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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements
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Bachelor of Business Administration

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi


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Nurturing Excellence

Institute of Information Technology & Management,
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Batch (2013-2016)

3. Signature of the 3. (Name & Roll No) certify that the IT Application Project Report (BBA-313) entitled “________________________________” is done by us and it is an authentic work carried out by us at ___________________________. (Name & Roll No) and 4. 1. The matter embodied in this project work has not been submitted earlier for the award of any degree or diploma to the best of our knowledge and belief. Signature of the Date: Certified that the Project Report (BBA-313) entitled “__________________________” done by the above students is completed under my guidance. Signature of the Student Student 4. Signature of the Student Student 2.Online Bakery Annexure-II Certificate We. Signature of the Guide Date: Name of the Guide: Designation: Countersigned Director Page | 2 . 2. 1. (Name & Roll No). (Name & Roll No).

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college name) . Last but not the least. I want to express my thanks to my parents and family members for their support at every step of life./Ms. Thanks are extended especially to my guide <Mr.Online Bakery ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to thank people who were part of this work in numerous ways. I wish to thank <Mr. Student Name <Signature> Page | 4 . my project guides for their suggestions and improvements in this project and providing continuous guidance at each and every stage of the project.X>(External Guide Information). I must also be thankful to my classmates and friends for their continuous co-operations and help in completing this project. In particular. X> (Designation./Ms.I also thank Director Name for his valuable support.

baked apples. pies. Such items are sometimes referred to as "baked goods. which made bread-making easier. as it could now be made anytime fire was created. The baking process does not require any fat to be used to cook in an oven. heating mainly by radiation. cookies. Many commercial ovens are provided with two heating elements: one for baking. biscuits and crackers. cakes. baked beans." and are sold at a bakery. this paste was roasted on hot embers. and various other foods. It is primarily used for the preparation of bread. soaked them in water. using convection and conduction to heat the food. and one for broiling or grilling. pastries. resulting in a bread-like substance. Some makers of snacks such as potato chips or crisps have produced baked versions of their snack items as an alternative to the usual cooking method of deep-frying in an attempt to reduce the calorie or fat content of their snack products. A person who prepares baked goods as a profession is called a baker. It is also used for the preparation of baked potatoes. Baker putting bread into an oven with a peel. The paste was cooked by pouring it onto a flat. normally in an oven. but also in hot ashes. the first evidence of baking occurred when humans took wild grass grains.Online Bakery Introduction Bakery is the technique of prolonged cooking of food by dry heat acting by convection. mashing it into a kind of broth-like paste. In ancient history. Later. and mixed everything together. 1568 Page | 5 . or on hot stones. hot rock.

and varied patterns. and Romans loved festivity and celebration. Bakers often baked goods at home and then sold them in the streets. In Paris. This became a respected profession because pastries were considered decadent. and had mills to grind grain into flour.Online Bakery Baking flourished in the Roman Empire. pastry chefs sold their goods from handcarts. and any pastry cook who could invent new types of tasty treats was highly prized. the pastry cook became an occupation for Romans. the first open-air café of baked goods was developed. and baking became an established art throughout the entire world. In London. A great selection of bakery products like breads and pastries. Thus. were often found at banquets and dining halls. the art of baking became known throughout Europe. with many different variations. This developed into a system of delivery of baked goods to households. Around 1 AD.. pastries were often cooked especially for large banquets. and flourished because of those foods. and eventually spread to the eastern parts of Asia. and wrote about how they created all sorts of diverse foods. In about 300 BC. different ingredients. Eventually. thus leading to the successful birth of bakeries and baked products. and demand increased greatly as a result. The Romans baked bread in an oven with its own chimney. there were more than three hundred pastry chefs in Rome. because of Rome. Page | 6 .

