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The 2nd/8th House Nodal Axis Theme

An evocative image personifying one aspect of the nature of this Nodal axis is that
of Smaug from The Lord of the Rings, buried in his gold The signs on your Nodal
Axis !ill determine ho! you respond to the purpose of the North Node in the "nd#
are you comfortable buried in your gold$ There are many forms of !ealth%some
spiritual, some material# !hich do you prefer pursuing$ &hich form of !ealth
motivates your North Node$
When Nodes fall in these two succedent houses,
the themes that come up deal with possessions,
legacy and legacies, inheritance, ownership, and
material obects or manifestation of the material!
This can include creative visuali'ation, which so often aims for
material and/or physical impro"ement as its ultimate goal!
At a deeper le"el, though, these houses are about "alues# the extent to
which we "alue oursel"es, ta$e care of oursel"es, and gi"e to and of
oursel"es! %roblems here stem from o"er&association with the most
ob"ious le"el of materiality, such as "aluing that which money can buy
but lac$ing an appreciation of the ephemeral, that which cannot be
held in the hands!
The challenged person here ma$es money but struggles with self&
esteem because he ne"er learned how to "alue himself' it won(t help if
he comes from a family that o"er&"alued attainment on the material
plane, and yet ne"er ga"e their child a strong sense of self&worth!
The phrase The body is the garden of the soul comes to mind, as
does the concept of the touchstone! The struggle that lies at the core
of spirituality )"ersus* materiality is at issue in this axis, and is of
particular concern with the Nodes placed here, since the Nodes are
connected to one(s life path,as !e(ve seen!
+inding the ,mystical in the mundane( is a capability lin$ed with Taurus,
ust as -corpio has an innate awareness of the psychological power of
the material .usually through material wealth, when the 2/8 axis is
in"ol"ed/! 0nspiring both signs in this axis to see through the illusions
of materiality is the spiritual 1uest of this Nodal axis, howe"er!
2arth .represented by the elemental nature of the 2nd house/ must
3nd a way to coexist with Water .8th house/! These are ,3xed( houses,
in that the 2nd house )naturally belongs( to Taurus, a 3xed sign'
similarly, 3xed sign -corpio, on the natural 8th house cusp, is co&ruled
by 4ars and %luto, although it(s more typical to align -corpio energy
with %luto these days! +ixed energy is uni1uely resistant to change,
although this is more li$ely to be an issue if the Nodes themsel"es are
also 3xed, such as with Taurus/-corpio and 5eo/A1uarius!
*verything to do !ith the physical body, its beginnings and its
end, falls to the "+, axis, so expect to see everything from
body lotion to burials represented by these houses
6o to a mall some time and count how many stores sell something for
your body .rather than your mind/, and then go home and count how
many products in your house are used speci3cally on your body .rather
than your mind/! 0t ne"er ceases to ama7e me how much money and
time we spend refurbishing and maintaining our bodies!
The 8th house -outh Node, no matter the sign, brings with it powerful
psychological moti"ations, largely unconscious, that dominate the
actions of the nati"e, and will fre1uently re1uire professional
inter"ention to understand! Without outside assistance, this -outh
Node has the potential to hide some "ery di8cult psychological
material from the nati"e, who li"es out this material almost completely
unaware of its hold o"er his or her personal "alues!
9eep in mind, when 0 use the terms ,conscious( or ,unconscious,( 0 am
not only implying a psychological awareness or lac$ of same, but also
meta&awareness, in that the indi"idual is aware that his or her
beha"iors originated with parental biases, "alues, and beliefs' in other
words, these beha"iors are inherited! The process of conscious
ownership of these beha"iors is the point of this Nodal axis!
Aries North Node in the "nd -ouse. The 1uest
for the North Node in Aries, no matter the house, is toward an
expression of indi"iduality, uni1ue and separate from the social group!
5ibra represents the ,small group(, in that we usually ha"e an intimate
group of friends for whom we put on a social face, who also ser"e to
de3ne us, box us in, and pre"ent us from being fully oursel"es, since
we(re often held in thrall to the small group(s social con"entions! This
small group can be represented by our families, but as it(s 5ibra, it(s
more li$ely to be our social group, friends we grew up with, or
collaborati"e wor$ group/!
With the North Node Aries in the 2nd house, the identity wor$s to
separate itself from any 8th house dependency on the spouse or family
for material support, mo"ing towards a self&de3nition of self&worth,
learning to express personal "alues, no matter the cost to the ones ,left
The e:ort to do this might ma$e this nati"e appear, or in fact, beha"e,
in a didactic, strident, and determined manner, in order to form an
independent identity that more e:ecti"ely represents newly&forming
personal "alues, which usually ha"e little to do with those with which
they were raised!
0f, howe"er, in the process of indi"iduation, the nati"e doesn(t discard
his introected ,absorbed( family "alues, their adult life will re;ect a
more determined "ersion of what they were raised with, rather than an
entirely new way of thin$ing!
With -outh Node 5ibra in the 8th, there might be attachment to a
marriage that pro"ides little possibility for this indi"idual(s
de"elopment' or the family inheritance or legacy subtly or ob"iously
has to be challenged or a"oided in some way, for the nati"e to de"elop
indi"idual talents!
%lanets conunct the -outh Node .either by synastry or in the natal/ in
the 8th might indicate a person or condition of mind that indicates the
speci3c situation North Node in Aries 3ghts to separate itself from!
