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Proposal for Project Sponsorship

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Date September 1st, 2009

Project Name Green –Sustainable Business Incubator for Southern California
Primary Contact Name Amit Jain
Address 8655 Belford Ave., 249 Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone Number 3109010709 Alternate Phone Number Fax Number 3108079270
E-mail Website
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Proposal for Project Sponsorship

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to support, incubate, mentor and transition clean technologies, renewable
energies, green businesses, sustainable enterprises, products and services for Southern
California in order to foster green economic development.
 Clean Tech/Green Business Incubator
 Additional Programs that support the Community through Education, Commerce,
and a Sustainable Environment
 Resource for students, professionals, businesses and, and the broader
Needs Statement:
Besides Sustainable Business and Clean Technology being a necessity for the future of
humankind on the planet Earth, it is future of the American Economy. Many of our
smartest and most powerful leaders have already stepped forward to help spurn the Green

Stimulate the local economy with clean technology/green business growth.

• Incubate 4 startup/small businesses within the first 12 months.
• Incubate 10 startup/small businesses within 24 months.
• 1 Tradeshow by 2011

Some potential programs with GSBISC will

CleanTech Forum, Venture Forum, and
Investment Summit
Entrepreneur Roundtable, Golf Networking and
Speaker Panels
Green and Sustainability Programs for
certification and academic instruction
Business ventures that would qualify for incubator:

Market to the general public in the idea that entrepreneurs, small businesses inventors
and innovators will step forward:
o Local Universities – Entrepreneurship Departments
o Sponsorship and Advertising at various Green – Eco-friendly Events
o Chamber of Commerce for different commercial centers
o California’s Green Workforce Coalition
o Local Municipalities – Political Figures
o Local Corporate Sponsorship
o Sustainable Business Council

Incubator Application Process

• Application received online through incubator website
• In-person interview with candidate
• Decision given along with report from Incubator committee on recommendations.
Decisions based upon:
– Fit within incubator preferences
– Founding team strength , track record, commitment to venture and
– Strength of business and revenue model and ability to create jobs within
– A unique application or service in terms of business concept
• Grants available through agencies such as Air Quality Management Department and
Department of Energy

GSBISC will accept applications from entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers,

non-profits, etc. In addition, GSBISC will advertise available technologies
through organizations such as JPL, Exxon, Chevron, Boeing and CalTech for

Phase 1: Initial Preparation

• Assign Mentor to Entreprenuer
• Prepare business for proof of concept
• Prepare for Angel Investor presentation
• Streamline business, financial, and operational plans and models
• Build corporate identity which includes logos, websites, and other
collateral as deemed required
• Prepare for Angel/VC Investment
• Legal Incorporation of business in the State of California
• Define funding amount required for Stage 2 and Stage 3
• Duration 2-4 months

Phase 2: Proof of Concept

• Develop Proof of Concept of business
– Develop Technology or Service
– Develop Staffing Plan
– Implement Business Plan
– Implement Marketing Plan
• Seek Intellectual Property Protection, if any
• Define mass production and distribution requirements, if any
• Develop relationships with vendors, suppliers and distributors
• Prepare for VC Funding and presentations
• Duration: 6 – 12 months
Phase 3: Commercialization
• Market business
• Seek customers and long-term contracts
• Streamline business, revenue and operational models
• Implement staffing plan
• Develop support services
• Have incubee mentor other businesses within incubator
• Duration: 12 – 15 months

November/December 2009
• Build Website
• Develop Marketing Collateral
• Find Office Space and set up Office
• Recruit Interns
• Hire Employees
• First approach for Grants, Funds, Donations
• Hold Board of Directors Meeting
• Launch Marketing Efforts
• Start Planning Events at Local Universities
• Evaluate Efforts of first quarter

Geographic and Demographic Community Served:

Southern California Region
o Los Angeles County
o Orange County
o San Bernardino County
o Riverside County
Target Population
• Entrepreneurs
• Inventors/Innovators
• Students
• Green Small -Business Owners
• Green Manufacturers
• Job Seekers
• Consumers

Needs of the Target Population:

Economic Recession has led to a record-high national unemployment rate 9.7% in June of
2009. California is also at a record high of 11.6%. The best way to get people spending
again is to create good jobs at good wages. Over the past 15 years, small businesses
created over 93% of all net new jobs. That is almost 22 million new jobs. In fact, during
the first four years of this century, large businesses have already shed over 3.6 million
jobs. Today, small businesses make up 99.7% of all employer firms. The best engine for
job growth and the economy continues to be small business.
 American Recovery & Reinvestment Act
 Extends production tax credits for renewables projects
 Small Business Innovation Research funding pool through EPA and NSF
 Green-Collar job growth: 5 million new jobs in next 10 years

Recognition of the importance of and investment in clean technologies is now viewed as a

solution to combating climate change and stimulating our economy.

