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Premiere Tutorial Final Tips

Audio editing on Premiere (For Slideshow project)
Adjusting volume for interview and narration
-First, in the project panel and audio meter, get the basic information about audio files
such as length.
-Human voices for multimedia projects are best when the peak volume is negative 12 db.
It is preferable to adjust the volumes throughout the sequence.
-If you recorded the interview as stereo, change the audio file to mono too.
To do this, right click the audio file > modify > audio channel and select mono.
-There are different ways of adjusting volumes: Audio gain, Audio mixer and key frames.
1. Using Audio gain
-Right click the audio file, find the audio gain menu
-In the window, find what the peak amplitude volume is. If it is 0 dB. It means it is as
loud as it can be.
-Go to ‘set gains to’ and click the number to aim the negative 12. In the case of 0db, -12.
-Check the audio meter and drag the volume line to make further adjustments. (or hit the
keys [ or ])
2. Using key frames.
-Ctr/Cmd + Click to make key frames.
-Adjust the areas that are too loud or too silent.

3. Audio mixer
-Make overall adjustment.
-In the source pane, find Audio mixer.
-You can adjust each track. Or, you can use the master track.

Adding your narration at the last minute directly to Adobe Premiere
1. Customizing audio tracks
-In the timeline, Select an audio track. Right click and customize.
-Find Record and Microphone button.
-Drag them to the track. Click OK.

-Insert microphone to the computer.
-Right click the track in timeline and find voiceover settings.
-Find the right microphone.
-Check countdown.
2. Recording.
-Place the marker where there is no audio file.
-Mute the speaker.
-Click the microphone.
-Place the audio file
Using Adobe Audition to reduce noises
Adobe Audition is an audio editing software. We have not learned it yet, but will use it here just
for noise reduction purposes.
1. Select the clip with noise in the timeline.
2. Right click and find edit in Adobe Audition.
3. You will be taken to a new window in Audition.
4. First adjust volume by dragging the diagram left and right.
5. Next locate a noise. Select it by click and drag.
6. Go to effect tab. Select Noise reduction > Capture noise.
7. In the timeline hit Ctr/Cmd A to select the whole clip.
8. Go to effect tab again. Select Noise reduction > noise reduction.
9. In a new pup up window, adjust the level to 60-80%.
10. Save the file in Audition.
11. In the project pane in Premiere select the original file and extract file. Right click and
merge clips.

Sequence shooting
Food truck sequence shooting