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FSCM User Manual

Disputes & Collections management

What is SAP FSCM.......................................................................................................3
SAP Collections Management.......................................................................................3
Roles in Collections Management.................................................................................3
Process Receivables ....................................................................................................!
SAP D"SP#$% MA&A'%M%&$...............................................................................(
What is SAP FSCM
SAP Financial Suppl* Chain Management optimi+es the ,inancial an-
in,ormation ,lo.s .ithin a compan* an- bet.een business
partners. components o, SAP Financial Suppl* Chain
Management are implemente- at /0AM1
SAP Collections Management1 Application ,or proactive receivables
SAP Dispute Management1 Application ,or e,,icient processing o,
receivables2relate- -ispute cases
SAP Collections Management
$he components o, SAP Collections Management support *ou in active
receivables management. #sing collections strategies3 *ou can valuate an-
prioriti+e customers ,rom a receivables management vie.. Customers that
,ul,ill the rules -e,ine- in a strateg* are -istribute- to the .or4lists o, the
collection specialists. $he collection specialists then contact the customers
in their or-er o, priorit* in or-er to collect receivables.
5ou can -ispla* an overvie. o, the current status o, the open invoices o, a
customer account as .ell as the last pa*ments3 the customer contacts3 an-
open resubmissions. ", a customer gives a promise to pa*3 *ou can enter
this in the s*stem an- ,ollo. its status. 5ou can also -e,ine that a
customer is to reappear on the .or4list on a certain -ate. When *ou return
to the .or4list3 *ou can -ocumente the complete customer contact in the
Roles in Collections Management
$he ,unctionalities in this mo-ule is -esigne- ,or the , roles1
Collections Specialist 6Responsible ,or Collecting receivables7
Collections Supervisor8Manager 6Responsible ,or controlling the
process o, collecting receivables7
Collections Specialist:
$he collection specialist per,orms this process. "t covers the ,
process steps1
Call #p Wor4list
Prepare Customer Contact
Contact Customer
Call up Work list:
A .or4list is create- automaticall* ,or each collection specialist on a -ail*
basis . $he collection specialist logs on to the Collections Management
s*stem an- calls up the .or4list. $he .or4list contains all customers to be
contacte- in or-er o, priorit*. $he prioriti+ation o, the customers in the
.or4list 6.or4list items7 is -etermine- b* the collection strateg* assigne-
to the customer.
Note: Transaction code for calling up the worklist is
Prepare customer contact:
$o prepare the customer contact3 the collection specialist nee-s
in,ormation about .h* the contact is necessar*.9e also nee-s to consi-er
the customer:s account an- previous customer contacts.
9e can see .h* the customer contact is necessar* b* -ispla*ing the
valuation o, the customer accor-ing to the collection strateg*. 9ere he can
see an overvie. o, all collection rules ,ul,ille- b* the customer. %;ample1
$here .as no success,ul customer contact in the last !) -a*s.
For a vie. o, the current status o, the customer account3 the collection
specialist can loo4 at the .or4 list. $his contains 4e* ,igures ,or the
customer3 such as outstan-ing amounts3 the amount to be collecte-3 the
amount o, bro4en promises to pa*3 or .hen an- .ith .hom the last
customer contact .as carrie- out.
<* navigating to the ,unction Process Receivables 6 73 the collection
specialist can -ispla* the -etail vie. o, the customer. 9ere the open
receivables o, the customer are liste- .ith their respective status. At a
glance the collection specialist can see .hich part o, the invoice is open3
.hether an*thing has alrea-* been pai- or cre-ite- an- ho. much3 an-
promises to pa*3 -ispute cases3 an- -unning notices ,or the invoice. $he
collection specialist can also vie. an overvie. o, previous customer
contacts that in,orms him o, the results o, previous contacts .ith speci,ic
contact persons at the customer. 9e can also see promises to pa*3 -ispute
cases3 an- resubmissions that arose ,rom customer contacts.
Contact Customer
$o ma4e the contact3 the collection specialist uses the contact -ata o, the
contact person at the customer that is -ispla*e- in the ,unction Process
Receivables. $he collection specialist enters the results o, the customer
contact in the s*stem.
", a customer promises to pa* open invoices3 the collection specialist
creates promises to pa* ,or the invoices speci,ie-. $he s*stem
automaticall* monitors .hether this promise to pa* is 4ept. ", the
collection strateg* is con,igure- accor-ingl*3 .hen promises to pa* are
bro4en the customer appears on the .or4list again.
