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IGE 120 HS Consciousness and Community

Cal Poly Pomona / Fall 2012

Prompt Sheet: Essay No. 2

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

The goal of this assignment is to help you develop and articulate the ideas you
gained from course readings and discussions. Through successful completion
of the assignment, you will improve your ability to:
express your ideas in writing
make connections between course materials and your own experiences
support your ideas with specific evidence and thoughtful reasoning
identify and contrast diverse cultural perspectives
articulate and explore values
understand the relationship between individual values and civic values
Choose one of the following essay prompts. Respond in a typed, 12-point font,
doubled-spaced, and page-numbered essay about 4 pages in length with 1-inch
margins. Provide a title page that gives your name, the course number and
title, instructors' names, quarter and year, the prompt you have chosen, the
title of your essay, and the date turned in.
Write your essay for an audience of your IGE 120 peers. Remember that your
reader will be familiar with the readings, but not with your interpretation of
specific concepts or events. You do not need to provide footnotes or
bibliography but, if you choose to quote a passage or use specific information
or concepts from course readings, provide the authors name and page number
of the selection in parenthesis after the passagelike this (Friere p. 4).
Remember that examples are not just facts or conclusions in support of your
ideas; rather, the examples provide something concrete through which you can
demonstrate, through reasoning, your ideas.
After you finish writing your paper, write a short letter telling me:
What is the main point you wanted to show in your paper?
What do you like most about your paper?

What are you least satisfied with in your paper?

What did you learn from writing this paper?

A note about academic integrity

All students are expected to turn in their own original work. We encourage you
to discuss the assignment with your peers, and share your ideas and drafts
with one another. Your final paper should be an expression of your own words
and conclusions
Prompt A
The overarching theme of IGE 120 is "consciousness and community." Choose
one of these concepts, reflect on our class readings and discussions, and
explore how your understanding of the concept is developing. Draw on
examples from at least two readings to inform your discussion.
Prompt B
Create a prequel, sequel or alternate ending to Gilgamesh. Your essay may be
written in any form--prose, poetry, screenplay, etc. Remember that your work
should further develop the themes of the epic.
Prompt C
Berger states that seeing comes before wordsit is seeing which establishes
our place in the surrounding world (p. 7). Discuss and expand on what this
concept means to you. Draw on examples from Berger and at least one
additional course reading to support your discussion.
Prompt D
How does Equus relate to our course themes of consciousness and community?
Prompt E
Reflect on our class readings and discussions. What concept, event, or theme
has been most interesting or influential for you? What was your "ah ha?"
Explore it, using examples from at least two readings to support your
Prompt F
Do you have an idea for a paper that doesn't fit into any of the prompts above?
Talk to the instructor about your idea.

Criteria for Evaluation

You paper will be graded on a 6 point scale including pluses and minuses. The
instructor will evaluate your paper for:
Original ideas appropriate to the prompt and course themes
Organization that connects the ideas and builds the author's points
Integration of course materials and themes that support your ideas
Clear prose with few grammatical, spelling, or other mechanical errors