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4 / June 10, 2005




Housing & Homelessness



Ethiopians Call for Free and Fair Elections Edited by y Selamawit Legesse and Mead Notkin

By Abebe Feleke and Selamawit Legesse the harmful objec-
with notes from Mead Notkin tive of obstructing
the election result."
Thousands of Ethiopians in the D.C He further stated
metropolitan area staged a thunderous that the state media
demonstration outside the State has muzzled the
Department on May 26 calling for the views of the opposi-
US to seriously monitor and save the tion by imposing a Organizers of the
election process in Ethiopia, which, they ban on their press rally address the
said, was marred by wide ranging fraud, releases and activi- crowd. Photo
rigging, irregularities and tampering by ties, while only Courtesy of
the incumbent regime in Ethiopia. allowing the regime www.ethiopia
to propagate its basis
Some demonstrators who support
the Coalition for Unity and Democracy and out right lies.
(CUD) and United Ethiopian One of the par-
Democratic Forces (UCDF), the two ticipants in the
main opposition parties contending for demonstration, Mr.
power, accused the ruling party, Eskender
Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Alemayehu, said that
Democratic Front (EPRDF) of trying to America should
cling to power by stealing the election stand for Ethiopian
results. Other demonstrators simply people. "President George Bush, in his Washington Spark that the task force Union, African Union, and Carter
wanted to see free and fair elections in second term inauguration speech, prom- would keep conducting its peaceful Center, who are monitoring the whole
Ethiopia. ised for those of us who are living in struggle. "In addition to our effort here process. The EU observer's mission
The demonstrations chided the tyranny and hopelessness, that the in the US, we are committed to express expressed "regret" at the way Ethiopian
our problem Electoral Board was counting and releas-
so that we ing votes as well as the bias of the only
can see the government owned broadcasting media
formation of in treating news and press releases relat-
Zenebech Tadesse, 70, of legal govern- ed to the election in favor of the ruling
Silver Spring Maryland, par- ment which party.
ticipating in her first political is loyal to the On May 19, the Carter Center
demonstration Thursday in rule of law. released a report on the organization's
front of the State We are plan- observation of the Ethiopian election.
Department. Supporters of The Center reported that it "deployed 50
ning to coor-
the opposition party are
dinate similar international observers from 17 countries
protesting possible tallying
fraud by the ruling EPRDF demonstra- to seven regions." The preliminary state-
party in this week's national tion in ment indicates that the Carter Center
election in Ethiopia, the London, found that "some irregularities in proce-
third in the nation's history. Rome, dures did occur, the most notable being
Official election results Stockholm, that ID cards were not always checked.
expected Monday. Photo By Paris, and in While officials consistently asked for
Mead Notkin other major voter cards, they failed to be equally dili-
cities of gent on the presentation of ID docu-
Europe." ments... ballots were not all counted and
marked before openings. Limited
regime for an early claim of victory, United States of America would not There are some international observer accounts of underage voting were
before ballot counting, and for deliber- ignore our oppression or excuse our teams in Ethiopia, including European reported."
ately delaying the announcement of pro- oppressors." Mr. Eskinder went on, say-
visional results. Some Ethiopians who ing, "USA and the rest of the interna-
were at the rally took this opportunity to tional community should warn the ruling
renounce ethnic division amongst them- party to avert full-scale violence by invit-
selves. ing rival opposition groups to dialogue."
Participants of the rally, representing The elections generated tremendous
every sector of the Ethiopian excitement in Ethiopia, a nation of 71
Community, presented a letter expressing million in which 25 million were regis-
their concern to Anne Simon, Ethiopia tered to vote and of those 90 percent
Country Officer with the State turned out on election day. They were
Department. Simon acknowledged the left with enormous tension and frustra-
demonstrators and stated that the United tion pending the finalization of the ballot
States is watching the election process counting.
very closely. The demonstrators also condemned
Chairman of the 2005 Ethiopian Ethiopian government's imposition of a
National Election Coordinating task state of emergency in Addis Ababa and
force Mr. Solomon Bekele said to the its surroundings for a month after the
Washington Spark, "Currently, opposi- May 15 election as an illegal action to
tion supporters and ballot observers are cover up the forcible alteration of the
being abducted, intimidated, harassed election result in favor of the govern-
and imprisoned by the authorities with ment. Mr. Solomon Bekele told the