 Global leader in environmental awareness and action
 36% of all Venture Capital for clean energy technology comes to California
 Aggressive goals for 2020 in building, purchasing, energy, transportation,
public utilities and other sectors
 Rebates and incentives for consumers and business to invest in eco-friendly
green and clean tech
 Explosive job growth predicted for CA over next 10 years

Los Angeles
 City is investing $10 billion over next 10 years to establish LA as the national
center for Clean Tech research and development
 Progressive policies and initiatives encourage “green” businesses

Other Organizations addressing something similar:

Business Technology Altadena Focused on HighTek firms through
Center business management services
CALSTART Project Pasadena Focused on High-tech clean
Hatchery, Pasadena transportation.
idealab! Pasadena For profit think-tank.
AccelTech & NASA Pomona Technology-based incubator for R&D.
Redondo Beach Redondo Technology incubator in the South Bay.
Information Beach
Technology Center
UCLA Venture Westwoo Geared towards
Development Program d UCLA students to provide strategy and
business plan development for scientists
and engineers. Los Very similar to GSBISC

Benefits within 2 years:

Within 2 years, GSBISC will have successfully incubated 4 businesses that will be ready for
capital investment. These businesses will in estimation at the very least create 25 jobs for
the local economy. Based on investment from outside firms there will also create jobs for
vendors, and organizations within their supply chains. The incubator will create
awareness for sustainable living practices and promote clean energy and sustainable
consumer products challenging the current, destructive paradigm. The incubator itself will
be a model for a sustainable office setup. GSBISC will be a knowledge-hub for the green
economy in Southern California.

Work leading up to project:

• Approached CSU-Dominguez Hills, CSU- Channel Islands, and Loyola
Marymount University for incubator concept
o Budget constraints and current economic conditions combined
with the bureaucratic process stopped talks.
• Extensive research of Green Business and Clean Technology
o Reports Available on request
• Member of California’s Green Workforce Coalition
o Direct connection to employers and leaders of LA’s green
o Potential for political involvement and corporate sponsorship
(SoCal Edison)
• Have networked at all Green Professional events in Southern California
o Have a strong network of leaders at various organizations
o Have met over 10 entrepreneurs that can potentially be
• LEED Accredited Professional (Amit Jain)

Amit has been a business developer at various companies including start-ups and small to
mid-sized organizations. He has also been a key contributor in the corporate environment
being an 'intrapreneur,' applying the same entrepreneurial concepts to make a significant
impact. Amit's experience includes Sales and Marketing Management, Marketing
Strategy, Business Development, Business Planning, and Project Management. He has
worked as a project manager and a supervisor in a variety of capacities turning limited
resources into the utmost results. Amit has managed up to 60 employees and has raised
up $1 million for start-up companies as well as consulted with CEOs of companies with
revenues above $5 million. Amit completed his undergraduate studies at Loyola
Marymount University in Information Systems & Management. He also completed his MBA
from Loyola Marymount University with a double emphasis in Entrepreneurial
Organizations and Marketing Management. He was recognized in 2005 Graduate Student
of the Year.

In his professional career, Amit, had the chance to volunteer for a non-profit organization.
His leadership and abilities made a huge impact as he rose become the Co-Chair (2007-
08) of Young Jains of America. After his 2 ½ years of service, he now is an advisor to the
current national executive committee.

Amit is 100% committed to a sustainable future through green living, green business, and
clean technologies. He has attained is LEED accreditation in New Construction. He is
member of California's Green Workforce Coalition as well as many other NGOs that
support sustainable initiatives.

Decision-makers see the value in his skillset and the intangibles he brings to the table
and are pleased with his commitment to just getting things done the right way.

Key Relationships:
Robert Mejia - Employment Services Manager at South Bay Workforce Investment Board
(Founder of California’s Green Workforce Coalition. Robert is very passionate about a green
economy. He has been a valuable friend because of his connections to across every sector of
industry being involved in the WIB. He started the CGWC and has brought together industry
leaders who are focused on job growth in Southern California. Through Robert and his
organizations there is access to potential corporate sponsorships, political endorsements,
community colleges support, and knowledge of upcoming legislation from government
organizations. Amit Jain is a signature member and has already discussed the incubator with
several members of the coalition to get them involved in various ways. Incubees can attend
meetings and showcase their businesses in addition to reach out to fill positions.

Nathan Joyner - Experienced Cleantech & Technology Investment Banker. Nathan has access
to Clean Technology Investors and his firm is focused on clean tech deals. Nathan will be a
good person to evaluate projects coming through the incubator and also put invest in firms.

Andy Funk - Socially and Environmentally Focused Venture Capitalist. Andy believes that
businesses have the ability to make significant contributions to people, society and the
environment. As an accomplished entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, Andy embodies the
Funk Ventures philosophy by expertly combining his passion for business and investing with
an altruistic vision to impact the world for good – the firm focuses exclusively on socially and
environmentally responsible companies. Funk Ventures is a great place to for deals for
incubator graduates. Also, Funk Ventures might be able to sponsor or donate to GSBISC.

