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Stillwater Log Jam Event Evaluation – August 5, 2014

The following is an event evaluation for the 2014 Stillwater Log Jam. Although rising flood waters forced
many changes onto the event planners there were many items that could have been resolved in a
timelier manner. The following list provides a summary of the overall event with recommended and
required changes for 2015. All city staff that worked with the event, including Department Heads,
provided feedback for this evaluation.

Permits need to be submitted and approved as listed in the Event Checklist timeline. Permits
were not submitted in a timely matter in 2014.
Off Premises Gambling Permit for Bingo needs to be submitted to City and State at least 2
months prior to event. In 2014 it was received to the City two days prior to the event. Requires
State, City and Council approval.
Alcohol permit needs to be submitted and approved six months prior to event. Requires State,
City and Council Approval.
If a fireworks will be added in 2015 this requires at least 6 months for application and approval.
Requires US Coast Guard, Washington County, City of Stillwater and St. Joe’s Township approval.
Water Events require 6 months for application and approval. Requires US Coast Guard,
Washington County, City of Stillwater and DNR approval.
Run/Walk permits need 6 months for approval from Washington County, MnDOT, City of
Stillwater and Council Approval.


Event insurance was received in a timely manner
Alcohol/Dram Shop insurance was received in a timely manner
In 2015, high risk events (i.e. Lumberjack show, Hot Air Balloon, Inflatables, etc) will be required
to name the City of Stillwater as additional insured.

Fees and Charges

This will be handled by Contract in 2015.
Application fee was not paid in full as required by the contract in 2014.
Contract may be amended for the 2015 Event

Damage Policy

No damage deposit was received as required by contract. This will be required at the time of
application for the 2015 event.
There was no substantial damage to the parking lots.


Spray paint cannot be used to mark the parade route as was done in 2014. Only sidewalk chalk
can be used in the future for marking on public sidewalks and streets.
Extensive planning will be required as it relates to the event site map in 2015 since it is assumed
much of the event will be relocated into park space. There are many underground utilities and
irrigation buried in the park.

Event Plan and Event Site Map

An event plan was not provided to the City Event Coordinator as required by contract, instead it
was presented to the City Council at a public meeting for approval. It will be required that the
plan be submitted at last 6 months before the event for initial review. The City Event
Coordinator will be kept apprised of all additions and deletions to the event plan.
The event map was received the Friday before the event started. Although some of this related
to flood conditions, much of this planning (parking etc) could have been planned for well in
A preliminary site map will be required 6 months prior to the event, especially since 2015 will
require an entirely new footprint. It is critical this deadline is adhered to.
The 2014 site map can be considered a “Plan B” in the event of a flood so this work will not need
to be done again.
A more complete parade map needs to be provided including the line up area, especially if
additional units will be added.
A detailed event plan for any water activities will need to be provided and approved 6 month
prior to event.
Any new activities that will be added need to be approved by the City of Stillwater prior to
adding them to the event schedule, getting sponsors for them or advertising them.
Any events involving animals need approval.
Any run/walks need approval and will require a separate permitting process.

Tenting Plan

Only a licensed, bonded and insured tent company will be permitted for structures larger than
10 x 10. All tents must be listed on the map and meet all required codes.
If vendors are permitted to bring their own tents they can only be weighted and cannot exceed
10’ x 10’. No staking is permitted in the park. These tents are not recommended for multi day
event near the river due to wind, chance of storms and damage that is caused when they blow
The City would recommend that Stillwater Log Jam contract for all of the tents on the site for
safety and pass this cost onto the vendors.
It is required that a utility locate be done prior to staking large tents. In 2014 the large Bingo
tent was staked in an area that was not marked. Fines can be issued as a result, not to mention
the safety risk. This was also addressed in the Site Map section of comments.

A detailed schedule for load in and load out of tents needs to be provided.
Main Stage needs to be approved 6 months prior to event especially if using the new
amphitheater area.

Fencing, Barricades and Bike Rack

This plan will need to be submitted as part of the overall site map and event plan.
The 2014 barricade plan for the beer tent worked well.
There needs to be some adjustments to the parade barricade map, soap box derby map and
event road closure map. These recommendations should be incorporated this year and shared
with Warning Lites for the 2015 event file.