The lifetime(s struggle, therefore, is to escape a shadow that can ta$e
on many forms' perhaps it has something to do with the family legacy,
or it might be some form of mental illness, psychological trauma,
addiction, or a child or lo"ed one who pre"ents the nati"e from true
material and spiritual independence!
5oo$ to <enus and 4ars .rulers of these Nodes/ to see how the nati"e
will be challenged or supported in his or her 1uest!
Taurus North Node in the "nd -ouse. Anything
to do with Taurus combined with the 2nd house reinforces the theme of
following a more authentic path toward one(s personal "alues!
With Taurus, these "alues might "ery well be as straightforward as
de"eloping the wherewithal to buy or build a house, a company, or
another material&related ideal that brings the nati"e closer to his or her
goal of 3nancial independence! The o"erall life goal here might be to
fully understand how money wor$s, and to learn to use 3nancial capital
At the same time, the -outh Node in -corpio in the 8th spea$s to the
li$elihood of ha"ing learned or ,inherited(, due to social and/or family
expectations, emotional and 3nancial dependence on the spouse or
signi3cant other!
0f there are childhood dependency issues, due to unmet emotional
needs .always a danger with -outh Node in -corpio, no matter the
house/, the 2nd House North Node will attempt to ma$e up for this
through accumulation of possessions, which cannot reach the real
problem, ha"ing to do with the insu8ciency of something .usually
attention and/or appro"al/ from the parents!
An unconscious 8th House -outh Node in -corpio tends to accumulate
out of habit, rather than any deep interest in the obects themsel"es! 0n
this it beha"es in contrast ton its opposite sign of Taurus when in the
-outh Node, a position that runs the ris$ of holding on to obects and
people long past their sell&by date!
When expressing negati"ely, -outh Node in -corpio in the 8th is
uni1uely li$ely to be entirely unconscious of its moti"ations, and 3nds
itself almost irrationally fascinated by anything to do with the 8th
house, immersing itself in the more negati"e manifestations only the
8th is capable of!
Howe"er, if the family "alues include exalted -corpionic capabilities,
li$e healing, spirituality, and transformation, this will be a formidable
-outh Node indeed, gi"ing added material power to the North Node in
Taurus when the time comes for him or her to manifest his will in the
material world!
=on"ersely, since the -outh Node is in -corpio, a sign that can go to
extremes, the material goals of the North Node in Taurus might seem
li$e a burden if the nati"e(s early life was spent with either too much or
too little money' or if the o"erall personality/chart tends towards
>ou(d ha"e a hard time con"incing the ascetic 8th house -outh Node in
-corpio person that ,greed is good( or ,more is better!( This placement,
when unhappy or unful3lled, has a tendency to self&denial, turning o:
the 2nd house desire to feel good through the body in all its "arious
and potential expressions!
%ossessions and the body itself, for an ascetic -outh Node in -corpio,
might ne"er pro"ide the answer to any sense of spiritual depri"ation
su:ered in childhood! The nature of the 3xed sign axis, reinforced by
3xed sign houses, adds to the need to determine one(s own path, and
will usually produce a 3xed nature, stubborn and determined to go it
alone if necessary, although with -outh Node in -corpio, a relationship
sign, going it alone will not be a comfortable or natural choice, but
rather one made out of self&denial, if the nature turns in on itself!
This axis tends to toughen one up, if only because -corpio in the 8th is
terribly "ulnerable on a subconscious le"el as a child, with the potential
for many fears the parents "ery possibly ne"er sense or understand,
let alone address ade1uately! Taurus North Node impels one toward
strength of mind that(s learned o"er time!
%lus, with the 8th house, you might easily come from a damaged,
wealthy, eccentric, or in some other way, ,odd( family, which rather
unfairly weights the early part of one(s life towards the potential for
some form of di8culty that needs to be o"ercome, usually by
de"eloping Taurus( stoicism!
/emini North Node in the "nd -ouse. %ossibly
more than any other sign in the 2/8 axis .except A1uarius, which can
ha"e extraordinary mental abilities/, this is where 0(d loo$ to see the
ability to manifest "iacreative visuali'ation, or creati"e imagery or
imagining the possible and then manifesting it!
6emini North Node, correctly aligned on its path, here relies on the
abilities of -agittarius -outh Node in the 8th, which has the potential,
when expressing at its highest abilities, for deep faith and an almost
entirely unconscious le"el of unsha$eable spirituality!
0f the nati"e lac$s spirituality, the possibility is to lean toward excesses
of all $inds, including addictions! -agittarius -outh Node in the 8th
might unconsciously gra"itate toward people and situations that
pre"ent the nati"e from de"eloping his ability to support himself!
The combination of 6emini and the 2nd house indicates an intellectual
approach to self&sustenance' 3nancial independence is pursued "ia
wor$ that ma$es sense to the 6emini mindset, such as acting, writing,
or anything to do with the spo$en or written word! The ,inheritance(
from the family might be a legacy of intellectual freedom .or,
con"ersely, rigid belief systems that must be bro$en out of/!
The 6emini/-agittarius axis in general has to do with intellectual
freedoms or their opposite# bias and preudice' indi"idual rights,
politics, and understanding all that is built by the indi"idual to create
the larger idea of a usually non&material ,wealth( is re;ected in the
indi"idual(s personal "alues!
6emini(s personal "alues lean towards freedom in e"ery form, so the
structure 2nd house 6emini North Node builds will be based on the
ethics of freedom, unless the 8th house brings with it unspo$en
bitterness and narrow&mindedness! 0f so, the life goal will be directed at
situations that compel clearheaded thin$ing, free of preudices that
impede de"eloping open&minded "alues!
