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Unzip the archive file to any folder on your hard disk and run aBrigade.exe.
==Version 0.811==
- Vehicles moving on streams, frozen water or frozen streams never generate dust
clouds that block LOS. Vehicles moving on paved roads or paved ground do not ge
nerate dust particles. Dust particles are generated again when the plow is used
(unless the vehicle is moving extremely slow)
- Changed some unit icons
==Version 0.810==
* Fixed: Air-to-neutral spotting values were too low
* Fixed: A wrong typeface was used (excluding buttons)
+ New units and armies: There are now 11 nationalities, 321 units and 38 aircraf
t in total
+ "Dummy" objectives: Victory Points cannot be gained by capturing a dummy objec
tive. The exact location can be different for both sides
- Random locations of objectives that are not in the force's setup/scout zone ar
e determined by using the force "terrain" parameter
- Ground and air unit target selection is more random, so the units should sprea
d the fire more evenly between the targets, instead of always favoring the first
/last unit in the target list
- Vehicles that cannot fire their main armament while moving (emplace time great
er than 0) fire one burst and are then allowed to move 150 meters. If the main w
eapon is disabled in the SOP menu then the unit won't stop at all
- All weapons with emplace time greater than 0 lose their subsequent burst accur
acy bonus and must be re-aimed if the unit moves
- Non-desert/barren map plain/bog/brush terrain has random trees
- The Victory Bar moves in 25% steps
- Roads and streams are shown on the height maps
- Section numbers can be skipped in the XML files
- Added icons for dismounted scout units. Wheeled APCs use different icons
==Version 0.807a==
* Fixed: The formation/flight availability dates were not checked correctly in t
he purchase phase
+ Units cannot be engaged before identified as hostile
+ Neutral units
- The overall ground-to-ground spotting probability reduced to 10%
- Urban terrain has a new 2-layer texture
- Water/streams are frozen on the winter map type. Deciduous/mixed trees/forest
are leafless on the autumn/winter map types, and all trees are burnt on the Barr
en map type
- Unit/aircraft sprites can be toggled off (shift+"B")
- Fields use the brown texture on all map types
==Version 0.806==
==Version 0.805a==
- The contour lines can be toggled on/off, hotkey ctrl+"G"
- Map colors are defined in \data\xml\mapcolors.xml
- The map light source changes its position with the time of day
==Version 0.804q==
- Adjusted the contour map colors. Different map types have different colors for
the plain terrain
==Version 0.804o==
- The SOP menu engagement range settings use the command delay
- The "Hard" engagement range setting is ignored for air targets
==Version 0.804n==
- Improved AI unit placement
==Version 0.804j==
- Rearranged the command menu buttons
==Version 0.804h==
* Fixed: Sometimes units with the scout order stopped right after starting to re
verse to safety. Now the unit can reverse up to 500 meters when trying to move o
ut of the enemy LOS
* Fixed: Map cells with a faded enemy wreck were not always freed
==Version 0.804g==
- Added autosave
==Version 0.804f==
- When defending, the AI can set up ambushes with units that are hiding. He will
open fire with the whole formation when the player is within the effective rang
- The AI can fire on/off-map HE/DPICM at the units he detects with scout helicop
- Adjusted the AI CAS routine
==Version 0.804e==
- Updated the vehicle sprites
- The wreck transparency is 25%
- The enemy controlled objectives are shown as neutral in the meeting engagement
s. The real status is shown in the AAR
- Helicopter visibility reduced to 5%, and the field of view increased to 360 de
- Added support for on-map artillery units and scout helicopters. The helicopter
s can spot ground units and muzzle flashes
- The Autopurchaser doesn't select any mech/tank scouts if the Force Type is Inf
antry. On-map artillery units and scout aircraft are never selected
- The AI doesn't use indirect fire if there are friendly units in the target are
a or right next to it
- The first shot in the indirect fire mode has some random delay
==Version 0.804c==
- Vehicle wrecks fade away and do not block any movement after they stop burning
, unless a detected aircraft has crashed in that location. The wrecks will becom
e visible in the AAR. Burning times are halved to max 15 minutes
- SOP menu: Units can be ordered to not to use the main armament
- "TI" smoke: Smoke grenades and smoke shells use this new type of smoke, which
is somewhat more effective vs Night Vision. Normal smoke is used after the grena
de/shell has burnt out. It's distinguished from normal smoke by white color (nor
mal is a bit darker) in the contour and 3D maps, and "TI" in the terrain info bo
- Night Vision is a bit cheaper because of TI smoke
- Purchase phase: Formations and flights are sorted by name and type
- AAR: The LOS tool and height map are available. The LOS can be checked for the
opponent units
- The quick groups can be focused by pressing the key two times
- The view can be set to follow a friendly unit by double-clicking it
- Vehicles won't turn around in the indirect fire mode, and the turret is traver
sed forward
- 3D view: Map info, unit icons and target lines can be toggled on/off. Objectiv
es use 3D coordinates
- The red message color changed to orange
- Increased the weapon muzzleSignature values
- Increased the US Army Training level
- Decreased the Training level of the Finnish 2nd line infantry
- Changed the indirect fire ammunition (ammunition.xml) names and added some new
ones (see DATABASE.txt)
- Added new terrain types for low density urban terrain (to limit the LOS)
- Previously empty high density urban tiles are filled with 1x1 buildings
- Added new road types to the map palette
- Maps load much more efficiently from large files
- The town objectives are moved to the closest road tile
==Version 0.803j==
* Fixed: The unit grid coordinate could be moved instantly by stopping the unit
