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Gakuen Love.

chapter 9 [Regrettable Acts]

Published by ReiichiVII on 2009-01-06 11:39:56 in Stories

I'm deeply sorry. I wasn't feel so well.. so i can't finish my story on time.
@_@ but i promise i'll get it done till 12 chapters no matter how long it
takes. hope you satisfied with my story. and..if there's anything. you can
comment by msg me or send me e-mail k. enjoy this chapter 9. heh. Created
by Reiichi on 29th december 2008.

Tags: boys love romance school yaoi

I slowly turned on the shower, letting the water to run on my body smoothly.
Kneeling down on the wet, tiled floor, where i really looked insipid that
morning. Yesterday was the first night i slept alone without Kenji beside me..
and it was terrible. He always hugged me tightly when we were sleeping
together, keeping me warm. I ran a hand through my hair several times,
before letting out a heavy sigh. It was obvious that i was falling into a deep
depression, as guilt slowly conquered my whole body..
"geez.. what's happening to me.. why i feel so miserable !?"
I mumbled myself in the thick and stuffy atmosphere.

The silent moment was rent with knocks on the door. I quickly reached my
towel, and leisurely opened the door. Yori was standing infront of me, with all
dressed up. He smiled softly at me.. His eyes were busy concentrating on my
half naked body, then moved and locked tightly onto my eyes..
"Hiro-kun, is everything alright..? You have been there for more than 30
He frowned his eyebrow and asked.

"Ehh..? of course! I'll be out in a moment." I quickly replied him, trying to be

short. And not to mention, hiding my redden eyes..

"Okie dokie. You will be ok right this morning? I mean Kei and I are going
out.. and i saw Kenji roaming around the living room this early morning, then
left. I didn't ask where he's going. hmm.." Yori added, giving me a suspicious

"owh.. i see. Well have fun k. I'm sure i can manage myself. Tell Kei i love
him." I would chuckle softly, throwing insincere smile towards the other
Hmph! My mind was busy thinking about yesterday. I wondered who fault was
it, mine or him.. My hands slowly loosen up my towel, as i watched it fell
gently on the wooden floor.. "No one's here.. what the heck."
I muttered softly. Turning my eyes to a big mirror beside my bed, where i
can see clearly my figure, every parts of my body. My eyes locked to it as i
assumed this makes Kenji loves to touch me.. x_x think about it, i
took 5 minutes to search my clothes.

"must be i was distracted about the thing.." I deemed in my heart.

uhh.. i felt so cold..with not even one string on my body, i still running my
hands in my bag, hoping i would find a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt.
"H-he's a pervert..hentai.." My cheeks would slowly turn red as i pouted my
lips. I threw my uncovered body onto the bed, covering my face with my

[11.00 a.m]

It was right after i finished my breakfast at the hotel cafe. I dragged my

weak body into the lift, pressing the button to 9th floor where i found
myself so weak to press it. I mean it was just a lift button!! The scene would
be beyond my notice that the lift was re-opened and someone stepped in,
with a nice scent of rose. Slowly, i opened my eyes to see it was Kenji
standing infront of me, along in his hand holding a bouquet of beautiful red
roses. oh god.. That moment i would feel i wasn't breathing anymore, as my
heart was pounding in a uneven state, and weird palpitation starting to bulk
up inside me, my heart beating rapidly like the first time i met him..!
He just stood there for a while, casting me a casual glance with his blue eyes
that i missed so much.. He remained impassive for a while, before indrawn a
deep breath. That time we were eye to eye contact..
"H-hiro..i want to apologize about what happened was totally my
fault. I'm so sorry. I hope i deserve a second chance..i-it won't happen
again." He spoke with a guilty lilt, as his eyes were glued to my face. I could
see clearly his sad and regret mien, at the same time trying to reassure me
such thing won't happen again. He gently passed the flower, where i can't
possibly resist such honest gift.. and moreover he compiled it with a lovely

I gave a warm smile in return, as i held the bouquet of roses carefully in my

"I-i'm sorry too, Kenji-san. i shouldn't yell.. i was.. i was unable to think
straight at that time.. sorry for being impudent.." I said in a remorseful
tone. His cold hand reached my cheek, wiping away my tear.. The touch of
him..even his finger would help my senses settle and i began to relax..thinking
my problem with him were gone, and we can talk like we used to..

The next thing that i remembered was that he stepped out from the lift, as
his words still stuck in my head.
"I won't do anything that you hate, hiro..i promise that.." Just after that, i
knew that i was alone in the lift, my eyes were trying to look for Kenji, but i
ended up with a heavy sign.. i realized a part of me said that i eagerly wanted
to see him again...
"w-what is this feeling.." my hand would clutch tightly on my chest, as i felt
like countless of needles stabbing my fragile heart.
"i..i want to see him.." I yielded a small whimper of wanting badly.
W-why he left.. his motives remained opaque and i walked into my suite,
daunted. "Actually i don't care what he does to me..i mean a bit obscenity
won't do any harm.." i grumbled quietly. I set my body reclined on the sofa,
and slowly closed my eyes..
----end of chapter 9----