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Based on experiences and observations at the Airport Sultan Abdul Halim for
10 weeks, I suggest that the management of MAHB should hire more staffs for the
mechanical unit as the number of current workers is not enough as compared to the
number of works needed to be done. As far as I concerned, there are only 3
mechanical staffs (1 officer and 2 mechanical technicians) and each mechanical
technician has the responsibility for the aerobridge operation and mechanical
technical. However, the duty for aerobridge operation is not under mechanical
technician but it is under the operation department.
Due to the lack number of staffs, mechanical technician is asked to do the duty
of operating the aerobridge, which is actually supposed to be done by the staffs from
the operation department. I believe that by hiring more mechanical technician the
process and work at the airport especially on the mechanical part will be more
systematic and can be effectively done.
There are also a lot of tools, equipment and machines at the airport such as the
air- conditioning system, fire fighters vehicles, civil vehicles, aerobridge, generators
and much more. All these equipment are under the supervision of the mechanical
department and there is lack of mechanical staffs at the airport.

Therefore, the management of the airport must hire more staffs for the
mechanical department because 3 mechanical staffs are not adequate to complete all
the works that are under their responsibility.
Last but not least, for a more effective work at the mechanical department,
management of the airport should also provide a more spacious office for the
mechanical staffs. This is due to the small size of the current office and all
engineering department are actually under one office.

After undergoing 10 weeks of industrial training at Sultan Abdul Halim
Airport (LTSAH), Alor Setar, I have gained a lot of knowledge, information and
experience that I will not ever forget. Through this industrial training, I have been
exposed by the real life job situation where I can build up my discipline as a staff and
learn to respect the older.
At the Sultan Abdul Halim Airport, Alor Setar, I had been given numerously of
opportunity to joined and at the same time learn how the activities that conducted by
the supervisors are done. This gives me an opportunity to connect and apply the
theories and practical that I have learned in the classes before. More than that, I have
learned to cooperate with other members to works as a team to solve and overcome
the problem that coming ahead. The bonding of harmonization between others
member create a simple and an enjoyable working environment.
The industrial training that proposed by faculty and the university is an
opportunity to make the students to learning, understanding, organizing and to be
discipline. The experience and knowledge gained through this industrial training can
be applied in our daily life. Lastly, through this report and all the experienced I had
gained, it will be my important asset for my carrier and made me a better student in all