Ensuring a legacy of sustainability for future generations. JAIME V. ONGPIN FOUNDATION, INC. H 2013 - 2014 Annual Report SINCE 1980 The Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, Inc. was established on 17 December 1980 as the corporate social arm of the Benguet Corporation. Originally called the Benguet Corp Foundation, its creation was inspired by the late Jaime V. Ongpin, the company’s first Filipino president, who envisioned the development of self-reliant communities. ‘The Foundation was initially tasked to attend to the needs of dependents of company employees which were not directly related to the Company's business but none- theless equally important to maintaining a productive workforce. The Foundation’s mandate later extended to the neighboring communities to enable them to transform into self-reliant communities that would continue to thrive even when the company’s mines cease to operate. Mr. Ongpin joined the Benguet Corporation in 1962 and became president in 1974. He is credited with introducing corporate social responsibility as a major concern from top management down to the ranks. This was later institutionalized when he formed the Foundation in 1980. He joined the cabinet of President Corazon Aquino in 1986 as the Minister of Finance. He later returned to private life and a few months after his death in 1987, the BenguetCorp Foundation was renamed in his honor. The Foundation became financially independent from the Company in 1997 and operates in partnership with local and for- eign donors, business, government agencies, other NGOs and people’s organizations, JVOFI is a non-stock, non-profit organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is a certified donee institution until 2017 by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification and the Bureau of Internal Revenue. The Foundation adopts a Strategic Area Management Approach. The following core programs are being implemented by the Foundation. Enterprise Development Ecological Enhancement Resource Management Internal Capacity Building vuUY | JVOFI is a: | Champion of the Environment. | Catalyst for Development Convener of Resources VISION JVOFI shall be the leading institution in the formation of self- reliant communities capable of harnessing resources for equitable development. MISSION Guided by the principle of holistic development and with utmost concern for the environment, the Foundation shall uplift the sense of dignity of the Filipino communities it serves. GOALS AREAS OF OPERATION On empowerment Enhance the capacity of client communities to plan, implement, manage & sustain projects. On productivity Assist impoverished households improve their incomes. On environment Enable communities to develop and conserve their ecological resources. in organizational dynamism Enhance the capability of the Foundation to pursue its mandate.