Law 11

Activists Challenging Guantanamo and Gonzales, Still Seek Justice
Barrows and Perry testified they had the
good faith belief that their actions were
legal: petitioning a redress of grievances
as stated in the First amendment. Since
the matter they were protesting had to do
with the violent maltreatment of prison-
ers, a clear violation of the US Recent reports in the media have con-
Constitution's Eighth Amendment, they firmed that “sadistic, blatant, and wanton
felt the proper place to express them- criminal abuses” (Taguba Report) have
selves was on the property of the been committed against Iraqi detainees by
Supreme Court. U.S. personnel.
US Attorney Miriam Valloy ques-
tioned the intentions of the pro-se defen- TASSC calls on the United States
dants. "With civil disobedience you will- government to:
fully break a law and face the conse-
 Ensure the protection of all its
quences." detainees from any form of torture or ill-
Members of the DC Anti War Network protest the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales
During her May 4 judgment, Wynn treatment.
as U.S. Attorney General outside the Supreme Court.
Photo Courtesy of Brendan Hoffman
agreed with the defense that the first  Release all documents in its posses-
clause of the statute, mentioning parades, sion related to abuse of Iraqi detainees and
By Pete Perry rallies on the property of the US processions and assemblages, did not make public all subsequent reports of
Supreme Court, four days before the trial apply to the three activists. investigations upon their completion.
Three Washington peace and justice began on May 2. The new charge, from The second clause of Section 6135
activists will soon be returning to DC US Title 40, Section 6135, has a lesser remains in question. The law states one TASSC calls on Congress to pledge that all
hearings on this subject will be open to the
Superior Court to learn their verdict in a maximum penalty and therefore did not cannot "display a flag, banner or device
trial stemming from a February 9 protest call for a jury trial. designed or adapted to bring into public
at the US Supreme Court. "By switching the charge so soon notice a party, organization, or move- Please contact your representatives and
The three were protesting the abuse before the trial, the government put us at ment" while on the property of the senators and urge them to insist on public
of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, a disadvantage," said pro-se Defendant Supreme Court. Wynn said in her opinion disclosure of all documents related to
Afghanistan and Iraq, and the confirma- Potts. "We were preparing for a jury trial. the sign and the two black hoods were abuse of Iraqi prisoners.
tion of Alberto Gonzales as attorney … Through this entire process the gov- devices designed to further an issue, or
general. Gonzales is the author of a gov- ernment has acted in bad faith." movement. U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121
ernment memo stating the U.S. govern- If convicted, the defense plans to "We were not promoting any move- For the White House Comment Line:
ment was not beholden to the Geneva challenge the law as a clear violation of ment, we were asking the court to uphold
The President’s email address is:
Convention on the treatment of prison- the US Constitution's First Amendment the Constitution," Barrows said. "The
ers of war when detaining individuals in during the appeal process. anti-torture movement in this country
the "War on Terror." During the protest, Barrows and ended with the passage of the 8th Please contact Harold Nelson with your
David Barrows, Pete Perry and Potts took part in street theater, by por- Amendment in 1789." information:
Mitchell Potts were initially charged with traying themselves as torture victims Another witness in the three-day trial
unlawful entry when they refused to leave wearing black hoods, sitting in stress was Harold Nelson, a member of the
the lower steps of the Supreme Court. positions with their hands behind their Torture Abolition and Survivors Support More information can be found on the
The government, however, changed backs. Perry stood next to them holding a Coalition (TASSC), which is planning a group's website at
the unlawful entry charge, which requires sign and asked onlookers if this type of large rally to draw attention to the use of Barrows, Perry and Potts are sched-
a jury trial, to a violation of a 1949 law treatment was justice. torture of various governments around uled to appear before Judge Wynn June
prohibiting certain kinds of protests and During the trial pro-se defendants the globe on June 26 in Lafayette Park. 30 at 2:30 p.m. at 500 Indiana Avenue.