", the customer ob=ects to an invoice3 the collection specialist can create a
-ispute case ,or the invoice. $he -epartment responsible can process the
-ispute case imme-iatel*. ", the result o, the -ispute case processing is
such that the ob=ections o, the customer are un=usti,ie-3 the correspon-ing
status o, the -ispute case lea-s to the customer appearing on the .or4list
again. $he invoice is relevant ,or receivables management again.
", the collection specialist cannot reach the contact person3 or the contact
person re>uests that the collection specialist calls bac43 the specialist can
create a resubmission. /n the -ate speci,ie- the customer appears on the
.or4list again.
A,ter the customer contact has been carrie- out3 the contact is summari+e-
an- -ocumente-. $he s*stem creates a stan-ar- note an- a--s all promises
to pa*3 -ispute cases3 an- resubmissions create- to the customer contact.
$he collection specialist then enters a Contact Result an- returns to the
.or4list. $here he prepares the ne;t customer contact.
", the Collection specialist chooses a Contact Result .hich in-icates that
the customer .as success,ull* contacte-3 the <usiness partner is
automaticall* -isappears ,rom the .or4list & is trans,erre- to the
Complete- items list. $hese <usinss partners can be accesse- b* clic4ing
on the Display completed items icon. 6 7
Collections Supervisor:
$he collection manager per,orms this process. 9e is responsible ,or
ensuring that the receivables are collecte- accor-ing to the ,inancial
targets o, the compan*. $he process covers the , process steps1
De,ine Collection Strategies
Process Collection 'roups
%-it <usiness partner master recor-
Change Assignment o, Collection 'roup an- Collection Specialist
to Customer
Monitor Collection o, Receivables
Note: The transaction code for accessing the work list for
a Collections Super#isor$Manager is
Define Collection Strategies:
$he collection manager -e,ines the criteria 6collection rules7 to be use- ,or
anal*+ing customers an- prioriti+ing them ,or receivables management.
$o -o this he -e,ines collection strategies an- enters them in the s*stem.
9e can create -i,,erent strategies -epen-ing on the customer group3
region3 or compan* situation. "n a collection strateg*3 all collection rules
that are relevant ,or collecting receivables are liste- an- prioriti+e-.
All customers are anal*+e- an- valuate- accor-ing to the strateg* assigne-
to them an-3 -epen-ent on the valuation3 inclu-e- in the .or4list. $he
more rules that appl* to a customer3 the higher this customer is prioriti+e-
in the .or4list. Collection strategies are there,ore the basis ,or the
automatic creation o, .or4lists.
Note: The transaction code for creating or editing
Collection Strateg( is UDM_ST%TE)*"
Process Collection groups;
Collection groups cover all collection specialists that collect receivables
using the same collection strateg*. $he collection manager is responsible
,or assigning his emplo*ees to collection groups. 9e can also -e,ine a
substitute ,or each collection specialist in a collection group ,or times
.hen the specialist is absent. $he .or4 list items ,or the absent colleague
are then assigne- to this substitute automaticall*.
$he collection manager also -etermines the collection strateg* that a
collection group uses to collect receivables.
ote: !he transaction co"e for Collection groups in
#"it $usiness Partner Master Recor"
"n SAP Collections Management3 ever* customer has a business partner
master recor-. "n this master recor-3 the collection group an- 6optional7
collection specialist responsible ,or the customer are -e,ine-. $he
collection strateg* relevant ,or valuating the customer is -erive- ,rom the
collection group. $he collection groups an- collection specialists are
assigne- automaticall* 6see the process Data S*nchroni+ation an-
Creation o, Wor4lists7.
", necessar*3 the collection manager can assign a -i,,erent collection
specialist to the customer. $his ma* be necessar*3 ,or e;ample3 to improve
the -istribution o, the .or4loa- in his team an- to react to changes in
personnel. 9e can also assign a -i,,erent collection group to the customer
temporaril* an-3 i, re>uire-3 an alternative collection specialist.
ote: !he transaction co"e for editing a +usiness partner
,aster record is UDM_+P"
Monitor Collection of Receiva%les
$he collection manager is responsible ,or the success,ul collection o,
receivables. $o monitor this process3 he can -ispla* the .or4list items ,or
all collection groups assigne- to him.