9eep in mind that there(s usually an eccentricity, an independence of
spirit that 6emini/-agittarius carries all its life' the person might be
able to li"e this out, but life exists on a continuum of possibilities, and
so at one end is the life where nothing is owed to pre"ious generations
.ones ancestors, represented by the 8th/ and you can be your own
person, allowed the freedom of following the North Node 6emini
butter;y wither it goes!
Then there are those whose -outh Node in the 8th has more contacts
or is in aspect to a planet or point that pre"ents it from letting go of
the past' for those people, their 1uest to build a life based on their
need for freedoms of all sorts will be more of a struggle!
0ancer North Node in the "nd -ouse. 2xpressed
at the most basic le"el, the life goal of =ancer North Node in the 2nd
house has the potential to be "ery pleasant indeed, as long as the
nati"e gets what it wants materially without too much struggle, and
without being forced to analy7e his or her moti"es for attainment!
?i8culties in the early life, such as po"erty or abandonment, deaths in
the family, disinheritance, or adoption, will be hard for this combination
to o"ercome, if it(s e"en possible for this person to forget the in;uence
of his or her early childhood entirely! This combination reminds me of
the mo"ie Citizen Kane, where =harles +oster 9ane gains an
enormous inheritance, but loses his mother, his home, and his safety!
This combination indicates a strong desire to be more than ,well o:@'
the nati"e might "ery well loo$ at money and material possessions as
the answer to a lot of problems s/he has a di8cult time
articulating! -outh Node in the 8th in =apricorn is why the nati"e has a
di8cult time articulating his or her deepest feelings, since the
combination of =apricorn and the 8th house means that whate"er(s in
there, is in there pretty deep, and might not be reachable and made
conscious without a lot of help!
That(s why the =ancer North Node compensates for their otherwise
unarticulated issues with possessions that bring a feeling of safety,
since the 8th house often contains a lot of rather frightening, sad, or
depressing subconscious emotions the =apricorn -outh Node will hold
on to but won(t acti"ely loo$ at, unless po$ed into awareness that he
carries gloom with him where"er he goes!
This -outh Node usually leads to a fair amount of denial and/or illness,
and the nati"e might also be adamant at disagreeing that s/he is
anything li$e the "ery same family members she critici7es! =on"ersely,
this poor $id might ha"e been the family scapegoat, or felt li$e the
blac$ sheep of the family! There might be some rather ugly secrets
.family or personal/ that this child either represents, $nows about, or
carries on a purely subconscious le"el!
There(s no getting around the fact that =ancer and =apricorn Nodes
ha"e the most trouble with family! Aften, the family trulyis a burden,
but it(s also ust as li$ely that the =ancer/=apricorn Nodal axis people
feel li$e too much is as$ed of them e"en if all you as$ed for was a side
dish at the =hristmas dinner you(re coo$ing!
This is because of all the children born in the family, the
=ancer/=apricorn Node $ids ha"e the hardest time separating from the
mothership' these Nodes, on some le"el, li"e out the belief .or fear/
that if mom or dad dies, they alone ha"e to carry on parental roles!
-ince the purpose of this Nodal axis is to pro"ide for others materially
.sounds simple, when it(s not/ =ancer North Node is in the process of
de"eloping the ability to nurture the body in all ways!
Howe"er, -aturnian =apricorn(s parental messages are buried deep in
the subconscious of the 8th house, and will possibly only be expressed
consciously when the North Node in =ancer in the 2nd gathers all the
family around the groaning board on a holiday or writes out the stoc$
di"idends personally each 1uarter! At that point, the life direction,
which is about ta$ing care of others, might meet with some resistance,
as the =apricorn -outh Node is reminded of e"erything s/he lac$ed, or
thought she lac$ed, in childhood!
0t(s my general opinion that if someone is going to get really wealthy, it
might "ery well be this combination, since the 2/8 axis combined with
=ancer/=apricorn says their primary goal is to collect anything and
e"erything and hoard each penny, so as to rein"est and ma$e e"en
more money! -afety here is $ey, and is a primary reason the =ancer
North Node wor$s as hard as it does!
Their identity will be guided toward a practical, but often artistic or
creati"e ob, li$e anti1ue collecting, which would be perfect for this
combination! The potential for psychological angst le"el here is so
high, though, 0 need to create a numbering system a$in that gi"en to
typhoons, but if the nati"e 3nds a way to ma$e enough money, and
feels safe enough, all his deepest fears might ne"er come to fruition,
and he(ll be a "ery happy person, heading o: into the golden sunset on
his yacht! As long as he(s not alone in this, he will ha"e ful3lled the
purpose of this North Node, which can(t forget to bring along the family
when he goes!
Leo North Node in the "nd -ouse. This
combination has the potential to be a maor mo"er and sha$er on the
world stage, since A1uarius -outh Node in the 8th is often political in
the extreme, cannily persuading, to the point of manipulation, the
beha"ior of friends and family!
5eo North Node in the 2nd, when highly moti"ated, has e"ery ability to
be so endearing or charming that s/he becomes worshipped by many!
0t seems to me that little golden Ascars .those statues you see on
some people(s mantles/ represent this North Node well, because a tiny
golden statue is 3tting tribute for someone who might hope for an icon
representing that which he(s attained!