* Fixed: The 1600x900 window size was incorrectly 1600x1900
+ 3D view, hotkey F12
- Added map size min and max buttons to the Battle Generator
- C++ exceptions in the initialization phase are displayed in a message console
- "Please wait..." is displayed when the elevation map colors are adjusted
==Version 0.802==
* Fixed: The elevation data for water areas was missing
==Version 0.801==
- Added new urban terrain types to the map palette
- Smoke and flares are shown as white symbols in the contour map mode. The symbo
ls can be toggled off with the map info
- Terrain fires, fire from vehicle wrecks and particles are not shown in the con
tour map mode
- The AAR map changes its color according to the time of day
- Halved the amount of dust from vehicle movement
- "Quickest" is the default path mode for units and formations
- Modified the audio listener position calculations
- The degree symbol is temporarily replaced by "'"
==Version 0.800a==
+ Upgraded to ClanLib 2.3.4
==Version 0.716g==
- The LOS tool is much faster
==Version 0.716f==
- Fixed wing flights attack ground targets inside the designated target areas: A
A-units inside the SEAD area, others inside the CAS area. The delay is 3-5 minut
es. The flights cannot be called during the setup phase. The probability for the
aircraft to become permanently unavailable after each pass is lowered from 25%
to 20%
- Added new variables to eras.xml, and edited some old ones
- Units prefer firing at the least suppressed infantry targets. Works only for i
dentified targets
- Edited the 3D audio listener position and facing, and fixed some audio source
positions. The indirect fire vehicle hit sound is played only if the player has
detected the vehicle
- The custom map terrain_palette.bmp included in the \docs folder
- Configuration files moved to \data\cfg
==Version 0.716d==
- Added railroads
==Version 0.716c==
- The AI is better at avoiding water
- Disabled the quick group 0, as shift+"0" results in "=" on some keyboards, whi
ch is used for zooming in
- Fixed the Barren slope graphics
==Version 0.716b==
- Improved the map menu
==Version 0.716a==
+ Custom maps are defined in \data\map\maps.xml, and can be selected manually. O
ther map types are disabled
- The defending AI places some of its mobile AT units to forward slopes
- Aircraft are affected by the weapon muzzleSignature value
- The random AIVisualContactDismountRangeMin/Max can be set in armies.xml
- Roads avoid paved ground
- Buildings use terracotta color
==Version 0.715==
+ Custom height maps can be used by placing them to the \data\map\height folder,
named height001.bmp, height002.bmp etc. Currently the location is selected rand
omly, based on the Battle Generator "Hilliness" setting
- The defending AI places some of its static AT units to forward slopes
- The AI dismount range, used when enemy units are detected, is randomized for e
ach battle
- New sprites for all US vehicles, including winter camo (One more thank you to
Capt Sam)
- Added a message about the mission objectives, and the objective locations blin
k for a while during the setup phase
- Adjusted the contour lines and elevation map mode colors
==Version 0.713==
* Fixed: A potential array out of bounds error in map image generation
- Modified accuracy algorithm: Small targets, like hull-down vehicles, are easie
r to hit at close ranges
- Trees have higher LOS block values
- The maximum number of men per squad increased from 10 to 25
Thermal imaging:
- eras.xml: "thermalImagingMinRange" increased from 2000 to 3500 meters (vehicle
s with a weapon "nightVision" value equal or greater than this have a thermal im
aging system)
- weapons.xml: "nightVision" 2000 increased to 3500 meters
- Adjusted the automatic cost calculator to match the new nightVision values
Map Generator:
- More trees in the random generated maps, depending on the Vegetation setting:
Field edges can have tree lines, and some brush is replaced with trees
- Increased the number of fields
- Winter maps have empty spaces for the fields, possibly with tree lines
==Version 0.711==
* Fixed: A wrong dug-in symbol was used for the partly identified vehicles
==Version 0.710==
- When moving in a formation using the Quickest path mode, the units search the
adjacent squares next to the waypoints, and move to the one with the best Traffi
New variables in the database (see DATABASE.txt for more info):
- aircraft.xml: value
- eras.xml: artilleryTRPRadius, artilleryAdjustRadius, HQRadiusInfantry, HQRadiu
sVehicle, infantryVulnerability, thermalImagingMinRange, unknownArmorKE, unknown
ArmorCE, aircraftDelay, planeDelayRandom
- units.xml: enableTurretScanning, infantryVulnerability, value
==Version 0.708==
* Fixed: Planes could sometimes circle endlessly over the target area
==Version 0.707==
+ Vehicles are affected by the morale rules, and can be abandoned. HQ contact re
duces the chance. Damage, suppression, seeing friendly units retreating/destroye
d etc reduce morale
- The morale and training values affect the purchase costs, 75 being the average
- When moving in a formation using the Covered path mode, the units search the a
djacent squares next to the waypoints, and move to the one with the best Cover
- Vehicles displace themselves if there's terrain fire in the same location
- Map Generator: Steep terrain (The slopes greater than about 30 degrees) is rep
laced with Rough ground
- The formations and flights can have morale and training modifiers
- USSR Combat Power modifier is set to zero
Added hotkeys:
- Covered path, Ctrl+"C"
- Quickest path, Ctrl+"Q"
- Shortest path, Ctrl+"S"
Remapped hotkeys:
- Custom fast compression, Shift+"C"
- Smoke generator on, "Q"
- Smoke generator off, Shift+"Q"
- Create a smoke screen, Ctrl+"W"
==Version 0.706==
- Non-retreating HQ and radio units can act as artillery and mortar observers, m
aking the fire more accurate. HQ units are the best spotters
- Added a "free" formation, hotkey shift+F9, where the units advance without reg
==Version 0.705a==
+ Helicopters have two battle positions