9e can -ispla* statistics that help him to evaluate ho. man* .or4list
items have been complete-3 ho. man* are still open3 an- ho. man*
success,ul or unsuccess,ul customer contacts have alrea-* been carrie-
9e can also re-istribute .or4list items bet.een collection specialists ,or a
more even -istribution o, the .or4loa- an- to ensure that high priorit*
items are processe- >uic4l*.
Change Assignment of Collection &roup an"
Collection Specialist to Customer
$he collection supervisor can reassign <usiness partners ,rom one group
to other an- he can also reassign the specialists ,or a group o, business
partners as .ell.
ote: !he transaction co"e for the a-o#e function is
Process Receiva%les
A,ter opening a business partner3 the user .ill be presente- .ith this
screen. $he specialist can per,orm various ,unctions in this screen .hich
.ere brie,l* -iscusse- in the above sections. Detaile- e;planation o, each
o, these tabs is presente- here1
Promises to Pa*
Dispute Cases
Customer Contacts
$his ,unction provi-es *ou .ith an overvie. o, all open invoices ,or a
customer in the compan* co-es o, the current collection segment. 5ou can
-ispla* a--itional in,ormation ,or each invoice3 an- create promises to pa*
an- -ispute cases. $he tab page "nvoices is part o, the ,unction Process
5ou can see all open invoices ,or the selecte- customer an- those .here
there are open resi-ual items. $he amountPromise- 6Resi-ual7 results
,rom the amount promise- minus the amount pai- ,or the promise to pa*.
$he amount pai- ,or the promise to pa* results ,rom the Process
"ntegration .ith Accounts Receivable.
(ist of )pen Cre"it 'tems
", the account contains open cre-it items .ith no invoice re,erence3 these
are totale- b* currenc*3 -ispla*e- in ro.s highlighte- .ith -i,,erent
colors3 an- have the entr* Cre-it in the column Document &umber.
Double2clic4 on these ro.s to -ispla* a list o, items that have been totale-
on the part o, the screen.
Creating Promises to Pa*
Select one or more invoices ,or .hich *ou .ant to create a promise to pa*
an- choose Promise to pa* .ith the >uic4 in,o te;t Create Promise to
$he screen area Create Promise to Pa* appears un-er the list o, invoices.
"n the ,iel- Promise-3 the total o, the open items is propose-
", *ou select invoices that alrea-* have a promise to pa* .ith the s*stem
status /pen3 this is con,irme- an- the ne. promise to pa* contains a level
increase- b* one.
", *ou enter a promise to pa* ,or several invoices3 the s*stem
automaticall* creates in-ivi-ual promises to pa* ,or each invoice .hen
*ou save so that *ou can process an- ,ollo. promises to pa* at invoice
. %nter the -ata re>uire- ,or the promise to pa*.
"n the ,iel- Re,erence3 *ou can enter -ata such as a chec4 number that
the customer gave *ou. 5ou can also enter notes in a te;t ,iel-.
2. ", *ou have onl* selecte- one invoice3 or i, the amount promise- ,or
several invoices agrees .ith the total open amount3 *ou can save the
promise6s7 to pa*. /ther.ise3 *ou have to speci,* ho. the amount
promise- is -istribute- bet.een the invoices selecte-.
a. Choose .ith the >uic4 in,o te;t Distribution.
$he screen area Distribute Amount appears.
b. Assign the amount that .as promise- to each invoice in the list
o, invoices ,or .hich a promise .as submitte-. $he ,
automatic -istribution ,unctions are available ,or this -istribution1
? %>uall*1 %ach invoice receives a part o, the total amount
promise-3 -epen-ing on the open amount.
? Accor-ing to -ue -ate1 $he invoice .ith the earliest -ue -ate
receives a part o, the amount promise- ,irst. ", the total
promise- amount .as not assigne-3 the invoice .ith the ne;t
-ue -ate receives a part an- so on.
", *ou -istribute the amount manuall*3 choose .ith the >uic4
in,o te;t Chec4 Distribution to ensure that the total amount
-istribute- matches the total amount promise-. ", this is not the
case3 but *ou .ant to retain the amounts *ou -istribute-3 the
s*stem automaticall* changes the total amount promise- to the
ne. total o, the amounts *ou entere-.
3. Save *our entries.
$his ,unction provi-es *ou .ith an overvie. o, the pa*ments o, a
customer. $he tab page Pa*ments is part o, the ,unction Process
For the customer selecte-3 *ou see the incoming pa*ments o, the last 3)
-a*s that have been poste- in the compan* co-es o, the current collection
segment. 5ou can change this perio- i, necessar*.
