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In ortho a case about class III malocclusion and another about congenitally missing lateral and deep bite

An old man 60 years came with bilateral lesions on corner of mouth.. This question had 5 questions. I think it was angular cheilitis. Please write if u remember any of those questions. 1 . Something to do with vertical dimension. What were the other questions ??

Angular chelitis due to reducedVD is correct The other question was about stomatitis that he had along with the angular chelitis..and the options were acute hypertrophic, chronic hypertrophic, acute atrophic or chronic atrophic stomatitis. There was a question why it is important to treat the lesion in the palate : may become painful B.u can't take imp. To make a new denture while it is there C.the stomatitis might cause the denture to get displaced

1.wht is the lesion on palate (smone already mentioned this) . wt is the immediate/initial managemnt:dental hyg instructions 3.returns after i think 4weeks n lesions still options with amphotericin b. Sm option abt checkng/correctng vdo 4.why is the t/t of lesion(i dnt remembr readng the palatal lesion ..i thought they were talkng abt bilateral cheilosis)imp in this case:other options hv been mentioned above.another one was:cz otherwise it will keep on repeating itslf though it's not a very good source ,s till , Optimal Therapeutic INR Range INR range of 2.0 to 3.0 (target INR of 2.5)

Patients With AF and Stable Coronary Artery Disease (no acute coronary syndrome within the previous year) Adjusted-dose warfarin therapy alone - INR range of 2.0 to 3.0 (target INR of 2.5) rather than the combination of adjusted-dose warfarin therapy and aspirin why canine retractor is used instead of fingerspring? A= when canine lies buccal to the arch, B= when canine is buccaly placed and slightly rotated distally Bruxism has: A. Caused by transition of Rem sleep pattern ( I marked this as I had read this line in tg ). Bo ne of the options was Emotional factor c Occlusal prematuritie . SBQ: we were asked to identify a lesion on buccal mucosa. There were 5 questions on it. Can you please post anything that you remember from exam.. Much appreciated !

papilooma plantar wart squamous cell carcinoma ...patient had dentures i think ?' The pt with big dentigerous cyst ( or ameloblastoma , or okc ..on OPG a big cyst like on the ramus )had diapetes type 1 What is the most difficult in this pt management: A.poor healing B.infection C.control his glucose level before the operation. D.pathological fracture

for the dentigerous /ameloblastoma case ... we had to ask for anotehr radiograph . the chocies were between CT Scan MRI oblique lateral view rest ..

what is HB ac ? ..a measure for 2- 3 month s..:(

there was a case in which the palate was show... was it ( 1. chronic hyperplatic lesion this is right i think as it was asymtomatic 2. acute hyperplastic ? ( plz share this ques if sm one remembers it..i jts gave the hint:P) Inr in laboratory was For clot retraction For status of warfarain pt Deposits of calculus on buccal surf of max molars Presence if stenson duct Wharton duct Theraupatic range of inr 2-4 Inorder to check furcation in max molar u'll probe Mesial distal midfacial Mesial distal midfacial midlingual Midfacial midlingual

Dentigerous cyst Epithelial developmental Inflammatory development Connective tissue development Connective tissue inflammatory u gave class 1 rpd in a case and decided to go ahead with lingual plate... purpose of lingual plate ? acts as an indirect retainer stabilises the mobile teeth ( they were grade one mobile ...and i think (not sure) that probing depth was between 8-14 for this same case )

Shallow amalgam cavity patient comes after few days and after some more days two different questions ,,?? Contribute if you remember . Replace it

Case with metal fused to porcelain bridge with pontic on 21 I think and bridge was 4 unit I guess. Chipped porcelain on centrals. Q. why is porcelain opaque ..?? options same as in 1000 Finally?wt was the reason for too opaque porcelain?too thin/rapid fir/no vacuum?? Rapid firing I chose or inadequate compressio Opaque porcelain = thin porcelain layer Q. how will u repair tyhe chipped porcelain with composite?? immedaitely A. hydroflouric etch for 20 sec b. hydro florric etch for 20 mins c. acid etch for 20 sec ?/

why do u think the porcelain chipped off ? a. frame work not proper b. thin porcelain c. not great strenght ..????

