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Rafi Rotem Israeli Tax Authority whistleblower
// Index of records!!"#$%!/
2008-11-10 Response by Minister of Treasury Ronny Baron, on Knesset Inquiry #2344,
in re: e! "arass#ent in t"e Ta! $ut"ority
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Israeli Tax Authority whistleblower Rafi Rotem exposed organized crime in government: Huge tax breaks to tycoons and
crime figure related businesses sex bribes and murder of a !source!" Rotem has been sub#ected to harassment
intimidation and retaliation over the past $% years" He lost his #ob his home his possessions"
The corruption exposed by Rafi Rotem was described by former Attorney &eneral 'anny 'ezouz as the closest to
organized crime in government"
The case is described by senior #ournalist Amnon (ankner as the worst case of miscarriage of #ustice he has seen in his
long career as a #ournalist where all institutions of the #ustice system gang up on an honest person to trample him and
destroy him"
Recently his case has become a cause of the Israeli )rotest movement and #ournalists as a key case in fighting
government corruption"
*n April %+ %,$- letter from the Israeli .tate *mbudsman/s office for the first time after $% years his office agreed to
take Rafi Rotem/s evidence and testimony and started process to restore his financial rights as a wrongfully terminated
.tate employee"
The case shows that concerted efforts of #ournalists and the Israeli .ocial )rotest movement can stand up to a .tate
where the #ustice system went astray"
The 0nesset In1uiry and 'inister of Treasury Response pertain to an affair involving employee 2oav &ispen"
The letter by 'inister of Treasury at once confirms that 'r &ispen was involved in serious misconduct and that )olice
closed the investigation"
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3%4 %,$G5$%5$+ Jetter by -- #ournalists to .tate *mbudsman to provide Rotem protection 6with full 7nglish translation8 99
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1. Response by Minister of Treasury Ronny Baron, on Knesset Inquiry #2344, in re:
Sex arass!ent in te Tax "utority #$n%&is trans&ation'
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#=ebre> ori%ina&'
Response by Minister of Treasury Ronny Baron, on Knesset Inquiry #2344, in re: e!
"arass#ent in t"e Ta! $ut"ority
3Uoat of Arms .tate of Israel4
*inister of Treasury
Vovember $, %,,H
To 'ember of 0nesset Aryeh 7ldad
(ear .ir
R+: Re,ular (nesset In-uiry 'o 2.##/ in re: In0esti,ation of )ex Abuse complaint
Xith the initiation of )olice investigation the employee was transferred on Yebruary $$ %,,- from the Investigations
(epartment to Jand )assages (epartment"
*n 'arch %I %,,I the Tel Aviv (istrict .tate )rosecution decided on closing the Israel )olice investigation for lack of
sufficient evidence"
The (isciplinary Investigation by .tate .ervice Authority found the employee in violation of Internal )rocedures and
Uonduct Znbecoming of .tate .ervice 7mployee relative to a number of meetings with a female who was at the time
the sub#ect of [AT investigation"
Yor such conduct the employee was reprimanded on 'ay %W %,,W by the (irector of the Tax Authority"
As stated above the employee was transferred to the Jand )assages (epartment: Title unchanged: \ .enior Investigations
(epartment .upervisor]^ Rank: -%_ since `une $ %,,G not promoted since then"
To this date the employee is assigned to the Jand )assages (epartment in the above listed Title and Rank"
2ours Truly
3hand signed4
Ronny aaron
2yal 2inon Ulerk of the 0nesset