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AMS 3313-501




Fall, 2005 Syllabus

Class: 7–9:45 p.m. Wed. Richland’s El Paso Hall E014 (Except 8/24 only UTD-(CBW) 1.1101 Required text: This is PR, 8th ed., 2004 Doug Newsom, Judy VanSlyke Turk, Dean Kruckeberg Optional text : The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law, 2004 Norm Goldstein, Harper Publishing Course Objectives: To provide a realistic and thorough overview of the public relations field, using pertinent examples of PR work, input from professionals in the field, and emphasis on appropriate writing, proofreading, editing, interviewing techniques and PR campaigns for corporate and nonprofit organizations. Class topics will include internal, external and community relations, media relations, current events, Web sites, crisis communications, collateral, photography, ethics, demographics, branding and the interaction between PR and advertising, marketing, print and broadcast journalism. Oral presentation based on interview of professional and written news release Mid-term exam Class participation (attendance, preparation, discussion) Final project – group presentation of pr campaign – oral and written (Individually graded, with team incentive for extra points) Total 20% 25% 25% 30% 100%

Office hours: Richland’s El Paso Hall E013, before class or 24- hr. advanc e appointment request Method of Evaluation: A+ A AB+ B BC+ C CD+ D DF = 98 – 100 = 93 – 97 = 90 – 92 = 88 – 89 = 83 – 87 = 80 – 82 = 78 – 79 = 73 – 77 = 70 – 72 = 68 – 69 = 63 – 67 = 60 – 62 = Below 60 (or more than 3 class absences = automatic F)

Class attendance is essential. You will be held accountable for all class content, much of which will not be in the textbook. Your grade will reflect active class participation, not just attendance. Although the class atmosphere will be informal, the standards will be high. -more-

AMS 3313



Loveless Fall 2005 Syllabus

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You are expected to be well-prepared for all classes, assignments and exams (no make-up exams). Adherence to deadlines is not only expected – it is essential. All papers/projects are due to me at the beginning of class on the due date, before roll is called – no exceptions . If necessary, you may submit assignments early, before regular class time, making sure the time of receipt is noted and signed by a pre-designated UTD School of General Studies staff member. Deadlines are fundamental in all areas of the communications field, particularly in public relations You will be expected to meet requirements as if you’re an on-the-job professional. Primary written work will be based on the journalistic format of a news release, following Associated Press style, and supported by creative, attention- getting collateral, aimed at the relevant target audience(s). Oral presentations of written assignments will require confident and clever delivery, supported by specific material to be effective. Group projects can enhance individual grades through unusually creative, cohesive, consistent, and comprehensive presentations of PR campaigns, designed to inform and persuade audiences regarding your message. Deadlines: (Dates subject to change with advance notice) Wednesday, September 21 Wednesday, September 28 Wednesday, November 30 Oral presentation of professional interview Mid-term exam (you may use AP stylebook) Final: Group project presentations, followed by Tour of Ch. 8 WFAA-TV downtown

(Note: there will be no class Wednesday, November 23, due to Thanksgiving holiday travel) Communication: If you need to e- mail me, my home address is . Since I work in Fort Worth, I will come straight to campus from my office on Wednesdays, and will not get messages on class dates until I get home after class. Regardless, do e- mail me if you need to reach me, and I will check messages late Wednesday. If you want to meet me before class, be sure you e- mail me at least 24 hours ahead so I can respond by Tuesday night. E- mail me at my office only in a real emergency:,