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Daily Maintenance:

The following items have to be checked every day in the shift

1. Checking of Oil level in conservator and bushings and examining for leaks
2. Checking for unusual internal noises
3. Checking relief diaphragm for cracks
These items have to be attend by staff on shift duties and has to be recorded in
daily log books of Sub-station. No columns are provided for these items in this
Monthly Maintenance:
1. Cleaning of bushings and checking for any cracks
2. Checking the color of silica gel in the breather and replacement or
reconditioning if necessary.
3. Inspection and cleaning of breather
4. Ensuring that oil comes out when air release valve is opened
5. Checking the oil level in the inspection glass of buchholz relay
Quarterly Maintenance:
1. Measuring insulation resistance of windings with 2.5kV Megger
2. Checking up of temperature alarms and buchholz alarms for correct
3. Testing of Oil for the dielectric strength above 1000kVA (Tank and Tap
4. Checking buchholz relay for any gas collection and testing the gas collected
by passing through nitrate solution.
5. Checking transformer ground connections for tightness.
Half Yearly Maintenance:
1. Testing of oil for the Dielectric Strength (Tank)
2. Checking up gap settings of the bushings on the transformer of 66kV and
Yearly Maintenance:
1. Calibration of temperature indicators
2. Testing of oil acidity (Tank, conservator, Tap changer)
3. Checking operation of buchholz relay by air injuction
4. Overhaul of tap changer
5. Tan Delta Test should be conducted
6. DC winding resistance should be measured
Filtering and replacement of Oil:
1. Tank and conservator: Filtering or replacement of oil when ever dielectric
strength is unsatisfactory or acidity is beyond permissible limits.
2. Tap changer: Filtering or replacement of oil after every one thousand
operations of tap changer or whenever dielectric strength is satisfactory or
when acidity is beyond permissible limits.
Major Overhaul:

The over haul of power transformers has to be conducted as per the periodicity
shown below
1. 3000kVA Capacity and below 7 years
2. Above 3000kVA Capacity -10 years