The Indus Entrepreneurs - The TiE ecosystem comprises 11,000 members and 2,500 charter
members, who are the top entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, lawyers and management
professionals in their chosen field. This organization is a great place to find great ideas for
businesses and technologies. There is a Los Angeles Chapter where Amit is a member of.
This organization is set up to bring entrepreneurs with investors. GSBISC can work as
intermediary with businesses that have proven concepts by going through the incubation.
This is the perfect place for incubees to network at.

Similar organizations to TIE that Amit is a member of or has access to:

L.A. Bankers Private organization formed for the purpose of bringing together L.A.'s finance
community for a continuing series of cocktail events
Los Angeles Providing forums where entrepreneurs and executives of middle-market companies
Venture actively meet and learn from fellow executives, investors, bankers, financial advisors
Association and other providers of professional services.
Southern Increase the entrepreneurial velocity of both start-up and emerging growth
California companies by encouraging entrepreneurs to take advantage of our network of
Venture skilled professionals, high-level business contacts, and on occasion funding
Network sources to help navigate the many road blocks that often prevent early stage
and late stage entrepreneurial companies from reaching their full potential in a
timely manner.
DealMaker – Dealmaker Media operates at the intersection of business, technology, venture
LA capital, and the future.We are a network of innovators from early-stage startups
with an eye for disruption, to some of the most influential companies in the
world. Our conferences, roundtables, blogs, and research are designed to inter-
connect CEOs, technology and entertainment executives, investors, analysts and

Networking Communities for Southern California Green Professionals – place where green
entrepreneurs can be found:

Green Green Business Networking was formed in 2005 when a small group of business
Business leaders began meeting informally to discuss ways to work together to advance
Networking green, sustainability and wellness ideas and businesses.
Eco Tuesday Featuring opportunities for sustainable business leaders to network and learn
about current issues from an innovative speaker and from one another. During the
introduction circle, all participants share one sentence about their business and a
passion or interest around sustainability.
LA Green Green Drinks allows for anyone concerned about environmental issues to get
Drinks together over a drink. West Side 1st, South Bay 2nd, Hollywood/Silverlake 3rd,
Valley 4th - Thursday. Downtown 4th Wednesday. Green Drinks events are very
simple, informal, unstructured, and self organizing but help connect the green
network. Let's bring together the huge LA environmental community and have fun
doing it! Subscribe to the LA Green Drinks email by clicking the Sign Up link, below

Advisory Board:
Advis Expertise Future Contribution Email Phone Status
or to GSBISC
Eric Intellectual Property Law Intellectual Property etanezaki@st 949- Plan to
Tanez Partner at Stetina Brunda Garred consultations/office 855- Approach for
aki & Brucker hours with Incubees 1246 Board
David Director of Business Provide Green Expertise davidl@global 310- Given his
Lasky Development : Green and 259- acceptance
Alternative Technologies at 8869
Global Marketing Partners, Inc.
Toni Managing Partner at Paradigm Mentor Incubees, provide tonidasgupta 213- Plan to
Dasgu Select Assets additional contacts and 785- Approach for
pta create enroads into UCLA 7620 Board
Megha VP, Global Strategy and Finance, Mentor Incubees, assist meghakadaki 917- Plan to
Kadaki Creative Visions with Incubator financial 318- Approach for
a Foundation at Creative Visions planning 0680 Board
David Entrepreneurial Executive and Mentor Incubees and dchoi@lmu.ed 310- Plan to
Choi Advisor to Entrepreneurial Firms; provide expertise as a u 338234 Approach for
Associate Professor at Loyola proven successful 4 Board
Marymount University entrepreneur and
Omar Integration Mentor incubees and oaziz1@yahoo 646- Plan to
Aziz Manager at Integration and Risk help with strategy for .com 209- Approach for
Management overall Incubator 8961 Board
Operations and
Tony UCLA ME Ph.D Candidate, Clean Technology and apereira@ucla 310- Plan to
Pereir Sustainability Advisor Systems Engineering .edu 206- Approach for
a Advisor 8157 Board

Expectations from Community Partners:

GSBISC is expecting Community Partners to help with the trials and tribulations of starting
a non-profit from the ground level:
• Assist with drafting Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and selection of Board of
• Assist with Site Selection
• Help publicize GSBISC Activities
• Give access to Community Partners network of grantmakers, individual donors, and
small businesses willing to sponsor or donate
• Advise on best practices and streamlined operations
• One-on-One Consultations
• Financial and Administrative Support
• Supporting and Adapting Sustainable Policies for Community Partners
Working with community partners will benefit GSBISC in several ways. Not only will
GSBISC save time and effort by using the Community Partners method in setting up a
nonprofit, but having access to Community Partners network will help stabilize GSBISC in
its nascent stages. Financially, the odds of success rise tremendously just being involved
with Community Partners.