Honorable J udgeGeorgeJ .

6500 Cherrywood Lane
Greenbelt, MD20770
Re: Kimberlin v. National Bloggers Club,
J uly24, 2014
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Re:Violations of Management Order-Request for Hearing
Dear J udge Hazel:
I amwriting to request aquick hearing onviolations of J udgeGrimm's Management
Order prohibiting the Defendants fromengaging in" impertinent, scandalous and ad
hominem attacks onany party, any J udge, or employee of this or any court, or any
other person." Asnoted inyesterday's request for permission to fileaPreliminary
Injunction, I raised the issue of harmto my family and mefromcontinued attacks by
the Defendants.
Within hours of filingthat document, Defendant Walker responded bytweeting a
link to avideo onYouTubethat hewas involved with creating that called mea
murderer and pedophile all set to musicwith little girls inabathtub etc.
https:l /twitter , com/War ajOtoko42/statys/491607389666557953 See attached
tweet. Thevideo has my photo superimposed onwhat iscommonly known as a
PedoBear outfit and Defendant Walker tweeted that I amless than honest and " into
teenage poon....•.Thevideo also includes aphoto of WilliamSchmalfeldt ina
PedoBear oufit. Mr. Schmalfeldt isajournalist who has acasepending before J udge
Hollander against Defendant Hogefor defamation.
Defendant Walker also tweeted, " BREAKING:Brett Kimberlin forges another
document," which links to ablogpost by Defendant WilliamHogewhich falsely
accused meof forgery. Mr.Walker then posted anarticle onhis blog, which falsely
states that I forged adocument filedinacopyright casepending before J udgeTitus,
Kimberlin v. Thomas, eta!. 8-13 CV02580 RWT.
http://allergic2bull.blogspot.com /2014 107l in-convicted-document-for ger -
bretthtml#more Defendant Walker links to ablogpost by Defendant Hogethat also
states falsely that I filedaforged document and that I committed perjury.
http://hogewash.com 12014 107121Iteam-kimberlin-post -of-the-day-508 I They
base these falseallegations onapleading I filedinthe copyright casewhere I posted
acopy of aenvelopes I sent to the two defendants, LynnThomas and Peter Malone,
which were returned unclaimed. These Defendants, as well asWalker and Hoge
falsely claimthat I did not check the restricted delivery box prior to sending the
envelopes. This isan outright falsehood. Fortunately, because of the Defendants'
many falseallegations against me, I took photos of the envelopes prior to sending
themand they clearly show the restricted box checked, and I have provided those to
J udgeTitus concurrently with this filing.
Case 8:13-cv-03059-GJH Document 167 Filed 07/23/14 Page 1 of 3
J udgeGrimmwas facedwith t!:listype of malicious conduct months ago bythe
Defendants and that iswhy heissued the Management Order and clearly told the
Defendants not to engage inthese types of attacks against meor anyone else.
Unfortunately, Defendants Walker and Hogehave not simply continued their attacks
but haveactually increased theminorder to inflict maximum harm onmy family
and me, to try their caseinblogcourt and to potentially poison ajury pool.
Incredibly, despite my entreaties, none of the other attorneys for the represented
Defendants have done anything to reign in the conduct of Walker, Hogeand some
others. They must knowthat such conduct does not help their clients but they
remain silent because it causes megreater harm and harassment
Defendants Walker and Hogehave repeatedly, blatantly and maliciously violated
J udge Grimm's Management Order. Tomake matters worse, Defendant Walker isa
member of the Virginiaand DCbars. Therefore, hisviolation of acourt order
warrants very severe action including areferral to the bar.
Pleaseset aquick hearing on isrequest and order the presence of Defendants
Walker and ge.
Sincerel ,
Case 8:13-cv-03059-GJH Document 167 Filed 07/23/14 Page 2 of 3
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Case 8:13-cv-03059-GJH Document 167 Filed 07/23/14 Page 3 of 3