Observer's Notebook: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

By Michael Shiferaw opposition with approximately 170 seats, EPRDF. This is not a normal and easy tional right to protest, and are even going
Edited by Mead Notkin but both parties are claiming victory. The practice for a country like ours. The oppos- to court to sue him.
From an email, Tuesday, June 7 outcome of the election will be deter- ing parties are so at odds that it seems In the latest news the situation is deteri-
mined by the investigation, the assessment unlikely they will be able to cooperate and orating. On June 6, four hundred univer-
Let me tell you what I know about the of the foreign observers, and whether the hold the nation together for the next five sity students protesting and shouting
elections in a manner as free of bias as I competing parties accept the result or not. years. It's uncertain if the nation will through the fence of their campus were
am capable. The official report of the At present there is a heavy air of stress and remain intact, let alone move towards a bet- detained by the police. There is a state of
electoral board is still pending while com- tension in Addis Ababa, and people are ter future. I say this from what I see in the agitation and excitement in the city.
plaints of fraud are being investigated. afraid. attitudes of the leaders of both parties, Violence seems a real possibility, and the
The board is forming committees com- In terms of the unofficial result, the especially from the opposition that seem to police are on the alert to maintain order
posed of both the complaining parties and organizational structure of the govern- want all the cake or none at all. The oppo- and control. People do not seem to take
the accused at the disputed stations, and ment is such that each administrative sition and their supporters seem irrational- this positively. The city is so full of sol-
international observers have been invited region is autonomous. In the capitol city ly bitter towards the EPRDF, so that peace- diers that it is reminiscent of life under the
to monitor the process. The official elec- of Addis Ababa, one such autonomous ful coexistence may be difficult if not Derg, the ruling committee from 1974 to
tion results will be announced after the region, the opposition has won all twenty- impossible to achieve. 1987. Our future now hinges on how the
board has made a final determination on three seats in congress. In fact, the oppo- Right now we are waiting for the conclu- electoral process plays out and whether
the complaints. If the complaining parties sition has won a majority of seats in most sion of the investigations and the both sides will accept the result.
are not satisfied with the fairness of the of the larger cities. The EPRDF has con- announcement of the official result.
investigation, the board has declared they ceded this and declared that it is ready to [Prime Minister] Meles has banned demon- Michael Shiferaw is a writer and architect liv-
are free to pursue their claims in court. hand over power when the time comes. strations in order to prevent violence from ing in Addis Ababa. He is the author of a
The tentative results have the EPRDF This means the capitol is to be adminis- breaking out and events from spinning out recent study on the legendary Ethiopian poet and
with 301 of the 524 seats in parliament, tered by the opposition while the federal of control. The opposition claims the novelist, Tsegaye Gabremedhin.
enough to form a government, and the government is to be headed by the prime minister has violated their constitu-

