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Borsec – was founded in 1806, so it has 206 years of experience. It is a mineral water from a
natural spring from Borsec depression, Harghita County, in the heartland of The Carpathian
Mountains, Romania. Their chemical composition is almost similar and also stable. In terms of
flow and quality, the most important springs are spring no. 1 and spring no.2 for the natural
sparkling mineral water and the source called 7 springs for the natural still mineral water.
Market Analyze
Report Buyer, the online destination for business intelligence for major industry sectors, has
added a new report which offers an in-depth outlook for the food and drink market in Germany.
The report "Germany Food and Drink Report Q4 2008" says that the soft drinks market in
Germany has experienced a slow growth in the last five years. The market is dominated by
multinationals including The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, but all at the mercy of discount
retailers, which account for the bulk of soft drinks sold in the country.
Two sectors which are recording strong growth are bottled water and RTD tea and coffee.
Between 2002 and 2006 sales of bottled water in volume terms increased by 17%, representing a
compound annual growth rate of 4%. Over the same period sales of RTD tea and coffee in
volume terms increased by 28%, representing a compound annual growth rate of 6.4%.

the gastric secretion. caused by the imbalance of the sodium amount in the body. . activates muriatic acid secretion. suppresses.Dan Osiac – Erasmus Student DHBW Karlsruhe Both of these sectors have benefited from the stagnation in the carbonated soft drinks sector and the perceived health benefits of drinking water and tea. by their action. In case of hyper secretion. encouraging and assuring a normal function of these organs. on the vasomotor centers. activates gastric secretion. with bottled water sales in volume terms expected to increase by 9% over the five years to 2012 and RTD tea and coffee volume sales expected to increase by 14% over the same period. It activates secretion of the pancreas and kidneys. It neutralizes acidity in case of hyper secretion. Borsec mineral water has a pleasant. activates gastric secretion. It exerts a beneficial effect in urinary tract disorders and particularly on uric diathesis. stimulates the peristalsis. acting reflexively. It provides a beneficial influence on digestion and nutritive exchanges. by dissolving the sand and uric acid and oxalates concretions. The report expects this growth to continue. The large amount of dissolved carbon dioxide generates hyperemia of the gastric mucous membrane. and in case of hypo secretion. thirst quenching taste. performing a diuretic action. and the gastric motility. on the contrary. encourages digestion and stimulates hearts contraction. increases appetite.

-nutrition diseases: type 2 compensated and balanced diabetes. Beside a large mechanical rinsing of the urinary tract. trend setting brand. vibrant and contemporary product. sequelae resulting from biliary tract surgical procedures. enterocolitis and fermentation colitis. Objectives: Following are the objectives of Borsec company:  To earn a reputation for being an innovative. Borsec springs are indicated in the following diseases: -digestive tract and annexes glands diseases: hypo or normal acid chronic gastritis. chronic cystitis. -endocrine diseases: mild hyperthyroidism. They have beneficial effect also on chronic cystitis. acid urinary lithiasis. sequelae resulting from urinary tract surgical procedures. -posthepatic chronic hepatitis. dyspepsia.increasing customer base.  Build strong relationships with suppliers to secure a preferential supply of the best quality products. -kidney diseases and urinary tract disorders: chronic nephritis. decreases urinary acidity and enhances blood PH.  To be positioned as a lifestyle oriented. mild enteritis. pyelitis and urethritis.Dan Osiac – Erasmus Student DHBW Karlsruhe It stimulates diuresis. pyelitis.  Gain the 10% share in the market . gout and uric diathesis. biliary tract disorders. without renal insufficiency. Regarding the internal treatment. it enhances the uric acid solubility.  Insisting on customer . pyelonephritis.

