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Unifor Media One April 17, 2014

Suite 1601
5325 Calgary Trail South
Edmonton, Alberta
T6H 4J8

On April 16, 2014 Shaw Media announced layoffs to 55 members of Unifor Media One across
the country as part of a restructuring plan that will see up to 400 job losses throughout
Shaw Communications.

Shaw Media Senior Vice President, Global News and Station Operations Troy Reeb issued a
statement to employees that said theyve "undertaken a number of staff changes as part of
their "Focus to Deliver - Strengthening our Future.

The West was hit particularly hard as all graphics functions are being transferred to Toronto
where shortly after the layoff announcement was made, construction began on the new
centralized graphic department. Members in the west who have lost their jobs due to this
centralization will receive enhanced severance through transfer of work language. They will
not be able to follow their jobs unless they apply for, and are accepted in the positions
created in Toronto.

Global Lethbridge will also see significant job losses as that location is being restructured in
what the company calls a new production model for small-market stations. Most members
there will receive regular severance packages.

There were job losses in the Eastern Bargaining Unit as well. Layoff notices were handed out
and in some cases the senior employee was the one given the notice.

"Our members have dedicated their careers to making Global TV an industry leader, this is
devastating news for them and their families said Curtis Britton, President of Unifor Local

"Theres something wrong if a firm can hand over $30 million in bonuses to five executives
but cant keep good jobs in our communities, said Joie Warnock, Unifors Western Region
Director. "These are the kinds of companies that Stephen Harper is rewarding with
corporate tax cuts.

Your Media One executive expresses their sympathy to all our members and members
families. We are working to make sure these employees receive all rights afforded them by
their collective agreements.

Curtis Britton, President
Bill Nazer, Vice-President
Stacey Usselman, Secretary
Mark Milne, Treasurer
Dave MacPherson, Master Steward