12 Housing and Homelessness Edited by Allison Barnett

More Affordable Housing On The Way
the waiting list only. It does not
guarantee that you will be
offered housing assistance,”
states the DCHA website.
While people are on a waiting
list, they are offered no support
and are expected to continue to
be homeless. Even if a person is
living in a shelter, many have
limitations on the number of
days they are permitted to stay.
Organizations like
Healthcare for the Homeless,
part of Unity Health Care Inc.,
are aware of these realities and
provide services to those in
need. By driving a mobile unit
around DC and stopping at
various sites, Healthcare for the
Homeless tries to reach as
many as they can.
“Starting around 6:00pm
Monday through Thursday, and
Fridays starting at around
8:00am, the van can be found
Manager of Health Care for the Homeless John Craig and driver Everett Delph work provide health in the streets of Washington
services from their Unity Health Care Mobile Unit on 24th and G. Photo by: Allison Barnett © 2004 providing medical care and
referrals,” the Unity Health
By Allison Barnett Business Journal, HUD deemed the pro-
Care website states.
gram “ineffective.” The DCHA states on
Driver Everett Delph said the program
Steps toward developing more afford- their website that Hope VI was “remark-
helps people obtain health insurance,
able housing in DC are finally being taken. ably successful.”
provides social services, and does any-
According to Director of Non-Profit The changes in Housing Production Trust
thing to support the homeless. “We
Housing and Economic Development Fund usage would make it possible for
should reach out to the homeless
Amanda Huron, housing activists, the developers to use local money in this man-
because there is a lot of it out there.”
Mayor and the City Council are planning ner.
to change the Housing Production Trust Creating affordable housing is only a
Fund to make developing affordable hous- first step. There are still major barriers for
ing in DC more efficient and large scale. eligible people to apply and obtain the
“The Trust Fund is there for developers housing that will be made available
to use to build affordable housing, and is through the Trust Fund.
targeted to the residents with the greatest People who want to apply for housing
housing needs,” Huron told the
Washington Spark.
The DC Housing Authority (DCHA)
plans to build hundreds of mixed-income
apartments in the Sheridan Terrace prop-
erty over the next two and a half years.
There are many more under construction
right now that will be completed in the
To become a “Friend of the Trust Fund”
next few years, according to Huron.
and endorse the Housing Production Trust
The changes to the Trust Fund will help Fund, email
get these affordable housing projects fin-
ished sooner, and to create many more. To donate to Unity Health Care and
“The problem with the Trust Fund right Healthcare for the Homeless, go to
now is that the Department of Housing
and Community Development is notori-
ously known for being inefficient, and the
available funds for developers were not can go to the Client Placement Division,
being spent,” Huron said. “But there is a located at 1133 North Capitol Street NE,
new director now who will get things on Suite 178, between 8:30am-3:45pm
track and bunches of people are working Monday-Thursday.
to reform the way the department works.” But there are problems for people
The changes being made to the depart- applying who live in shelters, transitional
ment, as well as to the Housing housing, or are homeless on the street.
Production Trust Fund usage, are especial- Applicants should expect to be on a long
ly important because there will no longer waiting list, and the DCHA will not
be federal funding for large scale afford- inform applicants how long they can
able housing projects in 2006. expect to wait. Where an applicant stands
Huron said that the Department of on the waiting list is determined by many
Housing and Urban Development (HUD) factors.
is eliminating Hope VI, a program “The District of Columbia Housing
designed to tear down distressed buildings Authority has waiting list selection prefer-
and redevelop them with affordable hous- ences for certain situations. Indicating a
ing. According to the Washington preference affects where you are placed on

Public Health Edited by Justin Orndorff 13

Gates Foundation Increases Global Health Funding,
Highlights Where Progress Needs to be Made
By Justin Orndorff Vaccine Initiative. The Foundation has increasing abstinence-only programs.
Approximately six million people die each contributed over $3.5 billion in grants to However, increased international funding
At the opening session of the World year due to HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and global health organizations. to the Global Fund would insure that it
Health Organization’s annual assembly malaria—translating to over 16,000 needless In many cases, the global health situa- remains the strongest independent fund-
March 16, Bill Gates advocated for the deaths each day. tion has grown increasingly fragmented ing source for the problem of AIDS, TB
world’s “historical chance” to eradicate It is estimated that 45 million people will and inaccessible over the past 15 years. and Malaria in developing countries.
serious diseases. On behalf of the Bill & become infected with HIV/AIDS between These rates have all increased in recent Estimates published in the journal
Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates, 2002 and 2010. 29 million of these new decades due to many factors—among Science suggest that $9-12 billion is need-
founder of Microsoft and recent honorary infections can be prevented with adequate them the commodification of drinking ed each year to address HIV/AIDS, tuber-
knight, promised to more than double his access to prevention and treatment pro- water and the gradual dwindling and culosis and malaria. The Global Fund cur-
funding, to total $450 million, in order to grams. increasingly-expensive health care run by rently sponsors and closely monitors over
combat 14 major health challenges— In 2003, 8.8 million people fell ill with TB, multinational corporations (both affecting 300 programs with an estimated 100 pro-
including improving child vaccines, creat- 2 million people died. the areas of prevention and treatment). grams to be added during the course of
ing new vaccines, controlling disease- Malaria killed at least a million people in Each of these diseases can be prevented, this year.
transmitting insects, improving nutrition 2004—with 90% of these fatalities children but not without conscious change in the
and drug treatment and improving techno- and 90% from Sub-Sahara Africa. hearts and minds of policymakers, trade
logical conditions in developing countries organizations and the power of grassroots
for more accurate and helpful health IT organizations.
for patient records. and the health of those in the rest of the One such partnership, The Global Fund
The Foundation announced the increase world,” Gates continued. “I am here to to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
in funds earmarked for the Grand talk about how the world, working togeth- (founded in 2001), has received over $4.7
Challenges in Global Health, administered er, can dramatically reduce this inequity. billion in funds guaranteed through 2008.
by the National Institutes of Health, to Never before, have we had anything close Despite the large sum, the Global Fund Donate to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS,
support researching diseases which dispro- to the tools we have today to both spread remains vastly in need of financial help. Tuberculosis
portionately affect members of develop- awareness of the problem and discover Many countries have followed suit with and Malaria.
ing nations. “We are not doing enough to and deliver solutions.” the US’s recent reduction in funds, which
deliver the solutions we do have, and we’re The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, cut its 2004 donation by $200 million from
not spending enough to find the solutions founded in January 2000 from the merger the previous years’ $550 million sum. Or in writing payable to:
we don’t have. As a result, millions of peo- of the William H. Gates and Gates Other donors have not kept their word United Nations Foundation
ple die every year. This doesn’t tell a flat- Learning Foundation, seeks to promote after initial pledges. Attn: Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB &
tering story about humanity, but the story greater equity in the areas of global health, Despite the recent cuts, the US remains Malaria
isn’t over. In fact, the story is starting to education and public libraries. The the Global Fund’s largest contributor—a Dept. 344
change,” said Gates. Foundation has donated over $1 billion in fact that may shackle the Fund to US pol- Washington, DC 20055-0344
“There is a tragic inequity between the grants to the United Negro College Fund, icy interests, particularly in areas dealing
health of people in the developed world $750 million to The Vaccine Fund and with treatment for sex workers and
$126.5 million to the International AIDS

