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Historical Sights:
1. Rafflesia mira - a parasitic plant that is the worlds largest flower, also notorious for
its rotting odor. The Rafflesia mira is endemic to Southeast Asia, and more than 10
species have been recorded throughout the province, including in the foothills of Mt.
2. Tagbibinta Falls - the stunning seven-tier cascades
3. Kumbilan Cave (Monkayo, Compostela Valley, Mindanao)
Kumbilan Cave has tunnel-like features and wide chambers laden with
beautiful formations. The presence of stalactites and stalagmites and other
formations in one chamber of the cave responds to educational needs with regards
to cave evaluation. Fauna observed as occupants of the cave are snakes and fruit
flies. The cave is home to the "kabyaw" fruit bats.
4. Named Mt. Leonard Kniazeff, this volcano has a 200-hectare caldera lake that lies
still on the basin of a lush valley of Maco and flanked by the highlands of the nearby
towns of Mawab and Maragusan. This lake is called Lake Leonard.
5. Mt. Marunigao
Measures up to 4,055 ft. above sea level. It recenlt opened in May 2002 as a venue
for climbing enthusiaists thru the activity dubbed as the "Malumagpak Challenge"
which is now an annual climbing event. It boasts of the impressive 4-tiered
Malumagpak Falls. Being there, one has the chance to spot the flight of the mighty
Philippine Eagle or have a glimpse of teh enchanting deer and observe the culture
of the Mansaka Tribe.


1. Pearl Farm Beach Resort is a renowned world-class beach resort in Samal Island
off the coast of Davao City. It is nestled on a secluded cove in the Island of Samal,
cascaded with pristine white sandy beaches, unspoiled lush vegetation, and
flourishing flora and fauna. This 14-hectare paradise is a former cultivation farm for
luxurious south sea pearls.
Davao del Norte is one of the most progressive provinces in Region XI. It has seven
municipalities, namely, Asuncion, Braulio E. Dujali, Carmen, Kapalong, New
Corella, Sto. Tomas, and Talaingod, and three cities of Tagum, which is the capital
as well as center of commerce and governance, Panabo, and the Island Garden
City of Samal, known for its white pristine beaches, great diving sites, and well
preserved flora and fauna. This is where the world-renowned Barcelo Pearl Farm
Beach Resort is located along with other tourist destinations dotting this island of
Although the province is generally an agriculture area, with bananas as its main
produce for both local and international markets, a wide array of other agricultural
products like coconuts, rice, corn, citrus, mangoes, durian, and other tropical fruits
abound. Davao del Norte also boasts of its growing aquaculture in B.E. Dujali, a
municipality touted to be the future tilapia country of the north. Tilapia is
also known as St. Peters Fish to food connoisseurs. With most of the
municipalities situated along the coastline, Davao del Norte has an extensive
mangrove area where marine resources are found.


TADECO Banana Plantation

This is the largest plantation of Banana in the Philippines known for exports.

Cavendish Banana Plantations

The country's main player when it comes to the banana industry for exports.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

The Pearl Farm is located in Samal Island, just a short boat ride from Davao City. The
11-hectare resort was once a real pearl farm that cultivated oysters imported from the
Sulu Sea, and produces some of the best pearls in the country. Now the white sand
beach resort is a top tourist attraction in Davao del Norte with cottages inspired by
Isamal native design. Playa azalea beach resort in an island garden city of
Samal banana beach resort in tagum city Tagum city hall is one of the bests landmarks
in Davao del Norte .

Ace Flower Garden

Located in the city of Tagum. It features different kinds of flowers.

Apo Estates Corporation

Dubbed as "Little Subic". It is an eco-industrial zone in the province accredited by

Nestle Experimental Demo Farm
The coffee farm of the province that can be found in Tagum City. Various breeds of
coffee are planted in the area.

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

This is a well-known destination located in Caliclic, Samal City. It features modern

amenities. It is mostly visited by both local and foreign guests.








Igangon Cave and


Misolong Falls

Mt. Mossy

Quimoy Cold Spring

and Restaurant

Lake Bagtok

Aqua Land Resort




Indoge Kalumonan

Fishpen Aqua

Tugtuganan Falls

Lumad Island

Penon Resort

Datu Kugsing Cave


Saug River Irrigation

Sambulawan Falls


Kabyawan Cave

City Park & Plaza

Sayaw Cave

Aqualand Resort

Datu Balong Cave


Maltag Cave

Lemente Cave





Ata-Manobo Cultural








Ecotourism Park








Barret Beach Resort



"Bat Cave"





Paraiso Cave



Aloha Inland Resort

L-Best Cave





Sprig of Panas

Lake Paiton

Binancian waterfalls

Okbot Cave

Suaon Nature's Park





Aqua Penon


Bee Farm


RJS Farm

San Isidro Labrador

APO Estates Corp.


