her face heating up and most likely red.

#adech chuckled, :I was hoping that you appreciate what you have seen and would gladly *oin me" -kay suit yourself if you are going to act shy and like a virgin instead. I am done. 1n*oy, it is your turn my brat.6 He uickly wrapped his sarong around himself over his bottom half and walked uite close to her brushing up against her back and behind and smelling her natural scent. $aya s uirmed to move away even if it was a very brief skin ship with #adech. She couldn7t believe his audacity. She uickly removed her clothing and making sure he was gone she tried as best to en*oy the cold
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

water and uickly cleanse herself from head to toes. ?eeling self)pity she almost cried out loud but she makes herself to resolve to be strong and finally dressed herself. #adech had waited several feet away. ,t least he allowed her that much space. She was already overly embarrassed about his nudity and was not going to return the favour to him.

She glared at him when she finished bathing and walked to his waiting stance.

:I really hope that this is not a regular occurrence. !here do you think I can escape to" I have no idea where you have taken me and the language barrier is of a concern for me. !hat happens if I need something but no one can help me" Have you thought it through with your kidnapping of me"6 $aya couldn7t keep it in any more. (he situation he put her in was irresponsible and reckless.

#adech raised his eyebrows and responded, :I will do my best to take care of your needs $aya. It can be needs of all kinds if you want of me. I would be much oblige and willing. #ow let7s get to bed, if you would like to continue this conversation let us get to our hut. $ou don7t want to catch a cold from the early morning dew here.6 He grabbed her hand and dragged her behind him.

$aya didn7t want to fight him, maybe she was more e8hausted then she thought. , bed would be welcome in the condition she was feeling now. (hey finally manage to find their way back to the hut. It was so dark, not one shade of artificial light. She didn7t think she would be so unaccustomed to the natural darkness. , person was actually near their hut, which would that is" ,s they approach the figure it was 9eo. She only wore a sarong tied around her like a tube top dress. She was trying to
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seduce #adech and in front of her, did she not reali+e she was sharing a room with #adech unless it was another tradition to share a hut with both your fiancA and mistress. (hat was one custom she was going to put a stop to, but then reali+ed that there was a basketful of fruit near her feet where she was standing. !hat was wrong with her" She didn7t have any claim on #adech.

#adech briefly acknowledge 9eo and took the basket from her. #ot even a thank you or a good night, he walked into the hut and $aya followed him inside after she herself gave 9eo a brief smile but was met with a cold frown. It was so sad to see the desperation and longing on the woman7s face. So this is what it felt like to be discarded by a man like #adech.

:!hy are you so cold towards her" !as your fall out not amicable"6 she asked him. She didn7t know why she did but it was too late. (he uestion hung in the air between them. 1ven the crickets went to bed. (here was only silence.

:!hat" ,re you telling me you are *ealous" ,re you referring to 9eo and me" I don7t think it is any of your business. (he past is the past. $ou don7t hear me asking you about yours. ;et us go to bed, I don7t know about you but I am very tired. !eary too with all the adventures we7ve had. !elcome to my world.6 He didn7t answer her but he didn7t deny either about his past relationship with 9eo. !as it because now she occupied a *ob where 9eo would7ve provided if she was not here" She shivered involuntarily.

;ooking around the room it was simply decorated. ,ll the natural wood was used as furniture, scanning the area some more, where was the bed" ;ooking at a wooden bo8 with a thin mattress, was that the bed" She
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

shook her head. It was half the si+e of her ueen bed she was used to sleeping in the city. (here was no way two people would fit on that bed unless they slept nose to nose. #o way! $aya screamed within.

:<on7t ask me to be a gentleman as I want to sleep on that bed as much as you. &ut if you can7t stomach sharing this bed with me than there7s a mat behind the drawer there, you can try to get comfortable with it and the floor.6 He shrugged and proceeded to grab some silk blankets out of the other cabinet and none to gentle sprawled onto the bed.

,t least there were two pillows. She grabbed the one that was not occupied by #adech7s head. <on7t ask me to be a gentleman he says. <id he think those words will convince her to marry him" !hat a *erk was her last thought before she loudly tried to get herself comfortable and try to sleep for the first time on the cold wooden floor of this hut. It was cold. She sighed out loud but then her stomach decided to growl and let her know it needs to be re)fueled. !hen was the last time she had a meal" She remembered having lunch with Dor but no dinner, well she was interrupted and kidnapped by the man now snoring comfortably on that bed. If he won7t act the gentleman then she won7t play the lady. She got up abruptly, stared down at him' waiting to see if he would notice her. She nudged him with her toes but he seemed to be a deep sleeper. She then pushed him with as much force she can muster with her foot and he rolled off the bed with a loud thump onto the other side of the ground. @umping onto the bed herself she covered up and hoped that he would not retaliate. She couldn7t believe she had the courage to kick him out of the bed but she needed her beauty sleep and no man was going to stop her from getting it.

:5ove over! (here7s *ust enough room for the both of us, if not I will make you stay underneath me or else on top! $our choice brat but you are lucky I am e8hausted today. #ow do as or say or else you give me no choice.6
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#adech gritted through his teeth. He was so tired he reali+ed that when he found himself crashing to the floor he thought that he rolled over himself because he did that often the first few nights whenever he came back up to %randma7s village. He too was never uite use to the double si+e bed compared to his king si+e at home.

$aya immediately moved as close to the edge and as far away from him as possible as she felt him get into the bed beside her. !as it to be that all her plans were always going to backfire on her" @ust then he placed his arm and his legs over her fro+en form. !hat was he doing"

:%et off me! -r else I will scream and the villagers will come to witness you raping me. $ou are such a creep. ,n abuser of woman and man handler, what are you doing to me"6 $aya tried to follow through with her threat but he silenced her with another forceful kiss.

She tried to struggle away from him but his bare chest was on top of hers and he was too heavy for her to try to buck him off. She started to pound on his back as hard as she can to get him off of her. Her ne8t resort was to pull on his hair. He was trying to use force to get her to obey him but she was not going to allow it. ,nd reali+ing too late too that he was slowly removing the straps of her camisole' pulling them down her arms. !as this man insatiable" ,ny woman he can get his bed but yet he will try to seduce her or force in her case.

:-uch, you are e8tremely feisty. I am not going to lie, I am glad for that. ;esson learned brat" #ow stop this fighting me and don7t threaten to scream again as you are not familiar with Isaan custom, I own you soon to be wife. #o one is going to come in to rescue you well not unless I call them.6 #adech rolled off of her but still grabbed onto her waist turned her
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away from him and moved in closer to take in her natural scent and inhaled the freshness in her neck. He didn7t know why his self)control always flew out the window whenever this woman was near him. It must be overdue that his lust really needed appeasement. He never took an unwilling woman but $aya was trying hard to make him break his own rules and self) restraint. 5oments ago she kicked him out of bed especially when he had been sleeping soundly.

?eeling the weight of his arm and also the weight of his arousal $aya tried to think of happier moments in her life. (his man was an enigma. She never knows what to e8pect from him. She couldn7t believe that if asked only a month ago that she7d be in an unknown wilderness with a complete stranger and sharing a most uncomfortable bed' she would be laughing hysterically right now. >nfortunately all she wanted to do was cry. &ut she was not going to cry in front of him ever again. He didn7t deserve her tears.

He mumbled something in his sleep that she couldn7t catch on to his words but his arm held her tighter, nu++ling her neck once more causing her to have goose bumps spread all over her body. She lectured her body to stop reacting that way to this man. &ut the physical attractiveness of him was not to be dismissed. $et he was sound asleep which allowed her to concoct a plan of escape. #ot only was he a heavy sleeper but he also fell asleep at the drop of a hat. !ho is this man really" Is he the ambitious business savvy guru or the wild man in this Isaan culture" She finally drifted off to sleep and dreamt of warm food and her bouti ue. (hat was where she wanted to return. !here she was now was a nightmare on earth and imprisoned by the hardened 5r. 41-. -ne week was not going to fly by fast enough for her.

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5y Isaan Husband MR0N

:!hat in the world are you doing to me" %et off, get off me now!6 $aya yelled into his ears all the while she tried pushing him off her but he didn7t budge.

He stared into her stricken face. !hat was he doing" He hadn7t reali+ed until her shout awaken him from his lustful state. -h hell. #ow his lust had a mind of its own in the middle of the night. He found himself safely cradled between her spread out thighs. &riefly he thought why would he be stupid enough to remove himself from this enticing spot" &ut yet she didn7t welcome this, not while she was conscious. He knew she initiated the first contact. In the early hours of this morning, he found a warm nose snuggling underneath his chin and she in her sleep started to stroke her little tongue under the *aw line of his face. He immediately became aroused and allowed her more access to him. (aking control he caressed her side and cupped her one breast as he found himself accessing it from underneath her camisole. She arched herself for more of his touch as she *utted her chest towards him. #ot reali+ing that she was actually in a dream state he took possession of her mouth and from there she woke up. Hurting his ear now as she came awake. He didn7t release her immediately but if a woman says stop he had to oblige.

:<on7t pretend you don7t want this. $ou clearly subconsciously seduce me and as a man, how can I resist" #ow come here let us finish what we started no"6 he teased her and saw the red creep up from her e8posed chest to the roots of her hair as the sun shined into their hut. !ild and tousled hair sticking out around her head' she never looked more sensual than he7s ever seen her like this morning.

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(hey had slept in but this was not his plan as he wanted to participate in the hunting and gathering of his Isaan people. His %randma <ao must have insisted that they be left to stay in bed together. He thanked her for that because he would have never known that his future bride had lustful thoughts of him. #ow to make her confess to it was a problem for him. ,lthough looking at her now there was no way that she7d plead guilty to anything. She looked at him, well condemning him more like it, to being a pervert.

:$ou are such a creep! How can you take advantage of me especially when I have nobody to turn to or anywhere to escape from you! How can you possibly think that by forcing your intentions and to do things with you will ever make me change my mind about marriage to you! I want to go home it is not funny anymore!6 she cried and pleaded for him to abide by her wishes.

She was aware that she didn7t hate what had happened between them moments ago rather she was petrified that she had reacted this way with him and especially when she was deep in sleep. !hy did her body seek out pleasure with him" !hy all of a sudden" She was so very confused. <id it have anything to do with seeing him naked in the bath house and it transpired in her dreams and she acted upon it. She hated him as far as she was concerned. Hate was a strong word but right now that was how she felt' if not at him but at herself for behaving so wanton with him.

:&rat, it is normal that two adults feel this way. It is called lust. $ou are attractive and attracting and so am I. It is only natural that we seek pleasure with each other. &esides by mid)week we7d be married already. 4ome let us get out of this environment. If you are not going to willingly continue on with what was started earlier then we must hurry to catch up
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

with the necessary chores we need to help sustain the living conditions of %randma7s <ao village today6 he rolled out of bed and heard her gasp out loud. He stared down at his erection clearly pronounced underneath his sarong. How he manages to keep the sarong on was a mystery. He mentally gave himself a pat on the back because normally he preferred to sleep in the nude. !hat he found he was willing to do for a complete stranger such as $aya. (hey figured they had nothing in common, barely could stand the company of each other but when it came to matters of lust he knew they were very compatible.

:5arriage" In your dreams. I won7t do it. I7ve said I7d give you your week but no ceremony. 4an you not *ust turn around" I am very embarrassed as it is. (hank you.6 $aya got out of bed as well and uickly rearranged her clothing and started to walk outside of the hut.

:%et back in here! $ou are not to wear things like that out in the open with the villagers. Have some conservatism in your actions. I know that you like cut off shirts and short shorts but not here brat. ?ind something reasonable and besides there are too many bugs and creatures that will be attacking any bare flesh around here. If you don7t have anything to wear then we can ask 9eo for some of her spare clothing. $ou are about the same height but she may be a tad slimmer than you but I am sure it7ll be okay.6 He informed her of this and she scowled at him immediately.

$aya was not going to be sharing clothes with his old mistress, :#-. I am wearing my clothes. How do you think it is okay to dictate to me what or what not to wear" I am nothing to you so stop imposing your rules on me!6

:?ine but you are not allowed out of here until I see you7ve changed into something more presentable. I will go try to find some of the other ladies in
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

this village to lend you clothing then. I think you have a pre)*udgment of 9eo. <on7t be that way. %et to know everyone here, you may find it a surprise that they may have more things in common with the city folks than what you think.6

$aya crossed her arm and waited for him to get out and leave her with some privacy. She did bring her *eans and white blouse. (hat should be casual and conservative enough for him and his Isaan people. It would be a culture shock to see a scantily clad woman in a camisole and shorts in this little self)sufficient village. She respected %randma <ao more than fearing what would become of her if she challenged #adech. &ut she was not scared of him she consoled herself too vehemently.

1yeing the fruit basked her stomach grumbled once more. She started picking away at the banana and bit into a very sweet and ripe guava fruit. It has been awhile since she7s eaten any of these fruits which were grown so organically. (he remaining *uices seeped down her chin and she used her finger to wipe it off and licked the *uice from her fingers only to stop as she saw #adech staring back at her and her finger. His eyes gla+ed with passion and his nose flare with desire. She gulped uickly and her heart started to beat a mile a minute. !as this man always ready without the slightest hesitation when it came to being uick to arousal" It was not her intentions or goal to seduce him in any way. He *ust decided to be at the right place and the wrong time and now she was being sub*ect once more to his lust cra+ed mind. &ut really how long has he been watching her silently from the door"

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

5y Isaan Husband MRCN

,s he finished watching her lick her finger his body tense in uncontrollable lust. &ut he had to lecture himself that she was like any other female and he was *ust behaving this way because he has gone on the longest without taking a lover for over si8 months now. He was very selective with his choices and the type of women too. (hey knew they were in it for casual affairs but some at times always wanted to pretend that they were on the same page as him but change their mind almost immediately once they learn of his status of a renowned bachelor and a successful one at that. ;ooking at his supposed fiancA now, she didn7t want to give him the time of day but yet in her subtle ways he couldn7t help but think she was the same only that she was more verse in being coy and was e8perience in snagging herself a real husband.

:I hope it includes breakfast as you didn7t notice with your kidnapping I didn7t have dinner and so I am starvingGplease6 $aya asked politely even though she initially wanted to demand he feed her but she knew he was different or actually worse when he is in this surrounding and with his Isaan people. She would think he would get a welcoming party following him everywhere if 9eo was any indication of one of his people who adores him as their leader.

She followed him' they were passing by the children sitting in a class room atmosphere. She was glad to see this as they kept with the culture
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

introductions to language and traditions. #e8t they passed a group of men, men in the kitchen" (hey were preparing the wild game they had caught earlier and now the aromas and finished dishes were making her mouth water. She was so hungry and still a little tired because too she was awaken so abruptly by his unwanted attentions. (hinking back to the morning she started to blush and glad that he didn7t turn to look back at her. 2eali+ing too that he stopped in his track and she pummelled into his back, he turned to grip her from falling back onto the ground' she was thankful for that. ;ooking up at him she did notice his concern and he settled her balance on her feet. She muttered thank you. She didn7t know why she was all of sudden flustered around him. ;ast night was almost like a distant memory now as she looked up at him, his eyes twinkling' what was he thinking about now"

:5ay I have some breakfast" $es that dish is fine. (hank you.6 #adech took the bowls in his hands and asked her to follow him.

(hey found a little makeshift log furniture and sat down to eat. $aya was so hungry she uickly sampled the food in front of her. It was so good and *ust enough spice. She didn7t know that she was enthusiastically en*oying the meal and stopped to see #adech looking at her once again with the funny smirk on his face. !hat was it" <id she have rice on her face" She lightly touched her mouth and saw him gasp at her action. !ill this man ever getting tired of having a one track mind"

:4ould you please stop staring" $ou are making me feel uncomfortable. !hat is this dish because it is actually uite delicious, to be honest.6 &efore she shovelled another spoonful into her mouth he answered.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:!ild chicken and other things I guess. I am glad you like it but don7t ask me what other things are, now swallow what you put in your mouth. It didn7t kill you the first few spoonfuls you7ve devoured. #ow be a good girl. <id you want something to drink" I think they make fresh guava *uice here too or natural spring water" $our choice.6 He looked at her eyes open wide. !hat surprised her"

She did manage to swallow her spoonful of other things, :>mm yes water will do. !hy are you being so kind" I am a little sceptical of your generosity if I am being honest6 $aya didn7t beat around the bush well not with this man. If she was not blunt with him then he wouldn7t be honest with her.

:5aybe I have a change of heart. I have yet to see you try to escape your prison here well I must say it is not much of a prison, you are free to roam if you should wish to after breakfast. 1at up to have energy for later this evening.6 He winked at her in which made $aya spew water everywhere and nearly missing his feet.

He laughed so loudly even some of the villagers stopped to look at him. She never ceased to surprise him. It has been a while that he laughed too. He didn7t mean to tease her so badly but she *ust needed to loosen up. If she did so he did not think she would feel too uncomfortable staying here with him at the village. #ow seeing that he missed the plan to hunt with his Isaan people he would try to make the trek up to meet his younger brother, 5ario and invite him down for the wedding festivities tomorrow. $aya didn7t know anything about this. (o the casual observer it was *ust a party but for his %randmother <ao she has been preparing since last week. $aya was going to be so angry once she finds out what will happen tomorrow he was sure of it but first to tell the villagers to not divulge anything to her. #adech was very thankful his father in law gave the green light and best wishes. He needed to have her be his once and for all. His body was wreaking havoc
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

on him. >nfortunately it was easier though than to follow through but he had vast e8perience in the seduction department or else he will resort to %randma <ao's fine wine. He found himself shaking his head at himself, the desperation of wanting this woman was driving him cra+y. 5$ IS,,# H>S&,#< MRRN

$aya was left alone to wander on her own, she kept tab of what was surrounding her and really wished that she understood the Isaan language a little better in order to hatch up her escape plan' but it felt futile she didn7t even know where to begin. She came across some women dying fabric and mending cloth. (his pi ued her interest because she herself loved fabrics and fashion. %randma <ao called her over' she hadn7t reali+ed that the older woman was amongst this group of women. $aya sat down uietly near %randma <ao, listening to her about the e8planation of how the silk worms were cultivated naturally and once they collected their silk the tedious process of changing silk into fabric. $aya was uite fascinated with the process and found herself helping mending some of the older clothing. (here was not much money spent on new cloth, it was work with what they have or rely on the season when the silk worms produce the much needed supply. She spoke to her and $aya caught on to the cloth was made out of silk from silk worm. It was so soft and the process in dying was using all natural colours from the earth. She found her skills being put to use when little beads and embellishments were re uired to be sewn on some of the shirts7 sleeves and hems. She found herself so enthralled with the silk that she hadn7t recogni+ed #adech7s return. He was looking at her intently as well there was a younger man with him. He looked familiar yet she has never met him. %randma <ao smiled at both younger men warmly. :5y %randsons! 5ario you came to visit for this special occasion. Have you met your very beautiful sister in law, $aya"6

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:#o but yes it is finally nice to meet you $aya. I have heard great things about you from #adech. I think he is uite taken by this whole arrangement and I now I can understand why no big brother"6 5ario e8claimed.

$aya couldn7t believe #adech would talk about her and she never knew he had a younger brother. He was handsome himself and the twinkle in his eyes was uite charming. ,lways a bright smile too, why was this brother so different from the other. #adech for the most part rarely smile at her and always trying to intimidate her. She didn7t appreciate it, but his brother was so nice' what a contradiction.

5ario asked her how she en*oyed her time up in the village so far and $aya replied that she only *ust arrived unannounced she thought, but %randma <ao informed her she was definitely e8pected. (hat went over her head because she didn7t know of the plans about her upcoming Isaan wedding. 5ario was informed *ust as well by #adech that tomorrow there will a wedding. He never knew his brother was eager to marry his bride even though #adech stated that it was adamant' it was what their father wanted. ,s far as 5ario was concerned his brother didn7t take well to commands. $aya of course was gorgeous and so far her personality matches that of her outer appearance. #adech was definitely very fortunate to marry a woman like $aya. He found himself being scowled at by his older sibling, was #adech *ealous of his own brother" He smiled harder at #adech and his older sibling s uint his eyes of distaste at 5ario.

