Global Citizenship Steps in Europe

Agenda First Partnership Meeting, Galway, 16 th Oct 2014
Introduction to Website and Scratch
Modules of work – Sustainability and the environment, Resources and Climate
Change, Democracy and Citizenship, Migration and Urban Growth
Review of our Schools – Research Nationalities in our schools, Pupil
questionnaire, Litter and waste audit
Creation of two-year Calendar
Develop our Logo
Create eTwinning Project
Green-School/eco-school sustainability
Art workshop in Germany
Scratch workshop in Ireland
Create dedicated Art Blog,
Decide Partnership meetings for 2014/2015,
Embark on Crocus project
Consider Nature trail
Any other Business
Minutes - First partnership meeting in Galway 16th October 2014

Participants: Eva and Marita from Sweden
Brendan and Paul from Ireland
Marta and Maria from Slovakia
Maria and Gemma from Spain
Nadine from Germany
Carlos and Joan from Portugal
Nikos and Iraklis from Greece
Introduction to Scratch
Paul tells us about Scratch. In June 2015 there will be a workshop at Education
center in Galway about it. It's a programming language where you can create
your own interactive stories, films , music and art. It's for children age 7 and up.
You drag and snap together visual blocks of computer codes to create your
Children learn important mathematic skills, geometry, logic, problem solving,
working in groups. It's also collaborating between different countries, you can
share and save in "'clouds", ICT in the classroom, it is hands on, active learning
in the classroom.
It's also very popular worldwide, 4 million Scratch projects are already uploaded,
many from
primary schools. The final product is not so important, the learning process is the
important thing, also the problem solving, the collaboration, the trial and error.
Children with poor results can take part on the same basis.
He reminded us not to design anything for children that you don't find engaging
and interesting yourself.
The idea is that those who join the workshop can understand how to operate and
teach others. It's possible to share the project and someone else could continue
at the same time.
Partner schools could cooperate. Many children around Galway comes to learn
Scratch in
2 persons from each country will come to Ireland for one week in June 2015.
No partnership meeting during that week, just a training meeting.
Website and Global citizenship steps in Europe.
Our project is called “Global citizenship steps in Europe”.
We decided to use the same website for this project - Weebly.
It's important that we put films in Vimeo before embedding them on Weebly.
We get a link to Vimeo from Brendan. Please register if you haven't.
Two-year project Calendar, 7 national or local holidays, 7 aspects of citizenship:
Germany – unity/rights, Portugal – cooperation, Slovakia – respect, Spain –
Hellas – democracy, Sweden – questioning, Ireland - Participate
7 logos Carlos will coordinate the work. Send him the finished works by the end
of November.
It's up to each school to decide how to produce the drawings, a contest etc.
Both results and process is important. Everything could be online for everyone to

We will have a description under the picture, we discussed the structure of the
calendar. We suggest both a digital and physical one. 20x34 cm size of the
picture and 150 p. Use a proportional picture. Weekdays in black and Sundays in

We discussed the logo and different ideas how to create it. It is important that
the students are involved but the artist could create it.
We need something immediate, but we can replace it when we have something
from the children.
We create art competition in schools for logo, In the end of November each
school should have chosen one picture. Send it to Carlos. We use all drawings, if
not the logo, it will be put in the calendar.
Etwinning and Twinspace
Twinspace and eTwinning pages are better and more dynamic now. It is easier to
navigate and easier to create a page.
We need to create an images folder to save the picture first before we use it for
instance, to show the calendar. We need to make a link between the images and
what we are creating.
One page for one item, then create it on Twinspace.
Starting Point for project – Review!
Fill in a pupil questionnaire now at the beginning and do it once in the middle and
also at the end. Make a summit to see the difference.
Litter and waste audit – how do you handle it in your schools?
Check if the global awareness has increased during the project.
Where do you come from? Ireland has pupils from 20 countries as an example.
A survey of pupils –

4 Modules of work
Sustainability and the environment
Resources and climate change
Citizenship and democracy
Migration and urban growth

We try to fit everything in the curriculum, link to science, environment, language

Spain works with a project, Agenda 21.
Fair trade
Endangered species
Green schools, one of the themes is global citizenship. Fits well into our project
without extra work
Nature trail - also online

Vegetables garden
Care of environment
Reources and Climate change
Links to science and the environment
Agenda 21
Crocus project HETI organizes it – several schools are taking part.
Blue star program in Ireland looking at history, culture and geography, institution
EU, pick out a couple of countries.
Migration and growth:
Huge problem for many countries, ghost towns.
Many young people have left Ireland for USA and Canada.
Tomar, decreasing population in the city but increasing population of gipsies
Nature trail:
Two ways, you can go along and read information. You can also have an online
nature trail, pick out five trees, write about the tree and take photos. When you
click on the link you find detailed information about the tree, an educational
resource, researching close to our schools.
It is mainly to teach our own pupils about the nature surrounding the school.
Brendan will detail at next meeting.
Bielefeld 18-22nd March 2015
Thessaloniki May 14-17th 2015
Kosice 24-27September 2015
Tomar 12-15th November 2015
Barcelona 20-24 April 2016
Stockholm 26th -29th May 2016
Training Bielefeld February 2-6th 2015 Art workshop
Training Galway 1-5th June 2015 Scratch program
Any other business
We decided to use Banners in this project too. Maybe we will reduce the size.
Music: Joan from Portugal is interested in doing music for the project. Lyrics
together and he makes the music and composing. Play along basis with all
countries and he will mix them together,or maybe a hymn or an anthem. Sing a
part each. Maybe an orchestra in our different countries will play it.
The Swedish pupils have seen a water musical and we may use some songs and
change the words. Natures web it's possible to download for free.
Nikos can create a newsletter based on nature’s web idea for us all, we could
send him material.
Carlos suggests that we make a kids magazine, four magazines one for each
modules. Just the kids reflections - what they think about the themes. We decide

later how many reflections from each country. Could also be an abstract from the
work that has been made.