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Posted on October 18, 2013 by Maxim Peptide

Anastrozole is a peptide that acts as a aromatase inhibitor. It is
typically presented as an off-white powder with a molecular weight of
293.4. It contains moderate aqueous solubility.
echanics of Anastrozole
!cientific study on animal test sub"ects has determined
that Anastrozole binds re#ersibly to the aromatase enzyme #ia
competiti#e inhibition. $his means that it the binding of the inhibitor
to the acti#e site on the enzyme prohibits binding on the molecule in
which the enzyme acts and #ice #ersa. $his process bloc%s the
con#ersion of androgens to estrogens in peripheral tissues. $his in
turn bloc%s the production of estrogen& the naturally occurring
endocrine secretion that is responsible for the menstrual and estrous
reproducti#e cycles in animal test sub"ects.
$heoretical 'enefits of Anastrozole
$he primary scientific study of Anastrozole through animal test sub"ects is focused on how its ability to inhibit the
secretion of estrogen can play a role in certain endocrine-related cancers( particularly breast cancer. $his is due to
the fact that studies show that the se#erity of breast cancer is increased by the presence of estrogen. $his is
because the estrogen causes hyperplasia& that is( a proliferation of cells. It also causes differentiation at estrogen
receptor sites( meaning that it causes a less specialized cell to become a more specialized cell type. 'ecause the
peptide has e)hibited an ability to bloc% the synthesis of estrogen( it is theorized that it could play a role in slowing
down the progress of breast cancer.
Additionally( scientific study on animal test sub"ects has deri#ed other theoretical benefits in association with
Anastrozole and its ability to inhibit the production of estrogen. $hese theoretical benefits include*
Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia + ,ommonly referred to as prostate enlargement( this condition is
mar%ed when large nodules compress the urethral canal in male animal test sub"ects( causing partial or
complete obstruction of the urethra( which in turn disrupts the normal flow of urine.
Treatment of gynecomastia + $his refers to the benign enlargement of breast tissue in male animal test
sub"ects. $his condition is caused by e)cessi#e estrogen actions and is frequently the result in an ele#ated
ratio of estrogen to androgen.
Treatment of hypogonadism + $his refers to a diminished functional acti#ity of the testes in male animal test
sub"ects and the o#aries in female animal test sub"ects.
Treatment of precocious puberty + $his condition is mar%ed by the presence of bodily maturation occurring at an
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unusually early age.
-otential .egati#e !ide /ffects of Anastrozole
!cientific study on animal test sub"ects has determined that there are se#eral negati#e side effects that are
associated with the use of Anastrozole.
$he primary negati#e side effect in relation to Anastrozole0s usage concerns the wea%ening of bones. !cientific
research based on animal test sub"ects ha#e determined that the use of the peptide can deplete the sturdiness and
durability of bones in female animal test sub"ects. $his is because the peptide inhibits certain secretions that are
responsible for s%eletal tissue building and repair on a cellular le#el. $his could lead to se#eral ailments related to
bone wea%ness( up to and including osteoporosis.
1ther serious negati#e side effects ha#e been determined through scientific research on animal test sub"ects.
$hese serious negati#e side effects include*
!udden numbness or wea%ness on one side of the body.
!wollen glands.
!hortness of breath.
!udden se#ere headache.
Issues concerning #ision.
Issues concerning balance.
2pper stomach pain
3ar%ened urine
3iscoloration of stool
4oss of appetite
Additionally( a host of less serious negati#e side effects ha#e been associated with Anastrozole through scientific
study on animal test sub"ects. $hese less serious negati#e side effects include*
5oint pain
!tiffness of "oints
/)tremity issues. $hese include numbness( wea%ness( and tingling
'ac% pain
'one pain
ild nausea
It has also been theorized that Anastrozole0s impact on estrogen secretion could cause #arious negati#e side
effects amongst animal test sub"ects that are pregnant.
For Scientific Use Only
Although scientific study has been conducted on animal test sub"ects to determine Anastrozole0s range of
operational mechanics( theoretical benefits( and negati#e side effects( it should be noted that any and all findings
lin%ed to the peptide are still rooted in contemporary laboratory research. 'ecause Anastrozole is currently in the
research phase( any usage or study relating to the mechanics( operations( effects( benefits( and side effects of the
peptide should solely be contained to the restrictions of a strictly controlled en#ironment such as a laboratory or a
medical research facility.