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AQWA & ASAS Product

Updates for ANSYS 13.0

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• AQWA & ASAS Overview
– Products and Applications Areas
– Product Roadmap
• Release 13.0 Update
• Outlook

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AQWA & ASAS Overview
- Main Application Areas
Images courtesy of Arup, Moss Maritime AS, Technip Offshore Finland and REpower Systems AG

• Offshore Structures
– Fixed
• Steel Jackets
• Concrete
– Compliant
• Jack-ups
– Floating

Tension Leg Platforms

– Risers
– Offshore Wind Turbines

• Harbours
• Ships
– Design
– Offloading
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Inc. 4 ANSYS. All rights reserved. Inc.How they fit with ANSYS portfolio General Products: • Design Modeler • ANSYS Mechanical • CFX/FLUENT Vertical Applications: • AQWA • ASAS © 2010 ANSYS. Proprietary .Offshore Products .

Proprietary .Offshore Products . Inc. 5 ANSYS.AQWA • Comprehensive Hydrodynamic capabilities – Diffraction/Radiation including Morison elements – Frequency Domain analysis – Stability including mooring lines – Time domain with irregular waves – Time domain with non-linear survival waves – Coupled Cable Dynamics – Multiple hydrodynamic interaction and articulations (up to 50 structures) – Transfer of motions and Pressures to ASAS & ANSYS FE models © 2010 ANSYS. Inc. All rights reserved.

Courtesy of Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam Shielding 6 ANSYS.AQWA . Inc.Typical Applications • Some example applications Jacket Launch Courtesy of Gusto MSC FPSO & TLP Concept Offloading Operation Courtesy of SBM Vessel Loading Transfer from AQWA to Mechanical Development and Validation of Octabuoy Concept Courtesy of Moss Maritime AS © 2010 ANSYS. Inc. Proprietary . All rights reserved.

ASAS • FE based offshore structural analysis suite – Mainly used in “global” design analysis – Unique post-analysis assessment tools specific to offshore requirements • Some key features – Coupled wave-structure interaction with regular/irregular waves – Coupled hydro-elastic analysis for tubular framed structures – Wave loading and added mass for jackets and similar structures – Spectral and deterministic fatigue of jackets – Toolkit to facilitate user software integration © 2010 ANSYS.Offshore Products . Proprietary . Inc. All rights reserved. Inc. 7 ANSYS.

8 ANSYS.Typical Applications • Some example applications Offshore Wind Turbines Courtesy of Fraunhofer CWMT Jacket Structures Tidal Turbine Structure Transportation of Spar Truss on Heavy Lift Vessel Courtesy of Technip Offshore Finland Courtesy of REpower Systems AG © 2010 ANSYS. All rights reserved. Inc. Proprietary .ASAS . Inc.

9 ANSYS. Proprietary . Inc. solvers) © 2010 ANSYS. meshing.Product Roadmap .AQWA • Migration of AQWA to Workbench – AQWA unique in ANSYS – Provides parameterization and interfacing/coupling with other tools/products (geometry. All rights reserved. Inc.

10 ANSYS. All rights reserved. this covers load case combinations and code checking • Additional Products – Separate Code Checking and Fatigue Products © 2010 ANSYS. Proprietary .ASAS • Transfer of ASAS unique solver technology to ANSYS Structural Mechanics products – Never any long term scope for developing/supporting multiple FE products – Recognition of ASAS key features • Creation of a Design Assessment system to handle post-processing of analysis results – For offshore. Inc.Product Roadmap . Inc.

Inc.Feature Summary • AQWA – AQWA in Workbench – AQWA Core Developments • ASAS to Mechanical – Beam Modeling – Wave theories – Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction • Design Assessment – New Design Assessment system in Mechanical – Additional code checking products © 2010 ANSYS.Offshore Products at R13 . Proprietary . All rights reserved. 11 ANSYS. Inc.

Proprietary .AQWA in Workbench . 12 ANSYS.Hydrodynamic Diffraction System © 2010 ANSYS. Inc. All rights reserved. Inc.