:So do you know much about our Isaan culture $aya" It is a little bit more native in roots and uite simple living is what the appeal is about. It is more stress free and working with nature. I am here at a village a bit more north from here. I am the medic up there or doctor. I am the resident doctor so if there7s anything that ails you please let me know.6
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He was handsome and his smile generated the villagers7 response. %randma <ao came up to both men and she hugged the younger of the two. :5y grandson, 5ario good you can make it my dear. (he villagers up north are faring well"6 she asked him. :$es this season is not too bad with 5alaria. I wouldn7t miss this for anything in this world he is my brother after all.6 5ario turned to look at $aya and smiled kindly towards her. $aya returned the smile she couldn7t help it yet #adech scowled at her or was it his brother" She shrugged it didn7t matter what he thought because if someone was being friendly towards her she wouldn7t give them the cold shoulders. &ut if #adech continues to act the same way he does with her then she wouldn7t reciprocate any good feelings towards him. She wondered if she could recruit this brother of his kindness to take her home. He put his hand out towards $aya, :,nd you must be $aya. #adech has been corresponding with me about you. $ou are e8ceptionally beautiful and by looks of things very talented with the clothing"6 his compliment made her blush. He was such a charmer, are these men really brothers" :(hank you, I find it a blessing I am able to en*oy doing this and getting paid for it. I have recently been employed with Styles Inc., the international renowned company in the industry. Stay tuned the fall collection is coming out.6 $aya found herself having a conversation with 5ario easily. She was trying hard in ignoring #adech7s impatience with her all of a sudden. :Have you taken or tried some of the Isaan foods here" It must be close to dinner time correct D7 #adech" Here come with me, I have a specialty dish I think you should try $aya.6 5ario waited for $aya to follow him and winking at his brother he walked past him with $aya raising her eyebrows at #adech as she passed him too. She was glad she met 5ario, he made her feel comfortable. ,s for #adech he didn7t even have the courtesy to introduce her to 5ario or even let her know he was not an only child but had a younger brother. (hey must have known each other for at least three months now well no they did not know
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

each other that is why they were both adamantly against this marriage. She approached the area where the men were indeed preparing their evening meal.

:I must say that it is finally nice to meet you $aya. I have heard great things about you from #adech. I think he is uite taken by this whole arrangement and I now I can understand why no big brother"6 5ario e8claimed.

$aya couldn7t believe #adech would talk about her and she never knew he had a younger brother. He was handsome himself and the twinkle in his eyes was uite charming. ,lways a bright smile too, why was this brother so different from the other. #adech for the most part rarely smile at her and always trying to intimidate her. She didn7t appreciate it, but his brother was so nice' what a contradiction.

5ario asked her how she en*oyed her time up in the village so far and $aya replied that she only *ust arrived unannounced she thought, but %randma <ao informed her she was definitely e8pected. (hat went over her head because she didn7t know of the plans about her upcoming Isaan wedding. 5ario was informed *ust as well by #adech that tomorrow there will a wedding. He never knew his brother was eager to marry his bride even though #adech stated that it was adamant' it was what their father wanted. ,s far as 5ario was concerned his brother didn7t take well to commands. $aya of course was gorgeous and so far her personality matches that of her outer appearance. #adech was definitely very fortunate to marry a woman like $aya. He found himself being glared at by his older sibling, was #adech *ealous of his own brother" He smiled harder at #adech and #adech continue with the s uinting of his eyes of distaste at 5ario.

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:So do you know much about our Isaan culture $aya" It is a little bit more native in roots and uite simple living is what the appeal is about. It is more stress free and working with nature. I am here at a village a bit more north from here. I am the medic up there or doctor if you want to be technical. I am the resident doctor so if there7s anything that ails you please let me know.6 Suggested 5ario. $aya continued the conversation with 5ario, neglecting #adech. !ell it would be his fault because he decided he was not interested in *oining the conversation. !as it so hard for him to be nice to her once in while she thought.

5$ IS,,# H>S&,#< MR.N

,fter they finished their dinner which was rabbit stew, #adech sat at some distance observing the interaction between his brother and his future wife. He was chomping at the bits but couldn7t understand why. His brother, 5ario, seem to effortlessly be leaving a good impression with his $aya but yet she would rarely converse with him or look at him. He was pouting he admitted because the attention he wanted from $aya was not forthcoming. She laughed and she flirted with his brother. He watched the villagers as they were actually preparing for the festivities tomorrow. How he was going to get $aya to go along with it can only mean to lie to her that they were hosting a party in celebration of having her as a guest. His %randma <ao was dropping off her wedding outfit later today and so he had to convince $aya to wear it. He wondered how it would fit this woman7s appearance. She was high fashion not rural. :5ario, if you want to follow me I can show you the usual hut you will be staying at.6 #adech got up and waited for his brother to look at him and follow his lead and intentions.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

5ario said farewell to $aya and gave her a brotherly hug and thanking her for being part of the family. $aya didn7t mind the hug as she felt she wished her sisters were here to help her get through this, it still bothered her a bit that her mandatory fiancA wasn7t so amiable. She noticed #adech7s grimace and his flared nostrils. He looked so angry. !hat was his problem now" She felt a little weary too with her time mending and adding embellishments to the clothes today. She felt her neck tense and strained. ,s she asked for direction from %randma <ao to their hut she slowed slightly. She noticed 9eo kind of hidden in the foliage. She decided to approach her. :If you want to go home I can help you.6 said 9eo not waiting for $aya to ask her what she was doing hiding in the woods. :!hy would you want to help me and defy #adech"6 $aya asked in return. :It is obvious that you dislike it here and besides I am #adech7s Isaan wife. It is true. If it wasn7t for his father he would be coming back to marry me. See all of that work and commotion it is for your wedding. I see you didn7t know this. If you want to leave then meet me here at midnight because everyone should be asleep by then. !e only have a few hours to go before they start to wake around three in the morning to prepare again for your wedding.6 9eo encouraged her to decide. $aya shook her head. (hey were going to force her hand in marriage. It was not going to be legal but if it was a cultural thing than for sure it meant #adech had every right to force her to be his wife. 1specially out here who was going to try to save her" ,s much as she knew 9eo didn7t like her the woman was willing to help her too. She would be the other person that didn7t want this marriage any more than $aya did. $aya tried to rela8 when really she wanted to do was cause bodily harm to #adech. How dare he try to lie to her" She gathered her items and repacked them into her suitcase placing it beside the doorway for an easy
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

escape but would it really be that easy with her lugging around a heavy article with her as she is trying to get back to the city. She really *ust wanted her freedom back. ,s night has fallen $aya feigned sleep and abided her time for escape. #adech finally return back to their hut. !hat time was it" !hen he shuffled out of his clothes he was shirtless and staggered towards the bed. !as he drunk" $aya started to panic within. If he tries anything she will surely scream so loud that she will even wake up the dead. &ut he didn7t attempt anything with her and he slept on top of the covers and didn7t try to cuddle with her like last night. She let out a sigh of relief that he drank himself into a stupor being incapable of harassing her. So he was having a pre) celebratory party was he" She used her toes to nudge him awake but he was deep asleep and breathing heavily. He was out cold. She felt so relieved that her escape will meet with success. Sliding down beside the bed she crawled towards the door. (urning back to make sure that he was still asleep and he was. ,s $aya got up to crack the door open she noticed shadows at the woods, it was 9eo but another man. (he man didn7t look friendly and he kept glancing from side to side acting as if he was up to no good and 9eo was busy giving him orders. She slid a blade from her wrapped sarong around her waist. $aya gasped. <id they really need the knife" She felt very uneasy. 4losing the door again deciding she rather trust the sleeping man than what 9eo seem to be plotting. She didn7t think she was going to make it alive home. 9eo was cra+y. <id #adech created this monster" She needed evidence too now about 9eo. It didn7t seem right to have someone like her living in this peaceful village. She liked %randma <ao and it has only been two days since she e8perience life here but she knew they were all kind hearted and had no evil intentions towards each other or her. !alking back to the bed she slid back underneath the covers and then #adech decided to turn towards her, pull her to him tightly and nu++led her face. She struggled briefly but decided to rela8 because he was deep asleep and wasn7t really attempting anything more. She did not know when she fell asleep but it was restless and stressful.
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:Dlease let me go!6 screamed $aya. #adech woke up abruptly, he looked around and found himself wrapped tightly around $aya, was she screaming at him" #o looking down at her the stress on her face she was having a nightmare. He shook her awake and her eyes flew open, big and scared. :,re you okay" I think you must be having a nightmare.6 He calmed her by wiping the beads of sweat above her forehead. $aya didn7t move. His touch was making her belly flutter so deliciously yet so strange at the same time. She7s never felt this way before with any man. Swallowing she tried not to look into his eyes ga+ing down at her. !as that concern in them" She thought. :#o I am awake now and yes it must have been a dream. I think I am okay now, can you please get off me. It is becoming suffocating in here and you are supposed to be on your side of this bed. (hen she remembered that today was their wedding. She will confront him but not now especially not in the position she was' she was lying beneath him and the ne8t thing she knew he was bending down to kiss her thoroughly and passionately.

5$ IS,,# H>S&,#< MRSN

$aya couldn7t muster up the strength to stop him and soon enough he released her lips, she was panting from his assault.

:I kind of like it here, I too feel like I haven7t slept a wink but waking up to see you in the morning is different, in a good way. Hmm, having a wife isn7t
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so bad after all right"6 he teased her while wrapping his inde8 finger with her soft tendrils but then let her go uickly when he knew she was going to e8plode with an answer. 4huckling he walked leisurely away from $aya.

$aya glared at his back, how dare he throw that back in her face, she was not going to be marrying him, not today and most likely not ever! #adech walked back towards her with some items he took out from a chest. It was fuchsia and gold, very beautiful really. 1yeing him critically she wondered what his ne8t move would be she thought to herself.

:Dlease wear this, it was my real grandmother7s ceremonial outfit I was told. In keeping with traditions we are going to be celebrating your visit here. <on7t delay I don7t have much patience today. I must get going as I know the villagers7 needs my help as well. -h yes don7t try to escape, no one can help you because they don7t speak our city language. $ou have thirty minutes or else I will be helping you dress. >nderstand brat"6 #adech whistled loudly as he closed the door behind him.

$aya almost threw the clothes at him but reali+ed she didn7t need to respond in this immature way. She lightly gra+ed her fingers over the fine cloth. It was a beautiful material and outfit and she was entranced with the intricate details of the stitching, embellishments and love adorn onto the skirt and shirt. She was passionate about fashion and love woven and the hand)made version of this. -ld cultures and traditions should never go the ways of the <odo birds.

&ut reality hits and she didn7t know how she would escape an impending and unwanted wedding. -ut of frustration she scanned through the open window, the back of the forest where the hut was situated. Should she sneak out of the window, but where would she run to or find a clearing out
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

of the woods" It was so dark the night they arrived here and impossible to memori+e landmarks. (he wedding may be for religious purpose she thought. If she pretended to be submissive then get it done and over with once she returns to the city, it would not matter. She never signed a marriage certificate and she will not share a marriage bed with him, ever. #ow reali+ing she must do what she must until her week was up and can return safely home.

, light rap sounded at the door and $aya return to her present state. 5ali, another elder woman in the village came in. She signed with her hands at $aya and that she was here for helping $aya with her hair and makeup. $aya decided she must consent, get it over with and in a couple days return back to her world' hopefully without #adech in it.

It didn7t take much time at all for $aya to be dressed and ready. #adech came in without knocking. He slowed his steps upon entering the room. Swallowing he hadn7t reali+ed his throat became dry. (aking notice how $aya looked in his grandmother7s wedding attire. She was breathtaking and her hair swept up left her looking like an ethereal angel visiting 1arth and him.

$aya7s eyebrows uirked up with amusement and annoyance when she saw #adech enter the room. #adech is gawking at her instead of getting to the point. !hy was he here, to follow through on his threat of dressing her himself" !ell she was ready for whatever was out there for her.

He finally started to say something, :I7ve brought some gold *ewellery for you. It was my grandmother7s as well6 He opened the bo8 and $aya7s eyes took in the uni ue design of the craftsmanship. She shouldn7t accept these because she really wasn7t the true bride of this Isaan man. &ut she found
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

herself blushing as she watched #adech unclasping the necklace, he didn7t even ask for permission to place around her neck and she felt his warm breath near her ear and hover against her neck. $aya couldn7t stand the tension and scooted further back so that she was feeling to hot and bothered. !hat was wrong with her"

She looked up to see #adech dark eyes on her. She needed fresh air or else she would find herself in a situation where she may regret. He was getting under her skin a way that she7s never felt before with any man. She had a wedding to attend, it was hers and the sooner it started the sooner she7ll be able to return to her life. It includes being single, independent and happy.

5$ IS,,# H>S&,#< MRL ,s she stepped outside, the villagers and #adech7s family were lined up cheering for her. <id they not reali+ed she was forced to go through with this marriage or did a women7s decision is not condone here" &ut that couldn7t be it because %randma <ao was clearly the leader of this tribe.

:!ould it kill you if you pretend to smile a little brat" $ou are going to be a part of them and me. Si8 hundred million baths isn7t going to be erased in a day. !e have two years together. ;et7s try to be open)minded about this. I have to say you clean up very well. Dink and gold looks good on you $aya.6 #adech spoke his mind. 4learly his consistent badgering of her wasn7t winning her over any time soon. He could try using his natural charm. It worked for all of the other women he7s ever been with, there weren7t many but they didn7t resist his charms and lover7s e8pertise.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:?lattery won7t get you anywhere especially if you are not sincere. $es let7s get this over with. !e are leaving tomorrow aren7t we"6 She in uired. !hy haven7t any of her family tried to contact her, even if her father gave the go ahead, they should7ve at least tried to communicate with her.

:I don7t do or say anything without sincerity. Dlease don7t undermine my integrity. Shall we wife"6 he placed her hand in the crook of his elbow and led her down the bridal path.

(hey were paraded from one end of the village to the other side. (hreads were wrapped around each wrist as they were both blessed and given marital advices, some even provided suggestive innuendos and actions. (he men in the villages were not bashful with their advices especially when the words were given to #adech. !ere they all chauvinistic men here" (he women continue to ordain little white *asmine buds in $aya7s hair. If this was a real wedding her heart would7ve filled up with pride, love and *oy. &ut it was not. She glanced sideways at the beaming groom. He was a great actor. (hey slowed down as they return to %randma <ao. She sprinkled spring water over each their heads. %randma <ao wish them both a sweet blessing and fertility from their union She asked them to have patience, kindness, loyalty and love for one another, she guarantee this will be a life) long marriage. $aya felt so guilty to be receiving these words from his %randma <ao because in two years7 time they7d be divorced but then really they weren7t legally tied to each other' even if Isaan traditions witness their marriage today' it meant nothing in the city.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

,fter the ceremony ended, the villagers all went their separate ways preparing and organi+ing the ne8t phase with was the celebration with food, drinks and dance. $aya sat patiently accepting the food and drinks, she barely touched the food but didn7t have a problem en*oying the sweet wine that kept on being replenished in her cup. She was staring at #adech as he was dragged from one crowd to the ne8t toasting and cheering. 5ario finally came by to sit ne8t to her. :Hello, I know everything seem so overwhelming but welcome to the family. #adech isn7t so bad if you give him a chance $aya. He looks to adore you, see he7s looking this way again. I7ve never seen him so possessive of any woman. It was always the other way around. I see your influence on his heart. $es believe me, he isn7t the same man. 5y older brother is a very private man and he does not wear his heart on his sleeves. %ive him a chance, he isn7t a bad guy and not because I am his younger brother.6 5ario smiled kindly at her. (hen his phone rang, he had to e8cuse himself immediately, it seemed he was uite an8ious for the call. $aya stared dumbfounded, they had reception here" #ot that it mattered because #adech left all forms of communications of hers back in the city. She needed to plead with 5ario to take her back tonight. 1ven though she knew 5ario had obligations to stay here, she didn7t want to risk the chance to give #adech a chance. (hey were *ust not compatible. Deriod.

(he party continued on endlessly until the dancers came into view. (hey were very shy but were e8pert dancers. -nly young and single women participated in this dance. $aya took in all of the fluid movements and the colourful costumes they were dressed in. She couldn7t help herself from en*oying the entertainment. #ot reali+ing #adech standing beside her with his arm outstretched.

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:It is time for the bride and groom dance, follow my lead. ,nd I think it is time you stop drinking. I kept watch and your cup was never empty but also seeing the plate of food hasn7t been touched. $ou are going to be feeling not so good tomorrow morning if I let you continue. ;et us dance.6 He told her. $aya was going to protest but then #adech effortlessly lifted her into his arms and twirled her in circle within his arms. She became breathless and the adrenaline kicked in. He found the centre of the dance group and stopped twirling her around, and letting her body glide down his long and lean form. $aya blushed profusely as her feet finally touched the ground. It felt so intimate being pressed up against #adech finally having the nerves to look up into his eyes' his desire was evident in the way he was looking at her. She anticipated his kiss and he didn7t surprise her. His mouth swooped down on hers and consumed her wholly. (he villager hooted in awe and cheer. (his was a young couple in love and passionate about each other.

5y Isaan Husband MR/N

$aya couldn7t muster up the strength to stop him and soon enough he released her lips, she was panting from his assault. She stared at him because she couldn7t believe that he felt comfortable about showcasing his lust for her. It could only be that it couldn7t be anything more. ?rom what she knows about this man he didn7t do anything that didn7t benefit him and right now he is taking full advantage of her and she being so out of her element, she was unable to know how and what to do with him and her situation. (he Isaan culture was not shy about matrimonial pursuit.

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:&rat, it is time for the bedding ceremony. %randma <ao isn7t getting any younger. ?ollow her and me. !e are almost done with this marriage.6 #adech lead her away and they entered their marriage hut.

(his time their hut that they7ve been sharing for the past nights was now could possibly be official. $aya shivered with fear but also anticipation. #adech couldn7t very well force himself on her nor would he truly attempt to on an unwilling woman" !ould anyone dare to stop or would want to. @ust thinking about this almost caused $aya to run into the woods regardless of the danger she will encounter.

%randma <ao lit the ceremonial candles and incense. She waved the bundle around the room and blessing it for the new couple to be happy, prosperous and fertile with each other. $aya blushed at #adech7s words as he translated. She bowed down to %randma <ao as it was necessary and %randma <ao placed a little miniature figurine made of gold and emerald stones in her palm' it was of an angel which represent luck and happiness.

:(hank you %randma <ao for accepting me into your family, I really appreciate it. I have never met my grandmother because she7s passed before I was born but I shall cherish your kindness.6 $aya didn7t need to lie because it was what she really felt. #adech7s grandmother was most accommodating and patient with her, teaching her the ways of the Isaan culture.

:#ow my grandchildren, I shall leave you both. I hope to be given the good news of great grandchildren soon. (his old lady is not getting any younger.6 %randma <ao left them both and the silence was immediate between the young couple.
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$aya busied herself trying to change out of her outfit. She didn7t need to abide by it any longer as there was no witness to their playing the role of a happy couple in love.

:I see you are eager to get out of your dress, did you need my help &rat"6 #adech moved to help her and $aya s uealed with outrage. :9eep your hands to yourself you have crossed propriety too many times. If you come any closer I will scream. I will do it!6 $aya backed away and found her legs hit up against the side of the bed.