Advantages of fixed fixed bridge Long span...dont remember more options Cementoma No treatment Clasp distortion Elastic limit was exceeded then there was a usual function of indirect retainer ques 2014 March, max limit of standard drinks that an adult male is allowed to drink daily by Australian Medical Research council. A . 1 drink , B. 2drinks , C. 3 drinks . D.4 drinks pit n fissures...when should they be sealed ?(or smthng liek that) when sticky to probe / explorer always un filled resin and gic can be used to seal . the same effectiveness of the gic and unfilled resin as fissure sealant. The floor of an ulcer is not? Smooth

Keratinised Sloughed Fungated epitheliased

why do u splint the teeth in periodontal cases ? a. to stabilize them (perio weak teeth) b. to distribute the occlusal load c. Patient comfort why do u splint teeth in prostho cases a. to divide the load on abutments SBQ

what is the problem if you were to construct a bilateral distal extension? this patient had all her teeth removed when she was 20, atm she presents when she is 50. options were 1. Inability to obtain sufficient undercut on canines 2. Marked ridge resorption and 2 others.. also she had a complete maxillary denture the ridge was shown what do you see? It was markedly resorbed. There was a red thing on the ridge and patient said she noted a lump on that spot, what is the red spot? answer was incissive papilla her denture was stable while talking but kept coming loose?(while eating?) not sure. what was the problem? Unusaully deep palate and three others cant remember

also the question about after all teeth are removed the mandible looses more bone from the lingual than buccal staight from cawson SBQ

Scenario based question with a patient's two teeth with crown fracture. Pt was to be given post and core but in one question it said "ferrule effect" I'm uploading a similar picture from a textbook. Pls post mcq that were asked in this case..

not seen in HIV : osteosarcoma and another one in case scenarios was about a case where u were extracting molars and had mobile anteriors and the question said how will u get stabililty for this denture .. coverage of the ridge..right?

A condition of the eye that dentists most commonly contact is rom whic of these A. hepatitis B B. Adenoviruses C. Rhinovirus d. influenza virus

what was not correct about carcinoma of sinus? a. common in wood workers b. follows acute sinusitis c. d. e . ? 29. What is true about tooth prep? A.Taper of 10-20 degree can be given B.A taper of 5-10 is obtained C.A human eye can see a taper of 7 degree with naked eye D.Short crown should have parallel walls

41.which of the following is not a high risk factor for AB-prophylaxis . rheumatic fever in indigeneous . long surgically closed septal defect . fallot tetralogy.. D.recently operatedseptal defect.
about the transition from gingivtis to periodontitis 1. sometimes 2. always 3. is intermittent 4.never How did u treat tooth which had to be restored for erosion? Prophylactic paste with bicarbonate (option meant so bt i dnt remembr the wording) or polyacrylic acid? or with bristle brush with bicarbonate can 'all' acidogenic bacteria INITIATE caries ? no The usual ques on malignant melanoma..survival rate For the photos of the forceps to use..I chose C ( primary second right molar upper ) Saliva? Stimulated and unstimulated...I answered average but I think correct answer is above average .. it was 1.5 ml in min stimulated and 0.5 ml in min unstimulated

for impression cleansing ? sodium hypochlorite ?

for disinfecting was seal in a plastic bag ( a lady with her upper denture ,, how will you sterilize it ?)

bruxism patient ... wt would u do ? a. give him nightguards b. some denture modifications (Forgot ) c. parafunctional habits with REM sleep d.stress management (smthng ) they think this is right ??? amalgam :after setting a. shrinks b. neither shrinks nor expands c. other options... forgot acanthosis and all was given in an mcq and diagnosis had to be made.. desquamative gingivits?this is the answer acute herpes? forgot the rest of the options stenson duct - parotid gland - opens against molar The case with fractured amalgam restoration...Wat were the replacement options for amalgam. 1. At least 3 pins will be required if amalgam is used.. and core.. 3.Gic and Metal ceramic crown 4.Composite And some missing option another one on pedo placin stainless steel crown on pulpotomy bettter or gic on rampant caries..its crown anytime .:)

White spot on boys teeth? i wrote ..hypoplasia hyperminirelisation hypominirelisaion hypoplasia amelogenisis imperfecta

in MO PREP to prevent mesio distal movement in inlay ? a. occlusal stops and dovetail ( this is the answer ) b. acute axiogingival angle c. gingival bevel (it was given na ?) Parallelism of walls was Tight contacts