- Units can be ordered to use effective ranges (accuracyRange) in the SOP menu
- Ctrl+"X" clears all range settings
- The unit sprite, or a photo if available, is shown when the unit name is click
ed in the purchase phase
- An optional photo can be added (spritePhoto. units.xml, aircraft.xml). The pho
to (or the sprite) is shown when clicking the unit in the purchase phase
- AA-Accuracy spreadsheet updated
==Version 0.703==
* Fixed: The scenario generation could freeze if the number of objectives was se
t to one
+ New accuracy equation: "accuracyRange" in Ammunition.xml defines the range whe
re accuracy is half of "accuracyBase". The docs folder includes an Excel spreads
heet that provides an overview how accuracyBase and accuracyRange interact
Game Mechanics:
- Improved fire distribution between units/aircraft, usually between at least tw
o equal targets
- Low Training has more effect on accuracy, while it doesn't increase the delay
before first shot at all
- Command Delay can be set to increase between the first three waypoints (armies
.xml, commandDelayMod)
- The minimum morale level to become routed has been increased
- Infantry is a bit more vulnerable to direct fire
- The aircraft spotting capability is affected by the Training level
- The time-of-day slider is now centered
- Time and objectives are shown in the AAR replay
- The event messages have a timestamp
- Nationality flags are shown in the Battle Generator and AAR
- Desert camo sprites for the US vehicles (Thanks to Capt Sam)
- The top-attack capability is less expensive
==Version 0.701==
* Fixed: The Battle Generator nationality settings were not saved/loaded
==Version 0.700==
+ The game data is moved into external XML files (data\xml folder), and can be m
odified with any text editor. See DATABASE.txt (docs folder) for notes
+ Time of day is now dynamic. The length of twilight and day can be set in the B
attle Generator. During the action there's a "sun" indicator, representing the c
urrent level of illumination
Game Mechanics:
- Added a new level of enemy identification between fully identified and unknown
(Tracked, wheeled and half-tracked vehicles only)
- Aircraft are affected by the training and morale rules. A low training value r
educes weapon accuracy, and low morale aircraft escape more often
- Morale, instead of Training, affects the suppression recovery (about 20-60 sec
onds). Morale is used to calculate how long it takes to recover from the buttone
d-up state after a vehicle is no longer suppressed (from 15 seconds to about 10
- The default armor value for unidentified targets is now 15mm instead of 40mm,
so the unidentified units are engaged with less powerful weapons too
- The AI opponent is less eager to call air support
- Enemy units, as well as friendly aircraft, can be clicked for some info. Durin
g the AAR the friendly ground units can be clicked also
- Detected guided missiles have a small symbol (green = friendly, red = hostile)

- The Battle Generator settings can be saved and loaded
==Version 0.696==
Game Mechanics:
- The HQ contact level is shown in the unit status view, and it modifies the pro
bability to retreat/rout. The higher the HQ level, the lower the chance
- If an infantry unit slows down to maintain formation or to fire a weapon, fati
gue doesn't increase so fast (or at all). This makes formation movement more eff
icient, especially at longer distances
- Scout units are 25% harder to be detected, and 25% better at spotting
- Retreating units try to end their path in the best possible cover
- The escaping planes don't start to turn away until all weapons have stopped fi
ring, and don't try to acquire/fire/bomb any new targets after that
- Added echeloned line formation, hotkey F9. The map mode distance adjustment ho
tkeys are now shift/control+F10
AI Opponent:
- The AI opponent uses more varied formations, both on advance and on defence
- AI counterattacks are more aggressive
- The amount of water can be adjusted in the Battle Generator
- Rivers, streams and roads can start anywhere on the map, so these are not stuc
k close to the map edges so often
- The unit command menu doesn't go over the screen edges anymore
==Version 0.694==
* Fixed: Command delay is no more halved for the Reverse order, if there are dis
mounted infantry units in the formation
* Fixed: The initial terrain fire size for different shell types and aircraft cr
ash was calculated incorrectly
* Fixed: No more "Taking indirect fire" message when an aircraft crashes close t
o a ground unit
* Fixed: The number of player/opponent bunkers wasn't always set back to zero wh
en creating a new battle
- Burning wrecks and terrain fires can illuminate ground units like flares. Airc
raft can be illuminated only by flares
- Time of day and the size of flames determine the radius of illuminated areas
AI Opponent:
- Smoke generators are used sometimes
- HQ units and some other critical assets advance more slowly, so they shouldn't
be the first to contact the enemy
- There's more variation on how the AI arranges its tank and mechanized formatio
- Heavy artillery is not fired on dismounted scouts
Simulation and data:
- Suppression and fatigue have less dramatic effect on the capabilities of groun
d units. Most notably infantry units can now fire even if fully suppressed and f
- Infantry units will sometimes create a smoke screen when they start to retreat
, if they can see enemy units
- Tweaked the top armor and artillery/mortar shell direct hit penetration values

- The target coordinate is calculated more properly for aircraft delivered bombs
, and the bombs are dropped at interval of about 60 meters
- Su-17 and MiG-21bis carry napalm instead of cluster bombs
- The message view can be expanded/collapsed to view more messages by pressing t
he "F2" key. The shortcut for the old OrBat menu is now shift+"F2". The automati
c message scrolling is disabled, and the messages are not removed in the AAR
- The Battle Generator combat power buttons are less sensitive
- Opponent units are sorted like player units in the OrBat menu (But the IDs are
messed up now...)
