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Wolf von Laer


Date of birth: 28th June 1986

Nationality: German

Academic Education and Positions

9/2012 6/2017 Kings College London, PhD in Political Economy

London, UK Advisors: Mark Pennington and Adam Martin

5/2014 4/2016 Research Institute for Industrial Economics

Stockholm, Sweden Visiting PhD student

1/2015 2/2015 George Mason University

Fairfax, USA Mercatus Center PhD Dissertation Fellow in residence

9/2011 9/2012 Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Masters degree

Madrid, Spain Economics of the Austrian School
GPA: 8.8 out of 10 (10 best)
Important Classes:
Money & Banking (9,5/10), Price Theory & Microeconomics (9/10)

10/2007 4/2011 Erfurt University, Bachelor of Arts

Erfurt, Germany Majors: Economics and Social Sciences (6 semesters)
Minor: Law (2 semesters)
GPA: 1.3 (grading: 1.0 best; 4.0 worst)
Important classes:
International Political Economy (grade: 1.3), Financial Institutions (grade:

2/2010 6/2010 Boazii-University, exchange semester

Istanbul, Turkey Management, International Trade, Economics, Political Science
Important classes:
Comparative Political Economy of Europe (grade: 1.0), Economic Integration
and the European Union (grade: 1.0)

International Non-Profit Activities Students For Liberty

8/2016 Today Chief Executive Officer

Visioning and Strategy, Development (Budget: $4.1mn), Leadership

4/2016 7/2016 Director of Professional Development

Hiring, on- and offboarding, Human Resources, Volunteer Management

6/2011 4/2016 Volunteer and Advisor of Students For Liberty

8/2013 10/2013 Part-time staff for European Students For Liberty

conference organizing, oversight

8/2012 4/2013 Chairman of European Students For Liberty

oversight, Conference organizing, Local Coordinator program, fundraising

7/2011 4/2013 Member of the European Students For Liberty Board
Regional outreach, Local Coordinator program


7/2015 Lecturer and Seminar Instructor in Economics at Northeastern University

7/2014 week-long seminar for economics students
Shenyang, China

09/2013 04/2014 Teaching Assistant in 1st year undergraduate course Principles of Economics
London, UK Conductor Emily Skarbek, Department of Political Economy, Kings College

2/2014 3/2013 Two lectures on GDP, Unemployment, and Inflation & Monetary Theory,
London, UK Institutions and Policy for 1st year undergraduate course Principles of Economics

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Regime Uncertainty in the Great Recession: A Market Process Approach. The Independent Review. Vol. 20. Issue
4. 2016. Co-author Adam Martin.


Probleme des etablierten Notenbankensystems Free Banking als Alternative? Liberal Verlag, Berlin, 3rd
Edition, 2012 [2010].

Book Chapters

Die Bedeutung und Rolle von Unternehmertum in der Marktwirtschaft in Hoffmann, Christian (Ed.):
Unternehmertum: Der Weg zum Wohlstand, LIT Verlag, Zrich, 2015.

Synopsis of James Buchanans What Should Economist Do? in Prollius, Michael von (Ed.): The Standards:
Klassische Werke der konomie Zusammengefasst, BoD, Norderstedt, 2014.

Hayeks The Sensory Order, Crisis, and Resilience, in Legatum Institute (ed.): What Would Hayek Say Today?,
Charles Street Symposium, London, 2013.

The Limitations of Regulation, in Bunyk, Mykola (ed.): Economic and Bureaucracy in an Open Society,
Regional Institute of Public Administration, Lviv, 2012.


Book review of Sweden and the Revival of the Capitalist Welfare State. By Andreas Berg. The Review of Austrian
Economics, Forthcoming, 2016.

Book review of Deficits, Debt, and Democracy: Wrestling with Tragedy on the Fiscal Commons. By Richard E.
Wagner. Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Vol. 36, No. 4, December 2014.

Non-Academic Publications

Political Induced Uncertainty and the Quest for Growth, in Huffington Post, 2016.

Small is Beautiful: The Democratic Advantage of Smaller States, in Huffington Post, 2015.

How Lehman Brothers Crash Five Years Ago Made Me Appreciate Markets, in Young Voices, Media Outlet for
the Next Generation, 2013.

Undermining Free Trade Agreement due to PRISM is Dangerous, in Atlantic Community, The Open Think Tank
on Foreign Policy, 2013.

Kein Versager: Monopole, ffentliche Gter und Externalitten: wo der Markt nicht funktioniert, muss der Staat
intervenieren. Heisst es. Wenn es nur so einfach wre, in Schweizer Monat, Nr. 994, Zrich, 2012.

Gewinner und Verlierer des Papiergeldsystems: Wie die Produktion des Scheingeldes einige wenige auf Kosten
aller begnstigt, in Smart Investor, Nr. 4, Berlin, 2012.