When the request is made. Sometimes the real origin is an outside source. the preliminary investigation.Online Bakery Chapter-1: Problem Definition Information systems projects’ originate from many reasons: to achieve greater speed in processing data. better accuracy and improved consistency. faster information retrieval. feasibility study and request approval Existing System: The existing system was an automated system. begins. the first systems activity. Drawbacks in the existing systems: Disadvantage of the existing system: Time Consuming Expensive Needed an agent We have to out for that. The sources also vary project proposals originate with department managers. The activity has three parts: request clarification. reduced cost and better security. integration of business areas. But it was found to be inefficient in meeting the growing demands of population. such as a government agency which stipulates systems requirements the organization must meet. senior executives and systems analysis. Page | 7 .

experience. and technical expertise in computer field but it will be of good use if the user has the good knowledge of how to operate a computer. Page | 8 .Online Bakery Chapter-2: System Analysis & Design Features and Benefits  Providing security  Low cost  Basic computer knowledge required  Configurable and extensible application UI design  He proposed system can be used even by the naïve users and it does not require any educational level.

and to whom you intend to sell a service or product. Feasibility studies address things like where and how the business will operate. detailed information about your business structure. They provide indepth details about the business to determine if and how it can succeed.  Organizational Feasibility: Defines the legal and corporate structure of the business (may also include professional background information about the founders and what skills they can Page | 9 . returns on investment. etc. sources of capital. The Components of a Feasibility Report  Description of the Business: The product or services to be offered and how they will be delivered. transportation. competition. etc. the resources you need to make the business run efficiently. You also need to assess your competition and figure out how much money you need to start your business and keep it running until it is established. the market and help you to know the logistics of how you will actually deliver a product or service. Why Are Feasibility Reports so Important? Feasibility reports contain comprehensive. labour. etc..). materials. technology needed. as well as other information about the business.  Financial Feasibility: Projects how much start-up capital is needed. anticipated future market potential. where.  Market Feasibility: Includes a description of the industry.Online Bakery FEASIBILITY STUDY A feasibility report looks at the viability of an idea with an emphasis on identifying potential problems and attempts to answer one main question: Will the idea work and should you proceed with it? Before you begin writing your business plan you need to identify how.  Technical Feasibility: Details how you will deliver a product or service (i. your products and services. sales projections. and serve as a valuable tool for developing a winning business plan. potential buyers. current market. where your business will be located.e.

Be honest in your assessment because investors won’t just look at your conclusions they will also look at the data and will question your conclusions if they are unrealistic. focused study. schedule)? Financial Feasibility:  Is the project possible. given resource constraints?  Are the benefits that will accrue from the new system worth the costs?  What are the savings that will result from the system.e. which aims to answer a number of questions:  Does the system contribute to the overall objectives of the organizations?  Can the system be implemented using current technology and within given cost and schedule constrains?  Can the system be integrated with systems which are already in place? Technical Feasibility:  Is the project feasibility within the limits of current technology?  Does the technology exist at all?  Is it available within given resource constraints (i.. Page | 10 .Online Bakery contribute to the business). budget.  Conclusions: Discusses how the business can succeed. Feasibility study  A feasibility study is a short. including tangible and intangible ones?  What are the development and operational costs? Operational Feasibility: Define the urgency of the problem and the acceptability of any solution. if the system is developed.

Operational Feasibility If the system meets the requirements of the customers and the administrator we can say that the system is operationally feasible. including social acceptability.  As far as the hardware and software is concerned. technical guarantees of accuracy.Online Bakery will it be used? Includes people-oriented and social issues: internal issues. such as manpower problems. and there is sufficient support from the users Page | 11 . ease of access.  The proposed system being modular to the administrator. aspects of future expansion. reliability. also external issues.  The proposed system is capable of holding data to be used. Hence. In preliminary investigation feasibility study has three aspects. legal aspects and government regulations. labor objections.  Technology exists to develop a system. we can say that the proposed system is technically feasible.  The proposed system is capable of providing adequate response and regardless of the number of users.  Technical Feasibility  Operational Feasibility  Economical Feasibility Technical Feasibility Technical issues involved are the necessary technology existence. The proposed system will be beneficial only if it can be turned into a system which will meet the requirements of the store when it is developed and installed.. organizational conflicts and policies. if he/she wants can add more features in the future and as well as be able to expand the system. manager resistance. data security. the proposed system is completely liable with proper backup and security.

