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A Man says: Women is affection with no reason, it is a hand that go through your head,
it's a look from afar and close, it's hair in the wind, it's piece of heaven, is lifeline on the
palm of the hand at theVenus Mount.
Clouds that come and go are women in a man's life.
Woman says: Already, clever you ... then why men are determined to delude ourselves? If
we are a passenger clouds, as you say, to leave us in peace.! !
M.: haha !!! some are even as black clouds! W.: And as storms that come and collect are
the men in the life of women.
M.: Hahaha, my black cloud became the moon that brightens my darkest night .....!
W.: In reverse can happen too ! - or! -Thunderclouds, cotton clouds, beautiful clouds,
clouds unimaginable ...
W.: All good, that's the beauty of life, always changing .....! Must be something like one
of the last clouds of your list!
Or! jajajajaa, how the past? Jajajajajaaaa M.: Cotton cloud, wonderful cloud, cloud
unimaginable ... "haha! - So yes ... I won the sky. Cotton circus, sweet, colors and in the
end ... I am thirsty!
W.: And man is the stick of cotton candy that is. If you you say, ujummmmm.
M.: "the quemao stick"
W.: marshmallow? Since when do not taste marshmallow? Of truth
M.: I mean, I think that sounds the same as putting, instead of marshmallow, - "woman"
The phrase would be great.
W.: Since when you do not taste "woman ", In truth ?"
M.: I want!
W.: As the sun must be the man to the woman. How things have to turn to your
likeness? Well, the metaphor is valid, or it is an analogy?
M.: But return to my question, really marshmallow, dulcsimaaa, soft, with his stick ...
M.: stroll clouds of cotton, a poet would say. It is both: metaphor because it transports
us into a world of encounter between two supplements - women and men - and it is simile
because it can pass and happend in reality, not only in the world of fantasy and fiction.
W.: That is my master ..."
M.: Real "marshmallow" only deserve the winners and winners try to say that I am a
"loser" - a loser, when in truth I really am a "illouser" and a "dreamer" - a dreamer
Marshmallow "the truth.
W.: Did you see that I put LIKE t be next to you?
M.: Male / female, female to male and male hiding in the feminine. There are two things
that come along," but are called differently Each is a mystery within the mystery.
Another mystery there, in the dark, is the wonderful door "- says the book of "Tao Te
Ching "- Chapter One

W.: I was just enjoying your peculiar way of detail, with that of marshmallow real
because I did just that by providing your dimension, but did just like one of yours, or
rather, do you know one of yours. And thanks for the room next to me.
M.: One day I will write a book with this title: "What is" woman "? What's more, I'll put
myself at work and write it.
W.: Grateful for detail, made me blush as the recent moon.
M.: not so bad, nor male commentary, we as men took forever to get to be men, our
maturation requires a lot of effort, perhaps because we are more stupid, slower and later
mature than women, not all become a sun!
Lets see this:
Pi Bella Cosa - Eros Ramazzotti lyrics!
ficcom' cominciata io non saprei with you the infinite storia che sei mia lei diventata tutta
a per vita di ci vuole passione me with you and one briciolo pazzia ci di lavoro di pensiero
vuole perci ricordi fantasy volta che fu sudden one you cantai brivido doctor yes you
one thing worth ancora per sai me cos ci vuole passione with non deve you mancare mai
se non ci vuole mestiere perch
cuore di lavoro him sing sai mai d'amore non basta di pi ne serve per dirti per dirtelo
ancora pi che bella cosa pi non c' beautiful thing gave you only when they come sei
immensa vuoi grazie di esistere ... com' che non passa con gli anni miei infinite voglia gave
you cos' quel che sei ancora qui che porto mistero within me Saranno di che ho i momenti
quegli Attimi parole che mi dai Saranno lavoro di voce per lo sai sing d'amore non basta
ne mai pi di serve per dirtelo per che ancora pi bella dirti non c' thing pi bella di te
only thing immensa when they come sei vuoi grazie di esistere ...
English translation:
I do not know how it started the never ending story you've become in it a lifetime for me
passion with you and a little madness is needed thinking is needed, therefore, you fiction
remember the time you sang was a thrill immediate, yeah I'll tell you one thing, if you
know for me it is still so. . . Passion with you should never fail should be developed as it
takes heart work needed, you can sing of love it is never enough to provide work for more
to say again to say that the most beautiful thing there is the most beautiful thing you only
as you are when you want something immense thanks for exist ... How is that not going
through my years of endless desire? What is the mystery that I've been here six still inside
me moments will be those moments that give me words, but they will voice work, you
know? sing of love is never enough work to give back more to say to say that the most
beautiful thing there is the most beautiful one you like you is immense, at any time Thank
you for existing.
Is there perhaps a better love song ?!