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A Magical Performance full of Passionate Poetry,
Soulful Rendition and Rib-Tickling Humor.

Dr. Kumar Vishvas

“Koi deewana kehta hai,
Koi paagal samajhta hai..
Magar dharti ki bechaini ko
bas baadal samajhta hai..”

An Introduction
Dr. Kumar Vishvas - A poet of the masses and clas
His Mesmerizing poetry,
Sensuous voice and Charismatic
style makes Dr. Vishvas a true
“People’s Poet". His fan-list
spans from of Gen-next
students to achievers like
Narendra Modi, Rahul
Dravid, Rajbaaber, Govinda,
Lalu Yadav to name a few.

An Introduction
Apart from being bestowed with
hundreds of graceful awards and
recognitions including Sahitya-
Shiromani, he has been aptly named
by Hasya Kavi Surendra Sharma
as the onlyISO-2006 POET OF

An Introduction
Ranked among the topmost poets of India; Dr. Kumar Vishvas has
emerged as a heartthrob of young students and is termed as “live-
magic” in youth-oriented fests and programs, at par with the rock
stars of today..

His exceptionally huge-hit programs at IIT campuses are the

benchmark of success of all entertaining programs collectively. He is
the favorite poet of this generation and is the most searched poet on the
internet through search engines.

An Introduction
Dr. Vishvas has regularly been
featured on TV channels like:
NDTV, Sab TV, Sahara; not to
forget his episodes stint in
“Patrika” on DD.

Apart from penning the lyrics of

upcoming bollywood films –
Jaaniya, Dil to Deewana Hai,etc;
he has to his credit a host of
successful events for P&G, Airtel,
Vodafone, Jaypee group, Tata
group of companies, Radio Mirchi,
Red FM, TOI, and the
internationally acclaimed “Salaam
- Namaste”

An Introduction
With the advent of competition
and growing awareness, a new
trend has emerged which requires
an individual to be creative in
addition to being knowledgeable.

Besides, as most of the prestigious

colleges are now residential, and
corporate aim at the overall
recreation and development of the

entertainment and creative

satisfaction of the masses has
also risen manifold.

An Introduction
“Koi Deewana Kehta Hai…”
Event “Koi Deewana Kehta hai” ” is titled
after the exceptionally famous couplet of
Dr. Kumar Vishvas, who is also the author
of the bestseller with the same name.

The title couplet (Koi Deewana Kehta

hai..) which is today found as ring-tone
and mp3 format in millions of mobile
phones around the globe, has almost
become a Youth-Anthem of love and finds
a major craze among residential-college
students, and can be heard being hummed
flawlessly by the majority of technocrats
all over World.

The Concept
This rocking performance includes his
enigmatic poetry already a hit among
youngsters, blended with chromatic
comments and crisp-humor through
his unmatched witty anchoring skills
to create a crackling fun environment.

It is a warranty card of an ultimate

lively entertainment-package and till
today has been the most sought after
event for every college fest including
IIT’s, IIMs and medical

The Concept
“Koi Deewana Kehta
The videos on YouTube, Google Videos,Orkut
and other video channels which has got billion’s
viewers and still going strong.
links :

The Magic at a Glance

“Koi Deewana Kehta
Hai ….”

We made Them Smile,

Now its your turn …

The Features
“Koi Deewana Kehta
Hai ….”

Recognized on a global level through

“Koi Deewana Kehta hai …”, the
event of yours would be endorsed again
and again even in upcoming years.

The Features
“Koi Deewana Kehta
Hai ….”

Generally, festivals have selective

participation from people according to
their tastes..
This would be the only program that
would attract every single person of the
institution and give them the frenzied
finale that they seek.

The Features
“Koi Deewana Kehta
Hai ….”
An Event which has minimum requirements
and maximum outputs.
No special need for arranging hi–tech
light/sound effects, music or any extra
equipment as the program needs least
Hence it is cost effective, absolutely easy to
materialize while providing world class

The Benefits
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