Asphalt Plant Batch



Mt. Masimalon

Madgao River

Napungas Cave

Mangrove Forest

Holy Infant - HEC








Okbot Cave

Datu Balong Hills

Datu Balong Cave

Busay Cave

Matol Falls (break-in

Tagum Energy Park


Divine Mercy Shrine




Sto. Tomas Ecology


Special Interest

Tagum Trade and

Cultural Center

Davao Penal Colony


mountain water falls)





San Miguel Caves



Nestle Experimental


La Filipina Cemetery






Demo Farm



Ace Flowers



Wood Shrine

Mary's Wood Shrine


Products - TADECO

Mat Weaving

Davao Oriental
Capital: Mati
Total Land Area: 516, 446 hectares
Population: 440, 303
Climate: The Province lies outside the typhoon belt. The Province does not have a
pronounced dry season although rainfalls at its maximum from November to
By Land - Buses and L300 Vans ply the Davao City-Mati routes daily from 4:00 A.M.
to 5:00
By Sea - municipal and private ports are located in Mati and Baganga
By Air - the province has one (1) airport with a concrete runway that stretches 1,600
It can accommodate both light jet and cargo planes.
Communication: The Mati Telephon Co. and PHILCOM provide telecommunication
in selected municipalities with NDD and IDD calls. Several radio stations are
operating throughout the province. all towns have a main post office. Private cargo
and mail
forwarding services are also available. Cell sites for mobile telephone are available.
Cottage Industries: Gifts, Toys and Housewares, Fresh and Processed Foods, Agri
Aquamarine, Construction/Construction Materials, Furnitures & Fixtures
Tribe: Mandaya

Historical Sights:
1. 17th Century Caraga Church- It houses the 1802 Church Bell brought by the friars from Spain along
with the antique image of San Isidro Labrador and other ancient files and archives. The baptismal
registry from year 1835 up to present is still intact. These documents proved that from 1835 up to
1846, the places of Baganga, Manay and Mati used to register their newly baptized inhabitants at
Caraga church. Part of the convent was used as a prison cell during the Spanish times.
2. Altar Cave of San Agustin - The altar, naturally made up of stones, is approximate 60 feet high
above the shoreline. Its mid-section has an estimated floor area of 18 sq. m. Facing the Pacific
Ocean, an eight hundred meter length of fine white sand along the beach spread at the right and
left side of the altar, respectively. During higher tide, the sea would reach the root of the altar,
perhaps, strong waves and seasonal winds from the ocean has a great influence of the altars
shape several years ago.
3. The San Agustin Lighthouse, popularly called "Parola," is one of the chief
attractions in Cape San Agustin. There are actually three lighthouses that
stand magnificently in an area of about 2,186 square meters, situated some
100 meters at the farthest end of Cape San Agustin, overlooking the sea. The
oldest lighthouse was built in 1938 and stands about 50 feet from the ground.
It has an exterior spiral staircase of 93 steps leading to the top. The second
one in the middle is an umbrella-shape structure towering to about 80 feet in
height. The third and newest lighthouse is painted in white with a height of 100
4. Sleeping Dinosaur Peninsula - this amazing and wonderful island in Davao Oriental has
become popular to all tourists because it is shaped like a sleeping dinosaur from afar. A
popular tourist destination in Pujada Bay, the island's elevated and hilly land resembles a
dinosaur's back while the narrow flatland on the left side looks like the head. The island's
color is vivid green the hue of nature that is thriving with vegetation and pulsing with life.
Most of the area is composed of forests, coconut farms, and ricefields.



Davao del Sur


Digos City


758,800 (as of May 1, 2000)

Land Area:

3,934 square kilometers



1 (Digos City)
14 (Bansalan, Don Marcelino, Hagonoy,
Jose Abad Santos, Kiblawan,
Magsaysay, Malalag, Malita, Matanao,
Padada, Santa Cruz, Santa Maria,
Sarangani, Sulop)

Indigenous People:

B'laan, Bagobo, Manobo, Tagacalo

Poverty Incidence:

18.2 % (2000, incidence of poor families)

Agriculture/Fishery - rice, corn, coconut,
banana, sugarcane, coffee, cacao,
durian, mango, lanzones, fish


Major Products:

Major Industries:
Natural Resources:

Minerals - gold, silver, lead, copper,

Agriculture, food processing, fishing,
small to big scale mining, tourism
Fertile agricultural lands, rich fishing grounds, mineral

Historicsl Sights:
1. Lake Venado is located at the foot of Mount Apo in the province of North
Cotabato. Mount Apo is the highest mountain in the country with an
altitude of 2,954 meters (9,692 feet). It is called the "Grandfather of the
Philippines Mountains."
Lake Venado is an endorheic lake, meaning it doesnt flow into a sea. In dry
season/months, the lake usually loses two-thirds of its size because of
evaporation. It is nestled on a plateau, the remains of Apos ancient crater. It
is the smallest and highest lake in the country with an estimated surface
elevation of 7,200 feet above sea level and with a maximum depth of 20
feet. Because of its elevation, the water in the lake is freezing cold which
could cause cramps on the swimmer. Swimming in the lake is entirely