- Craters are smaller
==Version 0.692==
- All anti-aircraft fire is less accurate
- Anti-aircraft cannons and missiles (except MANPADs) have a shorter reaction ti
- Helicopters do not always escape after taking fire
- Fixed wing aircraft can stop the attack run and escape by the nearest map edge
after taking anti-aircraft fire, and possibly be available later again
- The Battle Generator map size buttons are less sensitive
==Version 0.691==
- Smoke is now much more effective for blocking the LOS of units with Night Visi
- Guided missiles: When the LOS is checked at the moment of impact, the Night Vi
sion value of that weapon is used, instead of the best one
- Reduced the default combat power and map size
==Version 0.690==
- Mortar and artillery shells can sometimes land outside of the designated targe
t area
- Opponent fire missions: The red rectangle is removed, and replaced by a symbol
which is placed randomly near the fire mission
- Command delay is halved for the Reverse order
==Version 0.689==
* Fixed: The leftmost and topmost grid squares could not always be clicked on th
e higher zoom levels, after scrolling left or up
==Version 0.688==
- Helicopters can be sent to the pre-designated battle positions any time after
the setup phase
- The AI opponent uses scatterable mines to close obstacle breaches when defendi
ng, BUT it doesn't select them automatically in the purchase phase
- Added two new zoom levels. The screen centering is still quite inaccurate
==Version 0.687==
- When setting engagement ranges, the range is displayed next to the mouse curso
r, and the same range is set for every selected unit and formation
==Version 0.686==
Indirect fire units:
- By selecting "1 Round" or pressing the "I" key, one more round is added to the
firing queue. The number of rounds is shown next to the target line
- The "Slow" rate-of-fire is now 1/4 of the "Fast" rate-of-fire for indirect fir
e weapons, direct fire uses the same 1/2 rate as before
- Selected units/formations have a square on the end of the target line
==Version 0.685==
* Fixed: When adjusting artillery, in some cases the line between the old and ne
w location was drawn to a wrong position and in wrong color
* Fixed: The large main menu buttons should now be non-transparent
- Increased the minimum fire mission size from 90 meters to 150 meters
- NATO icons of the dead player units are now more bright in color
- NATO icons and some other info are disabled on the two highest zoom levels
- The icons of enemy units, which current location is not known to the player an
d are located in buildings, are now always drawn under the tree/building graphic
s layer. This way it is not possible for the player to know if the unit is curre
ntly inside a building, until the unit is spotted again
==Version 0.684==
* Fixed: The CAS delay was not always displayed for subsequent strikes
- Modified victory conditions: Total Victory is harder to achieve, Tactical and
Major Victory are more common
==Version 0.683==
- Town grid roads avoid water
- Objectives are placed on top of water less often
- In meeting engagements the objectives are spread more evenly and over a larger
- Some variety in objective names
- Sounds are no longer cut off with fast time compression
- Random artillery noise in background
- Grammar improved
==Version 0.682==
- Unit movement is smoother. When a unit is ordered to stop, it stops right away

- When "Defence" in the Battle Generator is "Dug-in+Fortified", the scenario att
acker receives less purchase points than before
- Artillery and mortar shells are less likely to cause terrain fires
- New tree graphics (Thanks to Käki)
==Version 0.680==
* Fixed: Anti-air and indirect fire muzzle flashes could not be detected
* Fixed: The distance between muzzle flashes and the observer was calculated inc
* Fixed: Some muzzle flash graphics were missing
* Fixed: The pre-game menus use now non-transparent buttons and logo, this shoul
d fix the graphics issues on some graphic cards
- The AI opponent can use mortars to fire illumination at night
- Casualties have a much higher effect on the victory points. This way the battl
es should be less "fight till death" type, because high casualties end the battl
e earlier
- Command delays are halved when using formations (Including for mortar fire mis
sion, nearby HQ units reduce the mortar adjust delay as before)
- Maps have small patches of water and more streams/rivers
- Urban areas have less buildings, so vehicles and the AI should not get stuck t
hat often
- If the scenario defender loses an objective, and then reoccupies it, he will r
eceive only half of the victory points from that objective, and the attacker rec
eives the other half (The objective turns orange)
- Aircraft treat all ground targets as "unknown", and thus won't always attack t
he most valuable detected enemy unit
- If an artillery target is out of the normal TRP radius, but closer than 2x the
normal radius, the delay is slightly shorter. In previous version the same effe
ct could be achieved by setting the fire mission within a TRP radius, and then a
djusting it further away from the TRP
- Rescaled all MT-LB images and the PT-76 turret images. Modified the water and
jungle tree graphics
==Version 0.670==
* Fixed: The player could move units/formations while setting TRPs
* Fixed: Button fonts were using wrong color
* Fixed: Slow moving missiles could self-destruct if the target changed speed ra
New units (Summer/winter/desert camo included for most of the new vehicles):
- USSR: PT-76B, T-54B, T-55A, T-62, T-64B, ZSU-57-2, BMP-1, BMD-1, BMD-2, BTR-70
, MT-LB, Airborne Inf Squad, AT-3c ATGM Team, Su-17, MiG-21bis, MiG-27M
- Finland: PT-76, MT-LB
- FRG: Roland SAM
- USA: F-4C Phantom II
Game mechanics:
- Muzzle flashes can be detected outside of the normal detection range of the un
it. The symbol is shown within 250m radius from the firer. The spotting capabili
ty of the observer at the given moment, the Signature value of the firing weapon
and time of day (darker=better) affect the final probability
- Thermal imaging systems: All undamaged vehicles, which have a weapon with Nigh
t Vision value greater than or equal to 2000m, have a 50% better spotting capabi
lity and 10% increased cost value
- Bad weather ("Visibility") reduces the Night Vision ranges
- Visibility ranges adjusted
- Weak point hits reduce the armor protection randomly between 0-80%, instead of
a constant 80%
- Smoke/Dust produced by smoke generators and vehicle movement increases the obs
curants value in the adjacent grid squares. This solves the issue with "holes" i
n the smoke, when the vehicle is moving diagonally
- Aircraft can crash to grounds objects like trees, buildings etc.
