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ThermoAnalytics, Inc.

23440 Airpark Blvd, P.O. Box 66, Calumet, MI 49913

Voice: 906/482-9560
Fax: 906/482-9755

Project and Simulation Engineer
ThermoAnalytics is seeking an energetic Project and Simulation Engineer with
thermal modeling expertise to support our European customer base. RadTherm,
our most popular CAE product, is used throughout the continent by major
aerospace, automotive and heavy vehicle manufacturers. After 5 straight years of
double digit growth, the time is right to establish an office in Europe.
This position will report to the Chief Operating Officer, and involve close
cooperation with the Sales and Marketing Department.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities

Technical Support & Sales Support
o Provides technical support and problem solving to customers through
phone, email, and site visits
o Responds to product inquires and supports pre-sales activities
o Visits new and existing customers, identifies emerging opportunities
o Leads presentations on technical materials during site visits and
o Provides introductory and advanced software training to customers
o Establishes a positive relationship with customers through phone, email,
trades shows, conferences, and site visits
o Interfaces with Strategic Partners and provides technical support
Develops CAE-based thermal models
o Generates surface and volume meshes from CAD geometry
o Identifies and applies solution parameters
o Runs models and interprets results
o Writes final reports
o Works temporarily at a customer site during a modeling project
o Collaborates with Modeling Manager to provide technical input on
o Researches and develops modeling techniques and authors/presents
technical proposals

Allocation of effort
75% Technical Support & Sales Support
25% Executes Thermal Analysis

Developers of advanced thermal modeling and infrared analysis software for engineering design and analysis

Developers of advanced thermal modeling and infrared analysis software for engineering design and analysis . Inc. FEA. MI 49913 Voice: 906/482-9560 Fax: 906/482-9755 http://www. convection.O. Box 66. 1D Tools.ThermoAnalytics. Written. FEA). Speak and write English Also Relevant      Driver’s license Experience in automotive or other design and analysis a plus HVAC specification/requirement development and vehicle testing experience a plus Skill in completing CFD. 23440 Airpark Blvd. ethnicity. particularly conduction. to hire on an equal opportunity basis. CFD. It is the policy of ThermoAnalytics. disability. sexual orientation. Calumet. MATLAB and meshing tools. religion. P. or thermal analyses Speak and write English and either German or French. and presentation skills. gender. additional languages a plus Environment    Full time [40 hrs] Travel up to 5 nights per month Occasional additional time/effort to meet project deadlines If you are interested in this position. please submit a cover letter and your resume to: Required Experience     Knowledge of thermal sciences.thermoanalytics. age. without discrimination based on: race. Inc. Experience with CAE packages (Thermal. and radiation heat transfer.