Trash Management

The trash plan was handled well, although it would be recommended that the trash company
staff the event with a “picking” team that walks the event during event hours.
It cannot be guaranteed that Waste Management will provide roll offs and toters for the 2015
event at no charge to the City. This should be a budgeted item by the event in 2015.
The event should consider adding a recycling plan in 2015.

Sanitation and Portable Restrooms

Biffs did a good job with servicing the public restrooms. This will be a requirement again in
There were a sufficient number of toilets for the crowds. This number should be used as a
baseline for 2015.
Washington County Environmental Services was very pleased with the sanitation, hand
washing and grease units available for food vendors at the event.
With the new event footprint in 2015 consideration will need to be made for new locations of
toilets. More toilets should be added in family area.

Outside Event Logistics

There were no issues brought to the City’s attention regarding trash, noise or public restrooms.


There were sufficient light towers for the 2014 event. Temporary lighting will need to be
evaluated for 2015 based on the event footprint.


There was sufficient power for the event utilizing city power.
All vendors were in compliance and passed the State electrical inspection.


All vendors (food and non food) should be provided with electrical information like GFI plugs
that are required. All extension cords require cord ramps.


Much of this was addressed under permits.
All licenses must be submitted and approved in a timely manner. Food vendors need to be
approved at least 30 days prior to event.


It will need to be determined at least 6 months prior to event if there will be beer gardens or a
different set up.

Concessions/Food Vendor
 All vendors passed all inspections
 Sanitation, gray water and trash went well.
 Event may want to consider a non duplication policy for food
 It is the responsibility of the event to ensure all vendors have required licenses from MDH and
MDA. Washington County will be providing better event guidelines that can be shared with the
Entertainment and Attractions

It is required that all entertainment acts be approved by the City of Stillwater PRIOR to
announcement to the public. In 2014 the City of Stillwater found out about the musical acts in
the paper.
As mentioned earlier ALL event activities will need to be approved in advance of advertising to
the public and some activities may require adding the City of Stillwater as additional insured.

Security/Medical Plan

SSI did a very good job with security and was especially flexible in working in areas that were
short staffed like perimeter gates on the street.
It is recommended that the event plan for private security to staff all the perimeter event gates
on the road as Stillwater Police are not able to use reserves and CSO’s for these posts for the
number of hours needed. Reserves and CSO’s are better utilized in the areas of traffic and
pedestrian assistance.
Overnight security seemed sufficient for the event footprint.
The medical plan worked well for the size of the crowd; however, the event should consider
using a licensed and insured medical provider that is able to roam the event should crowds get
bigger. This plan did not work for offsite activities.
An Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) will need to be resubmitted and approved by all public
safety partners not just the City of Stillwater by May 1, 2015. In 2014 this plan was not received

until the week of the event and was not properly reviewed by public safety. The most recently
submitted plan is a good start for 2015.
Stillwater Police and Fire were not able to prepare a staffing plan in advance due to the fact that
the activities and site map was ever changing. With plans completed in a timely fashion in 2015
it is the intention that the event would have a more complete staffing plan for budgeting
purposed in advance of the event. It is suggested the event budget $25,000.00 for police and
fire services for 2015 for a similar sized event.
Police and Fire were able to cut some staff early in 2014 due to the 10 p.m. closing time and no
security or medical issues at the event. The event should not assume that costs will be the same
in 2015 as all costs are related to event footprint, music and entertainment, times of events,
crowd demographics, etc.
Volunteers cannot be used for security or medical roles at the event.
Radio communication worked well, although it would be advisable to have more radios for key
volunteers and restructure the event channels. Volunteers should have their own channel.

Public Meeting and Notification

These dates will be determined in January for the 2015 event.
The event requires two mailings for event notification. It will be determined who will pay for
these and what information should be included.


By far the biggest challenge during the event was parking for displaced businesses beginning
with load in on Thursday through load out on Monday. The City Event Coordinator will work
more closely with The Locals and the businesses and the City Parking Commission to ensure a
better parking plan is in place. Although the flood contributed to this somewhat, a better plan
needs to be in place.
The event should plan to find a sponsor for a shuttle program for the event as described in The
Locals RFP submission and the contract.
ADA lot was not well signed, staffed or publicized. This is nice amenity that should be promoted.
There should be written agreements in place for use of private parking lots and those need to be
provided to the City for informational purposes.
Parking lots need to be staffed by volunteers and parking permits should be issued to all vendors
in advance of the event. The City Event Coordinator needs to be kept apprised of all parking
agreements, issues and permits.