Alternately, here is the true philanthropist, who has little interest in
attaining wealth, but instead wants to gi"e it away to others! There are
many forms of wealth, and the combination of -outh Node with
A1uarius in the 8th indicates the person has a "ast storehouse of
$nowledge to draw upon, and can use this wisdom to form a school, to
educate, and to help others create art in all forms .since the North
Node in 5eo inspires one to want to share your creati"ity to help others
help themsel"es become self&su8cient or encourage self&esteem/!
Their innate creati"ity might be prodigious, leading to a series of
artistic wor$s of some sort' the goal will be to ma$e manifest their
unusual intellectual or mental s$ills! 0t will be di8cult to hide their light
under a bas$et, since North Node in 5eo usually manages to 3nd some
sort of stage to appear on! A1uarius -outh Node might hold the nati"e
bac$ if the wor$ isn(t su8ciently interesting, with the potential to
de"elop some $ind of 5eonine greatness .greatness of character is ust
as much a draw here as greatness of stature/!
0t(s li$ely that this person is extraordinary in some way' -outh Node in
A1uarius will ha"e inherited some $ind of eccentric and uni1ue
personality structure, ma$ing him or her stand out from the crowd
A1uarius usually see$s to 3t into! With 5eo as the North Node, though,
3tting in will no longer be the comfortable fall&bac$ position' now he
will ha"e to shine, but the point of the 2nd house is to manifest
something material from his uni1ue mind! -imply li"ing in his thoughts
will ne"er be su8cient for this Nodal axis!
This person usually prefers wor$ing with a group, since standing on his
own on stage doesn(t come naturally to the -outh Node here' yet this
is the nati"e(s chance to ta$e bows, center stage, and to ta$e credit for
inspiring others to manifest their own imaginings! The family
inheritance here, that pro"o$es the child away from the -outh Node
into the North, often has to do with the father, whose beha"ior or life
will, in some way, push the child into assuming the mantle of father&
3gure or responsible creator on his own! 0n some way, the child is
discouraged from relying on his own father, as he de"elops into his
own abilities!
Howe"er, unli$e many other -outh Nodal positions in the 8th, A1uarius
will probably try to understand himself more than other -outh Nodes in
the 8th, which will be relati"ely content, most of the time, to allow the
8th house experience to bubble underground, in the subconscious!
With A1uarius here, the otherwise unconscious, innate and instincti"e
8th house will get an airing&out' windows will be opened, cabinets and
cupboards cleaned! This is one 8th house -outh Node that probably will
not go unexamined, at least to some extent!
1irgo North Node in the "nd -ouse. There always
seem to be two distinct modes of lifetime issues with <irgo/%isces
Nodes, the di:erences of which are exacerbated if the -outh Node is
conunct a planet .or something else of e1ual signi3cance, li$e the
These Nodes are controlled by the underlying dichotomy between
<irgoan practicality and %iscean ephemerality! The di8culty lies in the
deep di"ide between 4ercury(s rationality .relying on what is $nowable
and pro"able, factual and e"idential/ and Neptune(s intuition .based on
inner $nowing, feelings, and sixth&sense perceptions/!
The <irgo North Node, when it(s functioning well, is determined to build
something that represents its core s$ills, which usually has something
to do with its intellect!
The -outh Node in %isces, howe"er, might "ery well be 3xated on
stic$ing with the functions that ha"e wor$ed ust 3ne, up till now, which
usually in"ol"e some method of expanding its inner "ision .through any
means that will ta$e the mind deeper, in order to disco"er whate"er is
there to be disco"ered/! The comfort 7one lies in inexplicable self&
$nowing based on belief in a higher power or an otherwise non&
material source which somehow supplies e"ery ,thing( the self or soul
needs .which usually isn(t much, on a material plane, for %isces -outh
Node' ironic since it(s the ,wealthy( %luto&ruled 8th house we(re tal$ing
%isces combined with the 8th represents a rather intoxicating blend of
sensory possibilities for the -outh Node, which might be so interesting,
it pre"ents the North Node from de"eloping its intellectual abilities! As
long as the -outh Node doesn(t hold too much sway o"er the nati"e, or
the 4ercury is well&aspected in the natal, the North Node will be
allowed to de"elop!
9eeping in mind that the %isces -outh Node in the 8th is ready to bury
itself in anything to do with 8th house "alues .anything from studying
ancient "oodoo practices to becoming a doctor to de"eloping his inner
shaman/, the 8th house presents a fascinating range of options for the
%isces -outh Node! To that extent, the <irgo North Node might struggle
to distance himself from what seems li$e a mire of the inexplicable,
always stri"ing toward manifesting something practical, rather than
ephemeral or fantastical, as the %isces -outh Node might prefer!
Whereas the %isces -outh Node may be able to practice yoga and
meditate, all the while peering into its inner Brd eye, the <irgo North
Node will want to open a yoga school and exhibit its practical
$nowledge! 0n the 2nd, the <irgo ,eye( is always loo$ing to de"elop a
practical use for any 8th house/%isces wisdom or intuiti"e ability, but
that 8th house is a powerful draw for any <irgo North Node, so it might
"ery well 3nd it di8cult to completely abandon any psychic,
supernatural, or occult information it gleans from astral proection or
.wa$ing or sleeping/ dream states! 2arth is almost always fascinated
by Water(s abilities to dig deep and ,$now( stu: no one is supposed to
,$now,( hence the unwillingness to completely abandon the inherent
,wealth( of the 8th house!