For an e;act .here use- list ,or the pa*ment3 choose 9istor*. <ase- on
the incoming pa*ment3 all invoices pai- or partiall* pai- b* this pa*ment
are liste- in a tree structure. $he -etaile- in,ormation ,or each respective
invoice is structure- as -escribe- un-er "nvoices3 .hereb* the pa*ment
selecte- is highlighte- .ith a color.
Dispute Cases
$his ,unction provi-es *ou .ith an overvie. o, all -ispute cases o, the
customer that contain at least one item asDispute- /b=ect. $he tab
page Dispute Cases is part o, the ,unction Process Receivables.
", *ou select a -ispute case ,rom the list an- choose Dispute Case .ith
the >uic4 in,o te;t Displa* Dispute Case3 the s*stem -ispla*s the -ispute
case .ith all hea-er -ata3 notes3 log3 an- the case recor- .ith the lin4e-
Customer Contacts
$his ,unction provi-es *ou .ith an overvie. o, the contacts .ith a
customer in a collection segment. For each customer contact *ou can
-ispla* a--itional in,ormation in the screen area.
$his ,unction provi-es *ou .ith an overvie. o, all resubmissions ,or a
customer in the current segment that have notbeen complete-. 5ou can
create3 change or -ispla* in-ivi-ual resubmissions. 5ou can also complete
one or more resubmissions.
$his component contains ,unctions ,or processing receivables2relate-
-ispute cases. "t supplements the logistics process chain Purchase /r-er @
Deliver* @ "nvoice @ Pa*ment in the stage bet.een invoice an- pa*ment i,
there are -iscrepancies .ith the customer.
Disputes arise i, customers -e-uct an amount ,rom the invoice /R not
ma4e a pa*ment at all -ue to
Pricing issues
0ate -eliver*
"ncorrect -elivere- >uantit*
Damage- goo-s
9igh volume o, such -ispute- items can lea- to
9igh DS/
Di,,icult* in pre-icting cash ,lo.
9igh cost o, solving the -ispute cases
When a customer -isputes an invoice3 i-eall* .e .oul- to li4e to trac4 it
b* recor-ing various aspects relate- to this -ispute3 li4e the reason .h*
the customer is -isputing an invoice3 the criticalit* o, the issue3 the amount
o, the -ispute an- an* notes an- proo, or attachments provi-e- b* the
customer in this regar-.
$his re>uirement o, all the in,ormation relate- to a -ispute is illustrate- in
the , -iagram1
When *ou create -ispute cases3 the attributes 6,or e;ample3 processor3
reason3 priorit*3 e;ternal re,erence3 contact person7 an- notes that *ou
enter in the -ialog bo; are inclu-e- in the -ispute case. $he s*stem also
a--s the line items concerne- as -ispute- ob=ects an- uses the
environment to -etermine other ob=ects that coul- be help,ul in processing
the -ispute case 6customer3 invoice ,or a resi-ual item3 billing -ocument3
,rom SAP R83 %nterprise !.A)3 also account statement items7B the s*stem
a--s these other ob=ects to the -ispute case. $he s*stem -etermines the
-ispute- amount ,rom the -ispute- line items an- saves it in the -ispute
case as an attribute. aspects o, -ispute management is -iscusse- in the ,
Creating a Dispute case
Searching ,or a Dispute case
#p-ating a Dispute case
Fiel-s o, a Dispute case
Attributes o, a Dispute case
Closing a Dispute case
Creating a "ispute case
$he easiest .a* to create a -ispute case is through the transaction F<0C&
6Displa* open items7. Dispute cases can also be create- through various
other transactions. %.g. .hile -ispla*ing a line item through F<)2 or in
clearing transactions li4e F22( an- F232.
$o create a -ispute case3 simpl* select the line item & clic4 on the Create
Dispute case button.
"n the ne;t .in-o. enter all the relevant in,ormation an- save the -ispute
Searching for a "ispute case
Almost all o, the ,unctionalities relate- to this mo-ule can be accesse-
through the transaction #DMDD"SP#$%.
", *ou 4no. the Dispute case i-3 *ou can simpl* enter the number an- ,in-
the case. %ven i, *ou -on:t 4no. the number3 *ou can still ,in- the -ispute
case b* entering various other search criteria li4e the invoice number o,
user i- or creation -ate range.