Vendor Load in and Load Out

Since the event was held primarily in parking lots there were not too many load in/load out
issues; however, assuming the park will be more heavily utilized in 2015 there needs to be a
more complete plan provided. This plan should be provided at least 45 days in advance.
Food vendor trailers should be placed earlier in load in and prior to tents arriving.

A re-supply plan will need to be completed for re-supply during event hours inside the event

Evaluation of Individual Events
Soap Box Derby

Many more hay bales will be needed in 2015 to make the course safer. If the route is going to
change at all it needs to be approved and publicized to those that are affected.
The roads must be completely closed prior to placing hay bales.

Water Ball

Although this event did not occur in 2014 three teams showed up since they did not know it was
Businesses near the proposed area where this was to be held are very concerned about this
event in 2015. If this event is planned in 2015 a location must be selected that does not affect
the businesses or close parking for an entire day.

Fishing Tournament

Event was held outside of city limits. If it will be moved back into the City a place for boats to
safely dock will need to be identified

Chef’s Challenge

Nice event, well attended. May want to add a better sound system.

Lumberjack Show

A highlight of the event. Kids camp was very well received.


Seemed to have a lot of variety for all ages. May want to consider bringing family acts back into
Lowell Park, although some families enjoyed the stroll down Main St. to Teddy Bear Park.
Acts will need to be approved by the City of Stillwater in 2015 prior to publicizing


May want to consider going back to the original route. When Log Jam Rep, police and Event
Coordinator drove by the Just for Me Salon there were about 3 cars in the parking lot. Many
people were vocal about the adjusted route and contacted Log Jam and the City.



Seemed to be a hit, was busy all weekend

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Not sure if they got off the ground due to wind
Will need to add City as additional insured


Also a big hit, tent was full all weekend.
Permit issue needs to be resolved in 2015 as mentioned earlier


Parade was the right size and length, especially for a hot day. Only a couple minor medicals.
More consideration should go into the planning as it relates to walking units and driving units
Parade meetings should start happening at least 4-6 months prior to event
Only chalk can be used to mark unit numbers

“Umbrella” Events

All events that are advertised or promoted on Log Jam schedules, social media, print media or
otherwise fall under the responsibility of Stillwater Log Jam and therefore details must be
provided to the City about these events. Additional insurance may be required and naming the
city as additional insured for such events.
Umbrella events affect the overall plans for public safety response, parks, traffic, etc. even if
Stillwater Log Jam has the event pull their own permit.

Overall Communication

There was a lot of information that was not shared with City Staff in a timely manner
(entertainment lineup, contracts, schedules etc). Much of this information was garnered by City
staff on social media sites or in the paper. It is important that information be shared in an open
way for the best planning.
Follow up and decisions need to be more decisive and firm by the event organizers – It is their
event, they need to take ownership both positive and negative.
Need to take ownership in the event. Many agreements and side events where set up and when
issues occurred the promoters wanted to shift the responsibility to the City for resolution.
Numerous issues with registration, confirmation and who was actually running events. Water
Ball cancelled, John Francis Run cancelled, Pontoon Rides cancelled, Freight House Pancake
Breakfast hours, etc.

Need to be more open and not so secretive about what events are truly being planned. A few
“side” events were scheduled and some had significant potential for public safety issues.
Lots of confusion as to what the schedule was or where things were being held. Many
comments on this from people who wanted to participate but never where responded to by the
event promoters.
Meet required deadlines. Be honest. Work with assigned City staff.
City Hall received numerous phone calls about events and how to reach The Locals. A phone
number should be provided to City Hall for residents, sponsors and businesses to be able to
reach the event planning team. Many people commented that they sent numerous emails and
did not receive communication back.

Event Planning Meetings

The entire City Event Planning Team was required to meet weekly with The Locals to get
information and continue planning. In 2015 The Locals will be expected to provide information
to the City Event Planner in a timely manner as requested which will then be shared with City
staff in a weekly or bi-weekly update. Department Heads cannot be called away from their jobs
on such a frequent basis to handle event planning details, this is the Event Coordinators job.
There will be limited public safety and parks planning meetings in 2015, most of this work will be
handled by the Event Coordinator.