Libra North Node in the "nd -ouse. 0("e long
thought that, on a purely mundane le"el, the 5ibra North Node in the
2nd would ma$e the perfect franchise owner! 4ost franchises come
with rules and guidelines you(re not supposed to infringe on or act
independently of, and although the -outh Node in Aries in the 8th is
usually capable of ma$ing money by acting in a uni1ue, independent,
or indi"idual way .as an entrepreneur, for example/ North Node 5ibra
would be happy following the rules laid down by a larger entity she can
go to for ad"ice and counsel!
+rom a more exalted perspecti"e, North Node in 5ibra is a material
artist whose tas$ in her lifetime is to bring her "ision or passion .from
the 8th house Aries -outh Node/ into manifestation! -he exists to
create a 3nished proect that will be art, or remind others of art! North
Node 5ibra is de"eloping toward the ability to wor$ within a
collaborati"e group, willing to uphold any rules or laws ensuring the
maintenance of the group! -he could well be the leader of the group,
or at the "ery least, pro"ide its dri"ing force!
This includes the rules of starting a business! 0f you hear a 5ibran North
Node whimper about not being 1uali3ed or ta$en seriously, ust point
out all her accomplishments and tell her to get on with it! As s/he
de"elops his or her ability to 3t in with a group or collaborati"e wor$
e:ort, she will go through a period of doubting her abilities, since
-outh Node Aries is so accustomed to doing things his own way, 3tting
in with the group mind ne"er occurred to him! The strength of the Aries
-outh Node is to feel the fear and do it anyway, especially if being
ad"enturous is part of the family ,inheritance( .,family inheritance( is a
theme 0 will explore more when we get to the 8th house North Node/!
0n the 8th house, the Aries -outh Node(s comfort 7one is about
3nancial and emotional independence, little caring what the group
thin$s or whether or not collaboration matters! The 8th house Aries
-outh Node will li$ely $eep secrets from anyone who might need to
$now, li$e a business or marital partner! 0f your North Node is in 5ibra
in the 2nd, this $ind of secreti"eness will undermine your functionality
or ability to recei"e the $ind of support you(ll need to manifest your
creati"e "ision!
Clame the 8th house, since Aries usually has few cards hidden up his
slee"e' he is so busy expressing himself, he can(t ta$e the time to lie,
or bac$trac$ to remember an earlier lie! Aries lays his cards on the
table, except when you 3nd Aries in the 8th, so my pro"iso/worry here
is that the -outh Node in Aries is going to ha"e to learn to share and do
all the 5ibran things you ha"e to do when you wor$ with others, li$e
follow the rules, and not ma$e them up to suit his purposes! The
combination of the ,childish(, daring, or e"en ris$y impulses of Aries
with the 8th house means that this particular -outh Node might spend
far too much of his lifetime embroiled in 3xing others( .usually
3nancial/ problems and ignoring his own!
As always, of course, there are many permutations of how these Nodal
combinations will play out! ?epending on the family
inheritance/legacy/myth, the 8th house -outh Node might "ery well
ha"e learned any one of many Arian traits! -ince the axis is the 2/8,
though, we(re usually dealing with inherited "alues, self&esteem, etc!,
as 0 mentioned abo"e!
Aries and 5ibra both ha"e the potential to doubt themsel"es .each for
di:erent reasons/, so if the nati"e has any problems stemming from
childhood, the goal for the North Node will be to de"elop an
appreciation for herself, particularly the body and anything she can or
does create and manifest due to the 2nd house(s focus on ma$ing the
Aries( -outh Node dreams, dreamed alone in his room as a child,
perhaps, come true in the adult world of )4a$ing* the 2nd house
Scorpio North Node in the "nd -ouse. Whene"er
we 3nd the Nodes in houses that traditionally ,belong( to the signs
themsel"es, such as this combination, the messages and purpose of
the life path are magni3ed!
0n this case, of course, -corpio(s natural house is the 8th, so -corpio
North Node in the 2nd re"erses its ,natural( direction, in that the 2nd
house as$s the -corpio North Node to do something that doesn(t
immediately appear possible, from the perspecti"e of the -outh Node
in Taurus, which is to aim for a $ind of mastery and manifestation that
isn(t solely about material goods, wealth, and mundane power!
The -outh Node in Taurus, due to the combination of the 3xed nature
of the sign and the natural rulership of the 8th belonging to -corpio,
also 3xed energy, is uni1uely resistant to change! Typically, this
combination in the 8th house is strong enough to dominate the entire
lifetime, so attaining the goal of the North Node in the 2nd will be a
long&term challenge! Although this 3xed nature is true with the
Taurus/-corpio dyad in any house, its e:ects are magni3ed in this
particular axis!
The danger, if you will, of this Nodal axis, is simple# the indi"idual o"er&
"alues the material world and the power money brings .%luto, the ruler
of the 8th house, releases its possessions most unwillingly, and will
hold on to what he is con"inced belongs to him until he begins to
reali7e the extent to which he is owned by his possessions/!
The 2nd and the 8th ha"e in common the desire to accumulate, often
for its own sa$e, since ownership, possession, and material obects
reinforce the sense of power, at the same time the indi"idual deri"es
ego&satisfaction from possessions! >ou ta$e away the -outh Node(s
,things( at great ris$ of doing damage to the psyche if the person
hasn(t yet begun to mo"e into the higher ,eagle( or ,phoenix( capability
of the -corpio North Node!
