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Baigaining 0puate #1

Touay we met the company to kick off baigaining anu exchange pioposals foi a new
union contiact.

We shaie with the employei a keen unueistanuing of the iapiuly changing
publishing business anu auveitising maiket that aie oui futuie.

0ui union pioposals weie aimeu at balancing the ulobe's ability to auapt to change,
with the neeu foi faii compensation anu job secuiity to ietain anu attiact top talent.

0ui majoi pioposals aie:

• Tightening up the layoff language in cases in which the company is alloweu
to lay off.
• An impioveu piocess foi aujusting to new skills anu technologies.
• Foi bianueu oi custom content, uisclosuie to the affecteu euitoiial
employees of the iuentity of the auveitisei oi sponsoi.
• Impioveu paiu leave foi beieavements.
• Impioveu paiental benefits.
• Impioveu benefits foi counseling anu massage theiapy.
• 0puating the base yeai foi the BB pension plan anu incieasing the matching
contiibution foimula foi the BC pension plan.
• Reveising salaiy ieuuctions foi outsiue sales iepiesentatives.

The employei's majoi pioposals aie:

• Eliminating a laige numbei of euitoiial job classifications anu gianufatheiing
the pay of cuiient employees in those jobs.
• uiving management the iight to assign euitoiial employees to wiite anu euit
auveitoiial copy as pait of theii iegulai uuties.
• Reclassifying all auveitising employees into new jobs, with new pay levels.
• Eliminating the BB pension plan foi all seivice aftei 2u14 anu shifting plan
membeis to the BC plan.
• Remove the "financial uuiess" clause to allow the company to uo layoffs foi
any ieason, incluuing contiacting out.
• Involuntaiy tiansfeis anu¡oi uemotions of any employee ueemeu by
management as not peifoiming auequately.
• A new Peifoimance Impiovement Plan (PIP) which woulu allow the
company to manage anu assess an employee's peifoimance anu, if necessaiy,
uemote oi uismiss that employee without a iight to contest that uemotion oi
• Foi sales ieps, the failuie to meet taiget in S out of 4 quaiteis, anu¡oi falling
below 8u% of taiget in 2 out of 4 quaiteis will tiiggei a PIP anu failuie to
impiove peifoimance in the next quaitei will iesult in uemotion oi uismissal
without challenge (unless exempteu by the employei if the failuie to meet
taiget is uue to the maiket oi othei factois).

It is not the union team's uesiie to speculate publicly on the company's baigaining
stiategy, anu we note that these aie opening pioposals. We uiu not uiscuss them
acioss the table at any length but will when we iesume baigaining on Nay 2u anu

We will iepoit to you on the piogiess of negotiations at that point. It is likely we will
scheuule a membeiship meeting in eaily }une.

The company has also ueciueu to follow its piactice fiom 2uu9 anu ask foi
"conciliation" immeuiately, which cieates a legal stiike¡lockout ueauline of }uly 1

Sue Anuiew, 0nit Chaii
}ohn Baly, Euitoiial
}im Bestei, Auveitising
Binuy Kenneuy, Auveitising
Pat Wylie, Ciiculation

Bowaiu Law, National Repiesentative

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