:(he only scream you will do is with pleasure,6 #adech tease but seeing her eyes widened and he then chuckled out loud, :2ela8 as I have told you I am not one to force a lady into bed but if the lady is no lady then it is fair game. It has been a long day. I am sure you are tired and so am I. ,s well I am a man of honour so I wouldn7t be doing anything until our marriage contract have been signed by the both of us, but if you decide to take advantage while we are free of contract I won7t stop you.6 #adech was now wiggling his eyebrows now *ust only made $aya want to smack that smirk off his face.

:In your dreams you pervert! I am tired and please sleep on the floor. #eedless to say I no longer trust you to keep your hands off me.

$aya grabbed a towel and walked out to escape to the bath house. #adech stopped her and pulled her into him and sat unceremoniously onto the bed.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

:5y dear, it is bad luck to leave this hut on your wedding night so you may need to endure my sweat and smell further until the ne8t morning. I don7t mind though your enticing smell whatsoever. ;et me turn around and you can continue to get ready. (here is a basin for a wipe down and I can help with that too. -kay, okay I will stop my teasing.6 #adech put $aya back on her feet, if he kept her on his lap longer she7d notice his arousal protruding into her soon. $aya easily finished her cleaning and was ready for bed. She immediately fell into bed and turned her back on #adech while he finished up his wash. She heard him whistling which somehow annoyed her tremendously. He stopped suddenly and she couldn7t help but sneak a glance at him and found he was naked once more. Her breath hitched and she s uee+ed her eye shut. !hat caused her to turn then it was getting more obvious to her and especially her body that she was becoming e8cited during his lack of attire.

:&rat I don7t have any issue with you looking. !e are married after all. It may not be legal but it is *ust as binding in Isaan culture. ;et me show you how good we can be together. $aya don7t worry I won7t be touching you tonight.6 #adech continue on to make her blush but he thought she had enough of embarrassment since all of the festivities and the Isaan people *eering and cheering for them as husband and wife.

:,s if I would let you and stop it. I won7t be scared by you. &y tomorrow we should be heading back to the city as you promised.6 !ith those last words $aya pulled the cover tighter around her and tried to sleep even though she knew it was going to be a very long night.

#adech blew out the candles, so much for a romantic wedding night as per his %randma <ao7s intention. His &rat was stubborn as a mule and no
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

amount of charm was going to get her to warm up to him. ,lthough he reali+ed nightly she would turn to him and that was when she was most pliable. He gathered his items and tried to make a bed on the cold bamboo floors. His last thought was this was not how he7d imagine his wedding night.

My Isaan Husband 27:

(he night was dark but yet the natural lighting of the moon shine strongly into the room and the bed $aya was in. She was trying desperately to rela8 but yet her heart was beating erratically. She knew #adech must7ve fallen asleep already because of his even breathing. How could that man sleep so soundly especially with the entire ordeal with the wedding" She couldn7t believe that within the Isaan culture she had become someone7s wife and that someone was the ever obno8ious man sleeping stress free on the hard bamboo floor. !as he really asleep or was he pretending" She silently removed herself from the bed and inched her way closer to his sleeping form. She whispered so uietly that even she could barely hear his name leave her parted lips. (here was no movement. !as he really fine with their marriage" How can he so easily accept their fate. (hey knew nothing of each other and barely wanted to take the time to do so. Since the beginning they were always butting heads or assuming what each other were like. !ho was he really, a devoted son or a womani+ing brute. He never had any fear about showing his interest in her but that can only be lust, it couldn7t be anything more' they barely knew each other, practically strangers.

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She didn7t know how long she was staring at him. He is uite handsome, very if she was honest to herself. &ut what man would allow his father to dictate his life as well use this form of blackmail to obtain a wife. She couldn7t accept that, call her old fashion but she wanted to be wooed and wanted the dating and understanding before the future can be finali+ed. It seems logical but yet here they are doing everything uickly and backwards. She really missed her sisters at this moment in her life. (hey talked and discussed everything. She didn7t know a tear slip from her eyes and it landed lightly on #adech7s cheeks. She sucked in her breath as #adech7s eyes opened. Staring up into $aya7s tearful ga+e.

:$aya" !hat7s the matter"6 he asked her with real concern. It was a startling e8perience to have a beautiful woman7s tears fall upon one7s face. He finally reali+ed that maybe what transpired between them should have been handled with more care. He knew to as he was trying to sleep that he had literally bulldo+ed her into this situation. He didn7t mean to be that way and letting selfish nature of his and seems to want to win over her and their situation had him lose his instinct to act with stealth, calmness and honestly.

$aya tried to blink away her tears yet as soon as their eyes contacted the tears flowed down smoothly upon her wet cheeks. #adech lifted his fingers to dash away the tears and he gently rubbed her soft, pink cheeks and then he lightly gra+ed them over her lips. (hey uivered under his touch and he gently pulled her face closed to his and lightly touched his lips to her eyelids. She inhaled with surprise but yet she didn7t pull away. His touch was soothing and there was no threat that he wanted more other than to soothe her sadness.

:!hatever it is worth I don7t think it is such a bad idea. 4an you not consider us and give it a chance $aya"6 #adech asked her. His eyes were
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bright and there was no intensity as was the norm whenever they make eye contact.

:I don7t know. I cannot give you an answer. Since you7ve entered my life I have yet to grasp what all of this means and now I am married to you. I couldn7t even say no because the choice was taken from me, you have to understand why I feel this way. (he woman is always at a disadvantage.6 She replied honestly.

She saw him flinch with the truth from her words. <id he finally reali+e that they were in a predicament that was so unnatural' two individuals so stubborn and not in love. !hat sort of future or happiness can become of this" :I never intended for you to feel at a disadvantage $aya, believe me. -ur fathers may have thought to keep their promises to each other but we are all adults here. (he loan is something that cannot be ignored. -nce we head back to the city, let us review our contract. &ut for now try to sleep, can you sleep" -nly because it is a bit awful here on the floor.6 He waited for $aya7s answer.

<are she trust him enough to share the bed with him" (hey7ve been doing so the past few days when she didn7t mind it at all but now they were married. It seemed too intimate and he could easily force his husbandly attention on her. ;ooking at him now she didn7t know why she nodded. He gave a uick thank you and got into bed before she could change her mind. She rolled her eyes at his e8citement.

:(he only rule is that do not attempt anything or else I will scream.6 $aya warned.

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C)*+,-. 2/: M0 I1**2 H314*25

(he dawn never appeared soon enough for $aya. <id she sleep, it was highly doubtful. She stretched inch by slow inch so as to not wake up the sleeping man beside her. !hat day was it, of course it was the day after their Isaan wedding but $aya was hoping it was today that she can finally return home. She met her obligation and now she wanted to return back to her reality' her life back in the city. !orking and focusing on her career path to become a well)known designer and ?ashionista, which was ever all she wanted for herself. (his life of marriage and a husband, it wasn7t in her vision anytime soon but this was what she was saddled with. She prepared her luggage and looked over to the silent form of the man who she was to view as her husband fortunately it was in name only. She absent)mindedly put on her city clothes which was a khaki shorts and lace spaghetti)strap blouse. She thought she looked presentable but then the resounding voice of #adech surprised her. He commanded her to take it off immediately, why" !hat e8actly was wrong with him, he became stranger to her each and every day. It was like the wilderness was causing him to be less sophisticated like he was in the city and more boorish. !hat she was wearing was nothing to be embarrassed about. She didn7t want to wear Isaan clothes when they return to the city. Staring at the strange man who was now her husband, she had to blink back the shock he has given her. He didn't wait for her to respond. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction that she feared or was affected by his tone of voice.

:!hy should I" I am not Isaan. It is about time that you take me back to the city. I don7t belong here with you or your people! Stop, what are you
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going to do" %et away from me. $ou have no right.6 $aya s uirmed and tried to bat his hands away from her. If he truly insisted he could always have said please and a legitimate reason to do so. !hy did he wake up in such a foul mood"

"I said take it off!" He stared at her in return but his eyes flashed danger and impatient with her.

She was dumbfounded and she uivered at his words from within but she didn't dare allow him to witness her demise. !hat did he want her to do" She would always refuse. She was never going to forgive him for all of sudden handling her this way.

"#o. $ou cannot make me. %o back to where you came from. &ah!"

He came at her and she turned and tried to high tail it out of there. She grabbed whatever she can to slow him down and help her escape' tossing the flowers, the broom, and the cat. She couldn't contain her laughter anymore. !hat sort of marriage was this"

(he chickens, goats and the pigs scrambled out of her she flew through the man)made farm. She almost stomped on a poor chick but skirted around it *ust in time. Here was her chance and she didn't dare to turn back in case it slowed her pace. She couldn't believe her circumstances because she is a Hi)so heiress what was she doing in a village the si+e of an ant farm. ,ll the men and women wanted to be with her or be part of her entourage' but now she had no one but him!

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She hadn't reali+ed he was mere inches from overtaking her. He easily lifted her up off of the ground not concerned about her weight. She was kicking and screaming and saw the big eyes of the villagers staring at their altercation. Some were shouting at him with encouragement. (hey *eered and smirked and said to take care of his wife better. He tossed her over his shoulder and she was so humiliated, she wasn't a bag of potatoes. How dare he treat her this way" -h she was so livid. How could her life so uickly did a ./0 degree turn around" She needed a way to change her misfortune and fast. ,s she was upside down and pounding on his back. , large smack was heard. ,nd silence. He firmly smacked her butt and in front of all these 1)San people who were clearly strangers to her" -h all hell was going to break loose as soon as she could escape she will show him all about fear. She could not believe it that he was like this, out of all the most chauvinistic and barbaric thing to do to her. He did not know who he was dealing with!

2eiterating to her his command, "!hen I ask you to take it off, then you take it off. $ou have a lot to learn from this poo bao!" He shifted her easily over his shoulder as she tried to claw at him. !hat e8actly does poo bao mean" &ut $aya didn7t get a chance to ask him.

He pretended she didn't affect him but slowly this unwanted wife of his was creeping into his heart. He had never in his life encountered a woman so spoiled and undervalue the importance of other people's worth. She was in for a rude awakening especially when he finishes with her.

<ropping her none to gently on the unmade bed, #adech was about to tell her e8actly what she did wrong when the door opened wide and 5ario stood there. He was shaken and shock was written all over his face.

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:(hey7ve found her! (hey finally located her. 5y wife and I will become a father too!6 he e8plained. 5ario looked relieved, elated but still dumbstruck. !hat was going on and when in the world did his younger brother ac uire a wife" #adech contemplated. &ig surprises were in the cards for sure.

&oth $aya and #adech looked at each other confused and speechless. (hey didn7t know what was going and especially what to do. !hat e8actly can one say when it seems they will become uncle and aunt in law in the near future.


(hey watched the little miracle trot across the lawn of their backyard. !aving and waddling side to side and slightly tipping to one side. She was almost falling but not uite as she righted her balance. (he young couple chuckled softly to themselves and returned to cooing at the little cherub as she turned around to walk back to them.

:$es she7s definitely my niece. &ut I will give it to you that she7s a beauty in the making. !hat an angel.6 #adech turned to the glare of his wife. It7s been close to a year and half since they married. She was *ust as cold to him as the same day they officially tied the knot.

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:-h so she7s only your niece is she" She7s mine too and of course she7d take after our side. !e are beautiful naturally. 5y sister is a uiet beauty and I must say your brother isn7t unattractive therefore the natural outcome is my little angelic here' Driyadech. Stop, don7t come close to me. !e are only here to babysit and nothing more. <on7t get any ideas and I don7t want it to be ruined now,6 e8claimed $aya.

She scooted away from #adech as he tried to grasp her waist to pull her in for an embrace. He has been doing so more and more lately. &ut if he read and signed their agreed upon contract he would know that that kind of actions was prohibited.

Has it already been almost two years since they7ve signed their marriage contract" Si8 more months and she was a free woman. -ver the past year and half brought surprises, marriages and now an addition to the family for both of them' 5ario found %ubgib. (he affair of the heart in @apan resulted in a hidden pregnancy and a lover7s distraught search for the love of his life. %ubgib hid her relationship with 5ario a secret and since she7s returned from @apan last year she was not the same. -nce 5ario7s hiring of a private investigator concluded that %ubgib was found then the rest as they say was history. <ue to assumptions and emotions which kept under a tight restraint and miscommunication also cause so many heartaches and sadness between the young lovers.

61/ 782,)1 *98:

(he elderly siblings listened on as 5ario relayed the story to them as they travelled back into the city. How he met a most ama+ing woman at a students7 convention and fell in love instantaneously. !hat occurred was both happiness and sorrow. , misunderstanding with another male student
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caused 5ario to be so *ealous out of rage and words were tossed and his love disappeared. He said she was his wife because they did become lovers the one and only time but his distrust of her ruined it all. #ow that he found her, he wasn7t going to let her escape him any further. (he private investigators followed her to the doctor7s and reali+ed that she was e8pecting very soon. -nly si8 months to go before she was to give birth and 5ario didn7t doubt that the baby was his. $aya listened on and felt a pang of envy with 5ario7s story. (o be that woman that obtained a man7s love and devotion like that. He admitted to his errors and pretty much moved the ends of the earth to find his true love. ;ove persevered was commendable. (he drive was later silent as all three of them contemplated over the surprises in life.

#adech thought long and hard about what ne8t steps he needed to make to have $aya agree to their two years marriage contract. 5aybe by then she'd warm up to becoming his real wife. @ust listening to his brother's turmoil caused him to consider his true feelings for $aya. She irritated him at best but he was physically attracted to her, lust and this sort of attraction was enough wasn7t it" He gave her a look back through the rear view mirror. 5ario hasn7t stopped gushing over the fact he was finally going to be reunited with his love. ?irst things first he and $aya needed to settle things before they separated in the city. He wanted to bind her to him but was he willing to choose the forever kind"

C#a$%&' 29 C(n%)nu&d: My Isaan Husband

(hey finally arrived back to their destination and dropped off $aya first. Ouickly 5ario got out and stared at the e8panse of the property. :!hat is this place...I mean what is the address"6 asked 5ario. He looks curiously at $aya and then #adech.

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#adech replied, :(his is your sister in law7s home, well hers and her family. Her father and two other sisters lives here but their mother is not here, she is overseas. <id you want to meet them but I am sure $aya here is e8hausted and want to keep as far away from me as possible.6

$aya glared at the man who assumed he knew about her thoughts. She was e8hausted but she wasn7t rude to turn away a visitor.

:Dlease do come in for some refreshment. $ou have always been kind to me unlike others' I would like you to meet my father. &ut mom is not here, she7s overseas for now purchasing more fashion lines for our bouti ue. ,nyways pleased come in 5ario.6 5aking a point she was welcoming one brother and not the other.

#adech shrugged, this brat of his will never change but he was unsure if he wanted her to or not.

(hey followed $aya inside but 5ario was uick to look all around him, it was as if he was e8pecting someone.

:$aya, did one of your sister ever visited @apan"6 5ario asked her. His hands now coming out to ruffled his hair. He looked nervous and an8ious at the same time.

$aya looked confused with 5ario7s uestion. @apan" $es her youngest sister %ubgib was there only a few months ago. (hen it finally clicked. Her shocked reali+ation finally put the pieces together. !as this for real"!

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

&ut it occurred *ust as %ubgib came sauntering down the stairs. She stopped abruptly and if not for 5ario7s uick refle8 he *umped the steps three at a time to catch his fainting lover.

1veryone sat mutely in the guest living room. (he fathers sat and listened in on the story of 5ario and %ubgib. (hey felt angry then relief and then confused as to why the mishap occurred. (hey considered both children adults and they should have been more mature to deal with it. &ut at the end of the day was that they were going to be one big happy, although sub*ect to the people involved but a family nonetheless. $et %ubgib disagreed vehemently. She didn7t want anything to do with a man who didn7t trust easily or goes cra+y based on assumptions. She flat out refused to accept 5ario as a husband. $aya wanted to take her sister7s side but it wasn7t *ust about %ubgib. 5ario and %ubgib were going to be parents, even though that information was not relayed to the fathers. 5ario shared that with #adech and her back at the village and %ubgib reconfirmed with $aya when they had some privacy time before the fathers were brought into the drama. $aya wanted to ask more from her sister but %ubgib was the strong silent and very stubborn type. She herself felt that she was more rational. $aya clearly saw their reactions to each other and that they still love each other. If she fell in love with a man like 5ario, there wouldn7t be any issue but currently she7s saddled up with the most arrogant man that seem to not have a heart. -r he has never once been willing to show some form of kindness to her. #adech was mostly overbearing and controlling needless to say he didn7t care for her as his future wife but it was *ust as well because she didn7t care for him either.

C#a$%&' *0
Brushing her hair slowly and looking at the forlorn reflection of her face, sullen, lost eyes and heart was empty. Yaya felt sad. It was very soon that their marriage will come to its contractual conclusion. She never realized that being married and to a man such as Nadech will lead to despair and angst. here were days that they got along cordially but
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being strangers in a marriage didn!t surmount to anything close to happiness. "are she ask to be released from it# It didn!t matter to her anymore the debt owed, she $ust couldn!t believe that when %ario and &ubgib did marry she!d thought they wouldn!t have to' no longer obligated to repay the debt she thought. She assumed that she and Nadech were free to go their separate way. She wanted out and he didn!t budge. She was his wife since their Isaan wedding he claimed. (e would also use that reason to put over her rational to put an end to their marriage. (e never relin)uished his control. She was not cut out to be a wife. he only saving grace was her small bouti)ue with her mom and her entrepreneurial role as a fashion designer. Ne*t month was her official launch of her own fashion line. (er very own fashion line and her husband never appeared remotely interested in her venture. hat was another sign that strangers marrying for any other reason but love was never a good idea. She lived with a man, in a big house without the feeling of home. She couldn!t do it anymore, even if she had to break the contract prematurely. +ife was too short and each one of her sister was both happy and in a loving relationship with their significant other. ,hy couldn!t she achieve that# he man in her thoughts walked into their bedroom. ,hy was he here# hey kept separate bedrooms but here he was entering without a knock to prepare her of his presence. She didn!t want to confront him now because their outing today with their niece was enlightening. Yaya realized Nadech was e*ceptionally great with a young toddler. (e almost showed a kinder side to himself other than that they rarely see eye to eye. -ust when she thought they were more amicable his distancing from her and between them never allowed an honest understanding to undertake. It didn!t and shouldn!t have bothered her so much. he reason maybe because she felt weary pretending and wanted to e*perience what her younger siblings were involved in. &ubgib with her family of three now and soon by early ne*t year aew will be marrying .or and that was about the same time as her divorce. (ow ironic and happen stance that she found herself in this role. She put her brush down and sat stiff waiting to hear what else Nadech had to say to her. /I am glad you are not asleep yet. I came to the realization that you have an important event ne*t month# I am grateful &ubgib shares information with %ario. ,hy was that kept from me# (ave I ever showed you signs that I would ever stop you from being your own person. I am not as cold0hearted as you want to imagine me to be. 1m I invited to this event or as your husband, albeit neglectful at times, but I am saddened to hear that I am not welcomed to this auspicious time of your life# Yaya, whatever you think or made me out to be I do still want to show support to you and your dreams.2 Nadech stood behind her, staring back into eyes that glimmered with mistrust. (e did not want to touch her even though he itched every waking moment to do so and like today failed miserably to control himself.
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It has always been e*cruciating painful not to be able to physically touch one!s wife. But he is a man of honour. ,hat was stipulated on their contract he vowed to obey the terms of what was agreed upon. Yaya deserved all of this and as well they only had si* months left on their marriage contract. 1fter that he will let her go. (e tried his best to make her fall in love with him but she was very stubborn. (e!s never met anyone who was very stubborn as she. Including himself he found could be stubborn but his wife and his Brat takes the top honour. Nadech wondered why he always thought to leave importance to Yaya as being his because that was so far from the truth. (e pondered this thoroughly leaving Yaya staring at him intensely' waiting for his answer to her in)uiry. /I want to talk to you about our marriage. ,e only have si* months left and you!ve promised to spend si* months of it in and be part of the Isaan culture. I am here to ask for your vow.2 (e spoke what was in his heart. hey actually had great moments together in the village and it was time to return. 3ne reason was to pick up more inventories of organic products from his &randmother and as well asking her for help with wooing his wife. If he failed his divorce was imminent.