Inc.Hydrodynamic Diffraction System • Initial implementation at 12. Proprietary . All rights reserved.AQWA in Workbench . Inc.1 Extended to cover most of AQWA Diffraction product – AQWA LINE now fully reproduced in the HD system (including recent core enhancement enabling mooring line representation) – New QTF and SF/BM Graphs – AQWA WAVE capabilities to transfer pressures etc to Mechanical not implemented in WB – but the capability does exist and is documented © 2010 ANSYS. 13 ANSYS.

Proprietary . Inc. Inc.Hydrodynamic Time Response System • New Hydrodynamic Time Response Analysis System – Time history analysis of bodies. 14 ANSYS. All rights reserved.AQWA in Workbench . subject to environmental forces including mooring lines © 2010 ANSYS.

Wave and Current – Additional Structure Force Time History – Cable Winching and Failures – Input of catenary mooring lines – Realistic viewing of mooring lines – Graphing of various results • Displacement. Inc.AQWA in Workbench . velocity.Hydrodynamic Time Response System • Input for the following completed: – Cable connections for rigid body motion. Inc. All rights reserved. acceleration © 2010 ANSYS. Proprietary . 15 ANSYS. wave and mooring line analysis under various ocean environments – Ocean Environment Definition for Wind.

Hydrodynamic Time Response System © 2010 ANSYS. 16 ANSYS. Inc.AQWA in Workbench . Inc. Proprietary . All rights reserved.

Uses polynomial definition of tension v extension. Inc.AQWA Core Developments • Cable Dynamics – Bending stiffness allows modeling of rigid and flexible risers (previously only rigid risers could be modeled using tethers) – Non-linear axial stiffness to enable more rigorous modeling of synthetic moorings. All rights reserved. Proprietary . © 2010 ANSYS. 17 ANSYS. Inc.

All rights reserved. Inc. Proprietary . 18 ANSYS. Inc.AQWA Core Developments • User-defined stiffness matrix connecting separate ships – This enables mooring system to be included in diffraction/radiation analysis • Response spectra available for any specified position on ship (previously limited to CoG) • Response spectra available for intermediate positions (connection points) along mooring lines • ISO wind spectrum definition added for dynamic motions analysis © 2010 ANSYS.

19 ANSYS. Inc. All rights reserved.AQWA Core Developments • AQWA Graphical Supervisor (AGS) now able to present/animate cable dynamics results from intermediate positions along mooring lines – Based on analysis results or separately defined boundary conditions © 2010 ANSYS. Inc. Proprietary .

Beams and Wave Theories • Beam Post-Processing enhancements – Shear Force and Bending Moment diagrams • Beam End-Releases • Wave Theories • Irregular waves • Shell New Wave • Constrained Wave © 2010 ANSYS. Inc. Proprietary . 20 ANSYS. Inc.ASAS to Mechanical . All rights reserved.

All rights reserved. Inc.ASAS to Mechanical . Inc.Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction • Soil/Pile Interaction Solver (SPLINTER) enhanced to work with Mechanical (via command snippets & Matrix27 elements) – PILEGEN and PILECALC macros included with the ASAS installation (capability only available via ASAS Offshore license) © 2010 ANSYS. 21 ANSYS. Proprietary .

22 ANSYS. Inc. Inc. Proprietary .Design Assessment . All rights reserved.New System in Workbench • Design Assessment System – Available with Professional NLS and above – Post-analysis assessments of FEA results – Load Case Combinations • Static Structural • Flexible Dynamics (at a specific time) © 2010 ANSYS.

Inc. Proprietary .Design Assessment .Customization • Design Assessment System – Advanced post-processing of FEA results • Targeted at user wanting to do design code assessment based on FEA models and results – Predefined scripts supplied for ANSYS supplied code checking tools – Enables the customer to define additional data that is associated with their model and then perform custom post processing • Custom definition of input data • Custom result definitions • Custom Solve & Post scripts (Python based) © 2010 ANSYS. All rights reserved. 23 ANSYS. Inc.