5/2013 Leuchtturm Prize of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF)

Berlin, Germany Prize for outstanding achievement as a scholarship holder

1/2012 The Decline of the Rule of Law & the Emergence of Regime Uncertainty
Vaduz, Liechtenstein 2nd place in the Vernon Smith Prize essay contest (out of 85 submissions)

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Grants

4/2013 4/2016 Postgraduate scholarship from the FNF

Cologne, Germany

4/2015 Kings College London Small Bursary

Groningen, NL small grant for housing during the European Public Choice Society meetings

8/2014 8/2015 Mercatus Center PhD Dissertation Fellow at George Mason University
Fairfax, USA

8/2013 8/2014 Adam Smith Fellowship

Arlington, USA

4/2013 Young Scholars Program Recipient

Lahaina, USA travel scholarship to the Association for Private Enterprise Education

4/2012 4/2013 Postgraduate scholarship Thomas W. Smith Fellow 2012, 2013, and 2014
4/2013 4/2014
4/2014 4/2015
Arlington, USA

10/2008 9/2012 Undergraduate scholarship from the FNF

Cologne, Germany

6/2012 8/2012 Richard Seth Staley Educational Foundation Scholarship

Baltimore, USA travel scholarship to the Scholarship and a Free Society research seminar

9/2011 Hayek Fund Scholarship 2011 and 2015

4/2015 travel scholarships

2/2010 6/2010 Erasmus-scholarship for studying at the Boazii-University

Istanbul, Turkey

Presentations and Participation at Academic Conferences and Seminars

1/2016 Participant in the Policy Research Seminar on Financial Regulation

San Francisco, USA Institute for Humane Studies and Mercatus Center

8/2015 Paper presentation: Financial Regulation in Europe and the US after the Great
Beijing, China Recession
Cathay Institute for Public Administration

8/2015 Paper Presentation: The Rule of Law and Regime Uncertainty

Beijing, China Unirule Think-Tank

5/2015 Participant in the Tomorrow Laboratory of the St. Gallen Symposium

St. Gallen, Switzerland one week-long workshop on the role of the citizen in the 21st century

4/2015 Final PhD chapter presentation: Law Making during the Great Recession
Groningen, NL European Public Choice Society meetings

3/2015 Paper presentation: Patterns of Crisis: Legislative Voting, Urgency, and Errors An
Stockholm, Sweden Empirical Analysis of Law Making during the Great Recession
Research Institute for Industrial Economics

2/2015 Paper presentation: Patterns of Crises: Legislative Voting, Urgency, and Errors An
Fairfax, USA Empirical Analysis of Law Making during the Great Recession
George Mason University paper workshop

1/2015 Paper presentation: Regime Uncertainty and the Great Recession

Stockholm, Sweden Ratio Institute

10/2014 Symposium on Current Hayekian Scholarship

Arlington, USA Mercatus Center at George Mason University

7/2014 Lecture on Stability without a Central-Bank: Theory of Free-Banking

Beijing, China Unirule Think Tank

7/2014 Lecture on Introduction to Free-Banking

Shanghai, China Shanghai Austrian Economics Summit

6/2014 Paper presentation: Voter Behavior in Times of Crisis

Fairfax, USA co-sponsored colloquium Mercatus Center and Liberty Fund

5/2014 Debate on Privacy an outdated concept?

St. Gallen, Switzerland St. Gallen Symposium Young Leaders Program

4/2014 Liberty, Self-Governance, and Polycentricism: Institutional Economics

Arlington, USA co-sponsored colloquium Mercatus Center and Liberty Fund

2/2014 Liberty and the Economics of Politics

Fairfax, USA co-sponsored colloquium Mercatus Center and Liberty Fund

12/2013 Paper presentation: Hayeks Sensory Order, Crisis, and Resilience

London, UK Charles Street Symposium at the Legatum Institute

3/2013 & 11/2013 F. A. Hayek Societys Arguing for Freedom

Fulda, Germany conducting a workshop on effective communication

10/2013 Liberty and the Market Process

Arlington, USA co-sponsored colloquium Mercatus Center and Liberty Fund

8/2013 Understanding Hayeks Contribution to Liberty

San Diego, USA Liberty Fund weeklong colloquium

8/2013 Liberty and Responsibility in Adam Smith

Holland, USA Liberty Fund weeklong colloquium
4/2013 Paper presentation: Regime Uncertainty and Firm Heterogeneity
Lahaina, USA Association of Private Enterprise Education conference

11/2012 Presentation: Market Failure: Concepts and Misconceptions

Leuven, Belgium Blue Monday Lecture LVSV Leuven

11/2012 Presentation: Socialist Calculation Debate

Leuven, Belgium Autumn Seminar - Rothbard Institute

11/2012 Public Choice and Government Failure

Arlington, USA Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) and Liberty Fund colloquium

10/2012 F.A. Hayek Societys The Character of Economic Laws Seminar

Potsdam, Germany discussion leader on Mises epistemology

9/2012 Mont Plerin Society Annual Meeting

Prague, Czech Republic academic guest scholarship

6/2012 Liberty, Public Policy, and the Blogosphere

Indianapolis, USA Liberty Fund colloquium

6/2012 Scholarship and a Free Society - IHS

Baltimore, USA scholarship for an interdisciplinary research seminar for graduate students

5/2012 Liberalism, Institutional Design, and Religion

Vienna, Austria Liberty Fund colloquium

3/2012 Liberty and Rights in Robert Nozick's Anarchy, State, and Utopia
West Sussex, UK Liberty Fund colloquium

9/2011 Paper presentation: The Limitations of Regulation

Lviv, Ukraine Economics & Bureaucracy in an Open Society conference

9/2011 Book presentation: Introduction into Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Cologne, Germany Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Freedom seminar

8/2011 Advanced Austrian Economics Foundation for Economic Education

Irvington, USA scholarship for a seminar about Austrian Economics

7/2011 Liberty and Society IHS

Alabama, USA scholarship for a seminar about philosophy, economics, etc.

4/2011 Mont Plerin Society Regional Meeting

Buenos Aires, Argentina academic guest scholarship

Skills & Expertise

German: Native Speaker

English: Fluent

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