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LGBT Student Union Constitution

Article I

Organization Name
The LGBT Student Union

Article II


The purpose of the LGBT Student Union is to raise campus wide

awareness, student spirit and lobbying for the rights of LGBT student
on campus. We will accomplish this via campus events, student
activities and educational workshops. With these three things in place,
we aspire to create a welcoming environment for all members of the
LGBT community, which will not be restricted to anyone for reasons of
age, gender, race, religion or sexuality.
Article III Membership

Membership is open to all students currently enrolled in

Cuyamaca College
Membership shall not be restricted based on academic
The process of obtaining membership consists of signing the
members sign in sheet and attending one meeting
Article IV Officers
Elected Positions
A, President:
1. Presiding over all meetings to ensure they progress in
an orderly and timely manner
2. Vote only in the event of a tie.
3. Preform any duties that may become required.
B. Vice President
1. Perform all the duties of the President in the case of
their absence.
2. Assume the Presidency in the case of the Presidents
inability to
complete their term.
C. Secretary
1. Draw minutes of meetings
2. Maintain all club records
3. Take roll call
D. Treasurer
1. Report on funds at each meeting
2. Draw up a monthly financial report
E. Club Historian
1. Keeparecordoftheclubsaccomplishmentsandactivitiesforthe

2. Collect pictures, quotes, and videos of the clubs

3. Create a yearly compilation all the media gathered to
present before the club.
Appointed Positions
F. Special Activities Coordinator
1. Draw up fresh ideas to raise club awareness and student
2. Oversee club events and activities
3. Plan and coordinate fund raising events
G. Public Relations Coordinator
1. In charge of the clubs social media outlets
2. In change of on campus club publicity
3. Oversees club events and activities in conjuncture with
the clubs Special Activities Coordinator
Article V Meetings
A. This club will meet on a weekly basis in a location and time set forth
by the club President.
1. Additional meetings may be scheduled on the instance
of need
2. Attendance to all meetings is required of the governing
3. Exceptions to this require informing the President or
Secretary with adequate notice
4. Members are expected to sign in for roll call.
Article VI Election Procedures
1. Nominations for officers shall by The LGBT Student Union
members commencing with the office of the Presidency and
moving systematically downward.
A. Any member of the LGBT Student Union may selfnominated or be nominated for an elected position.
B. Any and all positions may be held by anyone
regardless of gender, race, religion or sexuality.
Therefore, there are no restrictions with regards to a
persons ability of being nominated.
C. Currently elected members holding office may
present nominations for Appointed Positions.
2. The club advisor will hold elections in the spring semester at a
set time and place, as set forth. All nominees may present a brief
speech detailing why their fellow LGBT Student Union members
should vote for them.

A. The Governing Board of Officers and all LGBT Student

Union Members may vote once for each of the
Elected Positions Nominees.
B. During elections, all governing board chosen
nominees may be voted on. However; only those
currently holding office may vote.
C. The winning nominee will be chosen by a majority
vote. In the case of a tie, the club President and club
Advisor will select the winner.
Article VII Bylaws
Bylaws should be established by majority vote of club