by: Rebecca C. Ferrer

One important feature of a multi-modal transportation system where
conflicts are critical is the intersection. At a busy intersection, motorists,
cyclists, and pedestrians often have to deal with complex situations and be
aware of the position, movement and intent of other users. Therefore, it is
necessary to know how well an intersection accommodates transportation
travel. One of many ways to measure the efficiency of an intersection is
through its level of service (LOS).
One of the most congested intersection in Los Baños is the Lopez
Avenue-National Highway intersection that is popularly known as “Junction”.
It experiences congestion during morning and afternoon rush hours which
results to long travel time queue.
General Objective:
Determine the LOS of the Lopez Avenue-National Highway
intersection in terms of delay relative to volume capacity ratio.
Specific Objectives:
a) Measure the crossing time of pedestrians in conflict with the
b) Propose a designed phase signal timing for pedestrians.
c) Determine the adequacy of the geometric and location of
signalized crosswalks

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FRAMEWORK Figure 1.1 Conceptual framework of the study METHODOLOGY Video recording Data of vehicle and Collectio pedestrian n count Follows the guidelines Synchro indicated in 6 Data Highway Analysis Capacity Manual 2000 Intersection Intersecti delay and on Level phase signal of timing for Servicepedestrians Figure 1.2 Flow diagram for determination of LOS RESULTS AND DISCUSSION .

CONCLUSION It was found out in the study that the current condition of the Lopez Avenue-National Highway intersection yielded a very long intersection delay and a high v/c ratio.6 306.9. This indicates that the condition in the intersection causes a great deal and greatly affects the whole transportation network system in Los Baños. the unsignalized intersection yielded the longest intersection delay.3 455. Therefore. While the shortest delay was determined when there are no tricycles in the intersection and no vehicles going to Sta. The study also considered combinations of all the scenarios resulting to shortest intersection delay of around 26 seconds and a v/c ratio of 0. REFERENCES .7 671.4 475.5 255.1 215295.Intersection Delay Considering Different Scenarios 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 678. an immediate action should be implemented to address the problem. results show that delay and v/c ratio tend to decrease.1 Intersection delay considering different scenarios Among the four scenarios. Cruz (no through flow vehicles). It can also be noted that when the intersection was analyzed as pre-timed controlled.4 Intersection Delay (s) Scenario Morning Survey Afternoon Survey Table 1.

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