All rights reserved. Proprietary .Design Assessment .Assessment Types • ANSYS or User Defined – ANSYS Supplied Tools • FATJACK – Beam joint fatigue of framed structures • BEAMCHECK – Member checks on frame structures • Solution Combination only – User Defined • User can build/integrate own load case combination and code checking tool © 2010 ANSYS. 24 ANSYS. Inc. Inc.

Design Assessment . Proprietary . Inc. Inc. Setup – Option A: • Define load case combination – Option B: • Define and Assign additional “Attributes” – Required for advance postprocessing / code checking • Specify additional input required to perform the code check associated with each attribute • User defined custom results © 2010 ANSYS. All rights reserved. 25 ANSYS.Model Setup • Design Assessment.

Solution – Option A: • Perform load case combination – Option B: • External script to perform load case combinations • Carry out additional “postprocess” of results – i. Proprietary . Inc.Solution Definition • Design Assessment. All rights reserved. Inc.e. FEA results and attribute information read from Design Assessment © 2010 ANSYS. 26 ANSYS.Design Assessment . Do a code check • Model.

Design Assessment . Inc. 27 ANSYS. Results – Option A: • Display standard results from a load case combination – Option B: • Pass results from external postprocessing scripts back to display in Design Assessment © 2010 ANSYS. Proprietary . All rights reserved. Inc.Post-Processing • Design Assessment.

Inc.0 – Python scripts provided © 2010 ANSYS.Design Assessment . Inc. Proprietary . 28 FATJACK Fatigue Result Joint Unitary Check for BEAMCHECK ANSYS. All rights reserved.Additional Code Checking Products • ANSYS FATJACK – Beam joint fatigue assessment – New separate product (also remains part of ASAS Offshore) – Python scripts provided • ANSYS BEAMCHECK – Was available initially at 12.

Inc. Proprietary .Outlook • Hydrodynamics – Complete integration of AQWA in Workbench – Extended core capabilities as well as coupling with other ANSYS and 3rd party tools • Structures – Modeling and analysis with ANSYS Structural Mechanics products suited to both global structure and detailed (equipment/component) analyses – Coupling with other ANSYS and 3rd party tools – Design Assessment enabling further application of ANSYS developed code checking tools and user custom capabilities (not limited to Offshore) © 2010 ANSYS. 29 ANSYS. All rights reserved. Inc.

Inc. 30 ANSYS.ANSYS Mechanical Solutions . All rights reserved.Modeling • CAD interfacing and modeling tools – ANSYS DesignModeler – ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler • Extensive meshing capabilities CAD Import to DesignModeler Meshing Examples SpaceClaim © 2010 ANSYS. Inc. Proprietary .

Inc. User Elements) Jacket Joint Stress Analysis • Library of joints • Advanced Numerical Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Problems • Powerful Solver Capabilities – Direct. Beams.Structural Mechanics • Extensive Library of Material Models • Comprehensive Element Technology – Solids. Shells. Proprietary . Elbow.g. Iterative and Distributed Memory – “What If?” studies • Advanced Post-Processing including Reporting • Solver Customizing and Scripting (APDL) Rigid/Flexible • HPC (parallel) Body Analysis Rotor Dynamics Riser Analysis Courtesy DEI © 2010 ANSYS. Inc. All rights reserved. Gasket. Special (e.ANSYS Mechanical Solutions . 31 ANSYS. Pipe.

Wider ANSYS Capabilities . Inc. 32 ANSYS. All rights reserved. Inc. Proprietary .Offshore Wind Turbine • Complex system • Full of Innovation Rotor Sizing and Blade Design Acoustics Transformer Generator and Site Selection Speed Shaft Design Wind Farm Electric Sensor Configuration • Dynamic Operating Conditions • High Cost of Failure Machine Power Tower Design Electronics Supporting Structure Electromechanical and FSI Design Components Images are courtesy of REpower Systems AG © 2010 ANSYS.