+or the sa$e of the soul, howe"er, ownership and pride in possessions
and the power they bring comes at 1uite a cost! The aphorism
,$nowing the price of e"erything and the "alue of nothing( sums up the
negati"e energy of the formidable -outh Node in Taurus when it(s
unwilling to relin1uish its precious obects, or, more per"ersely, when
the nati"e belie"es it is ,owed( these things because the childhood was
de3cient materially or emotionally!
=on"ersely, the -outh Node in Taurus also is capable, depending on how the Nodes
are aspected, of creating powerful empires that ma$e the material world run! Ne"er
underestimate the potential of the Nodes placed in their natural axis, because these
people $now how to manifest the issues of these houses!
-corpio North Node will, o"er time, grow into becoming wise enough to
reali7e that ,stu:( isn(t the answer, and that power must be used
sparingly and with attention to the a:ect it has on others! True power
is within the grasp of this North Node, e"en though, due to the nature
of the 2nd house, this Node will most li$ely always belie"e manifesting
a creati"e endea"or must ta$e material form! 0n other words, -corpio
North Node won(t be satis3ed that they ha"e li"ed up to their potential
until they can hold some "ersion of an obect in their hands!
This North Node here will want to be the founder of what will ultimately
become his or her legacy' these people will lea"e behind them either
1uite a pile of gold, or a signi3cant contribution to society! The rest of
the chart will determine how their power is used, but any -corpio Node
must be cautious about how it uses its power, since power is easily
misused, yes, but the Taurus -outh Node isn(t renowned for self&
awareness, which is what the -corpio North Node must attain if s/he is
to expand the potential of what this Nodal axis has to gi"e to others!
Attainment for its own sa$e, and most particularly, for Taurus( need to
feel comfortable at all times, is sloughed o: by the mature -corpio
North Node, since -corpio, functioning at its highest le"el, has no use
for things, ac$nowledging that the comforts Taurus wraps itself in is
lethal for the $ind of spiritual, non&attached to outcome attainment
-corpio is capable of!
-corpio North Node attains its highest purpose by helping others 3nd
their power, rather than immersing itself in the illusory power obects
and ownership of things .and others, when these Nodes are misused/
appears to grant! 0nstead of holding on to people and obects, then, the
exalted -corpio North Node here see$s to gi"e it all away, becoming
the Dodiac(s spiritual philanthropist, a hard&won transformational s$ill
for this Nodal axis!
9eep in mind that this particular combination is one of the most
di8cult to li"e out, simply because it(s incredibly easy to fall into the
trap of materialism represented by Taurus -outh Node in the 8th, and
far too di8cult to gi"e it all awayEwillingly, graciously, and with no
consideration to the ,loss( of one(s earthly power! True power comes
with freedom from attachment to outcome, the greatest lesson this
Nodal axis will e"er master, and a maor concern for -corpio North
Node, no matter which house it(s posited in!
Sagittarius North Node in the "rd
-ouse. 6enerally, the +ire sign Nodes, whether North or -outh, carry a
lot of energy that will be applied to the goals the nati"e sets for
himself, and pursued with con"iction, as long as the nati"e belie"es
enthusiastically in where he(s going and what his moti"ation is!
4a$ing money for its own sa$e is usually not of interest to North Node
in -agittarius' he(s loo$ing for a life purpose, not a ,ob( or e"en a
career! He wants to lo"e the path he(s on, and if he doesn(t, he(s going
to be pretty miserable!
4aterial attainment accrued by the North Node here might come with
one or two conditions' 3rst, North Node in -agittarius might ta$e a "ery
long time to 3nd the most lucrati"e or worthwhile path, and then stic$
with it! -econdly, if Fupiter, -agittarius( ruler, is well&aspected, the
ourney won(t ta$e as long as it will if anything is standing in the
nati"e(s path!
The -agittarius North Node draws the nati"e toward a )high roller* life,
which -outh Node in 6emini can help with, since 6emini, e"en in the
mur$ of the 8th house, can be counted on to excel at coc$tail parties,
although her sense of humor might tend toward the dar$er side of self&
0n the 2/8 axis, all -outh Nodes run the ris$ of pulling the nati"e bac$
into self&destructi"e psychologically&related habits he or she might not
be entirely conscious of, especially those s/he inherited and now has
"ery little conscious control o"er! The -outh Node in 6emini $nows too
many people who cannot help her attain her material goals, and ne"er
focuses long enough on something speci3c to amass capital to in"est!
0n other words, 6emini -outh Node runs the ris$ of frittering away any
social or 3nancial capital the North Node here wor$sEand schmoo7es
Ediligently to ac1uire!
0t can also be said that the North Node in -agittarius ac1uires social
connections more e:ecti"ely than most, part of which ma$es his world
not only larger and more "ibrant, but also ma$es it li$ely that when he
needs a reference, he $nows ust the right person to call! The 2nd
house, when ta$en at its most material le"el, is ob"iously about
ma$ing money, and with North Node in -agittarius, the nati"e dreams
big and has e"ery chance of ma$ing those dreams come true, if he can
master the tendency to s1uander his resources early in life!
As with any other nodal axis, how the rulers of each Node are aspected
will a:ect success! 0f the -outh Node or its ruler is more aspected,
generally, that ma$es it harder for the North Node to function! 0n this
case, -agittarius, as a 3re sign, isn(t on the path to be miserable' he
wants to enoy the ourney, not merely grind on to some
predetermined destination!
This willingness to play around ta$es him down some strange byways,
leading god $nows where! 0f -outh Node 6emini is more dominant in
the chart, he might stay permanently lost, hiding out in a cubbyhole
somewhere, content to let the rest of the world get on with its material
stri"ing while he smo$es gana on the beaches of 6oa, happy in his
non&material shac$, wearing his brightly&colored non&material rags!
