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2) We do not question a document was signed on September 16, 1997 at

the Bank of Hawaii , confirmed by my conversations with Notary Susan

Strong as well as possessing a copy of the notary page wherein

signatures are recorded by Elvin Meek and Elizabeth Meek, listing the

type of document as “customers of Heidi trust agreement”.

3) It is evident that the 1st Amendment as provided by Elizabeth Meek’s

attorney in California, Robert Jones after decedent’s demise supports

the Last Will of Elvin R Meek (Exhibit “E”) signed by Elvin Meek with what

is believed a weak signature, one day after signing the 2nd Amendment.

Both documents name Elizabeth Meek and Bank of Hawaii as respective

Co-trustees, contradicting Elvin Meek’s original intentions as set forth in

his Elvin R Meek Family Trust dated 1996.

4) Furthermore there is no mention of the Qualified Domestic Trust (QDOT)

nor the Bank of Hawaii in the Elvin R Meek 1996 Family Trust signed June

14, 1996 however several pages are devoted to handling the Qualified

Domestic Trust in the 1st Amendment signed one year later with respect

to the tax advantages since Elizabeth Meek at the time of Elvin’s death

was not an American Citizen. It is our allegations that Attorney Robert

Jones fabricated and constructed the 1st Amendment after Elvin R Meek

passed away on October 19, 2003 and a year later introduced same to

the courts in California.

5) Furthermore we question Attorney Robert Jones opening the original

probate in the state of California whereas Elvin Meek had resided for

several years in Honolulu and died in Hawaii. Attorney Robert Jones is

not licensed to practice in Hawaii.

6) We also question the hurried manner with which Attorney Robert Jones,

without informing Nanci Meek or Melvin Meek, sold properties prior to

having the probate introduced in California.

7) The inconsistencies in the 2nd Amendment (Exhibit “B”) constructed by

Attorney Robert Jones which in the first like seeks to amend the 1st

Amendment “as amended September ____, 1999”. There has never

been an Amendment dated September 1999 introduced by Robert Jones

and we believe his negligence is a result of the haste with which he

prepared the 2nd Amendment.

8) The non-communicative manner in which Elizabeth and her attorney

Robert Jones have conducted themselves during the last 4 and a half

years of litigation with respect to Nanci Meek, beneficiary, and Melvin

Meek, beneficiary. (see Exhibit “C” attached)

9) The further documented non-communicative behavior on behalf of

Attorney Robert Jones when asked on numerous occasions to clarify the

signing of the 1st Amendment on September 16th, 1997 and again on

September 19th 1997 as per his previously filed affidavits.

10) A Letter provided to me by Wes Stewart, a close friend and

neighbor of my father’s for 35 years indicating a conflict in our father’s

intentions. (Exhibit “F”) as well as Wes Stewart’s affidavit filed with the

court and dated August 2007 (Exhibit “G”)

11) As set forth in my affidavit filed with the court December 15,

2005, my father approached me in April of 2002, 18 months prior to his

demise, at the El Torito restaurant parking lot in San Bernardino,

California and entrusted me with a copy of The Elvin R Meek 1996

Family trust. He was upset because he had recently discovered that

Elizabeth Meek was sending money as well as making deposits from his

bank accounts at the Bank of Hawaii to another Bank of Hawaii branch

located in Palau and in the name of her daughter Lola. He also indicated

that he and Elizabeth were “not getting along”.

Therefore, petitioner prays:

1. That the original 1st Amendment be lodged with the Court.

2. We request that the Court require that Elizabeth Meek or her counsel

respond within 30 days by providing the original First Amendment dated

September 16, 1997 to Reed Hayes a qualified expert witness, allowing

the document to be available for inspection and copying at the offices of

Reed Hayes, forensic examiner (see Exhibit “D”), 4021 Pakahi Place

Honolulu Hawaii.

3. That the court consider our allegations that the 1st Amendment to the

1996 original Elvin R Meek Family trust has been fabricated and

fraudulently produced by Attorney Robert Jones after the decedent’s

death in an effort to support the 2nd Amendment and Last Will And

Testament signed by the decedent Elvin Meek, and who according to the

previously filed forensics report, forensics experts and medical

consultants was declared to be incoherent and 100% incapacitated at

the time these documents were executed.

4. Furthermore, common sense and prudent reasoning would dictate that

opposing counsel would be eager to produce the original 1st Amendment

already in their possession for forensic scrutiny as it would beyond a

doubt, serve to validate Elizabeth`s claim to be sole Trustee until her

death. Should that be the case, I would respectively withdraw any

further effort to contest the matter with respect to the validity of the 1st


5. That the Court consider the non-communicative manner in which

Elizabeth and her attorney Robert Jones have conducted themselves

during the last 4 and a half years of litigation with respect to Nanci Meek

Kusley, beneficiary, and Melvin Meek, beneficiary. (see Exhibit “C”


6. Finally, the court recognize the original Elvin R Meek 1996 Family Trust

signed June 14, 1996 which names myself as the trustee and allocates a

specific distribution formula of 1/3 to Melvin Meek, 1/3 to Nancy Meek

Kusley, 1/6 to DeeLola Meek, and 1/6 to Elizabeth Meek, as the true

document and proceed in accordance with court rules as set forth in the

State of Hawaii .

I certify that the forgoing is true and correct, and that each of the attachments

are true and correct copies under penalty of perjury under the Laws of the

State of Hawaii.

DATED: December 2, 2008, Honolulu Hawaii

Nanci Meek Petitioner
Self Represented