Sources, from page 8 A Brief History of Nepal
5.. Khagendra Thapa, Ph.D., "On Nepal:
Elected Criminals and Grand Corruption in By Kirt Undercoffer
Politics," Peace Journalism, June 2005, Nepal is the world’s only Hindu king- Following a brief war with the British, serious establishment of democracy with
ArticleID=2692 dom and is composed of various ethnici- the 1816 Sugauli Treaty established the Nepali Congress Party and the
ties and religious identities dominated by Nepal's present eastern and western Communist Party of Nepal sharing
6. Patrick Hogan, "Human Rights Crisis in the Hindu majority Newaris. boundaries. Jung Bahadur seized power most of the votes. Establishing democracy
Nepal: the View of Dinesh Praisan,"
Nepali identity begins with the Kirati after 1846, establishing himself as in Nepal has proven to be a difficult task,
Washington Spark, May 11, 2005, people in the 7th century BC. They estab- prime minister for life and taking the complicated by a poor economy, illiteracy
es/May11th2005/World_May11th2005.pdf lished a kingdom in the Kathmandu valley title of Rana. The Ranas later became and an ethnically fragmented population.
which continued until 200 AD. hereditary and ruled from Kathmandu The Maoist rebellion, beginning in 1996
7."Draconian Laws to Curb Media," Kantipur 200 AD saw the invasion of the though the following century. and concentrated in Western Nepal, posed
Online, 20May 2005, Licchavi from India, bringing Hinduism With the British withdrawal from India further challenges. which largely replaced Buddhism, and in 1948, the Ranas' lost their chief sup- June 2001 saw the massacre of the
&nid=40615 ushered in a classical period of Nepalese port. Civil unrest followed eventually Nepaili royal family by Crown Prince
art and architecture. resulting in the accession of King Dipendra in an alleged family dispute over
8. Charles Haviland, "Nepal's Rising Vigilante
The Licchavi were succeeded by the Tribhuvan as ruler in 1951. His govern- the queen's disapproval of Dipendra's girl-
Violence," BBC News, March 14, 2005, Thakuri dynasty circa 879 AD. Nepal ment was comprised of Ranas and mem- friend. Dipendra was nominally king for
4346597.stm endured several centuries of invasion bers of the two days until he died of self-inflicted
until the rise of the Malla dynasty, which Nepali Congress Party. King wounds. Consequently Prince Gyanendra,
9.Chitra Tewari, "India Delivers Arms to saw a renaissance of Nepali art and cul- Mahendra, successor to King Tribhuvan, brother of King Birendra ascended to the
Nepal," ture. Several independent city-states established a partyless system with the throne. King Gyanendra has dissolved the
Washington Times, May 14, 2005, were established including Kathmandu prime minister and a large percentage of government at least twice and seems to and Patan. The Malla dynasty reached it's the national assembly appointed directly have had even less success with quelling
-104752-5094r.htm height in the 15th century. by the king. the Maoist rebellion than his brother. Of
The rulers of Gorkha, west of the King Birendra assumed power in 1972 late the Maoists have extended their
10.Somnath Ghimire, "100 Day Anniversary
of King Gyanendra's Executive Power," Kathmandu Valley, conquered the Malla's but continued the partyless system until war sporadically into 74 of Nepal's 75
Nepali Post, May 21, 2005, in 1768 and established Kathmandu as the violent protests in 1989 prompted him to districts, while essentially establishing con- capital. They began a brief period of dissolve his government, legalize the trol of seven districts.
expansion ending in 1792 following their political parties and invite the opposition
defeat in an invasion of Tibet. to form a government. This began the