=on"ersely, if -agittarius 3nds a fascinating product, or starts a
business that ends up trading on the -toc$ 2xchange, it will most li$ely
be because it was something he belie"ed in, and that he enoyed,
which he will turn around and sell as soon as it becomes a chore!
=onsider, howe"er# -agittarius is a +ire sign, 6emini Air' neither are at
all comfortable in this 2arth/Water axis to begin with, and so for the
nati"e to succeed here, he ust might ha"e to rewrite the ,rules of
3nancial success( to more accurately re;ect his own free&spirited
0apricorn North Node in the "nd -ouse. There
are some nodal combinations that are easier to li"e out than others' in
some ways, =apricorn North Node is a much easier path to follow than
many! =apricorn in an 2arth house combined with its opposite, =ancer
in Water ma$es this combination ,feel( better for the nati"e! The
energy ;ows more easily, and =apricorn(s innate ability to transform
her ideas into something material is more easily expressed in an
2arth/Water axis!
When you thin$ about all the things in the material world that still
re1uire a human being to physically ma$e them, to construct them or
put them together, it is ama7ing how many possibilities there are to
build the $ind of empire =apricorn will 1uietly accrue o"er the years as
long as the =ancer -outh Node recei"es what it needs from its
childhood and family of origin and isn(t too hung up on the past!
=apricorn here has an intellectual andpragmatic "ision, howe"er' he
won(t be happy ust slapping bric$s togetherEhe will most li$ely prefer
designing the form and structure for which the bric$s will be used! He
wants to 3nd a way to build a better mousetrap and, at the same time,
create a protecti"e wall of security around himself! The need for self&
protection will seem e"en more imperati"e when the -outh Node in
=ancer feels damaged and brings that sense of loss with her into her
relentless 1uest for safety!
Although these Nodes ha"e a somewhat easier time expressing their
element(s capabilities, whene"er the 8th house is in"ol"ed, there are
potential complications +ire or Air houses .G,B,H,I,J,GG/ won(t ha"e as
much trouble with! =ancer -outh Node in the 8th might bring with it
some "ery profound family wisdom, at one end of the potential 8th
house spectrum' or, at the other, some "ery profound family issues!
=apricorn North Node will wor$ e"en harder to attain his material goals
if the childhood was di8cult, ma$ing this life path one of compensation
for e"erything done to the $id in his youth! =apricorn North Node will
loo$ for ways to ignore, a"oid, wall up, or bury, 8th house issues,
unless the -outh Node is aspected in such a way that no one can
ignore the cry for help! North Node =apricorn(s primary goal is to stand
on her own, whereas =ancer will acti"ely see$ help' =apricorn disdains
sympathy, while =ancer cra"es it!
The life(s purpose here is about getting free of family drama so that
s/he can 1uietly .and rationally/ get on with building her little empire,
but =apricorn always runs the ris$ of absolutely shutting o: 8th house
messages .of guilt, anguish, despair, etc!/ so as to be able to more
e8ciently run his life! Cringing the issues of the 8th house to conscious
awareness "ery li$ely will not be attempted unless the rest of the chart
supports self&analysis at a deep le"el! =apricorn would rather ignore his
or her dar$ness, ne"er going down into that cellar to ta$e a loo$ under
the ;oorboards!
This approach wor$s pretty well until there(s a signi3cant combination
of transits that forces this person to at least look at her issues! Ta$e
-aturn(s aspects into account, since -aturn, as =apricorn(s ruler, will
either assist or pre"ent self&analysis! The nati"e spends a lot of time
being busy, running from ob to ob, always worried about their earning
power and security, rather than ta$ing a good, hard loo$ at why they
feel so insecure in the 3rst place!
A2uarius North Node in the "nd -ouse. -ome
houses are more helpful for A1uarius than others' the 2nd house North
Node here can push the nati"e to do something concrete the nati"e
might not otherwise ha"e pursued! A1uarius North Node gi"es the
nati"e an opportunity to put some of their otherwise ,cra7y( or
eccentric ideas into material form' this can therefore be a wonderful
position for artists or anyone who wants to create something no one
has e"er seen before!
Artists and other creati"e types do well with this North Node, since
A1uarius is often much less concerned with ma$ing money for its own
sa$e, instead see$ing to become someone of note due to their uni1ue
contributions to society! 2"en the bric$layer has the desire to 3nd a
new way to lay bric$s with this North Node, and 5eo -outh Node further
adds to the innate possibility of digging deep into the source material
of the subconscious or unconscious!
Writers do well with this combination as well, as long as the material
they draw from in the 8th isn(t pre"ented from surfacing because 5eo
-outh Node is embarrassed or feels their reputation or family name will
be eopardi7ed! A1uarius, ruled by Kranus, might allow some of this
material to come to the surface, but innate awareness of the power of
one(s reputation pre"ents 5eo/A1uarius Nodes from airing dirty laundry
in public! A1uarius( traditional ruler, -aturn, ma$es this a Nodal Axis
more digni3ed than self&aggrandi7ing!
The combination of 5eo/A1uarius in the 2arth/Water 2nd/8th axis
represents the $ind of o"erwhelmingly 3xed energy that leads the
North Node to stic$ to its declared path, once he(s decided what he(s
going to do with his life! This wor$s well until a Kranus transit, which
could blow the North Node in A1uarius( 3xed plans out of the waterE
pun intended, since you can(t be sure with the 8th house what external
e"ent will force the -outh Node into expression!