4(1. 56 78 43N IN95":

Yaya turned back to look directly at her husband in name only. ,as he serious# She couldn!t do it any longer. .retending and being unhappy was the worst feeling to bear. (er heart slightly tore at his callous words. (e wanted her to honour their agreement# ,ho was he# ,ell he was a man, a cold, withdrawn individual. 1nd even if she have been married to for almost two years' he was still a stranger to her. She will not stand another night in his presence. It didn!t make any sense. ,ith irritation flash across her big brown eyes she whispered no and more forcefully, /No.2 (er answer stopped Nadech in his steps towards her. "id she $ust refuse him# ,hen it changed from bad to worse, it sure didn!t leave room for thought. Nadech!s heart shook with a feeling that was hard to e*plain. /No# "id you $ust said no# No huh, is that how you really feel#2 Nadech didn!t let her respond. (e )uickly flew at her and grabbed her elbow and swung her to face him. ;irmly keeping her body contact close to him, he could feel her wavering breath catch in

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

her throat as he surprised her with his actions. She resisted but they both knew who was stronger. Yaya!s eyes opened wide with shock and trepidation. ,hy was he so angry# "id he not realize that they were in a loveless marriage and they had no future# It was time they moved on, it never made sense and most especially when the heart was not involved it felt a huge waste for them both. (e was still young and so was she, they had the rest of their lives to find someone who they could fall in love with and live happily ever after. /,hat are you doing to me# +et me go now. Stop manhandling me. You have never been a gentleman ever since we first met< I said let go. You are hurting me.2 Yaya said this to Nadech as she didn!t fell his grip loosen on her. (e really wasn!t hurting her nor was he gentle either. /1 man would be foolish to let go such a prized beauty which I paid for at an e*tremely high price. Now you want to renege on our agreement. In which case I say it is only fair that I do the same. +etting you live out your life as a trophy wife and in name only. I cannot touch you was what was agreed upon. hen if you have decided you will not keep with the contract terms I shall not follow suit with what I agreed for your honour. I will touch you, as much as I please. ;or a start that luscious mouth of yours said no. I think we can change that answer, can we not#2 Nadech looked at her. he sudden shifting of her eyes widens further and rapidly blinking back at him, he knew Yaya was trying hard to understand the meaning of his words. Yaya thought frantically within. (ow could he try to intimidate her, her chin raised she stopped her )uaking earlier on with his words, he wouldn!t dare touch her< But yet he pulled her in closer, they were now face to face' both on their knees. (e let her go but then his one palm pressed behind her lower back and pulled her closer to him and now their chest pressed up against each other. Yaya was starting to breathe heavily and rapidly. She feared what he was about to do ne*t. But his mouth swooped down on hers and the onslaught of his lips and soon followed his tongue forced his attention on her scattered emotions. She didn!t want him to kiss her but yet her fight against him was futile and slowly his anger slackened and his kisses became less forceful and much gentler towards her. (e rubbed continuously her back to calm her fear and trying to rela* her. (e wanted her to en$oy, she must en$oy it. If this was the only way to achieve in winning her he would use his skills the best way he knew how. Yaya again tried to push him away but his kisses continue to knock over her senses and now all she can feel is his lust, his hard body and his mouth on hers. Yaya tried to pull back but Nadech would not let her move. She was both feeling hot

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

but now stunned at the way she was responding to his kisses and her body slowly melting and warming to his assault. Nadech lips finally removed from hers but he continued his trail of warm kisses down her neck and behind her ears. She grew limpid and tried to rela*, giving him a false sense of being the winner with this amorous onslaught on her person. She finally had to yank hard on his hair and he finally released her. /3uch. I thought you are en$oying this. %e, finally but now you are showing your true self. 4old and heartless is what you have become. I will be the same. If you do not return to Isaan village with me as per our agreement, I will not allow you to complete your fashion show and by ne*t week you will become my wife. In its true sense of the word I will make you mine<2 Nadech turned and stormed out of the room with frustration and anger. If he was to stay he didn!t know how much control he had over himself. he resounding loud sound of the bedroom door being slammed only left an unnerving silence. Yaya )uickly ran to her door and pushed the lock in place. If Nadech was true to his words he will come by tomorrow night to ask for his husbandly rights. hey were legally married and it was binding. ,hy must he make her stay with him# (e looked and seemed $ust as miserable as she was. ,hat was the point of this marriage# She needed to escape or else who knows what would become of her if she didn!t.

%y Isaan (usband= 4hapter 7>

-ust as miserably, Yaya reflected back on their relationship and now their marriage of convenience. She will play the part of a devoted wife until after her fashion line being made public then she will serve him divorce papers. (opefully by then Nadech will give up the fight to blackmail her into paying off her father!s debt. (er mom, -ariya said to her that it was her father!s failing to forfeit all his money to his best friend. 1ll she would hope for was that the children make the best of the marriage. But Yaya couldn!t try any longer as it was hopeless in her eyes and heart. She actually didn!t have time to worry about such things as what was most important was launching her own brand and fashion line. wo weeks had crept up so suddenly and tonight was her last chance at ensuring all goes well and prepared for the main event tomorrow night. 4oncentrating she hadn!t realized Nadech!s furrowed brows and his silent observation of her at work.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

1bsent0mindedly she dashed away the tears that have fallen down her cheeks and upon her open palm on her lap. She couldn!t believe she was feeling this sorry for herself. 6eminding one to de0stress and concentrated on her grand showcase of her own brand of fashion line, Ya "esigns Inc. .ersonal issues weren!t a priority right now. If she didn!t make a name for herself then what else was there for her to do with her life# ,hy was she really crying# In all honesty she didn!t know. Si* months was not approaching fast enough for her. 1t least, that was what she wanted to make herself believe about her situation with Nadech.

he runway designs were a huge success, as Yaya took it all in and bowed gracefully to the crowd. 1 stranger, a very handsome man approached her with a bou)uet of flowers and wanted to arrange a business meeting with her in a few days! time. (e was vastly interested in her blazers and business suits for his chain of stores. Yaya beamed with happiness and e*citement in being able to process a work order and gain a new client. ,ell her first official client. She looked down at the flowers and read the card. ?en was his name and indeed his stores were very well known and located in the bigger city centres across hailand. She couldn!t believe that her hard work paid off and in such a short time, this show definitely e*posed her talent to the industry.

1 male was clearing his throat and Yaya turned to the sound. It was .or and her sister, aew. ,ho was now actually dressed like a lady for once in her life. She was wearing Yaya!s own custom0made design of a bohemian princess. aew was so feminine looking tonight and clearly approved by .or. (is arm around his new fianc@ he gave Yaya a huge grin and came in for a )uick hug. aew hugged Yaya tightly and vowed that her sister!s fashion line will be the biggest trend by ne*t month because it was very uni)ue, stylish and classy. &ubgib and %ario also $oined the conversation with their daughter in between holding both parents! hand. She ran to her aunt Yaya and didn!t want to let go. She giggled when Yaya nuzzled her soft, chubby cheeks. +ife did have many little surprises but they were all well received and cherished. 3ne day she will have what her sisters! have. ;inding herself scanning the crowd, she caught herself. ,ho was she looking for# ,as he here# "id he even want to come or attend his own wife!s event# Yaya shuddered with her emotions, she didn!t want to care but his words last night he did say he wanted to at least show the world that they had a /normal2 marriage but yet he wasn!t here to show his person or support.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

/(e was here all night Yaya. (e is your husband after all.2 &ubgib whispered to Yaya. She was trying to plead with her to let down her guard for once. 1s far as she was concerned Nadech liked Yaya but since they married she didnAt know what came over her sister.

&ubgib pulled her young toddler off her sister and asked the others to come with her to gather some food and drinks. Silently noting to them that the spouses needed to have a chat' alone. Yaya stood there frozen waiting for Nadech to approach her. ,ould he give her praises for her success or $ust casually ignore her as was the norm between them since their marriage# (is grim e*pression didn!t give much away. ,hy did he have to look so miserable being here, being near her# She stood up straighter not wanting him to know that he deflated her ego. If she was the old Yaya she!d kick him on his shins already to tell him e*actly how she feels about his frown. But they didn!t even bicker like that anymore. hey were strangers, but married.

Nadech looked at his wife. She didn!t radiate a warm air towards him but her usual ice princess was her normal reaction to him. (e knew she was waiting to hear what he had to say but he didn!t have anything bad to say but to congratulate her on her success. It was very professional and well put together. She had tremendous talent and he was proud of her' as a woman entrepreneur and as his wife. 3ther than that he didn!t really know what else to say. (as their marriage really become the standard marriage of convenience# /I hope you take this all in because after this I am sure your phone will be ringing off the hook. It was well e*ecuted and your products are very stylish, if amateur eyes mean anything. I am truly happy for you. Now did you want to continue on or leave soon#2 I can help drive you home as you have been on your feet all day. Yaya looked at him thinking he was still the same controlling man. But she did concede that she was very tired. /Yes that is fine. I will say the &ood byes and tell my sisters we will leave now. Besides I have an early meeting with a potential client. (e is greatly interested in purchasing some of my products.2 She e*plained.

Nadech looked up at her as her words registered. 1 man had approached her, he knew it was business but the prickling of an unknown emotion tapped into his heart. (e brushed it off and proceeded to help her with her personal and more important items and left instructions for her assistants to load the rest at a later time after the party ends
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

and to drop the items all at the bouti)ue. he younger women almost swoon in his presence and he was his wife!s eyes looked skyward. (e smirked at her and smiled broadly at the other women. he women giggled shyly and left immediately as Yaya snapped orders about tomorrow!s meeting. She needed the protocols to be sewn up and packaged to be part of her business presentation with ?en. She wanted to make sure she didn!t leave it to chance in case she failed in obtaining a business contract and purchases.

/You must be tired or else you seem a bit $ealous# I!ve never heard your voice e*ceed at this level of loudness2 he teased her and that guaranteed him an elbow in the ribs as she walked past him with her hanger of clothes and he chuckled all the way to their waiting vehicle. ;inally the old Yaya is appearing at the surface. (e couldn!t understand how things changed for the worse so drastically since their marriage over eighteen months ago. (e vowed to make her agree to be his wife' his life and future happiness depended on it.

%Y IS11N (9SB1N"= 4(1. 56 7B

hey drove together in silence. Yaya was e*hausted, she never felt both happy and stressed at the same time. It was all worth it as she remembered receiving a business card and appointment to meet with the .urchasing "irector of one of the biggest retail chain in hailand. She smiled to herself. In all honesty he was )uite handsome too and not too old. Successful and with charm, but she can only e*ercise professionalism and nothing more. She was after all still a married woman, regardless if the marriage was in name only.

Nadech caught the brief smile on Yaya!s lips. (e couldn!t help but wonder about it. She rarely if ever gifted him with one since they married. (e realized that she most likely begrudge him of this marriage. 6eality was that he was tired of blackmailing his own wife. It didn!t get him anywhere and neither did it create fondness towards him. (e
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was starting to wonder his own motive in continuing to keep this marriage and Yaya in his life.

She walked past him as they entered their marriage home and didn!t even say good night, leaving Nadech staring at her stiff tall frame leaving him and without turning, closing her bedroom door shut. Silence.

Nadech looked at his wife!s or really their master suite!s door. She didn!t need him to antagonize her but they really needed to talk. here wasn!t much time left on their contract marriage. She owed him some more time at the Isaan village and he didn!t want her to renege on it. Nadech turned to the ad$oining bedroom attached to the master and walked into the unlocked door that divided their rooms. (e stood shocked still as he found his wife dressed in only her bra and panties. Yaya gasped with outrage. /"o you not know the term knocking# &et out Nadech<2 She cried out and failing miserably to cover herself up from him. (is eyes not once wavering from her scantily clad body.

,hat hot0blooded man can look away# 1 woman so perfectly shaped Nadech had to snap out of it. (e was no longer a high testosterone teenager.

/%y brat, it is not as if I!ve never seen women!s body uncovered before. here!s nothing special for me that I haven!t seen. But the )uestion is, is she willing#2 he stepped closer towards as Yaya frantically tried to slip on her night dress.

/You are so crude. I will never submit to you willingly. ,hat are you doing here# I thought we were in agreement to keep separate beds. 1t least I agreed to ad$oining rooms. I am very tired and I have a very important meeting to meet with %r. ?en .reeyadah. (e could possibly be )uite interested in selling my brand in his chain of stores.2 She tried to make him leave.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

(is brows raised he )uestioned his wife, /6eally, you have time for other men but not your own husband brat#2

Yaya glared at him, he couldn!t possibly be $ealous, he had no right. /,hat is wrong with you, this is about business nothing personal. But if there is, it has nothing to do with you. ,e are nothing with each other<2 she e*claimed but was pulled abruptly to a hard chest.

/"id you want me to prove that we are nothing brat# I can give you a women!s pleasure if you only ask me nicely. I am not a selfish man or lover.2

he resounding slap was her answer and his was a bruising kiss in retaliation. Struggling to push him away from her, Yaya couldn!t budge the wall that was causing her own breasts to be mashed so tightly that she almost couldn!t breathe. (e finally released her and his eyes cold and dark, taking in her dishevelled look and hard breathing. Nadech didn!t know how he could behave so ruthless with a woman, but she always seemed to get the worst out of him. (e wanted to apologize but she already turned away from him and stalked to her bed and asked him calmly to leave. /I don!t deal well with violence from anyone. %ake sure that this weekend coming up that you are prepared to return with me to the Isaan village. It is not a re)uest but a demand. 3ur contract was sealed with this arrangement. &ood luck with your potential new client. Sweet dreams brat.2 (e advised her and with that left through the ad$ourning doors.

Yaya finally let out her breath and couldn!t understand why he has all of a sudden lost patience with her and was demanding his rights. She e*perience a restless and sleepless night yet she refuse to cry over self0pity. She reminded herself si* months was not too long of a time. She managed to live life with him for the past eighteen months another si* couldn!t possibly hurt her but could it#


3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

/&ood afternoon, I $ust wanted to tell you that I am very grateful and appreciative of you for allowing me this time to discuss further about our future business partnership. I know you are a very busy man and your scheduling me in is a great honour %r. .reeyadah.2 Yaya shook hands with the .urchasing "irector.

(e was a very tall and handsome business man and he came to his position with hard work and has a very shrewd business mind for trends in the industry and this talented woman, who is now in his office is here to showcase more of her fashion line from Ya "esigns Inc., It was he, who was glad for this meeting. (e was very e*cited to e*pand into women!s fashion for their retail chain. /4all me ?en, %iss:2 he replied.

/Yaya, please use my name as well, %r. umm ?en that is.C Yaya found herself blushing as normally she tried to be as professional as possible. Subconsciously she also felt a bit guilty with her mild attraction to this man as she was still a married woman, be it that it was in name only.

She seated herself and they immediately negotiated the terms and inventory re)uired to make her launch into the retail market as successful as can be.

+eaving the office Yaya never felt such e*hilarating e*perience. She was going to be the new season!s women!s lines for ?en!s chain of stores across hailand and it also depended on the )uarterly sales which in turn they would later address international e*posure for her fashion line. She was smiling so widely and her brain was on overdrive, until she met the penetrating gaze of her husband. Nadech. ,hat was he doing here# "are he be spying on her or that he was here to gloat in case she didn!t make a success of this meeting#

(er low e*pectations didn!t cease to amaze him. Yaya was looking so beautiful and carefree but once she focused her direction at him, the smile faded away immediately. "id she really loathe him that much# (is effort must now be increase in order to salvage any kind feelings she had with him and their marriage.
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

/I gather your meeting met with success# If so then I am here to take you out for a celebration#2 he declared.

(ow!d dare he order to have lunch with him, she was $ust about to call up her sisters but didn!t get a chance to as she $ust only finished up. She would rather celebrate with them than her husband. (e didn!t invite her' he arrogantly assumed she would agree.

/Yes it went very well. I will be dining with ?en later this evening for your information and I would rather not have lunch with you. here!s so much to do and very little time for creating my fall collections. If you e*cuse me I probably won!t be home until later tonight.2 Yaya e*plained and as she was about to walk past him.

Nadech grasped her elbow and ushered her )uickly into his waiting car with a driver in the front. Yaya was shocked only when the vehicle moved did she proclaim her protest.

/,hat do you think you are doing# I may be your wife but I am not obligated to do as you want< &et me out of here:wait what are you doing#2 she tried to back away from his hands as he was reaching to grab her.

/I may be a brute to you on most days, brat, but I prefer you buckle up for safety and have you seen yourself lately# You must have missed too many meals as you are wasting away. I know this fashion line of yours is your priority but if you don!t keep up your health, then you really don!t have much to stand for.2 (e announced and with that buckled her up securely.

(is strong lean fingers resting on her tense thighs, Yaya thought, why wouldn!t he remove his hands# (er stomach decided then to growl and she didn!t have any more protest coming forth. (e was right about his comments about not eating' she $ust didn!t make it a priority. She rarely had time to eat because her life and mind was consumed with Ya "esigns Inc. over the past several weeks. (er clothes were not fitting as snug but there were other matters that cause her stress and he was sitting too close of a pro*imity with her. She closed her eyes to calm her nerves.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

Nadech never looked so intimidating with his clean shaven face and rich, business man attire. She thought he had endless board meetings as well because he informed her of this a couple of days ago so that he can clear his calendar to travel to his Isaan village. ,hy did he make the time to force a lunch date with her# (e was an enigma for sure or medically termed /bi0polar2 depending on his mood, Yaya could and most likely will never understand his actions and words.

hey sat eating their lunch in silence. Yaya ordered herself a large smoked fish with steamed vegetables on the side and her favourite soup, lime chicken with lemon grass broth. It was light and refreshing to her palette while looking at Nadech consumed his rare steak. (e was definitely a man!s man' the red meat for chauvinistic, arrogant and controlling man. She tried to avoid conversation about their trip back to the Isaan village but she did admit to missing &randma "a.

/So tell me what a single business man is wanting from a married woman over this dinner discussion about business# "oes he not know you are married or have you not told him#2 Nadech asked and watched Yaya dropped her utensil, which clattered to the plate.

Yaya looked at him dumbfounded, where in the world did he come up with such a )uestion#

/I don!t think it is any business of my employer to know of my marital status. 6egardless, he does not see me that way, how dare you disrespect him and me in such a way.2 Yaya proceed to stand up. his lunch date was over. (ow can any woman put up with a volatile nature as his#

Nadech hurriedly paid the waiter and proceeded to follow his wife and her temper tantrum e*it. It was only a )uestion and really he didn!t know why he asked it but in hindsight he knew he felt the green0eye monster reeling its head. (e was $ealous. ,here Yaya was concerned, she was his wife and he didn!t take kindly to poachers. She was his. he only barricade was her hardened heart. (e knew they got off to a
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

bad start but if he was honest he wanted their marriage to be real and work out. Seeing another man being seriously interested in Yaya reared up his possessive nature.

Yaya was fuming, what can she do# She still had si* months, now it sounded even too long. If he continues to behave this way and treat her this way, she didn!t know how long she can take it without serving him divorce papers. (ow dare he think she was being unfaithful with their marriage vow# 1s much as the marriage is for fulfilling their fathers! wishes and blackmail on his part' she did not want to go down in history as a cheating wife.

/Yaya stop. I am sorry. I mean it. It has been a huge stress at work and I really shouldn!t have taken it out on you. 4an we let this go# I will drop you back at ?en!s office and we can really talk tomorrow morning# I know you will be in late tonight. 3kay#2 (e ruffled his hair out of frustration and his grim face meant he really was sorry.