- Vehicles WITH 2-plane stabilization have a slighly reduced spotting capability
when moving
- The map generator produces more roads/villages and much larger towns
- Buildings have three different heights now: 5m (1x1 buildings), 12m (1x2 and 2
x1 buildings) and 25m (2x2 buildings)
- 20-35mm ammo penetration revised. Most of the values are increased at longer r
anges, including aircraft based weapons
- All aircraft mounted cannons can be used to engage other aircraft
- MANPADs have a shorter reaction time
- Friendly infantry and gun units, which are not dug-in but located in terrain w
hich allowes them to hide from the enemy (until the unit moves, fires or is over
run), have a yellow outline on the NATO symbol. The unit state displays usually
- Ground visibility is shown in the Battle Generator
- Ctrl+"S" adjusts the fast time compression between min-medium-max
- Tracer sprites use the same scale as unit sprites: if the unit scale is increa
sed by pressing shift+"B", the tracers can be seen even if zoomed out
- Some adjustments and more colors in the AAR screen
- GUI button highlighting enabled
- Individual units do not "collide" with buildings when the player is moving the
m in the setup phase
- Fire mission "tubes" and "volleys" +/- buttons are less sensitive
==Version 0.650==
* Fixed: In some cases a unit/aircraft wouldn't stop tracking the target even if
it couldn't be fired anymore
* Fixed: Some floating point rounding errors in the GUI
+ Artillery target reference points. Fire missions within the TRP radius have a
shorter delay
+ Scatterable mines are not included with other artillery ammunition and must be
purchased separately and fired at the special target reference points. AI doesn
't use scatterable mines at the moment
- Upgraded to ClanLib 1.0.0. For some unknown reason all button fonts are black
now, investigation is ongoing
Game mechanics:
- Direct fire HE/HEI/HEAT/HE-FRAG/etc ammo is much more effective vs infantry an
d guns
- Units have a higher chance to become routed
- Only hull hits can immobilize a vehicle
- Infantry movement speed and fatigue adjusted: The "Fast" order uses the maximu
m speed (as before) and increases fatigue 4x more than normal movement. Normal m
ovement speed is 50% of the maximum speed (previously 75%). The "Scout" order mo
vement speed is 25% of the maximum and doesn't produce any extra fatigue
- Vehicles have a Visibility modifier, which affects the spotting capability whe
n buttoned-up, in addition to the reduced field of views. Light damage reduces V
isibility 25%, heavy damage reduces 50%
- Accuracy is increased for the firing weapon after the initial shots on the sam
e target. The firer must be a vehicle OR a gun unit firing its main weapon. The
ammo type must be non-guided. The target must always be a vehicle/fortification/
gun unit
- 90-125mm ammo penetration revised
- Rotary wing sorties have max 10min delay before entering the map
- Fixed wing sorties have 25% chance to leave the area permanently after each at
tack run, even if they have ammo left and haven't taken any damage
- Added echelon left and echelon right formations
- There is a 15% chance to score a direct fire "Critical hit" vs a gun unit, if
the firing weapon/ammo "Damage vs Soft" value is Medium or greater. The critical
hit destroys the gun instantly
Scoring and maps:
- More different battle results: Tactical/Major/Total Victory/Defeat
- Battles last 33% longer by default
- Adjusted map colors and shading, added some random noise. Contour lines are da
rker at higher elevation
- The AVERAGE terrain trafficability (infantry and vehicles use different values
) is shown in the terrain info box: Elevation, Cover, Conceal, Trafficability, R
- If only one unit is selected, the distance and LOS (Smoke, dust etc is ignored
. Green=LOS, red=no LOS) between the unit and cursor is displayed
- A line is drawn from a friendly firing aircraft to the target when firing
- When setting engagement ranges, the range is calculated using the exact distan
ce between the unit and cursor
==Version 0.601==
* Fixed: If an individual unit was unloaded during the setup phase it didn't ent
er dug-in state
+ Both sides MUST designate an entry/exit point, a battle position and a target
reference points for helicopters during the setup phase. During the placement, L
OS at 50m altitude and the maximum main weapon engagement range in current visib
ility are shown
+ Force point distribution percentages can be customized
+ "Dynamic" replaces the "Unrestricted" force type. Now the player can spend any
number of points and the opponent points are adjusted according to the points u
+ Vehicle armor weak points: 15% chance to reduce the armor protection to 1/5 of
the original
- Victory objective density can be set in the Battle Generator
- Enemy units and obstacles (around 5-15%) are randomly detected after the setup
phase, the "last seen" symbol is placed within 1km radius. The probability depe
nds on the unit type (vehicle/bunker/other). HQ units are easier and recon units
are harder to detect
- Indirect fire suppression radius is doubled (max 100m for heavy artillery). Fo
r infantry units it can be reduced 50% (dug-in) OR 25% (stationary)
- Nearby artillery and heavy mortar hits can cause shrapnel damage to heavily ar
mored vehicles too. The maximum radius is 30m for heavy artillery, if the target
has no cover. The maximum theoretical probability is 50%
- Remapped hotkeys
- Adjusted the unit cost calculation
- Reduced 120/125mm APFSDS/HEAT penetration
- The selected obstacle type is highlighted in the GUI
- All obstacles must be placed before the setup phase can be exited
- Longer emplace time for most ATGM and AAM vehicles
- "Incoming aircraft!" messages are clickable
- Engagement ranges are always shown if "Show engagement ranges" is selected
- LOS in shown in the minimap
==Version 0.496==
* Fixed: Aircraft muzzle flash positions
* Fixed: US M106A2 had MG3
* Fixed: Icons of the destroyed unidentified dug-in units had green edges
- Arty ammunition reduced to 60 rounds per gun
