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Ansari Salma khatoon,

Byculla, Mumbai.
India 400011.
Tel; 00919869252734
Date; 25th may 2007

Subject; mushir come to India. And about my college.

Respected mummy how are you? I am fine here and don’t worry
about me. May be this week mushir come to India. On dated 25th may 2007
Friday today. When he coming I send something like a jeans pants. When
you received just give me a message. My no is change because my sim card
is rejected and my new no is 00966554527157. So please note down.
And when mushir come back please send me as a tell you before
mushir in India my be 7 days only . So please contact to Laddan when he not
meet you.
And father come t Mumbai and what happened I village having any
decision or what happened please tell my. And you also when any one comes
here Saudi please send me letter also to reply me because on phone I can’t
tell every thing.
And mummy father may be coming tell me the situation about
village and condition of grandmother . Are she is ok? Tell to mushir.

And this time I call to mobile of Mami every one asking me when
you coming ? That time Asma also at home. I talk to every one. Actually I
want to talk with father but all coming that’s why I talking to each other.
And I need to ask you mummy are you tell to him about my marriage with
Safoora. Because as they are talking with me that’s why I am guess that why
every one asking about me when you coming. So I tell to you my mummy
please don’t tell to any one about my marriage in advance because I know at
that time Qamer at home you tell to him not in serious but they know and
also you tell to Mami just in joking but may be they take this serious. And
then if you refuse to marry then relation become bad. So avoid it to tell in
advance . Just wait for correct time and the you tell to him I have a really no
problem at all. But my request is that before you decide any thing please one
time asks to me. I always obey you but at least tell to me.

Now days Akramuddin tell to me that Iqbal coming from Dubai so

tell to father please met him and give my new mobile no and ask about me
what I do in future and how to progress me an how to get I more knowledge
and make more experience. When mushir come back to Saudi please reply
my letter by the hand o him and I collect that letter to mushir.

And Papa what are you doing now a days take computer
experience as much as possible and gain knowledge and also complete your
study. If your admission is not possible then do it graduation as a part time
like me. So that purpose you contact to Mr. Haroon sir no is 9869312523 is
the main person of that college and most important thing is he is very good
friend of Channi bhai for contact Haroon first contact to Channi bhai and
check on website called . And also ask to Haroon about
my certificate why not coming give him my all information him …….
Name of student; Ansari Asraruddin father name; Ansari
Enrolment no; 69-2000-2879
Course name; BA three year courses from Maulana azad national Urdu
university hydra bad
Center no; 69 Anjuman school Kurla Mumbai
Examination problem; second year subject history code 202 and public
administration code 204
Problem only assignment of 2nd year in history 202 paper one and two
Assignment not reached to university and
Public administration code 204 same year paper one assignment only.

So papa please discuss about my problem to Haroon. He always come

to Channi bhai home. And ask please issue me a mark sheet and also board
certificate can you do that for me ? and also contact to Samad 9892349988.
What happened because I give hi my college ID and tell him to write down
my assignment and submit to the university and cleared my gradation.
Because if you tell to Haroon about my problem he also asking you to
submit all assignment. Because without submit all assignment he can’t issue
me certificate so please tell to Samad about my problem but first you talk to
Haroon at Channi bhai home. Please do it is very important for me because
almost one year passed away. And also ask to admission your but don’t
discuss to all specially to Saud .
And one more thing that you do for me please ask to Sandeep no is
9819930515 for my experience certificate.
And now a days what happening in our area and what happened of
our HANS ROAD what happened of making building. And tell to Salam
Channi bhai wife and Munia khala. And as well as Azad sir. And now days
my friends doing a phone or not. Or may be they forget me. And how is
khala in village whether she is good or not got. Make a call to khala
And in village what happened of partition of property.
Whether all happened well, and how is Mami, Tara, Asma and all people of
village. And how are Jameel and her family. Last time in month of august I
calling him almost one year before. They all are good. For this letter please
reply me soon.

From your loving and obedient son.

Ansari Asraruddin.
jeddah Saudi Arabia
May 23, 2007.