/;ine, and yes we really must talk. 1bout everything as I have much to say on it too. +et!s $ust not discuss anything further. I am feeling tired again. 1nd thank you for lunch be it short0lived.2 Yaya got into the vehicle and they sat side by side in silence back to pick up her parked vehicle.

1s strangers they departed ways. +ooking down from the glass window at his D th floor office he saw the tense e*change between husband and wife. ?en called his security team to run a profile on Yaya and Nadech. Something was amiss and he $ust wanted to make sure that he didn!t create any unnecessary rift between the spouses. (e wasn!t one to play the third hand in any relationship. (istory taught him to honour marriage and love.

%Y IS11N (9SB1N"= 4(1. 56 7E .art > of B

he beautiful woman gracing the stairs of their home, Nadech couldn!t seem to shake the eye contact he had on her gloriously shaped figure. She was dressed in a
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

conservative black, modest yet the way the fabric hugged her curves made his appreciative perusal nod in defeat. (is wife was stunning' she always had that going for her. (e had been around so many women dressed to impress him with too much flesh but yet his wife!s attire tonight entranced him beyond belief. She was going out again with ?en, this time it was their official launch of her second fashion line. ,hichever man she deemed to grace her presence which didn!t phase out his possessiveness' he knew and she as well can agree that she only belonged to him.

/I am sorry I have to fly out to Singapore tonight or else I wouldn!t let you out of my sight. (ave fun tonight but remember who you will always belong to is me, your husband. I earn that right.2 (e kissed her soundly and she didn!t fight him this time.

Yaya tried not to let him intimidate her. 5ven though her body continue to betray her, yet her stubborn attitude to him and his arrogance refuse to weaken from its resolve.

/I am always with great company unlike someone I know. I!d be lying if I wish you a safe trip. .lease don!t disturb my night but I do hope you continue to bring fortune into our household. Now if you can let me go, I am running late again because of you.2 Yaya tried to pull away from Nadech but he kept a tight rein on her elbow.

/If I have anything to do with this, Singapore is only a couple of hours from here. ,e may yet be able to continue to share our marriage bed. I have yet to appease my appetite with you Yaya. Si* million baht cannot be erased with your virginity.2 ,ith his cruel words, Yaya tried not to allow her tears to flow. She did not want to remember their time in the Isaan village.

hey both turned to the sound of a closing vehicle door' either it was Nadech! driver who will send him to the airport or it was ?en. It was the later. he tall, dark and handsome man walked into the foyer witnessing the tense emotion vibrating in the air between the spouses. Nadech nodded at him curtly and a )uick glance to his wife, he smirked and walked away from them both' murmuring that he was going to be late for his flight. ?en didn!t know what to think. ,as Nadech callously trying to humiliate his wife by not attending this special and important event or maybe this marriage of convenience of theirs was reaching its conclusion. (e also noticed Yaya!s shoulders
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

admitting defeat as she watched her husband turn his back on her and left her alone with him.

/I am sorry you had to witness that but I am ready, may we leave now# ,e cannot be late as we are the primary showcase.2 Yaya walked passed ?en and allowed his driver to open the back door for her. She released a deep sigh.

,hy did she put up with all of this and most importantly her husband' Nadech. here was no turning back now as she sacrificed herself fully. She had assumed that was all he wanted from her in the end. o use her body and when he tired of it he will let her go. But he now hated her. (e believed her a gold digger and money seem to be the most essential thing in her life. (e couldnAt understand that she wanted her independence, to make a name for herself with her very own discipline and entrepreneur spirit. She was not meant to be the trophy wife and cater to her husbandAs needs. Yes they did not need the money but what she was doing was for something much more. he realization that they have nothing in common was a bitter pill to swallow. (is business always came first' she was $ust his bought wife. (er family owed so much and she took the responsibility to repay it.

Some days her e*haustion was almost too much to bear but she must continue on until her husband realized that the motivation was to make her dream a reality. But she couldnAt blame their situation all on him. hey never really talked to each other only running on assumptions of one another and now that is where their predicament remained.


he night was met with impressive results. ?en was so proud of her and he continued to introduce her to the people that mattered most in the fashion industry. She thanked him graciously for all of his effort and support. Saying goodnight she stood outside of her home' spacious but yet very lonely. It had been almost three months since that fateful night at the Isaan village. She dashed the light moisture in her eyes and proceeded to go upstairs to her bedroom. 6ealizing belatedly she was barred from her
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

old room and now shared NadechAs. Not bothering to turn on the lights she silently undressed and loosening her hair she combed out the pins. She was so very tired both emotionally and physically. She tried really hard to concentrate on the event but her mind kept thinking about him. Not bothering to wash off the makeup she slid in between the soft sheet and duvet only to meet up with a hot and very firm body. She almost screamed but heard the dark and manly whisper of her husband.

CI almost thought you had forgotten whose bed you belong to every night. ,elcome home wife. I have been an e*tremely patient man but your duty as my wife continues tonight. "id he kiss you goodnight or are you still the ice )ueen around men# But we know recently that your passion betrays you or is it only with me# It doesnAt matter, your passionate nature matches mine e*ceptionally well. You should have heeded my warning, know always that you come home to me each night. hese men can look but they can never touch you Yaya.C

Yaya closed her eyes, trying to hide the pain his words caused. No romantic endearment of any kind. (e took possession of her mouth and her betraying body )uickly responded as if it had been in a drought from his familiarity.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Slowly she found her body succumbed to his onslaught inevitably' it was as if her body knew it only ever belonged to this one man and hour by hour her heart was painstakingly following. It only took that one fateful night when last they visited &randma "ao she couldn!t blame it on anything else but being cooped up and made to shadow her Isaan husband in the village. (e seemed a different man, considerate, patient and almost nice as if he even loved her but that was an error in $udgement once he had his way with her in his bed. (e didn!t love her nor had he ever trusted her. (is attitude and action towards her after that night was never the same. hey were not either friend or enemy and they were nothing to each other but now it seems she couldn!t even re)uest an annulment as she was now his wife in more than name only.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

G7 %3N (S 1&3H

/ his would be the last time I am coming to this god forsaken countryside. It isn!t that we are even across the other side of the world to get here, why was it that civilization has yet to touch this village of yours. his is the last stipulation I am following after that, please sign the divorce papers as you promised me.2 Yaya let out her frustration with Nadech earlier the ne*t day. (e had won as he managed to blackmail her further to return back to his Isaan village. (e asked her candidly if she was attracted to ?en and she felt insulted that he would think that she would easily become attracted to a stranger. ?en is her boss and that was all it was but she didn!t want to confess that to him. ,ondering why she decided to agree with Nadech that she felt attracted to a man who was not her husband was, therefore she lied to him to salvage her pride. Yaya tried to delay as many days as possible but he threatened her that he was going to take her to court and asked that the full payment is paid immediately without sympathy if she didn!t stop her delaying tactics. (er parents were unable to help release her from their marriage clause. She was absent0mindedly filling up her valise. She didn!t care what she needed and turned to the steps coming to her room. Nadech stood in his casual pants and opened black shirt. (e was freshly showered and smelled like his usual organic soap and aftershave. Now why would she all of a sudden recognize his scent like that# She turned back to her packing trying to ignore his presence again. (e got what he wanted which didn!t mean she needed to converse with him. She was only his convenient wife and a debt must be paid. 6epeatedly si* months became her mantra. hen she would finally be free of a husband in name only. She really wanted to concentrate on her career and maybe someday revisit the marriage life and have children of her own but being married to Nadech now almost made her weary of it in the future. (e looked at her keenly and seeing the solemn face on her. (e wished he could change that but this would be his first challenge in making a woman happy especially one who is his wife. 3nce they arrived at &randma "ao he must ask her for advice as to how her spouse has once wooed her because history seemed to be repeating itself but for different reasons. (e couldn!t make his wife come to be amicable with him. (e spoke to the silent woman standing before him her thoughts seem a million miles away. /It is not as if I am taking you to prison Yaya. You said you liked my &randma, and besides once you do your duty with the contract I may take pity on you and give you the divorce that you want badly and move on with your life sooner than agreed upon. It looks like ?en is waiting too, one of many if I am not mistaken.2
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

(e saw her drop the last particle of clothes into the valise. Yaya stood dumbfounded, what evidence did he have that would denounce her as seeking another man while she was still married to him. She was ever the faithful kind and what did it mattered if she did, their marriage was a charade. (er father!s debt needed to be paid off. /You are going to regret saying these things to me. Not that is ever any business of yours. Yes I do like your &randma "ao but her grandson is another matter< I am done packing, can we get this over now#2 she stormed past him and waiting for the man to drive them to the Isaan village.

hey drove in silence the many hours up to the village. Yaya trying very hard to ignore the man and not realizing the many weeks she put in to create and launch her fashion with ?en!s chain of stores, she readily dozed off from e*haustion. Nadech chanced at look at her sleeping visage, so innocent yet a spitfire once she opens them or was it only with him# (e chuckled to himself if that was the case. She never could stand being polite to him he seemed to have always make her do things that she would not normally do with other people. hat was why she was his Brat. 1gain he shook his head in nick naming her such. 5ven if sometimes she was $ust that. She was spoiled, selfish and spiteful towards him. (e hoped taking her out of her element once more so that he can truly get to know her and maybe it was time to tell her that the debt was not real and it was only their fathers! ways of finally meeting their vow to one another. he children were innocent of all decisions but he did help in perpetrating the deceit in order to blackmail Yaya into accepting her fate of marriage to him.

hey were at the port again and he didn!t want to wake her so he carried her across. (aving her settle on top of his thighs, he looked like she didn!t weigh anymore than a feather but his body!s reaction to her soft womanly curves wasn!t immune to her sleeping form. his was the longest time he has ever been celibate since he discovered the art of seduction. +ightly he brushed the wayward strand from her brows and tucked it behind her elegant looking ears. ,hen asleep the woman who was in his arms tended to soften his heart but when awake it was a different territory.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

Yaya felt in her dreams that she didn!t want to wake up. She felt warm, secure and loved. She sighed and snuggled closer underneath the chin. he she suddenly opened her eyes. (er body wrapped so tightly wound around a hard male body. She felt a little bit disorientated. /6ela* Brat, we are only back in our honeymoon hut at my Isaan village. You once again have gained back your Isaan husband. Now I couldn!t bear to wake you from your beauty sleep. "on!t think I didn!t notice your lack of sleep and eating once you found yourself trying to complete your pro$ect with ?en. 3nly realize that you don!t need to work Yaya and I can take care of you if you so wish it.2 (e moved on top of her abruptly.

Yaya tried to push at his chest to give herself some space but he was relentless. ,hat has gotten into him# She struggled for a few more minutes watching the twinkle in his eyes and deep dimples staring down at her. (e knew her futile attempt was unnecessary. She turned her face away from him. (e didn!t kiss her but $ust stared. /.lease get off me. 1t least leave me with something. You already blackmailed me into coming here because the huge amount of debt my father owes you. ,e can discuss what else you need from me tomorrow morning. I do find it that I am still very tired from everything. .lease.2 Yaya sincerely wanted him to let her go. She couldn!t bear to take more of this.

(e moved off her painstakingly slowly and shuffled into the sarong that was lying on the floor. (e was smirking now as she finally realized that he was once naked above her minutes ago. She pulled up in a sitting position even if she was fully clothed she still instinctively pulled the covers to her chin. Not realizing his intent Nadech turned back briefly and a )uick kiss to her lips made her open it up in astonishment. She started blushing profusely. (e was going to take advantage of her with every inch available to him. She pulled back and watched his retreating back disappear through the open hut into the darkness. She slid back down into the light silk blanket and wished illness to him at the rate of anger brewing she felt towards him. +ife she knew it was )uite unfair to her.

4(1. 56 7I= %Y IS11N (9SB1N"

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

(is &randma "ao was an older woman but she wasn!t oblivious to the melancholy mood and actions of her handsome grandson. Besides it was almost like history repeating itself. (is biological grandfather was e*actly the same with his new bride. he young man was too accustomed to women conceding to his charms and demands but did he not remember about romance, patience and love# 1t times like these she was grateful that she was forever a spinster needless to say she did live vicariously through others. She saw the stress lines around his brow, he was thinking hard and the mental battle within was present on his current facial e*pression, his frown deepened. /Nadech, what is worrying you so deeply# 1s well how can any husband be so far away from his new bride, I pray you haven!t already tired of our beautiful Yaya#2 she in)uired. Nadech turned to his &randma!s words and helped her sit ne*t to him, staring once again into the open flames. he answer was clearly not there. (e didn!t want to ask for her wisdom but within si* months, his marriage will be dissolving. /I dare not cause her more distress by being near her. She practically tried to pull my hair out. o be honest my marriage isn!t what it seems &randma "ao. ,e married because I lied to her and she doesn!t know that her father owes no debt to mine. It is getting harder and harder to keep this from her. I am actually going to tell her soon. I have seen how miserable she looks and perhaps she has fallen in love with her destined mate.2 (e finally replied. &randma "ao gave a )uick look of shock. She couldn!t believe that Nadech would willingly give up the woman he clearly loves to another man. /3f course the truth must be told but I will let you in on something first. ,hen she confesses her love to you then you can let her know of the real reason you married her but as well be honest with me. You love her and it is not even a )uestion as I see you sitting here agonizing over the decision to tell her this secret you kept about the fake debt because you don!t want to lose her. She is that important to you. ,ell then try harder, show her you love her. Be honest with her.2 She got up and started the early chore of preparing breakfast and the organic products for Nadech to take back to the city when they return.

Yaya couldn!t sleep even if she tried, she knew it was still dark outside but the last time she was here she remembered how hard the villagers worked from dawn to dusk. She was not the same inconsiderate woman she once was last year. She slowly got up and
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

changed into the sarong left at the foot of the bed for her. ,ho had the time to do this for her# ip toeing to the door she was about to pull on it at the same time the other person was pushing, with a )uick gasp she found herself colliding with a firm form. he arms held her tight around the waist and she struggled to look up at her partner. Nadech held tightly to her and crushed her form to him to keep them both upright. (e then let her go immediately before she voiced her re)uest to be released. (e wasn!t e*pecting her to be awake and so wanted to hurry in and gather some clothes after he bathe before she did wake up. /I am a bit surprised that you are up and about at this hour. I see you made use of the sarong I left for you. +isten, if you don!t mind I am going to bathe in the nearby springs. It is more private even if you may have to share it with me. 4onsider it as a white flag for peace between us. %y &randma "ao believed that we have the traditional marriage of love and I don!t want her to grow suspicious. %ay I ask this favour from you#2 he informed her and was hoping to hear her reply as yes. /(ave I ever had any choices# But in this I shall take up on your offer. his wilderness is beautiful and it is still dark outside, I trust you will try to act the gentlemen and give me my privacy. I haven!t swim in a long time and your offer comes at an opportune time. +ead the way.2 She responded.

.ausing momentarily as he was e*pecting her to agree, he )uickly walked past her and grazed her lightly on the way of collecting his change of clothes. (e knew she was blushing even if he couldn!t see it. (er breathing was slightly more breathless. hey walked into the woods together and Yaya was mindful of the dim morning light but walking through the thick woods she tried to keep pace with Nadech!s long stride. 5ver a gentleman she muttered under her breath, not realizing he heard her. (e turned purposely back towards her and put his hands beneath her knees and before she could utter a protest he steadily walked with her in his arms as if it was a normal occurrence between them. She tried to struggle but he was stronger than her and with mocking eyes he knew he was the victor between this battled of theirs. /If we want some privacy I cannot wait for you dragging your steps behind me. he orders for &randma "ao!s products have almost tripled so we have to work e*tra hard this month to meet the demands of our clients. I want to be fresh and prepared for the task before the whole village awakens. Now I don!t ever allow strangers to this secret
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

place of mine, to this little piece of heaven on earth but you are my wife after all. Be it in name only but should you wish to change that status I am much obliged.2 ,ith his last words he hiked her up higher and finding her soft body more pressed up against his broad chest. Yaya!s heart reacted in a strange way like little flutter of butterflies and she blushed intensely. ,as he admitting his attraction towards her# She decided not to answer him and find it )uite comfortable being carried by him. So who has the upper hand now she thought as she looked onwards with a smug e*pression unbeknownst to Nadech.

My Isaan Husband: Chapter 36

(e noticed her body rela* and he accepted the weight in his arms. It didn!t take too much longer to reach his oasis. he dark green foliage and crystal clear fresh water pond looked too inviting. Setting her down, he turned to take off his shirt and she s)uealed out loud. /(ey, what are you doing# 4an you not go behind those bushes over there before you strip in front of me# 1nd hurry up first so that I can have a turn to bathe and get back<2 she e*claimed. Nadech turned to her words. (e didn!t pay any heed to her demand and proceeded to pull down his shorts but she abruptly gave him her back. ,histling, Nadech casually dived into the pond and once he came up, Yaya had her sarong around her. (e noticed Yaya grasping it for dear life in
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

case it decided to e*pose her delicate skin to him. (e chuckled and went back down into the water.

Yaya relin)uish from her trepidation and walked slowly into the pond. he soft ground seeping into her toes and it felt wonderful. She actually found herself en$oying this way of bathing but then a firm grip was upon her ankle and down she went into the water fully. Sputtering back up, she found herself face to face with Nadech. (ow dare he do that to her# /Now, now, you know at this rate you are going about bathing, we won!t be able to help the villagers until after lunch. I am about done, how about yourself# (ere some organic soap from &randma "ao!s collection. 4oconut water and $asmine is the blend. his scent reminds me of you. Sweet and e*otic.2 (is words were barely a whisper as Yaya stared into his dark eyes, shining with something she never recognized before. She suddenly realized they were chest to chest. She felt stifled and very short of breath as he lifted his long fingers to smooth her hair away from her face and place them around her ears. (is breath so close now as he tilted her chin up and very lightly caressed her slightly open mouth with his own. he kiss was so light at first but then gathering her fully into his arms, he kissed her fully and thoroughly. Yaya at first didn!t respond but his response caused an involuntary reaction from her. She melted into the kiss and allowed him to take over her completely. It was hard to tell how long they were kissing but as his hands slid down her waist and grasping her hips pulling her closer to his torso, it was evident he was very aroused and ready for more. Yaya felt shy all of sudden and she instantly pulled back. Not saying a word, she )uickly scrambled out of the water and disappeared into the bushes to change back into her night dress.

Nadech tried to calm his overactive beating of his heart. (e kissed plenty of woman, but the attraction and electric chemistry between Yaya was not found with any of his previous lovers. (e stood in the water until he was
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

sure he was no longer still showing sign of his arousal and attraction to her. She finally came out of the bushes and tried to stand there patiently for him to get out and get ready. She was pretending to act as if the earlier intimacy between them had never happened. (e would bide his time because now he knew even with all of her denial that she didn!t care for him she still responded as a woman who at least accepted the attraction between them. %aybe their marriage wasn!t a complete disaster after all. Yaya $ust needed a little more romancing from him, not harassing. (e couldn!t understand either how he could never categorize her in the same category as the other woman. She was his convenient wife but no longer. (e wanted to make their marriage work and with only si* months remaining on their contract, the pressure was intensified to claim her heart before the dissolve of their marriage.

Yaya walked cautiously behind Nadech and tried to keep pace with his long strides, she didn!t want a repeat of his carrying her back into the village. ,hat had gotten into her# She couldn!t believe she shared passion with him, all of people especially as they were practically living as strangers under the same roof regardless that they were legally married. She didn!t want to over analyze what they shared but decided to concentrate on her half of the bargain in being at this Isaan Jillage, she owed that much to &randma "ao. &randma "ao noticed the young couple and their face of tension. ,hatever happened in the woods could possibly be a good thing for them as they acted as if what did happen was a secret they needed to keep to $ust the two of them. But with all of her years on earth she knew that young people over analyze too much. If they liked each other than they should confess and be done with it and give her the great grandchildren she has been an*iously waiting for.