- Aircraft size-factor is taken into account when spotting, making aircraft some
what harder to detect
- Mi-24 can hover
- Helos can fly nap-of-earth
- Helos leave the battle area permanently when they run out of main weapon ammo
- Maps have less rough terrain
- Craters are smaller (visual only)
- Autopurchaser can use the last purchase points for arty (For example if the un
it limit is reached)
==Version 0.495==
* Road march formation with a reverse order works now as intented
* Fixed: In some cases vehicles without a stabilization would not enter the scan
* Improved graphics performance
+ Two new nationalities and many new units. Most of the old data is revised
+ New vehicle and aircraft graphics
+ Morale System: Units can retreat and possibly become routed (routed units disa
ppear for the rest of the battle) after being suppressed, taking casualties or s
eeing friendly units fleeing or killed. At the moment only non-vehicle units can
retreat or rout. Stationary and immobilized units cannot retreat, only rout. Re
treating units suffer several penalties: cannot be controlled by the player/AI o
pponent, cannot hold or capture objectives, spotting ability is minimized, canno
t fire, cannot mount, cannot act as a HQ etc
- Vehicle hull and turret have separate dimensions. Dug-in vehicles use only tur
ret dimensions to calculate a size-factor. If the dug-in vehicle has no turret t
hen only 1/3 of the hull is visible
- New armor model based on RHAe values and abstracted armor face types, differen
t armor types and slopes are no longer used. Armor faces can be either "Simple"
or "Complex". "Simple" uses a standard impact angle calculation while "Complex"
adds some randomization: 1. A number between -30 - 60 is added to the impact ang
le. 2. If the resulting angle is less than zero, it will remain zero. 3. If the
resulting angle is greater than 89 degrees, it won't do any damage
- Vehicles can enter "In defilade" state. This means that the vehicle is hull do
wn if the opponent is within +/-45 degrees of the defilade vector. The defilade
vector is calculated using the last hull angle when moving OR using the "Defend"
vector. The probability for entering "In defilade" state is calculated using te
rrain "Relief" value and unit training. If the unit enters defilade successfully
a green arch is drawn, centered towards the defilade vector
- Dug-in troops/mortars/guns can hide in any terrain. All dug-in units have gree
n borders around NATO icon
- RPGs and LAWs are less accurate and can be used while the squad is moving. Mov
ement reduces the accuracy and rate-of-fire as usual
- Infantry units can use reverse waypoints
- Artillery: Different adjust delays, gun cost and ammo levels depend on nationa
lity. Guns are puchased in platoons/batteries/battalions. Effectiveness vs infan
try is reduced
- Mortar smoke rounds generate less smoke than arty smoke rounds
- Recon units can be placed halfway to the no man's land but cannot be used to c
apture objectives
- Projectile impact graphic positions for misses are randomized
- Adjusted turn/traverse/acceleration/reverse values for every vehicle and aircr
aft. The reverse speed is now visible in the unit specs window
- Improved helo behaviour
- Most aircraft have no longer night vision capability
- Vehicle hit messages next to the unit icon
- A message when the unit is taking indirect fire or hits an obstacle for the fi
rst time
- A sound effect for the messages
- AAR replay tool
- "Unload" waypoint
- Zoom in/out buttons and a zoom slider
- More keyboard shortcuts for zooming. Shortcuts for setting rate-of-fire
- Mech and tank forces have infantry (again). Infantry force has more "leg" infa
ntry and less tanks
- Unused purchase points decrease the effect of casualties on the victory Points

- Autopurchaser & mortars: When advancing with an infantry force only portable m
ortars are selected. When advancing with a mechanized/armor force only vehicle-m
ounted mortars are selected. All mortar types are selected when defending
- Autopurchaser & air-defences: If the "Air Superiority" variable prevents the o
pposing side from having aircraft, the autopurchaser won't select air-defence fo
- Autopurchaser tries to spend only the "last few points" for non-mechanized inf
antry if the force type is Mechanized or Armored
- Autopurchaser favors dismounted recon units if the force type is Infantry
- Added more company and HQ formations
- Company formations have 20% discount. All HQs are a bit cheaper
- Objective locations are more varied
==Version 0.450a==
* Fixed: Non-spotted aircraft engine sound was audible after resuming a saved ga
* Fixed: All ammunition with "LOW" soft damage value was too accurate
+ Adjustable pathfinder: Unit/Formation can be set to use the shortest(default)/
quickest/covered path. Road march column uses always the quickest route
- Improved contour map
- Rate-of-fire can be toggled between Fast(default) and Slow
- Adjusted the cost calculation for all units. Company formations cost 10% less
- Improved Unit-AI target selection
- An estimated battle time limit, based on the Victory Points, is shown in the B
attle Generator
- Default Victory Point values increased +50% so battles last longer. Battle Gen
erator remembers the previous amount of Victory Points
- Small arms ranges reduced
- New units: Grenade MG teams, LAW/RPG teams, SPG-9 recoilless rifle
- New infantry weapons: hand grenade, grenade launcher, Dragunov SVD
- T-72s and T-80s: New ammo loads, T-72M1 has no missiles
- M1A1 has no mine plow
- Shading and new colors for elevation map mode. Colors can be switched by press
ing shift+"H", sensitivity is adjusted by pressing ctrl+"H"
- A line is drawn between a transport and it's passenger unit if either one is s
elected. If the passenger is within mounting-radius the line is yellow, otherwis
e red. There are also other additional lines to provide help when adjusting arty
or setting waypoints
- Mechanized and armor force types have no more "basic" infantry. Mechanized for
ce has a bit less armor points than before