We’ll have to focus on the all group of ages. The product has equal benefit for everybody. The Mineral Water completes the both objectives. The lifestyle of our target audience is different because they belong to different age groups. Swot Analyses: Strengths:  providing high quality Mineral Water  the price per quality is very attractive  effective advertising plan Weakness: . They also influence the decision making of their parents to buy the product. Everything about the product is designed to bring those people to our site.Dan Osiac – Erasmus Student DHBW Karlsruhe  Establish the position of market leader in 5 years  Provide the pure mineral water. our target audience. i.e. The reason of choosing full market coverage is to be a market leader in future. They are adaptable to change and like change in their lives. Market Trends Market trend is headed toward a more sophisticated and aware customer. Target Market: The most important decision about the product will decide what people we want to attract. The preference for high-quality and low product is increasing as customers are learning to appreciate the qualitative differences.

healthy and lower price drinking water “Borsec” to German customers. Pricing Strategies: Every marketing task including pricing should be directed towards a goal.Dan Osiac – Erasmus Student DHBW Karlsruhe  weak financial position  new brand in the market Opportunities:  low and a bit high income group  strong distribution channel of competitors  strong positioning of competitors Threats: Competitors:  Apollinaris  Aqua Luna  Cave H2O  Gerolsteiner  Luisen Product Offering The company offer top quality. management should decide on its pricing objective before determining the price itself. The pricing objectives are as follows:  Profit oriented:  To achieve a target return .

Dan Osiac – Erasmus Student DHBW Karlsruhe  To maximize profit  Sales oriented:  To increase sale volume  To maintain or increase market share  Penetration Pricing: The Company is currently relying on market penetration pricing e. Lower price as compared to its competitors. Thus. departmental stores and even small retail outlets. A Romanian distributor will be used in this case because of the following arguments: - Price – cheaper than a German distributor Location Connections Distribution level: Producer - Distributor - Retailer - Consumer The level of distribution which we are using here is two levels of distribution we have our own distributors which bring our product towards retailers to consumer.  Special magazines  Restaurants. Advertising & Promotion: Several different methods would be used for the advertising effort e. Our product is distributed for sale through all the major growing stores.g. Cafes . Distribution Channel: The company's distribution channel is not very difficult because of the nature of the product. in somewhat manner the company has tried to become distinctive.g. This strategy also works well to attract those classes that relate lower prices with higher quality. The reason for adopting all the channels is because of the nature of the product.

5 l. Queen of Mineral Waters Borsec SA associated with Comchim S. The tradition was continued by the "Queen of Mineral Waters Borsec SA" and currently Romaqua Group S. .Switzerland) and blowing PET bottling line (both production Krones . Currently they were commissioned two new production new capabilities. Passion for continuous upgrading and increasing the level of quality has made Romaqua Inc. The modernization of production capacity and to broaden the product range will continue through commissioning at the end of the first complete line of bottling in PET bottles of non-sparkling natural mineral water.Borsec.Bucharest by working two full production lines PET bottling.Dan Osiac – Erasmus Student DHBW Karlsruhe  Advertising hoardings billboards  Top management teams  Sport figures  Fitness Gyms Bottling process and Labeling Bottling industries worked continuously from 1806 to the present. 1. putting into operation efficient bottling plants. carbonated natural "BORSEC" bottled in bottles of 2 l.A. and third complete line of bottling in PET bottles. The two lines consist of equipment for injection and blow molding for PET. started production of PET and bottles and selling of natural mineral water. produced by the German company Krupp Corpoplast and bottled in PET bottles produced by Italian company Sasib Beverage. Meanwhile bottling technology has been modernized. Borsec will be sold in two types of bottles: . . ROMAQUA GROUP SA bottling company. be the first bottler of mineral water from Romania who has received international certification for quality management .A. In Germany.ISO 9001. PET injection line consists of (production Netstal .Germany. with brief slump during the two world wars.5 l and 0. awarded by TUV .Germany). Since 1998.

and the back to request the desired language and the name of the importer Printed image is part of our registered trademark and cannot be changed.25 litter glass bottle still - 1 litter glass bottle mineral At the same time. Labelling Standard set of labels (front. the company ROMAQUA GROUP SA is the first bottler who was awarded the certificate for quality management in accordance with international standard ISO 9001 by TUV CERT prestigious – Germany Company's ability to export at least 50 million bottles / year.Dan Osiac – Erasmus Student DHBW Karlsruhe - 0. back and neck) are printed in the language requested.75 litter glass bottle still 0. Budgeting: Year 1 2 3 4 Expen se 25000 0 75000 0 12500 00 17500 . usually the front and the collar is in English.

000.Dan Osiac – Erasmus Student DHBW Karlsruhe 5 Year 1 2 3 4 5 00 25000 00 Sales € 1.0 00 3.000.0 00 00 10.000.0 00 7. 000 .