/%y charming grandson and his young wife come by the fire. he congee I made is almost ready. It is fish from the very pond that you both have
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

recently visited, very fresh and light for the early morning risers. Yaya come and get yourself and your husband a bowl.2 She waved the blushing young woman over towards her and provided the ladle to spoon out piping hot congee into each bowl. Yaya obediently did so and handed it to Nadech. (e accepted it and held onto her fingertips as they brushed up against hers. &asping, Yaya immediately pulled away. ,hy she was overreacting now when only moments ago they shared something much more intimate. She chose to sit on the other side of &randma "ao and hoping to use her as a barrier between her and Nadech. he congee was very hot but also very delicious too, in no time she polished off the bowl and Nadech beckoned her to take seconds. / oday is going to be )uite laborious for us, so have as much as you want as I cannot guarantee when our ne*t break will be. he Isaan people here work very hard and late, but before sunset we should have our feast, if the hunters can catch us a wild boar.2 (e e*plained to her, and hiding a grin as he knew she didn!t know that there was no such thing as boars in these woods but only the raised pigs which they would sacrifice each full moon and during a good harvest of the flowers used to make all the organics products. Yaya accepted another bowl, but s)uirmed at the mention of wild boar lurking around these woods. She thought back that she was thankful indeed that the last time she was here she didn!t try to escape on her own and alone in the woods' she could!ve have became a wild boar!s meal2 Immediately the ladies in the village gathered Yaya and led her to the fields of the new blossoms. here were acres and acres field of ripe violet and fuchsia tones as far as the eyes can see. 5ach woman was responsible to reap ten bushel per day. It was hot in the heat and not realizing the time, Yaya finished in good time with the rest of the woman. ,as it already the late afternoon# he ladies further ushered her to grab some beverage and a light concoction of steamed sticky rice with shredded coconut and black0 eyed peas. hese were the easiest to eat while they continued on the ne*t
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

rows, Yaya gazed in wonderment at their chatter and smiles as they worked tirelessly. She realized she did not know what it meant to work hard. Nadech approached her from behind, /I!ve brought you some fresh coconut water. "on!t feel that you need to keep up, it is your first time and I must say that you lasted longer than I was e*pecting from you. Now, now don!t let your temper get the best of you brat, I didn!t mean to state it as a bad thing. You did well today. I am sure the women here can continue on without your help. Not to say you are released from work but I think the ladies at the loom need your e*pert fashion advice.2

Yaya started when she thought Nadech was chastising her for not getting back to work but he actually complimented her. She appreciated that if she was honest with herself. ;ollowing him to the silk spinning workshop, she was amazed at all of the elaborate colours of the rainbow all created in various se)uins of patterns and designs. his was more her comfort zone.

Nadech watched Yaya as her face shone with e*citement, she even turned to give him a genuine smile and he returned it. But her attention )uickly returned to the colours and fabric in front of her. She listened attentively to them even if their dialect was very different and e*ceptionally fast, but she nodded and smiled in return. (e found himself staring too long at his wife as the man beside him cleared his throat to get his attention. hey were almost ready to start the feast and needed his thoughts and opinions on how to complete the task. (e rarely misses the full moon harvest and feast. But this month!s was going to be a very special and rare occasion as it may be the only time Yaya will be here at the Isaan village. (e shook off the depressing thought and proceeded to direct his men.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

%Y IS11N (9SB1N"= 4(1. 56 7D

Yaya was listening intently to the ladies at the loom. hey looked very happy and she en$oyed immensely the process of creating new cloth for the villagers ranging from the elderly to the younger children. hey called her to try her hand at the old0fashion way of weaving the fabric together and she shyly tried and failed. She laughed out loud with the rest of them as they continued to encourage her to try again. Not realizing the time she found Nadech wandering back into where he had left her, listening and being encouraged to try her hand at the wooden contraption. he villagers ushered her out now as they noticed her husband wanting her attention. Yaya looked up and slowly walked away from her group of ladies and towards the man waiting in front of her. She was more interested in the shop than continue to strike a conversation with her husband. /I see that the ladies are taken with you. You look to be a fast learner. I wonder if it applies to everything else.2 (e teased her. She looked at him and replied. /Not that is any of your business but I en$oy what they are doing here. You missed me when I had my first attempt at it' I thought the whole spool would have been destroyed. hey are very hard working but yet they en$oy what they are doing at the same time. I envy their lifestyle.2 Nadech was surprised with her choice of words. (e grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her out with the whispers and giggles of the women behind them. Yaya didn!t protest but she couldn!t fathom why he would continue to show affection towards her in such a way. ,as he trying to give pretense that their marriage was a love match# (e tightened his hold as she tried to remove her hand from his. hey were now observing the men almost completing the festival meals. 5verything smelled wonderful and she belatedly realized she was starving as her stomach growled in earnest.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

/ his is all Isaan traditional dishes. Some you may find similar to what you are used to but others not so much. But don!t be alarm I will not poison you, you are a guest of honour and my wife. "id you want to refresh yourself before the festivity commences# I had the men bring us warm water and a bamboo tub into our hut. his time I will leave you at peace. here is also a special costume for you to wear, call it a belated gift from the groom to the bride.2 ,ith that he left her at their hut and hurried away to continue on with finalizing the festivities. Yaya walked into the hut and instantly fell in love with the colourful dress before her. he pattern was so intricate and obviously crocheted by hand that it was better to gaze at than put wrinkles in it. 1fter her bath she slid it on and it fitted like a glove. She didn!t have the help of a mirror but knew it looked wonderful. She wondered who designed it and hand0picked it out for her, it must have been &randma "ao. She needed to thank her immediately for this gift and hospitality. 1s she stepped out she found Nadech waiting for her. (e as well took the time to bathe and he looked flawless in a linen cloth but in pure white. (is hair smoothed over on top and he looked much younger and almost carefree. he grimness in his eyes lessened and shone with a subtle brightness that she had never noticed before. (e placed his palm upwards as it waited for her to accept his gesture. Yaya did so without a second thought and that irked her in a strange way as she would normally try not to allow him to be in charge. hey walked back together to the wafting aroma of roast meat and the $oyful sounds of laughter and music. Yaya realized that she was treated very well and was grateful for them allowing her to be part of their annual festivities upon harvest time in this )uaint Isaan village. She walked behind Nadech and he ushered her to sit on the newly chiseled bench close to the roasting succulent pig on the spit. It couldn!t get any more natural than this when it comes down to how one cooked their meal.

Nadech was trying really hard to stop himself from staring at his wife all night. She looked even more beautiful in the hand0picked Isaan gown he
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

had chosen for her. (e knew she loved colours and wanted it to be made into a simple cut which showed off her figure perfectly in it and his personal involvement in this paid off. Yaya never looked more beautiful and she was his. But once he told her of the fake debt she may no longer want anything to do with him or this marriage. (e finally needed to seduce his wife and make her fall in love with him. ,ith love it can forsake all other things.

Yaya tapped her finger in rhythm to the music playing before them she couldn!t help with all the smiles given to her by the villagers and she reciprocated it with the same warmth and welcome. (er plate was filled for her and she turned to thank that person, looking up it was Nadech. ,hy was he waiting on her so graciously# She thought it was uncharacteristic of him. ;or the most part he didn!t have much time or much less patience for her. She slowly chewed on a most succulent piece of meat, lightly spiced and so delicious. It $ust melted in her mouth. Nadech slowly grinned at the look on Yaya!s face as she en$oyed her dinner. (e never encountered a woman looking so erotic while en$oying a meal. She didn!t realize she was eating wild bird but he wasn!t one to inform her of her choice of food. (e sat down beside her and waited for her to look at him' she refused to, looking everywhere but at him. ,hy was she so stubborn and nervous around him# he group of dancers finally made it to Yaya and Nadech and ushered them to their feet, Yaya was clumsily trying to follow the young ladies as Nadech guided her with his hands pressed seductively on her back. She didn!t want it to mean much but it somehow did. (er cheeks grew a new shade of pink. (is firm hand pressed a little low on her back and lightly grazing her buttocks. "id he noticed or was it his intentions to distract her that way. 1s she looked up at him beside her his eyes glowed with brightness and a sense of mischief. She found herself grinning back at him and tried harder to keep peace with the dance troupe. Nadech whispered in her ear, /You are getting the hang of it Brat, now let me lead.2 (e whisked her away from the group then interchange back into them.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

Yaya concentrated fiercely but finally rela*ed and found it was much easier this way. he music continued to pound on in its every even beats and it increased in tempo and speed. Nadech always surrounding her with the other men and Yaya caught herself looking for his gaze. (e watched her too. She beamed at him because for once they were en$oying each other!s company. ;inally the music slowed and she had to beg to sit the ne*t dance. Nadech $oined her and handed her some fresh guava $uice. She thirstily drank it down and tiny droplets were left on her chin but which were )uickly kissed away by Nadech. Yaya let out a gasp, she feared the whole village witnessed his bold intimacy but everyone else was occupied in watching the dancers. (e smiled broadly at her which made her heart skipped a beat because he rarely showed his mega watt smile and dimples. She realized then that her husband was a very handsome man. She turned back to watch the dancers all the while noticed Nadech still looking at her. "id she have something else on her face# Nadech moved even inches closer to her on the log they shared and he gracefully wrapped his one arm around her shoulders. /You look even more beautiful tonight Yaya. I must say that having you as my wife is the envy of all the men here. "on!t blush Brat, you should be used to such compliments. "id none of the men in your life ever bless you with these words# I want to be the last man to ever do so. ell me, can we make this marriage work, let it be real in all sense of the words. he ball is in your park.2 (e moved away from her and disappeared into the other crowd of people, leaving her to ponder over his offer. She thought hard about his last words lingering between the air which was their marriage was based on debt. (er family!s debt was too high to forgive. But she realized now that she no longer hated her husband but can she learn to love him# If today and tonight was any indication, it seemed to be easier to believe it. If she was willing to take the risk with her heart then her body would follow for this man.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

She never could answer Nadech!s )uestion that night. Now they were on their last night here in the Isaan village and the three months seemed to breeze by so )uickly. 5veryone was always busy in the village. If not producing more organic products, weaving fabrics and making clothes, child rearing and $ust everything that was re)uired to make a village run smoothly. It $ust made the days and nights go by so much more )uickly for her. ,ith trepidation she feared that these times with Nadech will be a dream once they return to the city. Some nights Nadech didn!t sleep in the same hut as hers. But those nights that he did, he became a gentleman because he brought in his own hammock and pitched it near the window while she slept on the bamboo bed. he tension was there even though they were more than amicable and even friends with each other now. &azing up at the ceiling, wondering if he was going to come tonight Yaya tossed and turned. ,as she ready to give him the answer he sought from her# 4ould they agree to a real marriage, but what about the debt# It was always about the money, if Nadech was willing to abolish their debt' si* hundred and fifty thousand bahts was a lot of money. hey only have three months to go before Yaya can legally assume her family!s debt has been paid in full even if she had to sacrifice a part of her life to do so. %arry a man who at times was callous and cold towards her but now, here in his element, as her Isaan husband he was very agreeable and accommodating. In all honesty he was the only man she had been this close and intimate with since she came into adulthood. here were men who vie for her attentions but she didn!t feel the right chemistry and with her schedule being so full with school and work, having a relationship was put on the back burner. 9ntil the fateful day when she met Nadech, she always wondered what he was doing across the street looking at her that day which felt so long ago. She started at the rustling sound at the door. Nadech was back# It was &randma "ao, the kind older woman shyly smiled at Yaya. She noticed the attraction the young couple had for one another but they were both too stubborn to admit it to each other. She never will understand the workings of the younger generation. +ove was love. It was that simple.

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

/I am sorry if I am disturbing your sleep my granddaughter. But I thought I would give you this amulet. You are a young wife and I hope you cherish it well as you have a doting husband who is an*ious to love you. No don!t argue with me. I know my grandson, if he didn!t have feelings for you, no amount of pressure will have him stay in this marriage for this long. I also know about the debt too my child. It is only money. ,hat you two have is worth more than that. "on!t let something so contrite like that deter you from having an honest marriage. If you are so determined to divorce my grandson I think he wouldn!t accept holding a woman against her will with him.2 She e*plained.

Yaya nodded at her words. But it was always about the money. In response she said it so seriously, /I owe your family too much and if it is a sacrifice I must make for my family I shall. I have no other options. I would do anything to repay that debt. hank you for the advice &randma "ao, I will consider your wise words.2 Yaya replied, determined to follow through with her promise.

&randma "ao patted her shoulder and wished her a goodnight and left Yaya alone once again. Yaya thought solemnly was she really able to sacrifice everything for her family# he answer was yes but deep down it was only the case as she realized now that every day the past three months she was slowly falling in love with her own husband. (e was patient, kind and affectionate with her. 5ach day she thought less of the debt. She was more so trying to fight the temptation to wanting to have a real marriage with Nadech now.

Yaya didn!t know what time of night it was but she heard rustling at the front of the hut. She got up slowly and listened once more to the noise, nearing the door she saw the shadow of a something getting closer. ,as it Nadech or was it someone else or even an animal# She hurriedly tried to
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

retrieve the chair near the bed and have it block the intruder from coming in. But realizing that it was Nadech she pulled the chair back $ust in time. (e came through the door with a little swagger. ,hat was wrong with him, thought Yaya. /1re you okay Nadech# It!s late and I was sleeping' you scared me.2 She informed him, but realizing he was moving closer towards her, she slowly moved backwards and finding the back of her knees hitting the side rails of the bamboo bed. Nadech casually perused her body from head to toe. (e may have en$oyed a bit more drink with the men this night as it was their last night, but when he had returned previously he couldn!t help but overhear Yaya!s confession to his &randmother about how she would do anything to relieve her family!s debt. 1nything she has vowed. ,as it so unappealing to her to be married to him# She had no intention of trying to make their marriage work. (e had a mind to tell her that there was no debt but yet he couldn!t make himself to do so. (e cared for her as a person and wanted her as his wife. /I am sorry I scared you my beautiful Brat. "on!t look so shocked, you have every man from this tiny village to the city admiring you. But realize who you belong to, it!s to me and only me. I have a mind to make love to you and I thought that we have moved forward in our marriage to understand that we could make this work. But you are so stubborn. ,hat does it take to melt that ice block around you Brat#2 he came closer to her, gently grasping her elbows' they were now almost nose to nose. Yaya gasped with the electric charge that went through her as they touched. ,as he drunk# ,hy was he into*icated# Nadech didn!t allow her to ask the )uestions out loud as he pressed his lips onto her slightly opened mouth. She didn!t have a chance to protest as he gently pried her lips apart with his skilled tongue and took what he had been wanting for the past three months from her. She tried to struggle but found her hands grasping at his shirt front, feeling his hard chest beneath her fingers. ,hat was this feeling he was creating within her# (er effort to push him away
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

was fruitless, she didn!t know how long he kissed her but she didn!t want him to stop. (e was arousing her body to life for the first time in her adult life. (e was the only man to do so. She wanted to touch him and smell him and his eagerness to show her how to kiss him back was accepted with enthusiasm. (e truly wanted her and she returned that need. ,hatever it was this night, and the months that lead to it, Yaya knew there was no turning back. he debt was the last thing on her mind as she wanted to feel cherished and loved for the first time in this marriage. /I want to undress you. ,ill you let me#2 he asked her.

Yaya shyly nodded. .ulling her shirt above her head and letting it slide down to the floor she was left with her sarong and )uickly that was unravelled from her now overheated body. She briefly considered about crossing her arms to cover her top from his view but he didn!t mind as he continued to trail kisses behind her ear, down her shoulders and re0 capturing her lips in a more powerful possession. She didn!t know what to do with her hands and found them e*ploring his shoulders and muscular arms as well. (e felt strong and virile. She never felt so bold and slowly tried to remove his shirt but her )uaking fingers wouldn!t cooperate. ,ith a little chuckle, Nadech helped discard both his shirt and pants. (e stood in front of her with his briefs and hard abdomen. he sprinkling of hair running down to his belly caught her eyes and she saw the impressible ob$ect of his desire for her. She unconsciously started shaking her head and again Nadech kissed away her nerves. (e lavished her with nips and pecks' finally raining kisses on her shoulders and arms trailing further down her body. (er knees started to weaken and Nadech scooped her up into his arms. +aying her down gently he continued to fulfill her every fantasy. Yaya found herself with a sense of urgency for something she!s never e*perienced before but Nadech wouldn!t allow her to reach it. (e patiently made love to her body and she couldn!t believe all the things he was doing to her. ,here was all her passion hiding until this moment# She pleaded with him to make love to her and he willingly obliged' noticing her sleek readiness. ?issing her even more passionately and nestling between her
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

legs, he entered her in one swift hard motion and then the burst of pain stemming from Yaya was a shock to the both of them. Yaya gasped and tried not to $erk away from him. It was too late to be gentle, he was given her virginity and Nadech didn!t e*pect it.

Nadech reeled up and looked down at Yaya, seeing her eyes smarting with tears. (e couldn!t believe that with all the passion between them he thought he was dealing with an e*perienced lover. (e didn!t doubt that she had prior se*ual e*periences as she was strong, independent and lived most of her life in the western world. (e wasn!t a man to $udge as he en$oyed plenty of pleasures with women in his past. But that didn!t stop him from being pleased with the gift. (e soothed away her tenseness with kisses on her temples and soft kisses on her lips, it helped a bit for her to rela* a bit more but it was still hard not to try and move within her. She needed time to ad$ust to his size but he wanted nothing more than to drive himself deep into her and never stop. (e never felt this way about making love to a woman before. It was mainly $ust physical connection. ,ith Yaya it was more than that. ,as it love, he couldn!t be sure. (e never loved any woman before. ,ith the sure sign of feeling Yaya rela*ing and slightly shifting her hips to accommodate him. Nadech knew he couldn!t hold on any longer. (e continued the rhythm and within some time, Yaya cried out with ecstasy and he followed close behind her with his clima*. 5asing away from her he clasped her to his body and rubbed her back as they both calmed back down to earth. heir sweat mingling with one another and Nadech kissed Yaya soundly. (e couldn!t get enough of her taste. She was both sweet and sensual. (e was the man to awaken that sensuality from her' the only man. +ater realizing what started his seduction of his wife, it was not through intention but the conversation he overheard had led him to drink more than usual and since seeing her trying to bar the door, he wanted her at whatever cost. /,hy didn!t you tell me I was going to be your first# I really didn!t think that you would have given me with this honour and with such a precious gift.

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You seem to me a very modern woman. Not that I don!t appreciate it but I am surprised.2 (e )uestioned her with a smile but felt her tense up. /It!s not that important. I think it was $ust my way of paying my debt to you.! She replied but realized that wasn!t what she meant to say. But it was too late and she didn!t know how to react in a situation like this. She never had a situation like this in her life. he release of her pressed body to his made Yaya tense. Nadech moved away from her. She thought it was her debt to him# She was willing to bargain her virginity for the debt that her family owed to him. (e didn!t want that from her. Speaking in anger he retaliated. /Your virginity isn!t worth si* hundred and fifty baht. I am sorry but it will take more than that and many more nights. ,e are leaving within a few hours so I suggest you try to sleep. I will wake you when it!s time to return.2 Kuickly stepping out of bed and donning back his clothes, Nadech left. Yaya was left alone in bed. (er body was numb. She wasn!t worth anything# She felt the silent tears and the shattered pieces of her heart and soul. ,hat had she done# She wanted to e*plain about her comments. It wasn!t about the money, it was the gratitude she felt by the way he had been treating her in this village. She felt like a real wife for once since they had first gotten married. She wanted his love not his coldness. ,hy was he so )uick to take offence# She didn!t sleep that night and waited with abated breath until Nadech!s return but he never did come once dawn appeared. She didn!t know when she fell asleep but she did and it was a darkness that she embraced. 1waiting the storm that was about to wreak havoc in both their lives.

