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Deans Message

I am pleased to write
in this first issue of the
EAC-AIAA student
newsletter. I hope that
this be the first of many
EAC-AAS Chapter activities and events to follow this
year.As we are approaching the fall semester of the
academic year 2009-2010, I would like to welcome
back our returning students. I hope that you had a
pleasant summer vacation (a short one for some due
to internship program and summer courses!!), and
you are ready for another year of learning and exciting
experiences. As you know, last year witnessed the
graduation of our first batch from the two academic
programs (Aeronautical Engineering and Air Transport
Management). For those graduates, a new era just
began, in which they will be independently
encountering new challenges and experiences as
they strive to establish a career in their field of
specialization or proceed with postgraduate studies.
To them, First mission is accomplished but will
always be remembered and so will it for you, so
achieve the task, enjoy the day, and create joyful
experiences for tomorrow.
I would also like to welcome new students to EACAAS. I hope that you experience a smooth and
positive transition to university life. I urge you to
always seek advice, clarification, and guidance from
faculty members and staff as well as your senior
colleagues, when needed. I also encourage you to
participate in extracurricular activities and be active
members of the EAC-AAS student body.
Wish you all the very best

Dr. Ahmed Obaide

Dean of Academic Studies
Emirates Aviation College
Aerospace and Academic Studies

Another year to the Chapter.

It has been a year since Emirates Aviation
College started its student branch of the American
Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The
student chapters main objective is to enroll highly
motivated students who have the potential of
coming up with challenging and innovational ideas
for a successful student branch.
Currently the members of EAC-AIAA chapter carry
out tasks which are essential for the mental
enhancement of every individual associated with
the group. One such example is our very famous
Mini Skill Club.
On weekly bases various activities are held by the
members on concepts which are usually known
by everyone but not really understood in a practical
sense. The club was an initiation by those students
who took the responsibility of teaching something
new yet simple. They were not professionals but
had a great deal of knowledge about whatever
they taught.
When talking about activities I am not only talking
about the fun part associated with it but also the
outcome that it has achieved out of it. The
members have developed a great deal of self
confidence, they have improvised on their
communication skills by giving presentations
talking to other people about what we are all
about. Not only this, they have also experienced
the commitment that every responsibility requires.
Coming to an end of the article on behalf of every
student of the college and the faculty, I wish the
new officers of the branch all the very best with
the first edition of EAC-AIAA newsletter, The
Phoenix. I hope they take the student chapter to
new heights of creativity.
I would also like to thank our sponsors EDUTECH
for their continuous support.
Anila Zia Rana
Former Secretary
A publication of Emirates Aviation College AIAA student branch
Editor: Utkarsh Ganesh
Designers: AmirHossein Faghihi, Aziz Kharsa
AIAA Officers: Samira Heidary, Ankur Jayantilal, Izzah Zahid,
Hunyum Khalil
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Issue 1
September, 2009


Issue 1
September, 2009


Figure . A photo from the Otto Lilienthal section in the National

Aerospace Museum in Washington DC, USA.

Passion of Flight
How did they fly? the kid wondered, How did
they invent the aeroplane? Please tell me dad!
They did not invent it, replied the father, They
worked hard to bring together the pieces of
technology at their time, and that is how the
Wright Brothers got to fly their first aeroplane.
Many people were able to fly before them, but
they were the first to take-off with their self
powered aeroplane.
Many people remember the Wright Brothers as
the first people to fly. Very few know that their
ingenuity was in getting the right pieces of the
puzzle together. Before them, many people were
able to fly in different ways!
In the late 19th century, a German engineer,
fascinated by the birds was one of the pioneers
of flight. As a matter of fact, the results and
observations he made during his flights were
originally used by the Write Brothers to design
some of their early aeroplane trials.
Otto Lilienthal was born in 1848 in Germany.
During his engineering career, Lilienthal was a
successful engineer with at least one invention
of a very successful steam engine. In 1891, the
43 year old engineer successfully flew his first
designed and manufactured glider. In the
following five years, Otto Lilienthal successfully
conducted almost 2000 flight with about 200
different aircraft of his design. His last flight was
on the 10 of August 1896 when he tragically
died when his aeroplane crashed.

The short aviation career of Lilienthal left behind

a legacy of an engineer who was able to tame
the air and ride it successfully. Also, he recorded
results of his flight tests, to a very good level
of accuracy using them to develop better designs
and leaving them for those who would use it in
I want to build my own aeroplane too, the
kid said while his eyes were glimmering with
excitement, Please teach me how to do it dad!

Further readings
h t t p : / / e n .w i k i p e d i a . o r g / w i k i / O t t o _ L i l i e n t h a l

Dr. Mohammad Tawfik

Emirates Aviation College

Issue 1
September, 2009


The Supersonic Phoenix
Concorde... an aircraft that made supersonic
travel a reality. Concordes unique shape with
a pencil thin cabin and vast delta wing enabled
it race across the sky at 3 km every 6 seconds.
Elegant, luxurious, graceful and above all with
an airspeed of 2,200 km/hr, it was a considered
as a symbol of prestige with a near-perfect
safety record. But it was perhaps tragically
predestined that Concorde wouldnt retire with
its flawless record and an accident in which
113 people perished in just 120 seconds sealed
Concordes fate.
On 25th July 2000, all the passengers had
checked into the Air Frances Concorde
that was bound to travel from the
Charles de Gaulle International
airport in Paris to New
Y o r k . Tw o