14 Edited by Jennifer Holder

JUNE City Cale n d ar Please send community announcements & event info to:
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print every item, but we'll try!

June 10 June 17 June 25 and 26 Ongoing
Provisions Library Hosts Workshop Global Protests at Embassies DC Caribbean Carnival Annual Summer Film Series
by PEN Two days before the "arrest yourself" events on Banneker Park Wednesdays June 9th to July 21st. 12:00 PM
Provisions is proud to announce this year's June 19th, we are calling on individuals and $5 admission, Parade free Institute for Policy Studies,
DHARMA AND DIVERSITY workshop, June groups around the world to organize mega- DC Caribbean Carnival is one of the fastest grow- 733 15th Street NW, Suite 1020
10-12, 2005. The workshop is entitled Culture protests in front of embassies of Burma's military ing Carnivals in North America.
Clash: Journeys Out to the World & Down to regime. Where possible, we call on individuals and To date, all of the participating groups have been Foreign Policy In Focus is proud to announce its
the Self, and features Literary Award Winner groups to conduct peaceful civil disobedience local to the DC Metropolitan Area, comprising of annual summer film series.
Faith Adiele, English Professor at the University aimed at disrupting the activities of the representatives from every Caribbean country. Generation X-Saddam.
of Pittsburgh and author of MEETING embassies. The carnival has enjoyed support from several A Film By Shelly Saywell,
FAITH: The Forest Journals of a Black In Washington, DC activists will "deliver" 6,000 local, national and family-owned businesses. The First Run/Icarus Films
Buddhist Nun. To register contact: birthday cards (in honor of Aung San Suu Kyi's highlight of the Carnival is the annual parade, Q&A with Anas Shallal, Iraqi Dissident and Co-
Provisions Library 60th birthday) signed by people living in the which includes twenty-two colorful bands of mas- Founder of the Mesopotamia Cultural Society and
1611 Connecticut Ave NW, Wash DC, 20009 United States to Aung San Suu Kyi. If the queraders accompanied by the sweetest, most Peace Cafe. This timely and eerily prophetic film
202-299-0460 embassy refuses to accept the cards, we may leave infectious music, will be dancing up a storm down weaves together the lives of several Iraqis both
them in a ceremonious heap on the front steps. Georgia Avenue from Missouri Avenue, NW to just before and just after the US-led war to topple
Official Capital Pride 2005 Banneker Park, NW across from the campus of Saddam Hussein. Examines the historical implica-
Opening Party at Cobalt Howard University. tions of US foreign policy towards Iraq and how
Friday June 10, 10 p.m.-3 a.m the chaos following the war has impacted the lives
Come let loose and be proud, with a few hundred The Autobiography of Medgar Evers of Iraqis from across economic, social, and politi-
of your friends! Featuring music all night by Friday June 17, 6:30 pm June 29 - July 2 cal spectrums. This a free event, with light refresh-
world-famous DJ DAVID KNAPP (Roxy/Twilo Karibu Books ments. For more information, contact
/Limelight/NYC/Atlanta) and hosted by Miss The Mall at Prince George's STARVIN' FOR JUSTICE 2005 Adam Waxman
Lena Lett and Miss Capital Pride 2005. .. 21+ w/ Myrlie Evers-Williams along with Manning 12th Annual Fast & Vigil 202-234-9382
ID, cover. For more information visit: Marable will discuss and sign The Autobiography to Abolish the Death Penalty, and of Medgar Evers. Medgar Evers was one of the at the U.S. Supreme Court
greatest leaders of the civil rights movement - and 9:30pm - Last Supper: The Last Supper will take
June 11 for that, he was assassinated. This June marks the
42nd anniversary of his death. There has been
place at "Taverna The Greek Islands," which is
located at 305 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, just down
The Sudan Campaign
Weekdays at noon
DC Premiere of the New Film: much written on Martin Luther King, Jr. and the street from the Library of Congress, and only 2210 Mass Ave., NW
22/8: The Jeff Luers Story Malcolm X, but until now, Medgar's story, in his three blocks from SCOTUS. They know who we The Christian Solidarity International (CSI)
own voice, has not been told. are, they like us, we have a reservation, we can demonstrations and arrests continue at Sudan
Saturday June 11, - 7pm
order off the menu again this year, there will be Embassy. The Sudan Campaign calls for daily
$5 donation to benefit Jeff Luers
plenty of choices for vegetarians, and to quote the demonstrations and nonviolent civil disobedience
In Solidarity with the June 10-12 Weekend of
Resistance for political prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers:
June 20 boss, "We will take care of you." Plan to spend $8
to $15, not including drinks.
at the Sudanese Embassy, 2210 Massachusetts
Ave., NW, in Washington, D.C. at noon to Stop the Genocide and Free the Slaves. The demonstra-
June 2005 marks the five-year anniversary of
Oregon environmental political prisoner, Jeff Hiroshima/Nagasaki Never Again! tions call for humanitarian intervention Darfur
"Free" Luers. Jeff was sentenced to more than 22 The Nagasaki-Hiroshima Peace Committee June 30 and opposition to genocide in Sudan.
