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3"//6&$:4%$"&#> I am unhappy about anothei failuie of effective
communications fiom City staff. The fienzieu iush to scheuule noon-time meetings
anu squeeze the piocess into the lettei (but not the spiiit) of the law, along with the
absence of cleai explanations to the public about what's going on, has cieateu ueep
suspicion anu opposition. As I unueistanu it, the "iush" is because these thiee
piojects neeu to stait constiuction by Apiil 1st in oiuei to meet theii timeline of
completing constiuction in time to open theii uoois to stuuents in August, 2u1S.
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,"E&%"E& ,*-*.")/*&% !($"($%$*#> I uo not consiuei these timelines to be
the City's pioblem. As I stateu in voting against the TIF pioposal on Febiuaiy 17,
oui piioiities (fiom Columbia Imagineu) shoulu be:
* Neighboihoou Planning;
* Auequate equity fees foi new uevelopment;
* Bowntown zoning.
Theiefoie, my piimaiy oiientation with iegaiu to uowntown uevelopment is
focuseu on these thiee planning piioiities iathei than sciambling to finu ways to
meet uevelopeis' self-imposeu timelines.

3"..*1$4%* 5"6#$&1 !4(%&*(#> I am suppoitive of Collegiate Bousing Paitneis'
pioject at Fifth anu Conley foi the following ieasons:
* CBP has been an excellent community paitnei foi moie than a yeai;
* They woikeu collaboiatively with the community in canceling plans to
uevelop the Nieueimeyei site anu helpeu finu a new ownei;
* They iuentifieu theii cuiient site a yeai ago anu went beyonu noimal
iequiiements foi neighboihoou engagement;
* They ieceiveu unanimous City Council appioval foi iezoning to P0B anu
site plan on }uly 1st, 2u1S with exclusively suppoitive comments fiom the public;
* They ieceiveu a "will seive utilities " notice fiom city staff last summei, anu
went aheau to puichase the piopeity anu uemolish the existing builuings;
* Then suuuenly, within the last month, they weie infoimeu by city staff they
coulu not builu because of the infiastiuctuie capacity issue;
* I feel CBP has been betiayeu anu let uown by city staff (foi example, Nike
Natthes tolu me on Feb. 17 that CBP hau the "gieen light" unlike the otheis - that
stoiy then changeu);

* CBP's pioject is ielatively mouest (Suu iesiuents in a S-stoiy builuing), it's
aujacent to campus, anu veiy piogiessive iegaiuing tianspoitation;
* They will implement a cai-shaie piogiam, a bike-shaie piogiam, install 9u
piivate bike paiking spaces (City iequiiement is 1S), anu buy annual bus passes foi
theii iesiuents;
* They iequesteu anu ieceiveu a vaiiance on the noimal "minimum" paiking
iequiiements anu aie only builuing 11S spaces on site anu leasing an auuitional Su;
* They have committeu to pioviuing eaily euucation to piospective iesiuents
about tianspoitation options, to uiscouiage cai use;
* Within the last two weeks, they have agieeu to pay an auuitional $1Su,uuu
sewei hook-up fee.

8)6# 4&+ 033 !("F*:%#> I uo not feel the same about the othei two piojects:
* While 0pus (2Su iesiuents at LocustEighth) plans foi low paiking iatios
anu is willing to buy equity in the bus system, theii uesign foi the Eighth Stieet siue
of theii builuing is extiemely blanu anu has no ietail (even though 0pus has
incluueu giounu-flooi ietail in seveial othei college towns). I believe this is
inconsistent with the Comp. Plan, the Sasaki Plan, anu all community uiscussions
about Eighth Stieet, the Avenue of the Columns.
* Ameiican Campus Communities' pioject is much laigei than then othei two
(7uu iesiuents on the same block at CBP's) anu has a stiong oiientation towaius
encouiaging automobile use in spite of theii pioximity to campus. They aie builuing
moie than SSu paiking spaces (fai highei than the City-iequiieu "minimum" which
is alieauy fai too high in my opinion) anu they have not offeieu to suppoit the bus

36((*&% <=$&G$&1> Ny plan at piesent (but I may leain something new) is to
suppoit CBP anu not the othei two. I feel that the voluntaiy commitment of almost
$1 million foi sewei impiovements exacteu by staff (fiom the thiee uevelopments
combineu) aie an excellent fiist step towaius a piopei analysis anu upwaiu-
ievision of equity fees foi new uevelopment - as we implement that piocess, we
shoulu continue to exact auuitional contiibutions as a "phase-in" of the new, highei
fees. I also feel that CBP's builuing uesign is consistent with the community's vision
foi the aiea anu woulu fit in with the new zoning iules foi uowntown that aie
coming. While this latest piocess has been iusheu without any oppoitunity foi
neighboihoou planning, I feel CBP uiu a goou job of that last spiing.

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