- Tracers generate smoke on ground impact
- Extreme temperatures increase the fatigue growth
- Illuminated non-destroyed units are drawn in a full color brightness
- Tanks are more vulnerable to DPICM
- Fire Mission "Done" and "Firing" messages can be clicked
- Paved roads do not generate dust in a desert
==Version 0.430==
* Fixed: An error caused the target armor estimation to ignore hull armor values
if the target had a turret
* Fixed: In some cases AI was advancing dismounted with mech/armor force
* Fixed: Fire mission adjust-mode did not cancel automatically if artillery run
out of the selected ammunition type
+ On-map mortars
- Improved AI opponent: better unit placement when defending, less stacking when
advancing. AI can leave some units to defend the captured objectives
- Improved performance for large battles (less freezes due AI pathfinding)
- Added an experimental march formation, optimized for road movement
- Units plan forward to reduce extra movement when moving in formation. If playe
r does not want this to happen he can disable the next waypoint
- Stationary and suppressed troops are less vulnerable to direct and indirect fi
- Increased terrain elevation shading
- Mi-24V: Higher cost and longer fire delay for top-attack missiles
- "Air superiority" buttons enabled in the Battle Generator
- The overall cost of aircraft is decreased about 25%
- Increased the overall cost of some infantry units, mostly the ones with missil
- Adjusted infantry force combat power values: less for mech, more for armor
- Autopurchaser tries to spend the Support points for the following: 40% anti-ai
r, 40% anti-tank, 20% other. If it's not possible then the standard selection me
thod is used
- Purchase Menu: Artillery and pillbox +/- buttons are less sensitive
- Battle results in a draw if both sides have less that 20% of the OWN initial v
ictory points
- Added "Draw" button which ends the battle and shows AAR
- The maximum depth of no man's land is 4km (not in meeting engagements)
- Opponent's units can be viewed in AAR roster menu
- Added MANPAD teams and heavy mortars
- SA-9 has now 12 missiles
- Artillery has more ammunition
- Arty adjust delay is half of the maximum if target is within 800m of the old X
==Version 0.424==
* Fixed: AI used to shell his own breaches with HE
* Fixed: Killed guns/infantry were not identified in the AAR. Guns/infantry whic
h are killed AND hidden are still not revealed
* Fixed: Application crashed if user closed the window in a display mode menu
* Fixed: A squad MG was lost too easily
- Map width and height can be adjusted separately
- Messages can be clicked for a quick access to the message location
- "Taking fire" messages
- Shift+"S" toggles sound
- Shift+"D" adjusts unit sprite size, ctrl+"D" toggles target lines
- Preferences are saved in \data\preferences.cfg
- Increased DPICM and cluster bomb sub-munition area damage radius, making them
much more effective vs infantry
- Increased damage vs soft targets for gatling weapons
- Ammunition with medium, high or very high soft damage value has higher probabi
lity to cause damage vs soft targets
- SOP: Separate engagement ranges for soft and hard targets. "E" key hides/shows
engagement ranges for the selected units
- Removed HE shell visual fireball effect
==Version 0.423==
* Fixed: Teams and squads could lose LAWs instead of assault rifles or MGs. Disp
osable launchers are now simulated using a single weapon with multiple ammo
* Fixed: Fonts were not visible on all hardware setups in a full-screen mode. Th
is was result of too wide font textures
* Fixed: During setup phase the defend order would usually favor north-west posi
tions if it was not possible to dug-in
* Fixed: Roster up/down buttons did not work during AAR
* Increased minimum range of some aircraft based weapons to prevent backwards fi
+ The game is saved when player exits a battle unless it has ended. Saved data c
an be found in the \data\saved folder
- Command delay, artillery delay, morale and troop quality depend on nationality
. Each nationality has also a combat power modifier but this is only for balanci
ng generated battles, NOT because of realism
- Reduced the maximum speed of most vehicles
- MANPADs are less accurate
- AI opponent uses arty to distrupt obstacle breaching
- Some heavy weapon teams are immobilized if they take casualties and do not hav
e enough men to carry equipment. Unlike vehicles, they can still rotate
- BRDM-2 has secondary MG (7.62mm)
- ATGM teams have assault rifles
- All units are revealed and identified in AAR
- Added scout teams for recon sections
==Version 0.421==
+ Victory conditions. Side which runs out of victory points first is the loser
- Added infantry and mech HQs. Autopurchaser selects tank HQ after 3 tank platoo
ns, mech HQ after 3 mech platoons etc
==Version 0.420==
+ Purchase phase
+ Force types include mechanized, armor, infantry and unrestricted. Unrestricted
is available for player only. Force type affects AI opponent tactics and how co
mbat power can be spent
+ Weapons have multiple ammunition types
- Added T-72B, T-80U and M3A1
- Dirt roads generate more dust
- Vehicle automatically moves to safety when DPICM shell lands nearby. Dug-in ve
hicles require closer hit
- If unit tries to enter occupied grid square BOTH units become instantly visibl
e to opposing sides
- Units without radio can use radio units in the same formation to reduce comman
d delay. Both units must be un-buttoned. Maximum radius with visual contact is 3
00m, otherwise 150m
==Version 0.418==
* Aircraft threat value was too small
* Fixed sprite offset error when infantry squad had 7 men left
- New sounds: Assault rifle, HMG, helicopter, tank engine
- Minimap draws a marker to message location. Added warning messages for enemy a
rtillery and spotted aircraft
- LOS-tool uses standard map mode when zoomed close
- Defender's deployment zone is deeper
- Vehicle and aircraft damage reduces weapon accuracy max 50%
- Defending AI conducts counter-recon
- Infantry can hide in buildings while moving