Log Jam Agreement

There were numerous area of the contract that were not fulfilled including the following:
o Proof of Non-profit Status (Federal)
o Item 2, section a – Site Plan by April 1
o Item 2, section c – Status Reports with sponsorships and contracts
o Item 3, section e – Remote parking, shuttle plan
o Item 3, section f – Ticket sales
o Item 7 - Performance Bond
o Item 13, section a – Damage Deposit
o Item 16, Music approval

City Services

The City provided many services at no charge and it cannot be guaranteed that this will be the
case again in 2015. Event Planners should include the following items in the 2015 event budget:
o Roll off Dumpsters
o Trash toters
o Trash tipping fees
o Saw Horse Barricades
o Rental of parking lots due to flood
o Waiving of park fees due to flood


Street Sweeping
Mailing costs for public notification

Outstanding Items

Final invoice payable to the City of Stillwater
Preparation of press release and publication of what charities benefitted from any proceeds of
the event (Agreement, section 11)
Meet with City Event Planner for Final De-brief of event


DATED MARCH 13, 2014
This Addendem is made this d
ay of June, 2014 between the City of Stillwater, a
political subdivision of the State of Minnesota ("City") and the LOCALS, (the "Association")
part of a community wide celebration known as Stillwater Log Jam (the "Celebration").

A new Section 3(f) is added to the Agreement to hereafter read as follows:
3(f) The City's share of ticket sales will be held by the Association in a
Reserve Account for the payment of the City costs that exceed the
amount deposited with the City by the Association for this purpose.
After the payment of these costs, the remaining funds will be held
by the Association and dedicated to the cost of City's expenses
associated with the 2015 Celebration.
In all other ways the Agreement will remain in full force and effect.


IN W~~WHEREOF, the parties have caused this Agreement to be executed this

1 t1" 'bay o

, 2014.


Diane F. Ward, Clerk

) ss.


On this $ .y
, 2014, before me, a Notary Public within and for said
County, appeared Ken Har
i, and Diane Ward, to me personally known who, being duly
sworn, did say that they are the Mayor and City Clerk named in the foregoing instrument and
that this instrument was signed as the free act and deed of the City of Stillwater, Minnesota, a
Minnesota Municipal corporation.
My Commission Expires Jan. 31, 2015

A Minnesota Non-Profit

By ~



) ss

T e foregping instrument was acisno.wledged before me this
, the _:t::reS(
officers ofthe LO ALS.



Uy Commission EIIJ)iresJan. 31. 2ll15

This Instrument Drafted By:
David T. Magnuson (#66400)
Magnuson Law Firm
324 Main Street South, Suite #260
Stillwater, MN 55082
651-439-9464- main
651-439-5641- fax

13-Mday of June, 2014, by




This Agreement between the City of Stillwater, Washington County, Minnesota ("City"),
and the Stillwater Log Jam Celebration of 2014, part of a community wide celebration (the
"Celebration"); (LOCALS,) a Minnesota non-profit corporation ("Association"). Whereby the
Association has appointed an Independent Contractor to Manage and Stage the Celebration
according to the terms of this Agreement.
Celebrations. The City has encouraged community wide celebrations in order to
foster and promote tourism within the City of Stillwater and encourage commerce within the
City that will ultimately increase property values and the quality of life within the City, thereby
promoting the welfare of the City. The Stillwater Log Jam Celebration will be held during the
last half of July of each year as determined by agreement between the Association and the City.
Management. The LOCALS must appoint an individual to represent their entity
in dealings with the City regarding the Celebration. This individual must be given authority to
bind the organization to agreements made with the City, to receive notice of any kind including
routine or emergency notices that when received by the individual will be considered given to
the Association. The notice may be given by email, in person, by telephone or by U.S. Mail.
The email address, cell phone number and mailing address of this representative must be given to
the City within 30 days of the execution of this Agreement and kept continuously current from
January 1st of each calendar year until August 1st. Failure to provide this representative or to
keep the representative's contact information current are grounds for cancelation of this
Agreement and all rights to conduct the Celebration.

Site Plan. The Association must prepare an overall site plan for the Celebration
that depicts the location of fencing, vendors, exits and any areas with the City,
such as parks or parking lots that are proposed for use by the Association for the
Celebration and related use. Further the Association must also submit an overall
Celebration Concept Plan that describes each element of the Celebration,
including water races, parades, fireworks are planned. The Concept Plan must
also be submitted by April 1st of each year.