years in prison for burning three Sport Utility is conducting their third annual essay contest Call 202-498-8644 or
Vehicles (SUVs) at a car dealership in Eugene, to send a national capital area youth to represent ERIK SAAR and VIVECA NOVAK
Oregon, and on attempted arson charges. Jeff set the Committee at the World Conference INSIDE THE WIRE
fire to SUVs to call attention to climate change Against the Atom and Hydrogen Bombs in Politics and Prose
and to protest oil wars and environmental Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan. 5015 Conn. AveNW, Wash DC 20008 Women in Black Vigil
destruction. He was well-known to law enforce- The Committee has been working since 1980 to (Penguin Press, $24.95) Every 3rd Wednesday 6:30-7 pm
ment because of his involvement with national break the silence about the tragedy that took Army sergeant Erik Saar's description of the sexu- Martin & Patrick Sts., Frederick, MD
forest protection (starting an occupation of a place in 1945, when our own government explod- al interrogation tactics used on prisoners at WIB does a silent vigil mourning all violence the
controversial old-growth timber sale in 1998), ed two atomic bombs on the Japanese at the end Guantanamo shocked the world when it was third Wednesday of the month. Wear black, but
anti-police brutality activism (documenting ram- of World War II. leaked to the Associated Press in January. In col- bring no additional signs.
pant police abuse in Eugene), free food programs The Committee seeks a mature youth (age 17-26). laboration with journalist Viveca Novak, Saar Call 301-834-7581 or
in a local park and his teaching of self-defense to He or she must compete in an essay contest by details his experience as an enthusiastic volunteer
women. Since his imprisonment, Jeff has contin- submitting a 700 - 1,000 word essay emphasizing in the War on Terror who witnessed torture and
ued to be extremely active in prison and fight our message of Hiroshima/Nagasaki Never abuse at the prison camp.
oppression with his words and inspiration. Again! Abolish Nuclear Weapons!" Picket At The Embassy Of Haiti
The deadline is June 20, 2004. The person cho- Closing Wednesdays 12 noon - 1:30pm
June 12 sen as delegate will have all travel and other
On the Subject of War
Embassy Of Haiti
expenses covered and will give several talks 2311 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Annual Capital Pride Parade and/or speeches on the subject. The Please send Location: Provisions Library Democracy activists are under brutal attack in
Sunday June 12, Washington Park. essays and correspondence c/o: 1611 Conn. Ave NW, Suite 200, Wash DC 20009 Haiti or in exile. Political prisoners fill the jails,
Line Up 9:45 AMStep Off at 11:30 AM. John Steinbach 202-299-0460 executed bodies fill the morgues and families flee-
This year's Parade will be even bigger! This year's 7615 Lake Drive Closes June 26th ing persecution sleep each night in a different
parade route starts at Sprague Place, goes out to ManassasVA 20111 How much can we know about war? place.
Washington Avenue, down to Lark Street, all the (703)369-7427 This exhibition of contemporary art raises dilem- Free All Political Prisoners In Haiti!
way to Madison Avenue, onto Willet Street and mas of recording in pictures the atrocities and Stop State Sponsored Terror In Haiti Now!
back into the park at Hudson Avenue at which June 23-27 absurdities of war. The artists not only document
war but lead us to confront our own relationship
Contact Epica at 202-332-0292,
or by e-mail at
time a full day of celebration will begin at the fes-
tival grounds. Come watch the parade and then June 30-July 4 to these horrifying realities.
join us in Washington Park immediately after for
the start of our Annual Pride Festival. SMITHSONIAN
Our calendar is just the tip of the iceberg!
June 16 11am.-5:30pm daily
5:30pm-9pm evening events This calendar may include listings from the following websites:
Framework Panel Four: Artist as Activist Activist Events: Karibu Books:
Friday June 16, 6:00pm-8:00pm A celebration of contemporary living traditions.
Provisions Library The Festival typically includes daily and evening Metro DC Committee of Correspondence: Washington Peace Center:
Light refreshments. This event is free and open to programs of music, song, dance celebratory per-
the public. Please join us. Transformer, in partner- formance, crafts and cooking demonstrations, sto- DC Calendar of Events: The Abolitionist Action Committee:
ship with Provisions Library, is pleased to present rytelling, illustrations of workers' culture, and nar-
Artist as Activist - a panel discussion focusing rative sessions for discussing cultural issues. The DC Independent Media: Politics and Prose:
on the artists, artwork and curatorial themes of Festival encourages visitors to participate - to
two current exhibitions:
learn, sing, dance, eat traditional foods, and con-
We Could Be Heroes verse with people presented in the Festival pro-
U.S. Campaign for Burma: D.C. Caribbean Carnical:
May 21 - June 25 at Transformer, and gram.
On the Subject of War Capital Pride: Provisions Library:
May 4 - June 26 at Provisions Library.