Bilateral swelling on a child...cherubism

as there any correct option for case scenarios that we dont go with the repeat endo coz that would have hopeless prognosis (for a woman i think who came with some upper tooth issue and wanted to hav diastema incorporated in the denture later on )

First xray problem was cone cut...second xray problem was did not bite to the holder( i wrote both not biting properly )as cone cut was not obvious a pic with attrited incisors but not molars .. i wrote attrition but could be erosion as well ..chech pic sof attrition and erosion

Antibiotic prophylaxis...I answered if there is any anticipated bleeding...not sure about the exact words not a hgh risk for ab prophylaxis a.tetralogy of fallot b. previous episode of infective endocarditis c. prosthetic heart valve d. RHD in indigenous e. surgical repaired defect ...( i went with this ) investment shoudl expand ... one similar question (Was it there or am jst thinkng abt the old questions ?) they asked for an impression that had to be stored for a few days .. that vinyl n polyether controversial question .. but did they also ask for the most stable impression as another separate ques???

Case with metal fused to porcelain bridge with pontic on 21 I think and bridge was 4 unit I guess. Chipped porcelain on centrals. . 11 was the pier abutment ... 13 and 23 were the other abutments i think ... question was 1. what is the reason for the chipped porcelain ? : bridge design failure ? thin porcelain ? smthng .. 2. what is this type of defect called ? a. adhesion defect b. cohesion defect c. adhesion -cohesion 3. if u hav to repair it , how will u do ? etch porcelain with APF nd repair with composite b. etch with hydrofl acid 5% and repair with composite (concentration of acid i forgot)

double blind study for that cavernous sinus thrombosis and upper incisor infection case , here was a question abt the prosthesis after u extract the tooth ... was there ?? the options were ..implants ... rpd ... and so on ... wt did u write i wrote drain intraorally ..rct and then ??( others wrote extraction and ortho move cannine ..) ( i didnt write ortho ?? pt given oral prophy and comes after 4 weeks ... the question we usually do ... for which we chose : no bleeding on probing resorption is more on lingual surface of lower teeth after extraction ..another one

the thing that's true about pdl epithelial cells n slow rate turn over (in cawsons ) it is bigger when the tooth is not used collagen type 2

pulp fibres nerve endings b.kroff's fibres c.heat and cold fibres N wt was the best ans for that mobility test? The option tht said/says tht mobile teeth mean weak supportng structure. Or,all teeth shud be percussed/chkd?? prevent gingivitis?

In calculus formation, the epitaxic concept is one of the theories. Which of the following is true: a. Mineralisation occurs when calcium and phosphate content is high. b. The presence of matrix would start initial formation of nucleus. c. The amorphous materials would convert to calcium phosphate and hydroxy phosphate.
what is not true about a.biopsy of fixed tissue gives straightforward diagnosis. b. destruction of basal layer c. level of autoantibodies can be assessed and used for regulating the dose and disease progress d. can be cured with topical steroids 2mm occlusal on amalgam

wt did u guys do for that dens in dente .... for the one that had got infected ? (The only scenario with smwt familiar questions!) extraction ...seal the other one 22 wt to do with the nitrous oxide pt who slept in 15 minutes while u were operating on him ? a. stop nitrous oxide... give 100 % oxygen b. stop t/t , call the doctor and postpone the t/t. What factors determine the shape of acess Not included ---No of cusps Established immunity to Hepatitis...HBs Ab. Bacteria in answer was prevotella intermedia, eikenella corrodens most common sign in systemic disease? fever ? flouride forms ..flouapatite There was question of cleidoranial dystosis, that why it is of interest to dentist options : because of clefts, missing teeth and i don't remember rest options loss of tooth surface, a.saliva history.. c.Occlusal factors Tiny pinpoint pulp exposure? answer is shallow pulpotomy Not seen in patients with HIV....Osteosarcoma (marked this) but i was confused with extra nodal lymphoma as well Currette with flat base...same question that we see in our reviews Labial reduction for porcelain veneer (enamel)? 0.5 mm 1.0 mm why is there more gingivitis in pregnancy ... reason was incrs in hormones leads to anaerobic bacteria why do we splint mobile teeth in periodontal treatment ? comfort to pt, directing stress towards supporting bone narrowest part :cdj and tug back definition easy ones ... the ones that gave some relief !