Event Coordinator. Further, the primary City contact will be the person
designated as Event Coordinator. The Association pledges to work with this
person regarding Event Planning and the fulfillment of the conditions contained in
this Agreement.


Status Report. Beginning 30 days after the execution of the Agreement, and each
30 days thereafter, the Association must provide to the Event Coordinator a status
report, that must include the sources and amount of paid sponsorships, the nature
and extent of any contractual agreements made with third parties, nature and
extent of any credit extended by third parties to the association or to others for the
benefit of the Association, and any other status information reasonably required
by the Event Coordinator.


Background Investigations. The Board of Directors of the Association or any
Managers hired by the Association for purposes of planning or conducting the
Celebration must consent to and allow the City to conduct background


Stillwater Log Jam Crowd Management.


Police and Firefighters. The Association will contribute to the cost of providing
uniformed, licensed peace officers and fire firefighters for the Celebration. The
contribution level for Police and Fire Fighters is established by the City
Administrator. The amount must be paid on or before May 1st of each year.


Security Officers. The Association will provide, at no cost to the City, privately
paid professional uniformed security officers equipped with radios. All security
officers will be suitably identifiable. The number and deployment of the Security
force must be approved in writing by the Stillwater Police Chief.


Trail. The bicycle and pedestrian trail from Lowell Street to Nelson Street must
remain open to the public and unobstructed during the Event.


Repairs. The Association must restore and repair any areas of a Park or Parking
Lot that are damaged by vehicles or people associated with the Celebration.


Remote Parking. The Association will work with City Staff to explore the
feasibility of a remote parking and shuttle plan for the Celebration.


Ticket Sales. In order to defray costs associated with the Celebration, the
Association is authorized to establish and implement a park access fee or access
ticket charge for Friday and Saturday evenings of the events; provided that the
Association contributes 35% of the gross ticket sales to the City, and provided
further that the Association continue its policy of allowing parade units of
non-profit entries to participate in the Parade at no charge. Further, no charge will
be made or ticket required for access to the area south of the Bridge, to members
of the Association work force, public safety personnel, or to other persons not
considered members of the general public, nor will any charge be made for the
daytime shows or events. Lastly, the ticket revenue sharing formula set forth in
this paragraph will be reviewed annually.

Race and Parade Management. Prior to May 15\ the organizers must submit and
have approved a Management Plan for any races or parades proposed to be held during the
Celebration. The Plan must describe the start and finish lines and the proposed route. A plan for
parking control, a plan for traffic control, barricade placement and street closure, a plan for water
stop and first aid stations, an emergency plan, a plan for the provision of portable toilets,
barricade placement, trash collection, and pickup, a schedule for any requested provision of City
services including Police, Fire, Public Works and electricity and water/services.



Stillwater Log Jam Liquor Control.


The Association. (LOCALS) has been granted conceptual authority to dispense
intoxicating Liquor at the Stillwater Log Jam Celebration. This approval is
subject to the Association applying for and being granted a Temporary Liquor
License and Consumption Permit as allowed by the Stillwater City Code and State
Law. All Licenses must be approved and proof of Liquor Liability Insurance
Coverage must be submitted to the City Clerk by May 1st. This Agreement will
set forth the terms and conditions that will control the dispensing of Liquor at the


The Area. The area where dispensing will be permitted is the area by the
Association described on the map as submitted and approved by the City (the
Area). The Association is also allowed use of Lowell Park south of the Lift
Bridge and north of Nelson Street, however, no alcohol may be dispensed in the
area south of the Bridge.


Fencing. The Area must be securely fenced. The fencing must be adequate to
insure that alcohol sales and consumption remain inside the fence. A breach of
the fence is grounds for the Police Chief to terminate all alcohol sales in the area.
The adequacy of exiting in the fence must comply with the Minnesota Fire Code
as administered by the City Fire Chief.


Exits. For the purpose of this plan, all Entry/Exit gates to the park must be
controlled by security personnel while alcohol is being served. At each of these
entry/exit points, a paid professional security guard must be in place to insure that
no beer or Liquor enter or leave the park area.


