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In a betatron, acceleration of electrons into circular path
is achieved by

a) a rotating magnetic field

b) travelling wave guides

c) the Villard doubling circuit

d) venturi tubes

Electrostatic or Van de Graff generators have their
advantage in that they

a) operate in the 1 to 2 MeV region

b) have relatively small focal spots

c) have reasonably high output

d) all of the above

For type-2 exposure devices using a flexible metal drive
cable to position the isotope, the isotope capsule is
attached to a

a) zircalloy tube

b) pigtail

c) depleted uranium shield

d) quick disconnect coupling

Should an isotope camera be found to be leaking
radioactive material subsequent to a wipe test

a) the depleted uranium is to be replaced

b) all exposures since the last wipe test are to be recalled

c) the source is to be destroyed

d) none of the above

The time it takes to reestablish the electric field intensity
required in a G-M counter after the counter has been
paralysed by ion avalanche is called

a) resolving time

b) dead time

c) quench time

d) dwell time

In LiF dosimetry, energy stored in the material as a
result of irradiation is released by

a) applying a voltage

b) heating

c) illuminating

d) resonating

7 In the Van de Graff generator, the heated cathode can be [ASNT]
replaced by a gaseous discharge for

a) electron supply

b) positive ion acceleration

c) coolant purposes

d) prevention of arcing

The mathematical equation describing the law of electric
forces is called

a) Planck's Law

b) Einstein's Law

c) Newton's Law

d) Coulomb's Law

9 Inertia is a property of [Burns]

a) matter

b) x-rays

c) neutrinos

d) light

10 A single unit of electromagnetic energy is a (an) [Burns]

a) magneton

b) electron

c) phonon

d) photon

What is the kinetic energy of an electron ejected from
the K-orbit of an atom by photoelectric absorption if the
K-orbit binding energy is 500 eV and the photon energy
is 1 keV?

a) 0 eV

b) 500 eV

c) 1000 eV

d) 2500 eV

12 The equation E=mc was first derived by [Burns]

a) J.J. Thompson

b) Mme Curie

c) Planck

d) Einstein

The difference between the mass of the nucleus and the
sum of the masses of the particles making up that
nucleus is the

a) mass coefficient

b) delta force

c) binding energy

d) thermal power factor

14 In decay, the atomic number (Z) changes by [Friedlander]

a) -1

b) 0

c) 1

d) 4

In positron decay, in addition to the positron a(n)
________ is also emitted.

a) neutron

b) neutrino

c) electron

d) alpha particle

A nucleus having more energy than it has in its ground
state is considered to be in a(n) _________ state.

a) elevated

b) charged

c) excited

d) isomeric

If a nucleus is in an excited state, it can return to its
ground state by emission of a(n)

a) electron

b) gamma photon

c) neutrino

d) alpha particle

If an excited state nucleus returns to ground state via
internal conversion

a) an x-ray is emitted

b) an electron is emitted

c) an electron is captured

d) the atomic number(Z) increases

In most radiography of steel under 50mm thick the
largest portion of time spent in producing the finished
product (radiograph) is in

a) setting-up

b) exposure

c) development

d) all of the above equally

Inspite of the fact that maximum detectability of
nonfusion defects might occur if the x-ray beam is not
parallel to the fusion wall, butt welds are usually
radiographed such that

a) the beam is parallel to the film

b) the film is at right angles to the weld

c) the beam is at right angles to the weld

d) the beam is at right angles to the film and 45 to the
Prior to evaluating a component from a radiograph of
the part, the radiograph is evaluated for quality based on

a) latitude

b) density

c) sensitivity

d) all of the above

When the number of orbital electrons equals the number
of nuclear protons in an atom is

a) a positive ion

b) a negative ion

c) in a normal neutral state

d) considered to be meta-stable

1 milliampere second is equivalent to ________

a) 0.001

b) 0.01

c) 1

d) 1000

Two 2 ohm resistors connected in parallel result in a
total resistance of ________ ohms.

a) 0.25

b) 0.5

c) 1

d) 4

If 2 F capacitors are connected in series the resultant
capacitance is

a) 0.25F

b) 0.5F

c) 1F

d) 4F

Resistance in most conducting wires tends to decrease
with increasing

a) density

b) vacuum (negative pressure)

c) mass

d) temperature

Grenz rays, typically used in x-ray diffraction work,
have energies in the range of
Manual 3]

a) 1-2MeV

b) 500-1000 keV

c) 50-100 keV

d) 5-20 keV

A radiation induced alteration in the DNA of a cell that
does not kill the cell but alters characteristics of the off-
spring of that cell is
Manual 3]

a) mutation

b) sterilization

c) clonogenesis

d) metamorphosis

29 Ionizing radiation refers to
Manual 3]

a) electromagnetic radiation

b) corpuscular radiation

c) radiation from the useful beam only

d) any EM or corpuscular radiation that is capable of
producing ions
X-radiation that is emitted from an x-ray tube that does
not make up the useful beam is
Manual 3]

a) wasted

b) scatter radiation

c) secondary radiation

d) leakage radiation