Easy and cheap maintenance of the system possible.  The proposed system will be available to the customers throughout the globe.Online Bakery The proposed system will improve the total performance.  Customers here are the most important part of the system and the proposed system will provide them with a convenient mode of operation for them.  The proposed system will provide a better market for different dealers. Hence.     The cost of hardware and software is affordable. Page | 12 . the proposed system is economically feasible. High increase in the amount of profit earned by going global. the proposed system is operationally feasible. Economical Feasibility Economic Feasibility is the most frequently used method for evaluating the effectiveness of the proposed system if the benefits of the proposed system outweigh the cost then the decision is made to design and implement the system. Very cheap price for going global.  Hence.

Page | 13 .  The proposed system gives information about the delivery and present status of their orders.  Security is provided wherever necessary.  Management of data is easy.  The proposed system allows easy promotion of the site through emails and newsletters.  The proposed system provides a unique platform for different silk vendors to interact using the same platform.Online Bakery FEATURES OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEM  The proposed system is flexible both for the administrators and the customers visiting the website.

Online Bakery SWOT ANALYSIS T S O W t p h e rp a o e k n r a n g t e ts u h n s ise ts i e s Page | 14 .

Weaknesses  Bakery products are perishable items hence need to be sold as soon as possible to gain maximum benefit. Environmental factors internal to the firm usually can be classified as strengths (S) or weaknesses (W). The firm also gives a little more commission to its distributors to encourage dealership. But the far location of the factory can increase the time between baking and actual selling. The labor required does not need any specific qualification & skill and hence can be made easily available.  We are not introducing our own outlets but are selling through tie-ups across the city. Our sales are through tie-ups with grocery stores and supermarkets across Karachi.Online Bakery SWOT ANALYSIS A scan of the internal and external environment is an important part of the strategic planning process.  Our bakery has introduced few bakery items from the possible product lines. This delays our brand establishment time. This limited menu can be seen as a weakness. We are not making cakes. The SWOT Analysis of our firm is Strengths   The prices of our products are very reasonable and less than our competitors. The SWOT analysis provides information that is helpful in matching the firm's resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates. it is instrumental in strategy formulation and selection. chocolates and other various products. Such an analysis of the strategic environment is referred to as a SWOT analysis. The customers also prefer fresh products. This   gives us a wide consumer base and a chance to serve different levels of customers. New and different varieties of products have been introduced which shall give us the benefit  of product differentiation. Page | 15 . pastries. As such. and those external to the firm can be classified as opportunities (O) or threats (T).

Online Bakery Opportunities  Expansion of the product line in the future with the introduction of biscuits and cakes and pastries. tomato-spinach bread and white-coriander bread. Continental Bakery. Disco Bakery etc. Page | 16 . Sajjad Bakery. Threats  Severe competition in the industry with well-established players like United King.  Scope for expansion with the establishment of our own outlets and bakery cafés  Growing concern for health and multigrain food products shall become a reason for increase of our sales of food items such as brown breads.

Online Bakery Design Page | 17 .

It has been said that practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge. While making the project we learnt how to communicate or deal with people and how to maintain contacts with them. Page | 18 . We saw all the marketing factors and were able to understand more about it because of seeing them practically. By conducting an extensive research on all the aspects of establishing a bakery. First of all we are thankful to our teacher who gave us such a wonderful opportunity to learn about the practical aspects of knowledge.Online Bakery CONCLUSION We would finally like to conclude the project with a great feeling of having gained enormous knowledge about bakery industry. we conclude that the project is feasible as per capital budgeting techniques.

org www.Online Bakery REFERENCES Page | 19 .