Signage. Signage will be prominently displayed at each entry/exit point to notify
guests that no Liquor/beer will be allowed in or out of the area.


Bracelets. Private paid security officers will roam the Area checking to ensure
that each beer drinker is wearing a Stillwater Log Jam 2014 beer drinking
bracelet. Signs will be displayed throughout the area notifying guests that they
must be wearing a beer drinking bracelet to be drinking a beer.


Identification Bracelets. The Association will provide at no charge liquor
identification bracelets at a minimum of four (4) different locations in the area.
The Association will permit no one to consume Liquor unless they are wearing an
identification bracelet. The Association will be responsible for the issuance of
bracelets and that the bracelets are given only to those who are legally entitled to
consume Liquor. The Association will direct its private security forces to give
extra attention to enforcing the bracelet requirements and to crack down on


No Other Alcohol or Coolers. No Liquor is allowed in the Area except that
Liquor which is sold by the Association. The Association is responsible to see


that no other Liquor is brought into the Area.
brought into the Area, are subject to search.

Bottles, containers or coolers


Compliance Program. Prior to May 1st the Association must develop a complete
management policy or program regarding all aspects of alcohol compliance,
including the problem of the under-aged consumer, sales after hours, sales off the
premises in open containers, over-serving and the recognition of false
The City Police Chief must approve the policy before
implementation. The Association must train all alcohol servers with regard to the
policy, including instruction by a professional recognized in the area of alcohol
awareness before the opening date of the Celebration.


Compliance Inspection. The Association acknowledges that as a liquor license
holder for the Celebration, it is subject to Stillwater City Code §43-8, which
authorizes that all premises from which intoxicating Liquor is offered at on-sale,
are subject to inspection for alcohol compliance by any police officer, health
officer, or other designated officer or employee of the City during all hours the
Area is open for the serving of alcohol.

Insurance. The Association must provide to the City satisfactory proof that it has
obtained liability insurance that names the Association and the City as an additional insured, as
loss payees, in an amount of at least $1,500,000.00 combined single limit, for loss sustained by
either acts or occurrences that arise from or grow out of both Celebrations, and Liquor Liability
coverage as described in Minn. Stat. §340A.409, evidenced at a minimum, the coverage
described in Minn. Stat. §340A.409, subd. 1 with regard to Stillwater Log Jam.
Performance Bond and Payment Bond. Prior to May 1st the Association must
obtain and submit to the City: (1) a Performance Bond to the City for the use and benefit of the
City to complete the contract according to its terms, and conditioned on saving the City harmless
from all costs and charges that may accrue on account of completing the performance; and (2) a
Payment Bond for the use and benefit of all persons furnishing labor and materials engaged or to
perform the contract, conditioned for the payment, as they become due, of all just claims for the
labor and materials furnishing to the association with regard to the Celebration, including work,
skill, insurance premium, equipment supplies or taxes incurred or due under Minnesota Statute
§ 297A. Both the Performance Bond and Payment Bond must be in the penal amount as
determined by the City Administrator. As an alternative to the Bond, as Cash Deposit or Bank
Letter of Credit may be substituted in an amount and in form approved by the City
Sales Tax. The Association must obtain a State Tax Payer Identification Number
and collect any sales or use taxes that are due according to law.
Noise Control. The Association is responsible to control the noise emanating
from the Area at a level that will not interfere with the peace and repose of the residential area on
the bluffs on the north, west and south edges of the downtown.


Hours of Operation. Liquor sales will cease 15 minutes before the last band
finishes playing, but in no event after the times set forth as follows: Friday, 11:15 p.m.;
Saturday, 11:15 p.m.; and Sunday, 9:45p.m.
Public Information. As soon as practicable after furnishing the main schedule, the
Association will publish and widely distribute a schedule of events. After the Celebration closes,
the Association will prepare a press release describing the charities that benefit from the
Police Power. With regard to Celebration the City reserves the right to order a
shut down of the Area in the event the Chief of Police determines, in his sole discretion, that the
public safety is threatened or any condition of this Agreement is violated. In that event, the
Association will cease dispensing Liquor and must assist the police in the clearing of the Area.
The park will be closed at midnight.
Exclusive Use of Parks. In return for the exclusive use of the City Parks, the
Association hereby agrees to the following:

Damage Deposit. The Association will pay a damage deposit of $750 and a
user's fee of $500 to be paid at the signing of this Agreement for each of the
Parks. The damage deposit of $750 will be refunded, in whole or in part, if not
needed to repair damage, as determined by the City of Stillwater Public Works


Dumpsters. The Association must furnish dumpsters or roll-off boxes according
to a plan established by the Event Coordinator in sufficient quantity to contain the
accumulation of trash generated by the Celebration and must insure that all trash
or garbage is collected and hauled away daily in the Downtown area. Dumpsters
and trash receptacles must be picked up and empty each day during the
Celebration. The Event Coordinator may amend the plan and require additional
dumpsters or trash receptacles if the need arises.


