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"I would do everything again and better.

Throughout my life I took the lives of 100 people and I

wish I have killed much more. I'm not a bit sorry for what Ive done since nobody will ever
apologize for existing a world that allows people to become like me. Today is a beautiful day to
die as those were beautiful days to kill. After my death I will search for everyone who I killed
and will kill them again, because that's what I do, my nature. Now all of you can go home and
thank your God for not cross my way while I was still out there. You have no idea how lucky you
are. Have a nice day."
Carl Panzram Quotes
After he raped and murdered a 12-year-old boy in 1922, he joyfully recalled the killing:
"His brains were coming out of his ears when I left him. I am not sorry. My conscious doesn't
bother me. I sleep sound and have sweet dreams."
Embittered by years of torture, beatings and sexual abuse both in and out of prison, Panzram
evolved into a man who was meanness personified. He hated everyone, including himself.
"I was so full of hate that there was no room in me for such feelings as love, pity, kindness or
honor or decency," he said, "my only regret is that I wasn't born dead or not at all."
"I have been a human animal ever since I was born...I was a thief and a liar," he said. "The
older I got the meaner I got."
About Minnesota State Training School:
"I may not have accomplished much in a scholarly way while there but I learned how to become
a first class liar...and the beginnings of degeneracy."
"I first began to think that I was being unjustly imposed upon. Then I began to hate those who
abused me. Then I began to think that I would have my revenge just as soon and as often as I
could injure someone else. Anyone at all would do."
In late 1905, Carl was on his way out of the horrors of the Minnesota State Training School. He
learned to say the things the staff wanted to hear and when he appeared before the parole
board, he convinced them that he was a changed boy and had been "reformed" by the school.
"I was reformed all right...I had been taught by Christians how to be a hypocrite and I had
learned more about stealing, lying, hating, burning and killing," he said, "I had learned that a
boy's penis could be used for something besides to urinate with and that a rectum could be
used for other purposes..."
"Mother was too dumb to know anything good to teach me," he said years later, "there was
little love lost. I first liked her and respected her. My feelings gradually turned from that to
distrust, dislike, disgust and from there it was very simple for my feelings to turn to into positive
hatred towards her."
He knew nothing else in his brief life except suffering, beatings and torture. His youthful mind
dwelled on things of which most children knew little.
"I fully decided when I left there just how I would live my life. I made up my mind that I would
rob, burn, destroy and kill everywhere I went and everybody I could as long as I lived." he wrote
years later.
It was January 1906, and Carl Panzram was about to be unleashed on the world.