2. Mount Hamiguitan - Mount Hamiguitan is a mountain located in the

province of Davao Oriental. It has a height of 1,620 meters (5, 314.96 ft.).
The mountain and its vicinity has one of the most diverse wildlife
populations in the Philippines. Among the wildlife found in the area are
Philippine eagles and several species of Nepenthes. Some of the latter,
such as the Nepenthes peltata, are endemic to the area. The mountain has
the only protected forest in the Philippines, with an estimated area of 2,000
hectares. This forest is noted for its unique pygmy forest of century old
trees in an ultramafic soil, with many endangered, endemic and rare
species of flora and fauna.
The Mount Hamiguitan Range, with an area of 6,834 hectares (68.34 km2),
was declared a national park and Wildlife Sanctuary in 2003. In 2009, the
provincial officials of Davao Oriental submitted the park for listing as a
UNESCO World Heritage Site.
A mountain located in the province of Davao Oriental, Mount Hamiguitan is
the only protected forest noted for its unique bonsai field or 'pygmy' forest of
100-year old trees in an ultramafic soil. Mount Hamiguitan has the most
diverse wildlife populations in the country where several species of
Nepenthes ad Philippine eagles can be found.

Last June 23, 2014, the delegates of the UNESO World Heritage Committee
voted to include Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary to the
prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. It is one of the 26 new heritage
sites that were added to the list this year including the historic cave Grotte
Chauvet in France.
UNESCO World Heritage List page describes states, "The property
showcases terrestrial and aquatic habitats at different elevations, and
includes threatened and endemic flora and fauna species, 8 of which are
found only at Mount Hamiguitan."

10 most popular TV Personalities from Davao in no particular order:

Bangs Garcia Valerie Garcia was in the reality show Campus Idol where she
emerged as the female grand winner. She is popularly known as her stage name
Bangs Garcia so she is usually credited on that name. Her first appearance on
national TV was on the reality search Close-Up To Fame where she was one of the
runners-up to female grand winner Carine Cabebe. Valerie Garcia is a member of
ABS-CBNs circle of homegrown talents named Star Magic.
Steven Silva Steven Silva was born in Oceanside, California to an American father
of Portuguese descent and a Filipino-Chinese mother who hails from Davao. While
Steven was completing his foreign internship at the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao as
required by the California Culinary Academy in order to graduate, he auditioned for
StarStruck by participating in an audition at SM Davao. Right after winning the title,
Steven started to appear in numerous shows of GMA
Juliana Palermo An actress and was first known as a model won a Hiyas ng
Kadayawan title in 2002 and a runner up in Mutya ng Kadayawan.
Erich Gonzales One of todays young faces in the showbiz industry was born and
raised in Davao City until her early teenage years. Erich started her showbiz career at
the age of 14, when she joined as a contestant of the reality talent search Star Circle
Quest. Her popularity boomed after her lead role in the TV series Katorse. After having
a successful love team with Enchong Dee and team up with Mario Maurer, she
appears once again in the everyday primetime slot, as she becomes part of the biggest
television series of ABS-CBN for 2013. Titled Juan Dela Cruz, she is paired up once
again with Noy co-star and Prince of Teleserye Coco Martin as his leading lady. The
show immediately became number one in national TV ratings during its pilot episode
and is expected to continue throughout its run.
Jay Durias Jay is the frontman of the South Border, a pop and R&B band that traces
its roots from Davao City. He is a composer, singer, songwriter, and arranger. Jays
band, Southborder, came into national prominence in 1996 when they launched their
first self-titled album, which included a Jimmy Antiporda song entitled May Pag-Ibig Pa
Kaya. They interpreted the song in the Metro Manila Pop Music Festival earlier that
year. Their song Kahit Kailan was awarded 1996 Song of the Year by various radio
stations. This gave them their first big hit.

Iwa Moto Popularly known by her screen name Iwa Moto, is a Filipino Japanese
actress, model and teen star. She was one of the Final Four in the 3rd season of
StarStruck, a reality-based talent search show of GMA Network in the Philippines and
finished as first runner up. She is well known for playing Rita Acuesta on Kung
Mahawi Man Ang Ulap and Valentina in Darna.

Chokoleit A famous stand-up comedians today who started performing as

comedians in local comedy bars in Davao City.
KZ Tandingan KZ won the first season of The X Factor Philippines in 2012,securing
a 4 million peso recording contract with Star Records. She released her self-titled
debut album on May 2, 2013. The album was produced by Jonathan Manalo and
consists of mainly original songs with some covers
Ruben Gonzaga Born in Padada, Davao del Sur, he is well known for his Budotz
Dance. Gonzaga won first place on the reality show Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity
Edition 2. He is now hosting Agri Tayo Dito, the only agri-based weekend show on
ABS-CBN Regional Network Group. His down-to-earth character resonate with the
target audience. He has spent years in Davao City where agricultural has been their
familys means of living. Growing up, he would help his family selling agri products in
the citys wet market.
Joey Ayala A contemporary pop music artist in the Philippines. He is well known for
his style of music that combines the sounds of Filipino ethnic instruments with
modern pop music. His public music life started when he released an album recorded
in a makeshift-studio in 1982 in Davao City. To date, he has released fourteen albums.

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