- Tank main guns and autocannons can be used to engage slow flying aircraft, e.g
. helicopters
- Some weapons cannot be fired if vehicle is buttoned-up. Depends on unit, not o
n weapon
- Weapons can have limited elevation, currently abstracted 22.5 degrees. Depends
on unit
==Version 0.417==
* Defend waypoint works again during setup
* Fixed target value estimation
- Improved AI counterattack
==Version 0.416==
* Fixed potential crash when aircraft using fire-and-forget weapon exited map wh
ile missile was still in the air
- Higher resolution map image
- Smoke shells generate smoke downwind
- Guided weapons without fire-and-forget ability check owner unit's suppression
level when missile impacts and reduce accuracy max 50%. Note that suppression af
fects accuracy also when weapon is fired
- Units and formations with scout/contact waypoint react when under direct fire
or if aircraft is spotted
- "Waypoints"-submenu removed
- Air strike delay is shown when setting target area
==Version 0.415==
* Fixed aircraft night vision range bug
* Fixed lead calculation when target is reversing
+ Units and formations are placed by dragging and dropping during setup phase
- More info in roster menu
- Added button to stop time, resized and rearranged other buttons
- HE/DPICM rounds create more dust in desert
- New terrain type: Soft sand
- Forest and trees include 13 different types of coniferous/deciduous/mixed/leaf
less/jungle/burnt terrain
- RPGs for Soviet infantry
- Armor and penetration values use millimeters
- Nearby artillery hits can cause shrapnel damage to lightly armored vehicles. A
rty damage against other targets is toned down
- "Last seen" icon slowly fades away if unit is not detected. After that unit mu
st be identified again if it moves
- Passenger unit is instantly killed if ammo explosion occurs
==Version 0.414==
+ Vehicles button-up under fire. Buttoned-up vehicles have narrower field of vie
ws and cannot use line of sight to maintain contact with HQ units
- Possible kills can also be seen in roster menu next to the unit name
- Unit-AI target armor estimation improved
- Fixed vehicle dust position
==Version 0.413==
* Player input enabled during pause, will be optional. New hotkey is space
* Sprite movement is MUCH smoother now
+ HQ units. Command delay is affected by radio and closest HQ unit within comman
d radius. Both units must have either radio or visual contact. Visual contact wi
thout radio results in longer delay
+ New armor model with different materials, sloped armor and tandem warheads
- Map image: contour lines and new colors. Standard map image is used for LOS-to
- Movement type affects immobilize/bogging probabilities
- Waypoint delays are recalculated when using formation regroup
- Reversing vehicles switch to standard advance when breaching obstacles
==Version 0.412==
* Formations with scout/contact waypoints didn't always stop if contact happened
while regrouping
- Chemicals and scatterable mines take longer time to prepare
- Flames from wrecks are now drawn before other particles
- Reduced chobham armor resistance vs kinetic penetrators
==Version 0.411==
* Fixed bug with aircraft size modifier that made it too small target
* Fixed font alignment when map info is off
* Weapon muzzle signature parameter is shown correctly in specs window
+ Platoon/unit ID's
+ Player can create groups of units/formations that can then be selected with ho
- Short delay between individual shells in volley, long delay between volleys
- Wasteland is now Barren, blowdown forest is burnt forest
- Pillbox dimensions changed
- Improved screen centering when zooming
==Version 0.410==
* Fixed rare crash when all units in formation were detached
* Formation scout/contact waypoints now work even if units have previously been
in contact. Units with scout waypoint pop smoke and vehicles try to reverse out
of LOS when enemy unit is spotted
* Fixed and improved defend waypoint
* Fixed artillery blast damage direction
* Fixed passenger damage and suppression
+ Added meeting engagement
+ New rules for spotting and accuracy, separate cover and conceal values. Only i
nfantry and guns can hide completely (not moving/shooting, terrain conceal great
er than 0)
+ Adjusted damage model and penetration values. Added bunker slit penetration
+ Improved AI opponent
+ Smoke dissipation reworked (max 10min when calm). Burn times for arty shells (
3min) and smoke grenades (15s). Drifting disabled temporarily
- Upgraded to ClanLib 0.8.0
- Unit roster
- AI uses wire-obstacles
- Vehicles traverse turret back only when breaching minefield
- Player can manually pop smoke
- Adjusted sound Z-coordinates
- More color tones for LOS-tool
- Added/updated sounds: explosions, flares, artillery, recoilless rifle etc.
- Improved soft ground generation around rivers
- Removed zoom limits
- New terrain type for nuclear wasteland: Forest (blowdown)
- 24bpp support
- Opponent fire missions flash for a short time (HE/DPICM/Chemical)
- Fire missions are automatically cancelled when out of rounds
- Aircraft won't return after taking any damage
- Vehicles burn max 30 minutes. Units in burning grid squares are spotted as in
- Air strikes can be reassigned during setup. Player receives message when the f
irst aircraft arrives
- Artillery takes less time to readjust
Please make sure that you have the latest video card drivers. That should fix mo
st of the crashes.
a) Problem: I receive an error message "AppName: abrigade.exe AppVer: 0.0.0
.0 ModName: dinput8.dll ModVer: 5.3.2600.2180 Offset: 00016324".
Solution: Unplug any USB devices you have connected.
a) Windows Vista: On some systems the game crashes when exited in the full-
screen mode.
b) Upside down screen occurs with some graphic cards in the full-screen mod
c) With some hardware setups the application window doesn't start centered
and results in problems with zooming and scrolling.
If you experience any of the issues mentioned above please contact me an
d send your system specs.
Questions, comments and other feedback to
Copyright 2013 Juha Kellokoski