not true about dentinogenesis imperfecta ? a. dentinal tubules are more (answr ) b. opalescent enamel c. short pulp canals there was another easy one : elastic limit exceeded Nitrous oxide A.low MAC high anaesthetc value B.low MAC high analgesic value C.less soluble in blood so hypoxia. Has to b taken care of in the end (smthng smthng) after u refill the cavities of this lady , thw one with lichennoid reaction on buccal mucosa wt should u tell her to expect a. the white patch will disappear b. there would be some sensitivity for a few days c. composites hav a lesser life than amalgam d. amalgams have a more life than amalgams but more life than.... smthng .... plz complete /a What's treatment for cementoma? what could lead to PROGRESSION of pdl disease ? i chose diabetes Lateral periodontal cyst...canine and premolar question both seen in max and mand...? Blood values was the first choice...leukemia( bouchers question 1000 mcq ) here was some question like : check for the sensory nerves and recal ok atleast what i did was directional sense WUDNT be one of the tests recall pt after a month back again for testing and if not it becomes nuronotmesis said blunt testing .... and eyah , recalled him... n neurapraxia sensory loss for 3 months what is it ? neuromtesis , neuropraxia ,axontmesis best storage for avulsed teeth ( balanced hanks or milk ) Property of obturating material Not necessary for obturation after pulpectomy...answer is no need for apical seal in primary teeth

Lesion:allergy on palate frm denture impression a. Herpes zoster b. apthous stomatitis c.burn d.allergy that gingivectomy indication was for? (false pocket )

Sb...patient with denture with angular cheilitis...2 weeks after no answer was chronic hyperplastic gingivo stomatitis...amphoterecin lozenges treatment is denture hygiene first ..then important to treat as it keeps on repeating itself his was a straight forward one. Which of the following anomalies occur during initiation and proliferation of tooth development AI, DI, hypolplasia, Oligodontia and Ankylosis a question about radiation application in treating will cause mucositis. so the options were it will reduce salivary flow, will cause malnutrition, should not extract teeth Prognosis of pd pocket.... Supra-gingival pocket 1 wall pocket 2"" 3 ". " Parallel to occlusal plane for lower premolar use of elevators is at point of fulcrum, point of application of force, aims at vital structures. Do not aim on vital structures

mental nerve issue : numbness in lower lip numbness in lower lip n chin ?? denture disinfection ? a. sealing in a bag with solution b. untrasonic cleaning with an appropriate solution pt has msising upper premolars , her friend got ant implants and is very happy with them and pt. wants the same . u dtn wanna go with it.wt should u explain to pt . ? a. the proximity to sinus b. the possibility of success in upper premolar region is less than upper incisors coz of the bone fromt he discussion , lithium , for deep endogenous depression... is it ? or , minor depression ??

what supplies the ant mandibular teeth incisal branch lingual nerve mental branch n. to myolohyoid cheek biting ?reduced overjet.. Immediate rpd for lower. Wt is benefit for choosin acrylic over co cr? for an immediate denture, if u do with co-cr, then how will u add extra teeth if there is any eventual failure most resistant to caries ? fluorapetite?

SBQ in paper 1 A x ray shows teeth that are just 'eroded' stumps leftover in anterior region.. The patient says that he drinks 3 glasses of wine and has 40 cigarettes per day.. 5 questions were asked on this case: 1. He is suffering from Erosion Abrasion Abfraction Attrition 2. Question about Bruxism was asked (dont rembr) 3. Treatment planning options mcq (dont rembr options) 4.
The question was about erosion ..reference Neville 's . the palatal surfaces were shown ... there was a white filling in one of the teeth and it was above the margins of the tooth . q1 was what is the process...choices were about all erosion , attrition , abfraction stuff . second was how will u know the process is still active .. the choices were , because the restora margin is above the eroded tooth level (neville talks abt it but for metallic restorations i thought white filling was gic and that could hav been eroded too ) , second option was , because dentin is discolored (neville says , dentin is discolored in INACTIVE lesions ) , third was coz the lesion has sharply defined margins/facets on all teeth (neville talks about a similar thing , but am nt sure tthat was the answer) many did , i think the answer was hidden in the statement " the man drinks 3 glasses of wine daily and smokes 40 cigarettes per day"... Enough for erosion...I marked attrition as well but I think its wrong... I

looked at 3rd question which was talking about bruxism and i thought that it must be attrition ....but answer is erosion it seems.