5eo(s determination ne"er to be outdone or lose face can tug the
nati"e into some egocentric .and detrimental/ decisions, where he(s
capable of cutting o: his nose to spite his face to ma$e sure his
competition doesn(t get ahead! -ince A1uarius is renowned for his
ability to share the spotlight .one of the higher principles of ci"ili7ation
A1uarius has e"ery intention of li"ing up to/ the nati"e might well end
up ashamed of his lower instincts, emerging as they do unbidden from
the depths of his psyche!
North Node in A1uarius, no matter the house, is on a 1uest to li"e out
ci"ili7ation(s higher principles! 0n the 2nd house, his goal is to ma$e
these higher principles manifest, and so he(s better o: if he can wor$
out his 8th house issues, particularly any ego needs for attention from
his family, early in life! The family legacy here is usually a proud one'
con"ersely, the 8th house in;uence might mean the family $eeps
many secrets to a"oid public censure!
3isces North Node in the "nd -ouse. Ather
house placements for %isces North Node can a"oid dealing with 3lthy
lucre' the 2nd house North Node cannot! %isces is the one sign least
comfortable managing either people or money' he sees it as a blot on
his character if he has to in;uence or manipulate others, preferring to
lea"e well enough alone and not stain his $arma!
He(d rather help out and feel good about his contribution than be in
charge, telling others what to do, since for him, the material world is a
tric$y negotiation to begin with! 4ore than any other North Node, this
nati"e might ha"e particular trouble getting and $eeping a ob if it is
either something he hates doing, or one he doesn(t belie"e in and
support at the soul le"el!
4a$ing money for its own sa$e would ha"e to be supported by the rest
of the chart, but e"en if this nati"e has a loaded 2/8 axis, s/he isn(t
going to be comfortable with the $nowledge that ful3lling her purpose
in life, which is to ma$e a li"ing, is denying someone else bread on
their table across the world in some godforsa$en country the %isces
North Node feels guilty about!
+eeling global guilt is something this nodal axis experiences regularly
anyway, and in the 2nd/8th houses, %isces/<irgo is far too aware that
e"ery action ta$en in the material world relies too hea"ily on
someone(s sweatshop labor in poorer countries! The greater li$elihood
with this axis is that the %isces North Node will ma$e it his life(s wor$ to
counteract the negati"e a:ects of big ban$ing' will protest the use of
big money in politics, or will do e"erything in his power to bring down
corporations, so that independent craftspeople can ma$e more money
doing what they lo"e!
This is one -outh Node that might actually be, in terms of global guilt,
better o: than its North Node counterpart, especially for the small
business owner or indi"idual craftsperson, since <irgo in the 8th will
gi"e the nati"e innate ability to create small, useful goods and ser"ices
the North Node in %isces person can then use to her ad"antage, selling
online or in small shops or crafts( fairs!
The primary negati"e to this Nodal axis lies in how negati"e the
messages were in childhood, and how one(s self&esteem is tied so
hea"ily to being useful and producti"e! -imply being on the planet,
something %isces 1uestions anyway, since they ha"e so much trouble
placing "alue in the material realm, is nonetheless a plane they(re
stuc$ with!
Ceing of the body, ta$ing care of their bodies, should matter to -outh
Node in <irgo, but often North Node in %isces will denigrate the body(s
needs, forcing this person bac$ into self&analysis! 4ore than with any
other Nodal combination, the dichotomy between spiritual and physical
concerns implied in the 2/8 axis comes to the fore here, since ful3lling
the 2nd house(s purpose is so "ery antithetical to the non&material
"alues %isces belie"es in!
?igging deeply into the past fre1uently isn(t e"en necessary, since self&
esteem issues around the 2nd/8th axis are so ob"ious with this
combination' one is afraid for these people(s o"erall health if they lac$
self&esteem! The lac$ of desire to participate with humanity(s ongoing
1uest for all that can bring the body comfort means these nati"es
might not own much of anything' the entire ownership society idea
might ma$e them upset to the point of illness!
%robably the best use of North Node in %isces energy here is to found a
non&pro3t, or at least wor$ for one! The -outh Node in <irgo ma$es
them intensely aware of all the sic$ people on the planet who need to
be fed and sheltered, but in staying busy pro"iding care for the
huddled masses, this combination might forget to eat, or bathe, for
that matter!
-elf&denial comes more easily here than with any other signs in this
Nodal axis, although hopefully the -outh Node contacts are strong
enough to remind this person she has a body, and not to disdain its
needs! The o"erall life goal is about becoming aware of others( needs,
su:ering, and sorrow' but not to the extent that they lose themsel"es,
denying themsel"es small comforts!
Another thing to consider with North Node in %isces is its ruler,
Neptune(s, e:ect on the life path! -ince %isces has such trouble with
the concept of li"ing in the body, loo$ to see how Neptune is aspected
to determine how 2nd house s$ills might manifest' photographers,
artists, craftspeopleEany combination of <irgo(s handiwor$ and
%iscean imagination goes together well, and the wor$ of a lifetime
might "ery well be more Neptunian than not!
This might also mean the nati"e li"es out her days in obscurity, since
Neptune often undermines material e:orts and goals, but it(s ust as
li$ely that the North Node person will be on a 1uest for the 6reat Wor$
of Art s/he is truly capable of, if she belie"es in herself and her ability
to be a creator!