4(1. 56 7L= %Y IS11N (9SB1N"

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he drive back to the city was in complete silence. 5ach reflected about the night before. Yaya had never felt so nervous and weary of what Nadech would say to her the morning after but he turned cold and distant. She didn!t dare e*plain her words to him now as he wouldn!t even look at her. (e was courteous but abrupt with her. (e thought she bartered her virginity for money but it was so much far from the truth. She realized belFatedly that the only way she was able to give him her body was because she had truly fallen madly in love with her husband. Now everything was confusing. (e would never believe her now if she confessed this to him. She felt numb from the realization and was sure that Nadech hated her. (e must have thought she was mercenary and wanted out of their marriage with the only clause she could think of. In reality there was not a chance of claiming an annulment. in name only. hey finally reached their destination and Nadech opened the door for her and waited for her to get out. (e closed it firmly after she stepped out of the vehicle and proceeded to remove their luggage and the organic products out of the trunk. Yaya couldn!t stand around and sought the comfort of her room. She went through the motion of undressing and found herself soaking in t a too warm tub full of water. She finally allowed the pent up emotion surfaced to the top and her silent sobs continued for endless minutes. She hadn!t realized the time as she opened her eyes and their stood the man all grim face and silent. /,hat was freely given should not be e*pressed with regrets. You are now my wife in all aspect of the word. &et out or I will drag you out myself. I see the burning fire is lit again. I know that you would like to pounce on me correct# I knew you wouldn!t keep up this pretence of an in$ured victim he marriage was no longer

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when reality is that you methodically thought out your plan but unfortunately for you, I have other ideas for us.2 (e spoke to her in a rather cold tone. Yaya shivered all the while tried to cover her nudity from his perusal. he clenching of his $aw showed he was not )uite immune to her but she still felt embarrassed nevertheless with his threat. /If you can leave I will get out. .lease.2 She replied and begged, not wanting to irritate him more. Nadech turned and proceeded to give her the privacy but turned back and stated, /Your partner, ?en had called to in)uire about your return. I told him you will call him tomorrow as you were not available. +et him know you will be resigning soon.2 hen he walked out with the door shutting behind him. Yaya was shocked, what right did he have to dictate her life# She built her company from scratch and all the months of sleeplessness and e*haustion finally paid off. (ow could he be so domineering now, he never had any interest in her career. 5verything was all coming to a downward spiral in her life. 1 moment given to realize she had finally fallen in love and to her very own husband. But he couldn!t stand her anymore almost treating her as a second rate citizen. heir first intimacy together was what she always thought would happen for her but only to realize she was condemn by her actions and words by Nadech. (e wouldn!t allow her to e*plain but resorting to continue to antagonized her with the debt she owed him and that what she freely given was not nearly enough to what her father owed his family. If she only stood
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her ground and decided to not allow Nadech!s terms to control her own doubts. But the contract clearly stated she needed to live in the Isaan village for si* months. hey only had three months and now she would gladly renege on the contract only to take back her freedom. 1way from the depression she was feeling now. 1t this moment she almost wanted to laugh with hysterics. (ow could her marriage turn into a more devastating outcome# Nadech refused to talk to her and it!s been two months from when that night occurred, the only saving face was that she was not going to e*pect his child. 1lthough she didn!t feel utterly $oyful that she wasn!t having a baby but for little comfort, things were not right with them. 6ealizing too late that she had fallen in love with her husband, she wondered if he even noticed. ,ell he was rarely around that is why he was blind to her wearing her heart on her sleeves for all to see. (er sisters immediately noticed their eldest!s change in heart. But with only her pride left she didn!t want to confess to Nadech and also afraid he may not believe her. he marriage was only still intact because of the debt. If not, Nadech, she thought would already file the paperwork. he only saving grace now was that Nadech had decided to relin)uish his stand on her $ob. She could continue to pursue her entrepreneur venture with ?en. ,ith all the demands for her product the past couple of months flew by. +ast night was the last nail on her coffin' Nadech treated her so callously and her betraying body allowed it. If one month was going to break her marriage contract then by all means she!d do it. 3ne evening she reluctantly told ?en of her situation. (e never pushed her for more than a friendship with her so she gladly accepted him as her confidante. (e truthfully announced he!d help her pay off the debt, no further obligation from her. hat amount of money was minimal compared to their

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friendship. (e was a self made billionaire, but looking into his dark eyes, there was a glimpse of secrets he withheld from everyone' he looked sad at times but only for a brief instant if you were fortunate to witness it. (e never had close lady friends, only Yaya and every other woman was treated very casually. 3ne day at work, ?en informed her about the stress and strain on her features was getting worse by the day and he needed her to be happy and creative at all times. Yaya thought seriously about his gesture but apprehensive of what conflict will arise. Yet she would gladly do anything for her freedom, the freedom to love from afar and allow Nadech to move on with his life as well. hey were becoming bitter enemies fast hen she made her within their marriage. It was never this bad between between them until their shared intimacy together in the Isaan village. choice, it was time to take back her independence. She needed to escape back to New York and refocus on her career and love learned was enough for her. Yaya waited cautiously for her husband to return back from his business trip to Singapore, the previous trip was rescheduled the night she had her opening and it was also the night she couldn!t resist the intimacy she had with Nadech. It occurred once more since the first time at the Isaan village. 5ven though her marriage contract stated that only one month remained, she would decide now with ?en!s help to repay her family!s debt in full. 6elease Nadech and her to a life more normal. business, there was absolutely no time for her. convenient wife. hey rarely spend any here was no time for a time together and Nadech seemed to be even more invested in his heir marriage was a sham and she wanted to run away

and to give herself some time to re0evaluate herself and her heart. She knew )uite well that her heart will be shattered for an unlimited period of
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time. Yet she tried to deny that Nadech may have wounded her so much that there may never be any other man to get close to her. 4atching her attention she heard the closing of the door, Nadech and his driver had returned. It was $ust past dinner time but Yaya did not wait for him. She ate alone upstairs. She heard footsteps stop in front of her bedroom. (er breath stalled in anticipation. ,as he going to be visiting her# It didnAt matter, with ?enAs che)ue in hand she walked towards the door. 3pening to an empty space. Nadech was not there. ,as he in his room# She cautiously knocked on the door separating their rooms. No response, she gently nudged the door open as the door didnAt seem to be locked. She s)uinted to see through the darkness, where was he# 9ntil his strong voice penetrated the silence. C,hat do I owe this rare occasion that my wife visits me in my bedroom# I havenAt had a chance to change or shower or is it you are here to share it with me#C he in)uired. Yaya sucked in air with the shock of his words, he was teasing her# She shook her head and was about to turn back towards her room. But the solid frame of the man stopped her. +ooking up she saw the dark growth of his beard. (ow long ago since she saw him# It was only a few days but he looked so stressed and forlorn, maybe business wasnAt going so well# C,hy the sudden rush to leave me# I thought I finally have a normal wife who comes to greet her husband since so many nights have passed. "id you miss me# 3r did another man help ease your loneliness# Now, now, donAt raise that palm. I donAt react well to a violent woman. But with you
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my wife, I may handle you a different way. Should we put it to the test#C (e turned her around to face the door, pressing his chest firmly against her back. CYou smell of fear and something uni)uely you# ,hy is that# IAve only $ust arrived.C Yaya stiffened. She was not scared of him but was worried about his reaction. ,ith the che)ue in hand, she turned to face him. ,ithout blinking she responded. CI would like you to give me my divorce. (ere. so )uietly. Nadech looked down at her hand. father. (e bit the words of confession and stared at her, blankly and confused. She really wanted out of this marriage# he past few days was agony for him because he felt guilty seducing her that night where he cut his Singapore trip short. (e wanted to give her space and clearly that is what he had given her. She really was free to leave. Slowly retrieving the money in hand, he couldnAt say much. YayaAs eyes looked to be feeling up with pent up tears. ears# ;or him or feeling pity for herself. (e must have gotten it wrong. (e assumed that they were starting to get accustomed to one another. 3f his many e*perience, he couldnAt understand how he could not be able to understand his own wife. he che)ue was real. But where in the his here is the full amount

my family owes your company. I wish to get my freedom back.C she replied

world did she get this money# %oney, that was never owed to him or his

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C,here did you get this money, donAt tell me it!s yours. I know this business venture of yours does not pay nearly close to the amount you have given me. ,here did you get the money Yaya. ell me where#<C he tried not to become outraged. ?nowing suddenly e*actly who had given her this. Seeing her own confessions, there could only be one person or he re0evaluate, only one man who was willing to part with this kind of money., it is none of your business where the money came from. I cannot stand any longer living half a life. .lease let me go. I have done my duty and this debt is paid. I am moving out tonight.C ,ith those words she left Nadech standing' in shock and alone. (e almost let out a laugh of hysterics' unimaginable that the only woman he loves has walked out on him.

%Y IS11N (9SB1N"= 4(1. 56 7M

/Now where e*actly did you say she left to# She is still my wife regardless of this imaginary debt she thought she paid. he marriage is legitimate and we didn!t sign any divorce papers. .lease &ubgib and aew, I am pleading with you. You know your sister as well as I now know' she is a very stubborn woman but I am willing to fall upon my knees to confess everything. 5specially that I love her. I do very much, I should have realized sooner and I hope you both can help mend it. (elp me mend her broken heart. I am not assuming that she loves me but I can only pray that she gives me the rest of my life to prove it to her. o cherish her and allow her to do what she wishes with me. /(e pleaded with both his current sister in laws. hey eyed him suspiciously. 5veryone now knew the debt was a
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

lie between the older men, their fathers and Nadech. Yaya was an innocent party to all of this, but if she didn!t care for Nadech and their marriage, why did she run away# Yaya seemed to have vanished from them all. (e tried contacting ?en but the man was tight0lipped and did not accept back the che)ue from him until Nadech relay the whole situation regarding his marriage to Yaya. ?en stayed silent and then he smashed his fist into Nadech!s face' Nadech was both shocked but did not retaliate, he knew he deserved it and more. (e was wondering if Yaya would be so gentle with him as soon as she found out about his deceit. It had been an agonizing two months since he let Yaya go. (e was pulling his hair out. She left without a word to anyone. heir fathers didn!t know where she was hiding but Nadech knew her sisters too well. he three women were very close. Seeing &ubgib gaping at him, he decided to )uestion her further. /You realize that I am related to your husband# I will do whatever it takes, private investigators what have you and eventually Yaya will be found. Sooner would be best than later. It!s all $ust a misunderstanding and my pride. I love Yaya but didn!t want to accept the circumstances of why Yaya accepted me as her husband. 3ut of debt or out of love# I want to be fair to all and especially myself to get the true answer from her. .lease &ubgib. She may be pregnant as well. ,e didn!t take any precautions, please don!t let history repeats itself.2 he last statement seemed to register with &ubgib. She stared at her brother in law pointedly. /1lright, but you must promise you will no longer force my sister to do anything she does not want. 5*plain yourself and let her decide. I swear you better realize that you are one lucky man. I know Yaya. If she didn!t care, she!ll be standing here right now, demanding an answer but I think you know she!s hurting.2 ,ith that &ubgib, sent him a te*t with her sister!s address in New York.


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Staring at the woman, who looked gaunt and her parlour pale' his heart hurt to see her in such a state. It had been a week of observation and finally he had the nerve to confess to her. (ow did she keep under the radar# If not for &ubgib!s help, he knew it would!ve have been too many months until he was able to locate her. (ere in New York, the )uieter suburban area. She still commuted to her university, as she was teaching an arts program there as a volunteer work and working for an unknown organization. he business was starting to pick up because of Yaya!s uni)ue designs. 1t least she was continuing to what she studied and loved. (e too was glad to have found the woman he could not live without. ;inally have the nerve to walk towards her, he shadowed her movement, making sure she arrived home safe and before she finished unlocking her door. (e called her name. Yaya thought she was going mad again. 3ver the past couple of months, there were always people and things reminding her of her soon to be e*0 husband. his time it was even eerier as she swore she heard his voice calling her. he voice was louder. She took a deep breath and turned. (e wasn!t part of her imagination. (e was here, looking at her intently, with a pleading look. She finally remembered she hated him or as close a feeling she thought she had. /You< ,hat are you doing here and how did you find me. I thought I made it clear that my family!s debt has been absolved. &et away from me.2 She shrieked. +ooking around, Nadech made sure there weren!t witnesses. (e rushed her inside her rented condo and slammed the bolt lock shut. (e saw that her anger was still present. Shakily running his hand through his too long hair, he looked around the sparsely furnished room. Yaya stood there gaping, did he not have anything to say to her and why was he inspecting every crook and cranny in her apartment# /No wonder you are looking half starved. here!s barely anything in this fridge of yours. I know you don!t cook very well, but this is a bit much no# ,hat happened to all the income you received from your boyfriend#2 he in)uired. Boyfriend# hought Yaya in confusion. /"on!t you dare insult me again, what and who are you talking about# I $ust haven!t been having an appetite
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as of late, not that it is any of your business. %y shopping happens %onday each week. I asked you to leave me alone and how in the world did you get this address# "id you pay someone a ridiculous amount of money to track me# I thought I made it clear that we are done and you cannot control me any longer<2 she e*claimed. Nadech sat down on her softly cushioned sofa. 1t least this was comfortable. (e saw her standing there and patted the seat beside him. She decided to sit at the opposite matching chair to the sofa. &laring at home and crossing her arms, she made it clear there wasn!t any time allowed for him. /I came here to make peace. You shouldn!t have disappeared like that. I honestly was very worried. ,e need to talk and I hope I can e*plain things properly.2 (e started. /.lease no, I don!t really care. I $ust want to live my life in peace and whatever you have to say it doesn!t matter. 3ur marriage was a convenience or a debt arranged. You never wanted me as a real wife and so it!s best that I realize it even if I could!ve easily waited it out but ?en gave the e*cuse to do it sooner. ,e are all much happier that it happened. Now I can be courteous enough to give you coffee but after please go.2 Yaya got up and hurried to brew the coffee. Nadech followed her, asking where the mugs were and trying to abide his time. 1t least she didn!t toss him out immediately. /Yaya. 1t first we were both forced into this marriage but how do I say this. here was never any debt. Your family owed us nothing.2 he clatter of the pot and water in the sink e*plained Yaya!s shock. here was no debt# (ow in the world could their fathers do this to her, do this to the both of them. Nadech watched her tense frame. (e didn!t know what she would do ne*t. But definitely not e*pecting her ne*t words. /I am sorry our fathers did this to us. I had no idea either but if it is any consolation:2 she replied.
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/Stop Yaya. I knew about the debt well lack of it as well. I am very sorry to put you through all of this, it!s $ust that:2 he didn!t get to continue. he sharp and )uick slap to his face e*plained it all. /(ow could you# (ow dare you decide what and how my life was to be# You ruined almost the past two years of my life.2 She was shaking one moment and the ne*t she fainted into his arms. Nadech was shell shocked and )uickly dialed the one doctor friend he knew in New York. 1t least he made private house calls.

1n hour had passed and still Yaya did not regain consciousness. (e almost screamed out loud with worry, as he waited impatiently for 6ob to finish with his check up. /,ell, this is a surprise. You are not only married but going to be a father soon. ,asn!t only two years or so that you vow you wouldn!t every consider marriage# But let me digress' take care of your wife. She seemed to be under a lot of pressure and stress it seems. Stress is not good for her or the baby. I will leave you these prescriptions for vitamins and prenatal essentials. She should be up soon but if not, let her rest. It wouldn!t harm her.2 6ob e*plained and patted his friend on the back. /She is pregnant# (ow far along is she#2 Nadech asked, already knowing the answer. It must have happened on the night he returned from Singapore. heir first time at the Isaan village didn!t create this new life which was probably a blessing as there was animosity between them. But their second time, he knew she must have some feelings as she didn!t resist him. /3h a little over two months now I assume but we can hash out the e*act details tomorrow morning at the clinic preferably. (ow long have you both been married# If not yet, I suggest the sooner the better but that is $ust a non professional opinion. You aren!t getting any younger right#2 (e chuckled to himself not realizing the worrying strain on Nadech!s face.

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Nadech was worried Yaya was not going to take the news in good spirit. She didn!t want anything more to do with him and now by having his child, the bond was even more secure. (e thanked the doctor and started to tidy up Yaya!s apartment $ust to keep him busy before she awoke. (is stomach growled and he looked up )uickly the closest 4hinese take0out shop. (e didn!t cook either so it was order in tonight for their meal. (e checked in on her sleeping form. She may not be awake until the morning so he decided to eat alone. (e turned on the television and realized for the first time in a long time he actually had a chance do so but he )uickly lost interest in the current shows available with the entire reality theme. (is life story was more dramatic than the script written for these shows. (e heard and murmur from Yaya!s room and )uickly checked in on her. (er eyes were open and upon seeing him she turned her back on him. 1t least she didn!t try to attack him again. (e slowly approached the bed. /,e will continue the last conversation tomorrow. "id you want something to eat# I ordered what was promoted as the best 4hinese food in town for dinner at this time of night. (ow about some ?ung .ao chicken# I can )uickly reheat it for you and bring it in here or can you make it to the kitchen#2 rying to keep the conversation light but the room was silent. /I!m sorry Yaya, and you don!t know how much. I truly owe you a huge e*planation but I think it is probably for the best that you get your strength back. +et me warm up some wonton soup for you at least. I!ll be back in a short moment.2 (e walked out the room and heard the bed sheets rustled. 5ntering the room he noticed Yaya had propped herself up on the bed. (e brought the tray with the wonton soup towards her. 1 whisper of thanks was what he received from her and he decided to let her eat in peace. Now the ne*t step was to e*plain everything to her and the last issue, let her know she was e*pecting. (ow would she react, would she be happy or will she want to seek termination# Kuickly his thoughts went to over my dead body mode' he wouldn!t even consider the last option. (e knew he loves her and wanted their baby together. (e only now had to convince his wife that she!d want the same.

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MY ISAAN HUSBAND: CHAPTER 40 (Supposedly I've m sspelled !ESAN!"