Percentage of penicillin allergy..remember only 2 options a.25% b.50/%c. The other question was what will you do when the patient complains about allergic reaction to penicillin 4 days later? Don't remember all the options a.ask her to continue medication as penicillin allergy will not occour 4 days later b. Prescribe antihistamine Patient returns after third molar extraction with numbness. A. Tell her sensation will return and not to come back to see you,b. ask her to return in 3 months, c.ask her to return in 6 months, d.ask her to return in 12 months In that case next question case of injecting with lignocaine and procaine what are the chances of nerve damage with procaine... A.same b.less c.twice 65 yr old male patient on aledronate. What is he on aledronate for a. Osteoarthritis b.osteoporosis c.multiple myeloma What is the treatment in case of extraction option for the patient ? A.stop aledronate b.change to another bisphosphonate drug.. Don't remember the other options How long the socket will take to heal...I answered 3 months??? 6 months , 1 year think another option in management was primary closure of the unhealed socket, currete leave it There was a case of a man who had an upper central discoloured ... He explained that due to a sports injury he underwent a lot of treatment on one of the tooth ... 1) asked about your diagnosis for the discoloration , please add further questions on this one Reason for discolorarion were Discolouration of old restoration Pulp necrosis

One was how would u restore? Pfm or all porcelain crown What are the treatment options - A. walking bleach, external bleach, topical fluoride varnish, was given in question that tooth was non vital What is not a definite known finding in HIV patients ? A.osteosarcoma b.squamous cell carcinoma c.hairy tongue d.chronic periodontitis

Acute pericoronitis involves bacterial infection around an unerupted or partially erupted tooth and usually affects the lower third molar (wisdom tooth). The condition is often aggravated by the upper molar impacting on the swollen flap of soft tissue covering the unerupted tooth. There may be trismus. Treatment Food debris should be removed and drainage established, if pus is present. Irrigation with chlorhexidine and rinsing the mouth with hot salty water is recommended. Early referral to a dentist is indicated. Cellulitis can develop, requiring urgent referral to a surgeo
cases in paper 4 : 1. patient with class 3 malocclusion who visited u for some other t/t 2. a child with deep bite (i think the same patient for which they gave opg and who had to visit USA in 6 months) 3. a picture with very severe bleeding .. suspected AUG cases in paper 3 : 1. dentigerous/ ameloblastoma 2. dens in dente 3. socket not healing - BRONJ 4. patient couldnt open mouth coz of impacted molar 5. patient had latex allergy cases in paper 2 : of erosion 2. case of antrior bridge with chipped porcelain 3. parkinsonism patient 50 yrs old with hip joint surgery and not happy with her dentures 4. patient with lower anteriors present having canines with large composite fillings whom u suggested acrylic dentures and later gave cobalt chrom. 5. patient whose doctor suspected mental nerve impingement 6. patient with papilloma 7. (bar fight patient with condylar fracture was in paper 1 or paper 2 ? ) cases in paper 1 : 1. post n core case 2. child with a fracture of anteriors who had a modelling assignment and brought the chipped crown fragment kept in milk after two days 2. stimulate salivary flow and all ..patient 3. patient with multiple amalgam fillings and lichenoid reaction 4. patient with vertical root fracture (Cases have already been discussed , jst recollecting if this was all ..) ...what were the others ? What will happen if you stop warfarin in a patient suffering from Atrial Fibrillation. A. CVA, b. MI, C. thromboembolism of vessels, d. dont remember E ??