. Call up -ispute case processing.
2. %;pan- the Cases ,ol-er.
3. Choose Dispute Case 2 Search. $he -ispute case search appears on the
right si-e o, the screen.
!. %nter values ,or the attributes that *ou .ant to use to search ,or the
-ispute case. ", *ou -o not enter an attribute value3 the s*stem selects all
e;isting cases.
C. Choose %;ecute Search.
E. $he s*stem -ispla*s the list o, selecte- -ispute cases3 .here *ou can
-ouble clic4 on in-ivi-ual cases to select them.
Fin- -ispute cases in .hich *ou are entere- as processor3 coor-inator3 or
person responsible
A. Choose M* Dispute Cases. A list o, the -ispute cases .here *ou are
entere- as processor appears on the right si-e o, the screen. ", *ou .ant to
see the -ispute cases in .hich *ou are entere- as person responsible or
coor-inator3 select the re>uire- role vie. b* choosing Processor.
(. $he s*stem -ispla*s the list o, selecte- -ispute cases3 an- *ou can
-ouble clic4 on in-ivi-ual cases to select them.
Up"ating a "ispute case
A -ispute case can be up-ate- b* a user using the transaction co-e
#DMDD"SP#$%. Mass up-ates can also be per,orme- using this
Fiel"s of a "ispute case
$here are various ,iel-s available in a -ispute case1
)riginal Dispute" Amount
When *ou create a -ispute case3 the s*stem enters the value o, the
-ispute- line items in the ,iel- Original Disputed Amount. $he currenc* o,
these items -etermines the currenc* o, the -ispute case.
Dispute" amount
$he Dispute- Amount is the remaining open amount o, a -ispute case.
When *ou create the -ispute case3 the -ispute- amount is the same as
the original -ispute- amount. At an* time3 it contains the current total o,
the -ispute- items.
Amount cre"ite"
Cre-its that *ou clear -uring a clearing transaction increase the amount
Amount pai"
$he amount pai- is the total o, the pa*ments poste- ,or a -ispute case.
$he s*stem calculates the amount pai- ,or each line item using the
, logic1
$he posting o, partial pa*ments ,or a -ispute- receivable increases
the amount pai-.
Pa*ments on account that are cleare- -uring clearing are
-istribute- to the items in the same .a* as the cre-it memos
6see Amount Cre-ite-7.
Amount cleare" manuall*
$he amount cleare- manuall* is the resolve- portion o, the original
-ispute- amount that .as neither cre-ite- nor pai-. $his inclu-es1
Resi-ual items .hose reason co-e controls that the -i,,erence is
.ritten o,, to a separate general le-ger account.
Cash -iscount -e-uctions 6inclu-ing ta; a-=ustment7 .hen resi-ual
items are create-.
<an4 charges an- unauthori+e- -e-uctions .hen resi-ual items are
/ther clearing transactions that .ere not poste- .ith the stan-ar-
transaction ,or incoming pa*ments.
Amount +ritten off automaticall*
", *ou .ant to .rite o,, the items o, over-ue -ispute cases automaticall*3
the s*stem enters the -ispute- amount in the ,iel- ,or the amount .ritten
o,, automaticall*.
Attri%utes of a "ispute case:
"n a--ition to the ,iel-s -ispla*e- above3 other attributes o, a -ispute case
can be accesse- b* clic4ing on the Attributes button.
/nce *ou are in the Attributes section3 *ou .ill see , sub ob=ects
in here1
0in4e- ob=ects
(inke" )%,ects:
All the lin4e- ob=ects3 li4e3 the invoice relate- to the -ispute- item3 the
billing -ocument3 the business partner3 an* resolve- ob=ects3 can be seen
& accesse- here. <* simpl* -ouble clic4ing on an ob=ect3 *ou .ill be
-irecte- to the -ispla* mo-e o, that ob=ect.
An* notes relate- to the -ispute can be entere- here.
All the activit* an- histor* ,or a -ispute can be seen here1
Closing a "ispute case
", a -ispute case has been completel* resolve-3 the processor can close it.
From SAP R83 %nterprise !.A)3 *ou can choose .hether the s*stem is to
close the -ispute cases automaticall* .hen the last -ispute- ob=ect ,or the
case is cleare-3 or .hether the processor is to close the -ispute cases
manuall*. /0AM:s Dispute management is con,igure- to close a case
automaticall* .hen the -ispute amount is +ero.