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Face Shape

• Square
• Oval
• Round
• Triangular gjul
• Heart-shaped
Skin/Face/Complexion (Complexion is the natural appearance and color of the skin, especially of
the face; e.g. Mary has a soft, creamy complexion.
• Freckled (strazdanotas): sprinkled or covered with light brown spots
• Rosy: pink-cheeked; fair complexion that glows with a hint of pink
• Ruddy(rausvas): skin that has a healthy reddish tint(atspalvis); may have the appearance of
• Tanned(įdegusi): skin with a healthy golden-brown tint
• Wrinkled (raukšlėta): full of or covered with lines or loose folds of skin; often associated
with age
• Other skin-related adjectives: pale(išblyškusi), spotless(švarus, be dėmių), silky (švelnus),
smooth(lygus), creamy , baby-soft, glowing(spindinti), paper-thin or translucent (tenslu:snt -
permatoma) (as with a very old person); rough(raf; šiurkšti,nelygi), callused(sukietejusi),
• Brown-eyed (rudaakis), bright-eyed (skaisčių akių), wide-eyed (plačiaakis)
Eye expressions:
• Adj. eyes: piercing, mesmerizing (užburiančios), sad, sorrowful (gailios), tear-filled
(ašarotos), gentle (švelnios), sympathetic, warm, compassionate (užjaučiančios),
expressive(išraiškingos), twinkling(tviksėjimas), lively(gyvos), dancing, laughing
Eye Shape and Size
• Large, small, almond-shaped (siauros, migdolo formos), round, slanted (pasvirusios,
kreivos), squinty (žvairos), crinkly (raukšlėtos)
• Thin lips, full lips, pouting lips, pursed lips (puckered(surauktos) up, like when
someone is concentrating)
• Laugh, smile, beam(švytinti), grin (vaipytis), frown (piktai), grimace, scowl

• wavy, curly, straight, spiky (ežiuku sust.), stiff (standūs), buzzed (labai trumpai
apskusta, I like it) , shaved (nuskusti, išskutinėti), parted (perskirti), neatly-
combed(tvarkingai sušukuoti), tamed (sutramdyti), long, short, cropped (trumpi kaip
Hair Styles
• braids (kasos, supinti)), ponytail (uodegelė), pigtails (bizutės), bun (kuodas), twist
(susukti), bob (trumpi, iki pečių, kaip victoria B.), ringlets (karmen garb.), flip (tiesūs
su užriestais galiukais), bangs (karšiukai), buzz
• layered (sluoksniuotas), feathered (plunksniniai, su užriestais priekiniais), chopped
(nukirpti,grieztai), gelled (sutepti zele ar pan.), spiked, slicked down (glotnūs, lygūs),
Lots of hair
• thick, full, lustrous (žvilgantys), bushy (išsipūtę), coarse šiurkštūs), wiry (stiff) (kieti,
Little hair
• thin, scraggly (nelygūs), fine, baby-fine, wispy (ploni), limp(minkšti), flat, balding
(plinkantis), bald, bald spot, receding hairline (gradual loss of hair at the front of the
Treated hair
• permed (ilgalaikė šukuos.), dyed(dažyti), bleached(balinti), highlighted (sruogelėmis
dažyti), weaved (vingiuoti)
Hair colors
• black, brunette, brown, chestnut-brown, honey-blond, blond, golden-blond, ash-
blond, auburn, red, strawberry-blond, gray, silver, white, salt-and-pepper
Facial Hair
• Beard, goatee (ožio barždelė), mustache, sideburns (žandenos)
• Five o’clock shadow: new beard growth, shadowy in appearance, that can be seen
late in the day on the jaw, chin, or cheek area (also known as stubble)
• Adjectives: bearded (barzdotas), unshaven (nesiskutęs), clean-shaven, trimmed
(apsiskutęs), neatly-trimmed

• Fabric: denim, twill, wool, cotton, tweed, polyester, corduroy, fleece, spandex,
• Bottoms: jeans, cargo pants, flat-front pants, pleated pants, slacks, trousers, overalls,
sweatpants, crop pants, capris, skirt, culottes, shorts, board shorts
• Tops: sport shirt, dress shirt, polo shirt, button-down shirt, tank top, blouse, long-
sleeve, short-sleeve, sleeveless, collared, T-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, pullover,
sweater, cardigan
• Other clothing: dress, uniform, costume, pajamas, bathrobe, robe, vest, jacket, blazer,
coat, socks, stockings, gloves, hat, cap, shoes, boots, slippers, sandals, flip-flops,
heels, pumps
Sentence Starters Describing Clothes
• Smartly dressed in (name of garment), she...
• Casually attired in (name of garment), Jolene…
• Simply clad in (name of garment), Mark...
• Dennis sports a (name of garment)…