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I have been having exfoliative cheilitis for like 5 years now. I share similar stories as others who had exfoliative cheilitis. I remembered it started off when I was licking my lips during the winter. My lips get dried and I lick more. It got all the cracks but it didn’t heal in a few days like it usually did. Soon I had the cycle of peeling lips in a few days and it is really very disturbing both physically and socially. Some symptoms of exfoliative cheilitis I have:  peeling lips  swollen lips  lips inflammation  lips turn white when contact with water I consulted many dermatologists tried all the topical steroid creams and my lips did not show much improvement. I have tried some of the newer non!steroidal anti!inflammatory creams like "rotopic. #hese all did not really help my lips. I think that my lips are actually trying to heal it self but is $ust some external stimuli maybe brushing your teeth or eating things like %igMac which need you to open your mouth wide. I think this condition can be managed or even cured. I am $ust using a thin layer of vaseline during the day to keep my lips moisturi&ing trying to ignore my exfoliative cheilitis and have a normal life. My lips will peel in around ' week now but I can get on with my normal life. I will try to drink with a straw because water getting contact with the lips cause it to turn white. (lso I will try to trim up the peels of my lips from time to time. I think trimming your peels carefully can help your lips to heal from bits to bits and eventually healing in full.

wikipedia. It can also be a symptom of allergies such as allergy to %alsam of " Exfoliative Cheilitis: Peeling Lips 9xfoliative /heilitis is the common and persistent occurrence of peeling and dry lips lips that appear cracked or fissured lips that continuously flake or that are always chapped lips that are red irritated inflamed and have a burning sensation and that are always in discomfort and sore. "lasma cell cheilitis 9xfoliative /heilitis /heilitis exfoliativa is a chronic condition diagnosed when in con$unction with inflammation the keratin layer of the epidermis of the lips experiences an accelerated growth and death rate than normal and des5uamates. #ypes /heilitis may be divided into the following types: -6.:785!787       /heilitis exfoliativa *9xfoliative / .-'. drug Isotretinoin*brand name 0oaccutane. It may also be a pre!malignant lesion for s5uamous cell carcinoma. (llergic contact cheilitis (ctinic cheilitis /heilitis glandularis (ngular cheilitis *"erl:che. It is associated with many conditions including megaloblastic anemia from vitamin %')deficiency iron deficiency anemia *which in severe cases can lead to "lummer! +inson syndrome. http://exfoliativecheilitis.Cheilitis is a medical condition involving inflammation of the lip. http://en.-citation needed.-). and oral candidiasis. *%1234. /heilitis can also be caused by taking the *retinoid..