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The evil US is the most shameless nation in the world.

has publicly stated that it will eventually win over China
in its aim to round up support to enable the UN to impose
further (illegal) sanctions against Iran.
Clearly, the US wants to eat and keep its proverbial cake.
With Iran already starting its uranium enrichment program
which was first announced on Feb 10 2010, the US is surely
now most determined to draw blood.
But China does not want to harm Iran, seeing that Teheran
is still willing to cooperate with the IAEA and therefore
imposing more sanctions is a really stupid idea.
The US should be reminded that exactly a year ago, the US
was harassing China in almost the same kind of way that it
is now harassing Iran.
In early March 2009, US spy ships prowled near the island
of Hainan and sparked off some very nasty and unpleasant
encounters between the US spy ships and Chinese vessels.

At the same time, the US also had a spy ship loitering in

the waters of the Yellow Sea just off the northern coast.
This spy ship also provoked a very hostile encounter with
other Chinese coastal vessels.
The devilish US even tried to raise the stakes by sending
an advanced warship, the USS Chung-Hoon to intimidate the
Chinese side. Truly they are very big devil hypocrites.
Such provocative and vulgar actions by the US naval spies
were designed to embarrass the Chinese Navy and to send a
message to the Chinese government that the US could pretty
much do what it pleases anytime anywhere. The hell with
your sovereignty. (This was what Obama wanted to convey.)
The US Navy in the Pacific is today the greatest threat to
the peace, security, prosperity and well-being of all the
whole region surrounding the western Pacific. The US along
with its minions have turned the area into a sort of arena
for developing and accumulating the latest military hard-
ware, or in other words a mighty Pacific arms race.
The many bases belonging to the US pose a great danger to
other countries that do not wish to bow to Washington. We
should remember how the US cleverly faked the August 1964
Gulf of Tonkin incident in order to attack North Vietnam.
Five million people lost their lives in the subsequent war
started by that incident and yet today the US still wants
to taste human blood. March 2009, the US was testing China
very much like what they were doing in August 1964.
Today one year later, the US wants to seduce China in order
to target another sovereign country, Iran. Iran has in the
past suffered several incidents sparked off by cruel moves
made by the US Navy in the Persian Gulf.
In 1988 the US Navy lured 2 Iranian naval ships into a duel
just off the coast and sank both by employing overwhelming
firepower. The Sahand was sunk by several Harpoon missiles
while a smaller patrol craft was destroyed by SM missiles.
Only recently, the US wanted to introduce advanced Patriot
missiles and other hardware to the western Pacific all in
a package woth over $6 billion. The intention was to make
trouble for China and now the US wants China to agree with
new evil US plans to introduce sanctions against a country
that absolutely has no problems with Beijing.
Beijing should be able to smell a rat and realise that the
US merely wants to eat and keep its cake and is surely very
evil and devious. China should now tell the devils to go to
Hell and leave Iran alone. Say a big 'no' to the hypocrite.
The US has a very great capacity to do evil and it has no
qualms going about it. The world must stand up and tell it
to go to Hell. We must have the courage to say 'NO' to it
and reject all its unreasonable demands and just tell it
to shut up and stop mindlessly blaming and accusing others.
The real danger to the world comes not from anyone or even
anything except only (from) the insane vibes emanating from
the dank devils in Washington, Paris and London.
These devils have become so powerful and dangerous today
because some of them were able to brazenly slaughter vast
hordes of innocent men, women and children while the rest
have become so evil because they were descended from the
mixture of savage Roman warriors and cave-dwelling nomads
found in the Pyrenees and the Dordogne mountains.
These devils are truly evil and are totally unable or do
not have the mental capacity at all to understand that it
is totally wrong to barge into someone's house and harm
the owner and his family or to destroy his property. Are
you willing to allow him to do the same thing to you ?
Obama, Clinton, Sarkozy, Brown and all the others are just
nothing but a bunch of sworn devils and evil schemers. And
they only wish to continue the dirty work of the past. The
dirty and very unclean work of their very evil ancestors.
Can other nations do the same kind of dirty work to the US
which it has been busily doing to so many all this while ?
Can other navies prowl around US waters and trick US ships
into a confrontation ? Can the soldiers of other nations
enter the US and shoot up its cities and towns and murder
its citizens ?
The US is a really hellish entity and now fully populated
by evil hypocrites, mass murderers, plunderers, sick liars,
tricksters and conmen who are now determined to proliferate
their trade to all the corners of the globe.
How very EVIL. The US is not only very evil but totally
shameless as well.
It should just go to Hell and leave others in total peace.