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Introduction The Setup

‘Hi-tech' (Institute of Imaging

& Research) is well equipped
Radiological Diagnostic
center situated at Latur in
Maharashtra. It is joint
venture of a group of
Radiologists providing A to Z
of Radiology under one roof.

This Institute has facilities of

Digital X-Ray, Sonography,
Color doppler, OPG,
Mammography, CT Scan & Latest high end web based PACS (Picture archiving &
MRI under one roof. This communication system).
center works for 24 Hours A high speed static IP broadband internet connection
in a day & 365 days in a for faster networking.
week. Alternate wireless internet connections to support
failure of one connection.
Hi-tech Tele-Radiology State of Art reading room with world class facilities.
Services is a venture of this Medical Grade high resolution monitors for best quality
Institute. We are already images.
providing Tele-Radiology Support of a leading software company which
services to few nearby CT specializes in medical Imaging & networking solutions.
scan centers. Now we have A Group of qualified experienced Radiologists catering
developed a full fledged services on 24 X 7 X 365 basis.
Tele-Radiology Center. Generator & UPS back up for power failure.

The Team

Dr. Vivek Yadkikar Dr. Avinash Kurdukar Dr. Balaji Kombade

MD Radiology from MD Radiology from MD Radiology from
Aurangabad Govt. Aurangabad Govt. B. J. Medical College, Pune.
Medical College. Medical College. Trained in MRI after PG in
Practicing in Latur as Practicing in Latur as J.J. Hospital Mumbai.
a consultant Radiologists a consultant Radiologists
from last 18 years. from last 13 years.
We three are full time Radiologists running the 'Hi-Tech' & are
available round the clock in the center. The same is the core
group which will do & co-ordinate the work of Hi-Tech Tele-
Radiology Services. We are experienced practicing Radiologist &
have wide experience in all modalities right from conventional
radiology to MRI.

In addition, there is a panel of ten consultant Radiologists from

Latur, Hyderabad & Pune which are having wide experience in all
modalities including CT & MRI. Senior experienced Radiologists
specialized in higher modalities are available for second opinion.

The group of Radiologists is having wide experience in all

modalities from X-Ray to MRI.

We have eminent Radiologists which have particular interests &

have developed mastery in each subspecialty.

Hi-Tech Tele-Radiology Services is now fully geared up to give its services to Radiological setups in India &
abroad. We can give tailor maid packages according to need of the center & volume of work.

Comprehensive Services
We take complete responsibility of your CT &/or MRI reporting.
The service will be available round the clock 24 hours in a day & 365 days in year.
The response time is less than one hour for CT & less than 2 hours for MRI.
Immediate report for emergency patients.

Nighthawk Services
We can give night reporting services to centers, & you can relax by handing over the disturbing
emergency night work to us

Locum Services
Short term reporting services on locum basis,
when you or your Radiologist is not available.

Week end Services

Reporting only on week ends.

Radiology Offshoring services

We provide comprehensive reporting services
for centers out side India.
Reporting for all modalities including X-Ray,
Sonography, color doppler, CT Scan & MRI.
We are providing quality preliminary reporting services now & we soon will have Board certified
Radiologists on our panel for final reporting.
Advantages of out sourcing
your work to Hi-Tech
Round the
? clock service on 24 X7 X How to start
365 basis
Send us mail at
? reporting. Even faster than
your local Radiologist coming to your
or or
center & reporting it. contact Dr. Vivek yadkikar on
Professional service of team of
? +919823025920
experienced Radiologist.
We will contact you immediately &
Multiple opinions at no extra cost. A
panel of Radiologists, working round the discuss the things personally. If needed
clock for your centre, at the cost of only our representative with visit & will
one Radiologist. understand your requirement.
As we have our own PACS & Tele-
Next we together will finalize the type
Radiology system, no extra cost of Tele-
radiology software & recurring yearly of service as per your needs & will
expenses. provide you tailor maid, customized
package & finalize the deal.
Who can avail our Tele Then we will link your center digitally
Radiology Services to 'Hi-Tech' through net & add
necessary software to your computer
Whether you are a Radiologist running your for sending images & receiving
own center individually, or in a group, or reports. We will also train your
any non Radiologist running a diagnostic
technicians for the same.
center, we are open to all.
Then we will take over the task of
There are various type of services reporting completely & you will be
described in detail above, you can choose totally relived off the important part of
any one & let your work in hands of a
the work reducing your stress
group of qualified, experienced
professionals. considerably.

You will have complete piece of mind. We Dr. Vivek Yadkikar MD

will provide quality reporting round the Dr. Avinash Kurdukar MD
clock with very less response time. Dr. Balaji Kombade MD

Tele Radiology Services

ARTY 221912

Babasaheb Paranjape Marg, Sawewadi, Latur-413512. Ph.: 02382-252221, 243864, 9823196808