Traffic Control. To insure traffic and pedestrian control the Association must
place standard reflective barricades according to a plan approved by the Public
Works Director or his designee. Barricades may be supplied by the Association,
or by the City. Charges for the City supply of barricades are set forth in the
attached fee Schedule.


Electricity and City Water. Existing electrical boxes will be opened by the City
and access allowed according to the attached fee Schedule. If access to water
main or hydrants is required, the Association must make arrangements with the
City Water Department and must pay related Water Department fees.


Restrooms. The Association must furnish portable restrooms to facilitate
expected crowds in a number required by the Event Coordinator. Additional
portable restrooms must be provided by the Association if deemed necessary to
protect public health as determined by the Event Coordinator. City Public
Restrooms on the Pedestrian Walkway and the South end of Lowell Park will


remain open during the Celebration and the City will supply and equip both
restrooms, however, the Association will be responsible for security and
supervision for both restrooms.

Irrigation System in Park Property. Lowell Park is maintained by a buried
irrigation system. This system is easily damaged by stakes or posts that are
driven into the ground or by equipment and vehicles running over irrigation
heads. For that reason, stakes or posts longer than 12 inches and more than a
quarter inch in diameter may not be used in the Park.


Rules for Vendors.


Food Vendors. All food vendors must be inspected and approved by Washington
County Department of Health and the Stillwater Fire Department before
beginning operation.


No Camping. No camping in tents, trailers or campers ts allowed m the
Downtown during the events.

Damage to Parks, Paved Trails and Parking Lots. All damage to parks, paved
trails, or parking lots must be repaired at the expense of the Association whether caused by the
Association or its vendors. The City will deduct the cost of repair from Association Deposit,
however, the Association will remain responsible for costs and repairs that exceed the Deposit.
Music. Musical entertainment for both Celebrations must be selected with the
approval of the Entertainment Committee that was appointed by the City Council. The
Entertainment Committee must also review and approve the Media Advertising Campaign before
the campaign is implemented. Live musical entertainment must cease no later on each day than
set forth as follows: Thursday, 11:00 p.m.; Friday, 11 :30 p.m.; Saturday 11:30 p.m.; and
Sunday, 10:00 p.m.
Downtown Clean-Up. On the day following close the Celebration, weather
permitting, the Association will clean Lowell Park and other areas that have been impacted by
the Celebration. The Association is responsible for all costs, incurred for the clean-up of areas
neglected by the Association.
Hold Harmless and Indemnify. The Association agrees to hold the City harmless
and to indemnify and defend the City with regard to any claims causes of action or demands that
might be brought against the City arising out of the activities in the Area including the
dispensing of Liquor pursuant to this Agreement.
Term of Agreement. This Agreement will remain in effect for a period of three
(3) years from the date of its execution subject to an annual City review that must be completed
by November 1st of each year. In the event of any substantial change in circumstances, either
party may request review of the terms of this Agreement at an earlier time. Further, in the event
that a determination is made by the City Council, based upon the advice of the Police Chief that
the Celebration is a threat to the health, safety or welfare of the community, the City Council
reserves the right to cancel any remaining term and terminate this Agreement.

.. .


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have set their hands this
, 2014.


day of



) ss

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this I:t7"fV\ day of
,the tSot't.f'l2(~cf"Y")~
the duly authorized agent for Locals, a Minne ta non-profit corporation.



My Commtsaion Exptl'tS Jan. 31.2015

Notary Public

Diane F. Ward, Its City Clerk


) ss

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this /~day of
, 2014 by Ken Harycki, Mayor and Diane F. Ward, Clerk, for the City of

(\1\a h {lb.


u, CommiSSion EI!Pires Jan. 31. 2015