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9. The microprocessor was invented during the
1. What is the first character code? __________ computer era.
A. Morse Code A. first generation
B. Hollerith Code B. third generation
C. American Standard Code for Information C. fourth generation
Interchange (ASCII) D. second generation
D. Computer Code
10. Silicone chips were manufactured in
2. The original ASCII used a total of ______ to ______ at the Silicone Valley.
represent characters (letters, numbers, and A. 1823
punctuation mark) B. 1988
A. 7bits C. 1961
B. 9bits D. 1974
C. 128bits
D. 128bites 11. The latest invention in the new era of
computers is:
3. Seven bits allow the computer to encode a A. IBM
total of how many characters? B. Weaving Loom
A. 14 C. Apple Macintosh
B. 128 D. Robotic computers
C. 256
D. 821 12. Which is false?
A. 1941 Mark 1
4. In what year was ASCII proposed by ANSI? B. 200AD Abacus
A. 1945 C. 1876 Pascaline
B. 1963 D. 1620 Napier’s Bone
C. 1971
D. 2000 13. __________ is a fourth generation
computer scientist.
5. A teleprinter uses a ______ Bardout codes. A. Steve Jobs
A. 3bit B. John Bardeen
B. 5bit C. William Mauch
C. 7bit D. Blaise Pascal
D. 5 byte
14. Rechner was invented by_______.
6. What are the codes used by computers to A. John Napier
send and receive information? B. Charles Babbage
A. Binary code C. Joseph Marie Jacquard
B. Baudot code D. Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz
C. Input and output
D. Morse code 15. Charles Babbage invented the
7. ___________ was known as the first A. Abacus
computation tool. B. Napier’s Bone
A. Mark 1 C. Weaving Loom
B. Abacus D. Mechanical Calculator Machine
C. Weaving Loom
D. Apple Macintosh 16. In ________, Eckert and Mauchly built the
UNIVAC which could calculate at the rate of
8. In 1976, Steve Jobs built the first ________ 10,000 additions per second.
computer. A. 1895
A. IBM B. 1961
B. Dell C. 1944
C. Microsoft D. 1939
D. Apple Macintosh

17. Work created by inventors, authors and 24. Exclusive rights of authors and artists to
artists. Any product of human intellect that is duplicate, publish, and sell their material,
unique protecting
and unobvious with some value in the market any tangible form of expression.
place. A. Intellectual Property Right
A. Intellectual Property Right B. Intellectual Property
B. Intellectual Property C. Copyright Act
C. Copyright Act D. Trademark Law
D. Trademark Law
25. Protection of a company’s logos and brand
18. Laws that covers ideas, inventions, literary names.
creations, unique names, business models, A. Intellectual Property Right
industrial processors, computer program B. Intellectual Property
codes. C. Copyright Act
A. Intellectual Property Right D. Trademark Law
B. Copyright Act
C. Trademark Law
D. Intellectual Property Law 26. A node on a network can be a
19. This Act provides the environment for the A. Computer
future development and delivery of healthcare B. User
in Malaysia. C. Router
A. Digital Signature Act 1997 D. Mouse
B. Computer Crime Act 1997
C. Telemedicine Act 1997 27. Of the three types of network, the
D. Computer Hackers 1997 _____________ covers the smallest area.
20. Which of the following is not in the A. MAN
Malaysia’s Cyber Laws? B. WAN
A. Digital Signature Act 1997 C. Internet
B. Computer Crime Act 1995 D. TAN
C. Telemedicine Act 1997
D. Computer Hackers Act 1997 28. In your school computer lab,
__________________ is commonly shared.
21. The Electronic Government Bill is drafted to A. Hard disk
enforce electronic dealings between the B. Processor
government and the public. C. RAM
A. TRUE D. Software
29. ____________ refers to the way a network
22. The _________ is needed to secure is laid out.
electronic communications especially on the A. Access method
Internet. B. Addressing
A. Digital Signature Act 1997 C. Formatting
B. Computer Crime Act 1997 D. Topology
C. Communications and Multimedia Act 1998
D. Digital Mobile Act 1997

23. Transmitting data or messages illegally

over computers is one of the common
crimes existing on the Internet.

A. Robotic
30. Choose the correct diagram that shows B. Telemedicine
star topology. C. Neural network
.A. C. D. Computeraided manufacturing

37. An example of network security is

A. firewall
B. padlock
C. key lock
D. serial number
38. _________ is a feature in a program by
which someone can access the program other
by the obvious, direct call, perhaps with special
A. Trapdoor
B. Time bomb
C. Trojan horse
31. In a ring topology data is transmitted in D. Malicious code
A. One 39. It is a program that spreads copies of itself
B. Two through a network.
C. Three A. Worm
D. Four B. Trapdoor
C. Time bomb
32. In a ______________ , computers can D. Malicious code
exchange and share information and
resources. 40. For which of the following do we depend on
A. office computer technology?
B. network A. Checking our bank balance sheet
C. restaurant B. Making our travel plan faster and
D. organisation easier
C. Keeping our car system running
33. Modem stands for . properly
A. Motivator/ Demotivator D. All of the above
B. Modelling/ Demodelling
C. Modulator/ Demodulator 41. _________ means hidden writing, the
D. Modes/ Demonstrations practice of using to conceal text.
A. Antivirus
34. Other hardware components that are B. Data backup
required for communications to work on a C. Anti Spyware
network are networking devices, such as D. Cryptography
A. the hub, switch, router and modem
B. the switch, hub,FORM4 JULYand
scanner 2009cables SMK LUTONG, MIRI
C. the modem, mouse, keyboard and printer
D. the router, hub, server and network software 42. Most ________ programs also protects
against worms and Trojan horses.
35. Which of the following is an example of A. firewall
physical transmission medium? B. antivirus
C. Antenna
A. Air C. antispyware
D. Twisted-pair
B. Vacuum D. data backup

36. ________ refers to the use of computers to 43. Data Backup is ___________________
assist healthcare professionals in different A. used to store files.
locations to conduct live conference using the B. a programme of file duplication.
C. a computer virus found on storage 48. People go to government websites for the
media. following purposes, EXCEPT to ___________
D. a copy of information that helps in A. read online newspaper.
losing a file. B. check for MyKad status.
C. check information on taxes.
D. register online for IPTA/IPTS
44. In the process of installing new software, application.
the installation automatically restarts the
computer 49. Which one of these is similar to a byte?
after prompting the user. This is A. 8 bits
called______________________ . B. 1 Megabyte(MB)
A cold boot C. 1 Terabyte (TB)
B install boot D. 1 Gigabyte(GB)
C warm boot
D software boot 50. A user is turning on a computer that has
been completely powered off. The user is
45. An antivirus program protects a computer performing a_________________ .
against viruses by A reboot
_________________________. B hot boot
A. reading the operating system and C cold boot
modifies it. D warm boot
B. installing a new virus through the
data received.
C. communicating and passing the
information to the outsider.
D. identifying and removing any
computer viruses found on storage
media, in the computer memory or
incoming email files.


Checked by;

Mr. Henry Ho
Head of Vocational & Technical Department
Prepared by;

Mr. Taufik Hidayat bin Hamid
Head of ICT Department
46. ________ is able to damage a program
and infects the way the computer works.
A. A sudo
B. A virus
C. A system
D. A libwrap

47. ________ uses two bytes (16 bits) to

represent one character.
D. Unicode