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Course Objectives: To impart basic knowledge on

1. Textiles and smart materials
2. Development of intelligent textiles with PCM and SMP
3. Development of thermo regulated clothing, ARTS and wearable technology
Course Outcomes: To enable students to,
1. Explain the properties and applications of smart textile materials
2. Explain development of intelligent textiles with PCM
3. Describe the development of smart textiles with Shape memory polymers
4. Describe the techniques involved in the manufacture of heat storage and thermo regulated
5. Explain the design of adaptive and responsive textile structure and wearable technology
UNIT-I Introduction to Textiles and Smart Materials

Textiles: Fibre, classification of fibre and properties of a textile fibre, Forms of textiles: Fibre,
yarn and fabric
Smart Materials: Introduction, Classification and need for intelligent textiles. Smart materials
and properties: Smart fibres- Nano fibres, Photo adaptive fibres, chameleon fibres, conductive
fibres: Phase change materials, Shape memory materials. Intelligent polymers, Applications of
intelligent textiles.

Intelligent Textiles with PCM

Phase change materials: Heat balance and thermo-physiological comfort, Phase change
technology, PCM in textiles,
Intelligent textiles with PCMs: Basic information of phase change materials, Phase change
properties of linear alkyl hydrocarbons, Textiles containing PCM, Measurement of thermo
regulating properties of fabrics with micro PCMs
Shape Memory Polymers
Temperature sensitive shape memory polymers: A concept of smart materials, Shape memory
polymer and smart materials, Some examples of shape memory polymer for textile applications,
Potential use of shape memory polymer in smart textile, General field of application
Study of shape memory polymer films for breathable textiles: Breathability and clothing
comfort, Breathable fabrics, Water vapor permeability (WVP) through shape memory
Heat Storage and Thermo regulated textiles and Clothing
Heat storage and thermo-regulated textiles and clothing: Introduction, Thermal storage and

thermal insulating fibres, manufacture of heat-storage and thermo-regulated textiles and clothing,
properties and clothing application and development trends
Chromic Textiles: Principles of thermo chromic and photo chromic textiles and outline of
manufacturing process
UNIT-V Adaptive and Responsive Textile Structure (ARTS) and Wearable Technology 9
Introduction-ARTS- The symbiotic relationship between textiles and computing, Wearable
motherboard: performance requirements, design and structure, Production system and its
potential applications
Wearable Technology: Introduction, performance requirements, prototype, user interface,
survival features in the suit, Wearable technology for snow clothing

Total: 45 Hours
1. Xiaoming Tao, Smart Fibres, Fabrics and Clothing, The Textile Institute, CRC
Press,Woodhead, Publishing Limited, Cambridge. 2001.
2. H.Mattila (ed), Intelligent Textiles and Clothing, Woodhead Publishing Ltd., England, 2006