Photography Edited by Brendan Hoffman 15

Photoblogger Group’s The Mall, John Ulaszek

Debut in DC
As DC Flickr regular John Windmueller The Washington DC/Metro Area group
put it, “what started as a ‘hey, wouldn't it includes about 340 members; the group
be cool if...’ question has grown into a “photo pool” is a repository of more
real event that's going to happen thanks than 3000 photos that anyone can browse
to the enthusiasm, creativity, and work of or search by key words. It’s open to the
lots of DC Flickr folks.” public, so if you live in the DC area or
have some great photos of the area you’d
Flickr—for those not yet in the know—is like to share, log on and join in.
an online photo management and sharing
program that functions more like a cyber- Target Opening Date: June 25, 2005;
space community of photography enthu- should remain up for viewing for about
siasts, collectors of vacation snapshots, two weeks.
and everything in between. And the “real Location: El Tamarindo restaurant, 7331
event” is a photo exhibit (physical, not Georgia Ave. NW, Washington, DC
virtual) featuring select works by about
two dozen regular members of the For more information: Erick, (202) 291-
Washington DC/Metro Area Flickr 0525 Some of the photos in the exhibit
group, a club of sorts that is slowly but will be available for sale.
surely expanding from the world of inter- For more information about Flickr or to On the Potomac, Jennifer Foley
net message boards to in-person meet-ups. open a free account, visit

Naranja Mecanica, Erick Adali

T Street Traffic Light, Matthew Bradley

Birds in Flight, Matt Billings