after takeoff, the Air
France aircraft crashed in flames into the
Hotelissimo hotel in the town of Gonesse north
of the capital. 113 people were charred to death
in which 109 were passengers and crew on
board 4 from the hotel.
By rewinding the event of that fateful day and
by going deep into investigation it was revealed
what really happened.
The French bureau of Air Accidents top
investigators went on a journey to unravel what
caused the deadly chain of events which
culminated into this symbol of safe flying
tragic demise.
At first, every bit of wreckage was taken for
identification and analysis. The recovered
blackbox was thoroughly analyzed and it was
discovered that there was no sound of explosion

or any role of terrorism either, in it. Now the

spotlight was on those 120 seconds from the
start of Concordes final take off. The data
recorders reveled that during the takeoff, there
was sudden loss of power in both engines on
the left wing and immediately the black box
picked up a dramatic warning from the control
tower saying that they had noticed huge fire
on behind the left wing but the flight had passed
the point of no return and didnt have sufficient
runway length to stop safely. The question that
was raised here
was, why did
they lose
power at such
critical time?
i n t e n s e
investigators made a
shocking revelation.
They found out that, 5
minutes prior to the Concordes
departure a Continental Airlines
DC-10 had taken off from that same
runway and a 43-inch piece of metal
had fallen off from its engine mounting.
During the Concordes takeoff and 81 seconds
before the crash, the tire hit the metal strip
which lead to the explosion of the tire and
massive 4.5 kg massive chunk of rubber from
tire flew at high speed up into the wing where
the fuel tank were situated. The delta shaped
wing was not designed to withstand such an
impact and when the rubber chunk hit the wing,
it set a pressure wave which found the weakest
point in the fuel tank and blew a plug outwards
leading to the leakage of the fuel tank. But
even though the fuel gushing over the engine
didnt catch fire, in fact it needed a spark to
ignite this fuel and it was found that during the
tire explosion, one of the pieces of the tire flew
directly above the landing gear bay and broke
the power cable.
This exposed power cable wires whipped around
exposed airflow and led to spark and came in
contact with the leaking fuel leading to the
Issue 1
September, 2009


ignition of the fuel. The intensity of this fire was so immense that
the wings had started to melt and disintegrating the pilots very
essential control to land or takeoff. The crew had to shut down
engine number 2 in response to a fire warning but was unable
to retract the landing gear, hampering the aircrafts climb. With
engine number 1 producing little power, the aircraft was unable
to gain height or speed, entering into a rapid pitch-up then a
violent descent, rolling left. After this, the aircraft had completely
gone off control, wasnt able to remain airborne and crashed into
the airport hotel beneath it.

Flyers Facts

Airbus A380
Gross weight:
1,234.600 Ibs
Empty weight:
610,700 Ibs
four 84,000 lb. Rolls-Royce Trent

Concorde, till then the worlds only successful airliner, ended its
perfect 25 years safety record destroyed in 120 seconds. Three
weeks after the crash all the Concorde flights were grounded and
the two airliners Air France and British Airways that flew Concorde,
had to make major safety modifications such strengthening the
tires so that they remain functional even after a punctured by a
30 cm blade, casing of fuel tanks with bullet proof Kevlar liners
to resist punctures and enforced electrical harness in the main
landing gear bays. Fourteen months after the crash, Concorde
resumed passenger flights but the cost to maintain and upgrading
the ageing fleet was sky high. Passenger numbers had started
to decline sharply and at last on 24th October 2003, Concorde
carried its passengers for the last time. The first era of supersonic
passenger travel had come to an end; Concorde today is no more
than a museum relic.

900 turbofans

By: Ajit Yeshodharan


Max speed:
Mach 0.88
Long-range cruise:
Mach 0.85
Initial climb rate:
2,300 fpm

8,000-13,100 nm
43,000 ft

Issue 1
September, 2009


Ignite Your Mind...

Did You Know?

Seventy-five thousand
engineering drawings were
used to produce the first 747


a)Given are the following three equations:

There Are Two and a Half

Million Rivets Used in The Eiffel

If you take the ratios in the three given equations, how many circles will
make up a square? (Hint: Start with using three squares and then use the
= ?!
b)The man who invented it doesn't want it. The man who bought it doesn't
need it. The man who needs it doesn't know it. What is it?
c)You throw away the outside and cook the inside. Then you eat the outside
and throw away the inside. What did you eat?


6 3 5
8 3

3 1

7 9
7 8
1 2
1 7
1 4 5
One cow says to the other "Are you worried about Mad Cow Disease?"
The other one says "No, It doesn't worry me, I'm a horse!"
If big elephants have big trunks, do small elephants have suitcases?
Patient: Doctor, I have a pain in my eye whenever I drink tea.
Doctor: Take the spoon out of the mug before you drink.

When airplanes were still a

novel invention, seat belts for
pilots were i nstalled only after
the consequences of their
absence was observed to be
fatal. several pilots fell to their
deaths while flying upside down
To make one kilo of honey bees
have to visit 4 million flowers,
traveling a distance equal to 4
times around the earth
An airplanes black box is a
device which records conditions
and events on an air vessel. A
black box is actually orange
in color to make it more visible
in the wreckage. The term black
box might come from its
charred appearance after an
air crash
If You Multiply 111111111
into Itself You Will Get an
Interesting Results as
During takeoff, when full of
high pressure air, the takeoff
weight is increased by about a
160 billion emails are sent
daily, 97% of them are spam
In 1973, Swedish confectionery
salesman Roland Ohisson was
buried in a coffin made entirely
of chocolate
Strawberry on an average has
200 seeds
Chewing gum while peeling
onions will keep you from
The Titanic was the first ship
to use the SOS signal.

My friend said he knew a man with a wooden leg named Smith.

So I asked him "What was the name of his other leg?"

Issue 1
September, 2009


answers: a)5 circles b)coffin c)chicken

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