Think this was with the pedo patient with the deep bite...the mother calls 4 days later and claims the daughter developed an allergy to latex. What will you do? A.tell her the latex allergy wouldn't occour after 4 days and use latex gloves b. Refer her to an allergic specialist to test for allergy c.use latex free gloves d. Something along the lines if refuse to see her as environmental exposure to latex is potentially critical

Patient who is a doctor disagrees with your diagnosis and insists you extract his teeth and says he will do it himself if you are not willing as he has some experience in the army. What's your treatment ? A. Extract his tooth as he insists b. Refer him to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon c.insist on an opg to explain it to him better d.give him the instruments to extract his own tooth e, make sure he understood the diagnosis and give him differnt plan Patient with class 3...a.ask him if he had an issue with his occlusion and if he says yes explain the treatment options b.ask him if he has issues with his occlusion and if he says no do not explain. not ask him unless he mentions it. D..ask him if he has a prob and regardless of his answer explain the pros n cons of treating and not treating it Is the anteriorly positioned condyle in OPG normal? On fabricating special acrylic tray 4 elastomers, what will u do? A. perforations B. 3mm space C. 5mm space D.flexible tray (cant remember z exact words) case 4 : a kid , 13 yrs old , 21 fractured , kept the fractured segment in milk for 2 days . Came to ur clinic with his mother q1 . immediate t/t for this tooth : a. pulpotomy and temp restoration (Forgot other options) q2. u notice (or his mother notices.. pta nahi! ) that 11 is having greyish discoloration (i thinkkkk they mentioned the word grey) . what is the most likely explanation for this ? a. internal resorption b. external resorption c. d. e. q3. ( in the x ray , 47 was shown ... 3/4 root had formed but it had still not erupted . ) Patient's mother says this tooth had erupted when his brother was of the same age and is worried about it . What would u do : a. explain that it is normal for it to erupt between 12-14 years b. Help it to erupt surgically (incision) at a later visit when u hav given LA q4. there was some issue with the lower premolar ..apex was open ...dont remember more about it ... a. do pulpectomy and place corticosteroid paste b. do pulpectomy and place calcium hydroxide and corticosteroid paste (am nt sure if they had given the pulpectomy word in these two i think they had mentioned it) c. do endodontic treatment and try to initiate apex formation q5. his mother tells u that he is a child model and has an assignment in two weeks and wants you to fix (now i dnt remember she asked about 11 or 21 ) ... a. was smthng like delaying it ... coz not appropriate at this time b. composite veneer c. porcelain veneer

there were two questions on perocoronitis in this exam .. one was a complete scenario ..patient was in acute pain ... the tooth had partially erupted i think (am nt sure now , though) ... and u had to ell the

immediate management .. the choices were between extracting it , giving "hot" saline rinses , povidine iodine mouthwash or antibiotics . then there was another question where u had to tell the management ..i dnt completely remember the question .. but removing the opposing tooth was given in choices (which is also given in tg) .

most prone to pulp exposure in lower arch mesiolingual cusp or mesio buccal ??/ then there was a usual function of indirect retainer ques The floor of an ulcer is not? Smooth Keratinised Sloughed Fungated one question was on parkinson's . on impressions ...on distal extension case ...will be difficult ..or normal ..

there was a question about a child ( 7yrs old I think), operator is doing an exo on an upper molar ( 2nd primary? not sure) and one on the buccal roots fractured on the apical 3rd. question was, 1)do you retrieve it using an elevator, 2) root tip pick, 3)leave it, 4) make a flap then retrieve? no x-ray enclosed or anything about the behaviour of the child. sorry if my thoughts are disorganized but i think i got the main idea. There was one scenario with image ,in which a Mr. chen was wrking in acid factory and he inhales acidic fumes and he had a fever from past 3-4 days ,what was the diagnosis? Acute herpertic gingivostomatitis Juvenile periodontitis ANUG most common cell in necrotic pulp? PMN or plasma cells? Periapical infection of maxillary second molar involves which lymph node IMPRESSION MATERIAL ..VINLY ONE AND POLYETHER ..1000 MCQ a question about radiation application in treating will cause mucositis. so the options were it will reduce salivary flow, will cause malnutrition, extract painful teeth. I can't remember exact question' paper 4 question regarding the success of stainless steel crown after pulp therapy in children, use of GIC in preventing secondary caries in rampant caries pt, amalgam success better than stainless steel cowns

Sb ques:Treatment options for 10 years old girl with deep bite 12 missing. Anterior bite pln/ext of lower 4/4.other options?