T#e soup $%s$ed su&p& s '(ly (ood eve' $#ou(# #e& s$om%)# m%de % m 'o& de$es$ $o $#e %&om%* S#e $#ou(#$ s#e &e%lly s#ould (e$ $# s s$om%)# +lu o& ,#%$eve& $ s )#e)-ed ou$* A sl (#$ sm le )%me $o #e& l ps .u$ s#e de) ded $o /ue')# $0 eve' N%de)# + #e ,%s .e '( p%$ e'$ %'d - 'd $o #e&0 s#e ,o&& ed %.ou$ # s $&ue '$e'$ o's* Ho, %'d ,#y ,ould #e )ome loo- '( +o& #e&1 S#e $#ou(#$ s#e m%de $ )le%&0 , $# de.$ p% d $#%$ $#ey 'o lo'(e& 'eeded $o %sso) %$e , $# e%)# o$#e&* S#e ,%'$ed $o despe&%$ely move o' , $# #e& l +e %'d $#us +%& $ seemed d ++ )ul$* S#e eve' $& ed $o d%$e % (ood2'%$u&ed %'d /u $e #%'dsome Ne, Yo&-e& .u$ $#e&e ,%s 3us$ 'o '$e&es$ $#e&e +&om #e&* A'd s#e (&%) ously de)l 'ed % se)o'd d%$e eve' + D%' el &e/ues$ed +o& %'o$#e&* So $#%$ ,%s $#e l%s$ o+ #e& d%$ '( e4pe& e')e* Bes des $#e&e ,%s $oo mu)# $o do , $# #e& l +e0 $#e $e%)# '( %$ $#e u' ve&s $y %'d $#e 3o. s#e lu)- ly +ou'd ' Ne, Yo&-* S#e &e%l 5ed s#e ,%s /u $e )om+o&$%.le %$ $# s s$%(e ' #e& l +e .u$ eve'$u%lly #e& $#ou(#$s -ep$ &e$u&' '( $o #e& l +e ' T#% l%'d0 #e& m%&& %(e $o N%de)# %'d $#e #e%&$ $#%$ )o'$ 'ued $o m ss $#e m se&%.le m%'* A s#o&$ -'o)- sou'ded %$ $#e doo&* S#e pus#ed %s de $#e $&%y %'d ,%$)#ed N%de)# ,%l- '* He m%'%(ed $o loo- /u $e )om+o&$%.le %'d %s usu%l #%'dsome ' # s sl (#$ly &u++led .us 'ess s# &$0 $#e $ e ,%s 'o, &emoved %'d # s sl (#$ly $oo lo'( #% & &em% 'ed &u++led %$ d ++e&e'$ e'ds* 6#y d d #e loo- so s$&essed1 6%s'7$ #e (l%d $#%$ #e ,%s %.le $o & d # msel+ o+ % , +e1 Bu$ #e&e #e ,%s0 ' #e& sm%ll .u$ 'e%$ %p%&$me'$ %s + #e o,'ed $#e pl%)e* 8You .%&ley $ou)#ed you& soup* I #ope you )%' e%$ mo&e0 you 'eed $* T# s pl%)e loo-s )o5y %'d #o'es$ly #o, %&e you do '(1 I d d'7$ (e$ % )#%')e $o .oo- %'y$# '( +o& $o' (#$0 + $7s o-%y , $# you I )%' m%-e my .ed o' $#e )ou)#19 He %s-ed #e& #es $%'$ly* Y%y% s$%&ed %$ # m0 #e ,%'$ed $o s$%y #e&e1 D%&e s#e %llo, # m $o &e2 e'$e& #e& l +e1 S#e -'e, $ ,ould''$ .e % (ood de%*
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

8I $# '- $7s .es$ + you $%-e you&sel+ o++* I do'7$ -'o, ,#y you %&e #e&e .u$ I d d m%-e mysel+ )le%& $#%$ $#e m%&& %(e de.$ #%s .ee' p% d ou$ ' +ull* I -'o, lo'(e& 'eed %' Is%%' #us.%'d* Bu$ ' &e%l $y $#e&e ,%s 'o 'eed e $#e& +o& me $o #%ve %)/u &ed o'e* Eve&y$# '( $#%$ o))u&&ed $#e l%s$ $,o ye%&s ,%s %ll %.ou$ you& p& de0 %ll o+ $#e l es: $ ,%s o'ly eve& % p&om se .e$,ee' $,o elde&s 3us$ $o 3us$ +y ,#%$1 I7ve 'eve& +el$ so .e$&%yed %'d I , ll 'eve& +o&( ve you; You s#ould #%ve $old me +&om $#e mome'$ I p% d you .%)-0 ,ell $#e 'o, I +ou'd ou$0 $#e&e 'eve& ,%s %'y de.$* I $# '- I #%$e you eve' mo&e;9 He& eyes ,elled up , $# $e%&s: s#e d d'7$ -'o, ,#y s#e d%&ed $o )&y ' +&o'$ o+ # m* S ')e #e& &e$u&' $o Ne, Yo&- s#e7d .ee' %' emo$ o'%l ,&e)- %'d se's $ ve , $# %ll $# '(s $&%( )* N%de)# $oo- #old o+ $#e ,eep '( ,om%'* T#e ,om%' )%&&y '( # s )# ld %'d $#e o'ly pe&so' #e ,%'$ed ' # s l +e %'d #e%&$* S#e +l ')#ed sl (#$ly .u$ + '%lly %llo,ed #e&sel+ $o &el%4 %'d le$ %ll $#e pe'$ up $u&mo l %'d s$&ess ' #e& l +e $%-e $s )ou&se %'d 3us$ le$ $ .e &ele%sed* S#e )ould'7$ $%-e mu)# mo&e o+ -eep '( ' %ll #e& %'(s$ %'d emo$ o's $o #e&sel+ %'y lo'(e&* He& so.s )o'$ 'ued %s N%de)# #eld #e& ve&y )lose $o # s #e%&$* He vo,ed #e7d 'eve& %llo, Y%y% $o eve& le%ve # s s de %(% '* < ss '( %,%y $#e $e%&s o' #e& )#ee-s0 s#e p%used $o s$%&e up , $# %' %ppe%&%')e so mel%')#oly %$ # m* 8I %m ve&y so&&y0 you do'7$ -'o, #o, mu)#* I , ll le%ve + $#%$ s ,#%$ you &e%lly ,%'$* I , ll p )- you up +&om #e&e %'d I $# '- ,e #%ve some$# '( ve&y u&(e'$ $o d s)uss* =o&(e$ %.ou$ $#e 'o' e4 s$ '( de.$0 I ,ould l -e $o d s)uss us*9 He e4pl% 'ed* 8Us1 6#%$ %&e you $%l- '( %.ou$0 you used me* I do'7$ -'o, $#e &e%so' %'d I do'7$ $# '- I )%&e $o .u$ ple%se0 le$ me (o*9 Y%y% &epl ed* S#e d d'7$ ,%'$ $o #e%& %'y mo&e l es +&om # m* Ho, s#e , s#ed $#e&e ,%s % +u$u&e +o& $#em .u$ $# s ,#ole m%&& %(e ,%s .%sed o' %' el%.o&%$e l e* D d #e eve& pl%' $o $ell #e& $#e $&u$#1 I$ ,%s o'ly .y )#%')e + s#e ,%s u'%.le $o )ome up , $# $#e mo'ey $o p%y o++ $#e de.$1

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

N%de)# &e+used* He pulled #e& )lose& %'d , $#ou$ mu)# p&e%m.le $& ed $o )o%4 Y%y% '$o su.m ss o'* S#e s$&u((led .u$ #e ,%s &ele'$less* T#e - ss $u&'ed +&om % .%$$le o+ s$&e'($# $o % su.m ss o' o+ $#e emo$ o's %'d p%ss o' $#%$ ,%s %l,%ys p&ese'$ .e$,ee' $#em* A+$e& some $ me0 #e + '%lly &elu)$%'$ly &ele%sed #e&* 8T# s s us* I ,%'$ you* I (uess ,e )%''o$ ,% $ u'$ l $omo&&o, ,#%$ I #%ve le%&'ed &e)e'$ly $od%y* 6e %&e (o '( $o #%ve % .%.y* H%d $ 'eve& )&ossed you& m 'd $#%$ ,e7ve 'eve& )o's de&ed . &$# )o'$&ol1 Yes* T# s s $&ue: I p&om se $#%$ I , ll 'eve& l e o& # de $# '(s +&om you eve& %(% '*9 H s ,o&ds le+$ Y%y% s#o)-ed .eyo'd %'y$# '( s#e #%d e')ou'$e&ed* P&e('%'$1 T#ou(#$ Y%y%* >+ )ou&se0 $ ,%s 'o$ % s$om%)# +lu0 s#e mus$ #%ve &e%l 5ed soo'e& $#%' $# s .e)%use ,#e' e4%)$ly d d s#e #%ve #e& me's$&u%l pe& od1 S#e ,%s e4pe)$ '( % .%.y , $# N%de)#* Ho, )ould l +e pl%y ou$ $# s ,%y1 He d d'7$ love #e& %'d 'o, $#e&e ,%s 'o &oom +o& %' eme&(e')y d vo&)e* S#e -'e, $#%$ s#e d d'7$ ,%'$ $o d&%( #e& +%m ly '$o % d vo&)e se$$leme'$ %'d % )us$ody .%$$le 'o,* S#e loved $# s m%' e4$&emely .u$ ye$ #e #%s 'eve& )l% med $#e s%me* 8I ,%'$ $# s .%.y* I$7s , $#ou$ % dou.$ $#e .%.y s m 'e* I #ope ,e )%' s$%y m%&& ed %'d I #ope you %&e , ll '( $o m%-e $# s m%&& %(e %s &e%l %s I ,ould l -e $ $o .e* I love you Y%y%*9 N%de)# )o'+essed* He d d'7$ .l '- .u$ loo-ed '$o #e& eyes0 #e& soul* T# s ,%s # s $&u$#* D%&e s#e pu$ +% $# %'d $&us$ , $# # m1 Y%y% $oo- % s$ep .%)- $o %llo, some d s$%')e +&om # m* 6 $# $#ese ,o&ds %lo'e s#e -'e, s#e ,%s /u )-ly ,e%-e' '(* I love you1 Y%y%7s m 'd &epe%$ed $* 6%s #e $ell '( $#e $&u$# o& ,%s $ .e)%use o+ $#e 'e, l +e s#e ,%s )%&&y '(1 I$ ,%s .e)om '( $oo mu)# +o& #e& o')e mo&e* 8I )%''o$ de%l , $# $# s & (#$ 'o,* Ple%se (o N%de)#* I .e( you %'d you -'o, $#%$ I &%&ely eve& %s- %'y$# '( +&om you* I , ll see you $omo&&o,*9 6 $# $#%$ s#e ,%l-ed $o ope' $#e doo& +o& # s le%ve*

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

8I -'o, $7s #%&d $o $&us$ my ,o&ds0 .u$ $ s $#e $&u$# %'d I #%ve 'eve& e4p&essed $ $o %'yo'e .e+o&e ' my ,#ole l +e* Ple%se $# '- $ ove& %'d I , ll .e #e&e e%&ly $omo&&o,* A&e you su&e you7ll .e o-%y %lo'e $o' (#$* I )%' ,% $ ' $#e )%& eve' + you l -e0 #e&e7s my 'um.e&* C%ll me ple%se + you 'eed %'y$# '(*9 6 $# # s l%s$ ,o&ds $o #e&0 #e ( '(e&ly s$epped ou$ o+ $#e %p%&$me'$ %'d s#u$ $#e doo& # msel+* T#e mmed %$e s le')e )%used Y%y% $o o')e %(% ' ,eep* T#e&e ,%s 'o$ mu)# else $o do .u$ $&y $o &es$ %'d )%lm #e& 'e&ves* Sleep mos$ l -ely , ll 'o$ #%ppe' .u$ 'o, s#e 'eeded $o )o's de& %'o$#e& pe&so' $#%' #e&sel+* He& .%.y $oo- p& o& $y* I$ ,%s su&p& s '(ly e%sy $o %))ep$ #e& 'e, )o'd $ o'* To )o'$ 'ue $o #%ve N%de)# ' #e& l +e ,ould .e % d&e%m )ome $&ue .u$ s#e ,o&& ed $#%$ $ ,%s'7$ %.ou$ #e& .u$ o'ly # s )# ld #e +el$ p&o$e)$ ve o+* He o'ly s% d #e loved #e& .e)%use o+ $#e .%.y0 m%y.e s)#em '( $o -eep #e& $#&ou(# % )o'+ess o' o+ u'dy '( love $o #e&* S#e d d'7$ ,%'$ $#e 'se)u& $ es $o $%-e ove& #e& $#ou(#$s .u$ $#e&e ,%s'7$ mu)# else $o &ely upo'* He d d'7$ &e%lly love #e& )ould #e1

Mo&' '( )%me %lmos$ $oo soo' +o& Y%y%* S#e $#ou(#$ ove& N%de)#7s &e%so' $o ,%'$ $o -eep $#e & m%&& %(e '$%)$* I$ ,%s %.ou$ $#e & .%.y %'d o'ly $#%$* S#e ,%s , ll '( $o )o')ede $#%$ s#e ,%'$ed $o .e p%&$ o+ # s ,o&ld* M%y.e somed%y #e , ll $&uly love #e&: #op '( #e& love ,%s e'ou(# +o& $#e .o$# o+ $#em* ?us$ %$ $#e s%me $ me0 $#e -'o))%me* I$ ,%s o'ly e (#$ ' $#e mo&' '( o' $# s S%$u&d%y* S#e ope'ed $#e doo& %'d N%de)# , $# %' %&m+ul o+ (&o)e&y .%(s* 8I .ou(#$ .&e%-+%s$* My %$$emp$s $o )oo- , ll 'o$ .e u$ l 5ed .u$ + you ,ould l -e $o $%-e )#%&(e I7d (l%dly .e you& sous )#e+*9 N%de)# )#ee&+ully e4pl% 'ed* Al&e%dy p&epp '( $#e v%& ous '(&ed e'$s $o m%-e .&e%-+%s$* I$ ,%s $o%s$0 e((s0 .%)o'0 s%us%(es %'d o&%'(e 3u )e $oo* Y%y% %lmos$ l%u(#ed +&om # s # (#2#%'ded'ess $o )o'$ 'ue $o d )$%$e $o #e& .u$ $#e' #e& s$om%)# (&o,led* S#e d d o'ly #%ve % ve&y l (#$ d ''e& l%s$ ' (#$ %'d + 'd '( #e& %ppe$ $e ')&e%sed $# s mo&' '(*

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

S#e mmed %$ely s$%&$ed $o (e$ $o ,o&- o' s)&%m.l '( $#e e((s %'d pu$$ '( $#e me%$ o' $#e s- lle$* B&e%-+%s$ ,%s e'3oyed ' s le')e* As mu)# %s Y%y% +el$ #u'(&y s#e d d'7$ &e%lly $%s$e $#e +l%vou&s ,# le $#e m%' ' +&o'$ o+ #e& )o'sumed eve&y$# '( o' # s o,' pl%$e* @%s$ ' (#$7s s$&essed d d'7$ %++e)$ # s %ppe$ $e* No$ ,%'$ '( $o del%y %'y +u&$#e& Y%y% ,% $ed $o #e%& ,#%$ else N%de)# ,%'$ed +&om #e&* 8I $# '- $#%$ $ ,ould .e .es$ + ,e &em% 'ed m%&& ed u'$ l $#e .%.y s .o&'* A+$e&,%&ds ,e s#ould %&&%'(e %' %m )%.le s)#edule $o s#%&e )us$ody o+ $#e .%.y* I $# '- I ,ould l -e $o &em% ' #e&e ' Ne, Yo&-* 6e s#ould .e %.le $o see- %' u'de&s$%'d '( +o& $#e s%-e o+ $# s .%.y*9 Y%y% ,%'$ed $o + &s$ ' $ %l 5e $# s $ype o+ )o've&s%$ o' ,# le s#e s$ ll #%d % levelled #e%d* S#e -'e, o')e s#e7s ( ve' . &$# s#e mos$ o.v ously ,ould )#%'(e #e& m 'd %.ou$ s#%& '( )us$ody* 8>u& .%.y 'eeds .o$# p%&e'$s* I %m 'o$ , ll '( $o d s)uss +u&$#e& %.ou$ $# s* You s#%ll &em% ' my , +e* T#e de.$ you p% d , ll .e &e$u&'ed $o <e'* T#e m%' su&e )%' l%y % # $* Yes0 you& love& # $ me* I -'o, I dese&ved $ .u$ $ does'7$ m%$$e& 'o,* 6#%$ #%ppe'ed ' $#e p%s$ s#ould s$%y $#e&e* @e$7s -eep ou& eyes +o&,%&d '$o ou& +u$u&e*9 N%de)# $oo- # s pl%$e %'d pl%)ed $ ' $#e s '- %'d )o'$ 'ued $o p%)e0 %lmos$ e'su& '( #e& - $)#e' +loo& o.$% 'ed % #ole ' $* 8Do'7$ d&%( <e' '$o $# s* He #%s .ee' % (&e%$ +& e'd %'d 'o$# '( mo&e* Bu$ I do 'o$ 'eed $o e4pl% ' %'ymo&e $o you0 you do 'o$ dese&ve %'y$# '( else +&om me* 6e )%' %(&ee $o d s%(&ee %.ou$ +u$u&e %&&%'(eme'$s* A'y,%ys I %m s$%y '( #e&e %'d you )%' do %s you ple%se* 6#e' $#e $ me )omes $o #%ve $# s .%.y I s#%ll le$ you -'o,* T#%'- you +o& .&e%-+%s$* I $oo %m $ &ed o+ $#e p%s$ %'d loo- '( %'4 ously +o& % .e$$e& +u$u&e*9 &epl ed Y%y%* N%de)# $u&'ed .%)- $o #e&* S#e &e%lly loo-ed de+e%$ed* S#e 'eve& &espo'ded $o # s )o'+ess o' o+ love0 d d s#e love # m %$ %ll1 >& eve' l -ed # m0 #e -'e, #e #%d % lo$ o+ (&ovell '( $o do %'d e4pl% ' ,#e' #e )#%'(e +&om ,%'$ '( $o , ' $o #%ve +%lle' ' love , $# #e&* He ,ould do $ +o& $#e &es$ o+ # s l +e: %'y$# '( +o& #e&*
3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it

8= 'e0 +o& 'o, le$7s le%ve $ %s s* Bu$ you %&e )om '( .%)- $o T#% l%'d , $# me* You 'eed 'o$ &e/u &ed $o do %'y$# '(0 3us$ )%&e +o& ou& .%.y %'d 'o$# '( mo&e* I+ you ,ould l -e $o ,o&-0 I , ll se$ up % s$ud o %'d o++ )e +o& you %'d <e' )%' mee$ you %$ #ome* You )%' le%ve eve&y$# '( #e&e0 I spo-e , $# $#e l%'dlo&d %'d $old # m ,e , ll )o'$ 'ue $o p%y $#e le%se +o& $#e &es$ o+ $#e ye%& .u$ you , ll 'o$ .e ' &es de')e*9 He '+o&med #e& so .l%$%'$ly* Y%y% ope'ed #e& mou$# $o p&o$es$ .u$ )ould'7$ le$ ou$ % ,o&d* S#e ,%s spee)#less* D d #e 'eed $o d )$%$e #e& l +e +u&$#e&1 H%d 'o$# '( )#%'(ed1 8No* @e%ve me %lo'e* I )%''o$ .el eve you %&e s$ ll $&y '( $o +o&)e me $o do $# '(s $#%$ I do 'o$ ,%'$ $o do* I+ $# s -eeps up $#e' I &e+use $o .e %m )%.le %'d ,%'$ % d vo&)e mmed %$ely* @e$ me s$%y #e&e* I , ll 'o$ &u' %,%y I p&om se you*9 Also se$ ' #e& s$u..o&' ,%ys* No$ me'$ o' '( %s ,ell $#%$ s#e7d s$%y pu$ ,#e' $#e .%.y %&& ves ,ould 'o$ 'e)ess%& ly .e % +o&e(o'e )o')lus o'* S#e ,%'$ed despe&%$ely $o #%ve % &e%l m%&& %(e .u$ 'o$ + $#e m%' )o'$ 'ued $o )o'$&ol eve&y$# '(* S#e o'ly ,%'$ed # s love0 ,%s $#%$ $oo mu)# $o %s-1

MY ISAAN HUSBAND: CHAPTER 4A I$ ,%s .y lu)- $#%$ $#e (&e%$ 'e,s +&om T%o %'d Po& ,%s %''ou')ed ' T#% l%'d* T#ey ,e&e (o '( $o o++ ) %lly $ e $#e -'o$ 'e4$ mo'$# %'d $#e p&ese')e o+ .o$# oldes$ s s$e& %'d .&o$#e& ' l%, ,%s 'e)ess%&y* Com '( .%)- $o T#% l%'d )%used Y%y% (&e%$ s$&ess .e)%use $ ,%s ,#e&e #e& &el%$ o's# p , $# N%de)# developed ' $#e mess $#ey +ou'd $#emselves 'o,* T#ey ,e&e .o$# u'%.le $o &el '/u s# $#e p%s$ %'d ye$ $ ,%s #%&d $o move +o&,%&d $o(e$#e& %s .o$# %ssumed $&us$ %'d love ,%s 'o$ p&ese'$ ' $#e & m%&& %(e*

3(his may not be geographically correct so do not uote me on it