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May 18, 2016

Yes, Trumpet was right Megyn Kelly is a Bimbo
According to an online definition a Bimbo is an attractive but empty-headed young
woman, especially one perceived as a willing sex object in other words a slut. If you
need help with that definition, you need to stop reading and go back to school.
So how did I reach the conclusion you may ask? During the Trumpet run for clown
president in January, he wrote:
Donald J. Trump
"@gene70: @FireFlyFury @megynkelly @realDonaldTrump And this is the bimbo that's
asking presidential questions?"
3:36 AM - 28 Jan 2016
Now lets get this straight he called a whore, a slut or as we in the HI Spanic, community
would say a puta. (See google on line).
I dont know if the woman is married, but if somebody called my wife a bimbo and
retweeted it 423 times, he would be looking up from the floor.
Being nonviolent a person as I am that is, I am just saying.
Women all over America were upset by this degrading term on national media. It is a
term that is unacceptable in the workplace and could get an employee fired for using it
at work. I know I taught Sexual Harassment classes to over ten thousand public
employees. The term is right up there with skank.
Men and women alike applauded Kelly for her firm stand against Trump and she was to
moderate more of the Fascist News Network debates. Then Trumpet announced that if
she was moderating he would not attend.
Steven J. Ybarra
Po Box 367
Sacramento, Ca 95812

Fox concerned about its ratings and the loss of revenue sat Kelly down and told her to
fix this. (See bimbo above network.) She and Trumpet had a one hour private meeting.
Want to guess what he told her in that meeting?
Note it was her responsibility as the victim to show that it was ok.
How did that happen, in case you missed it Kelly did a one on one televised interview,
(no pun intended) with Trumpet? The Guardian reported
He also sought to downplay his embrace of the phrase bimbo to describe
Kelly, suggesting at first that he didnt recall doing so. When Kelly pointed out
Trump had on several occasions retweeted followers insulting her as such, he
responded: Ooo. OK. Did I say that? Excuse me.
He added: Over your life, Megyn, youve been called a lot worse. Its a modern
form of fighting back.
Kelly said that it was not about her but rather about the message sent to young
girls, to which Trump only offered that he would no longer go after her because I
think I like our relationship right now.
In other words now that you are being a good Fox bimbo and will do what you are told I
can talk to you.
Note he never said I am sorry, I apologize for calling you a slut. He just said Oh did I
say that? If that was the apology in my world, he would be looking up from the floor. (I
am just saying.)
Men like him would never work in California state government or private industry unless
someone liked paying millions of dollars in court costs and damages. In California, the
status of women in the workplace is not the ultimate best but it is getting better.
Kelly has proved that she is no model for working women. She is the worst example to
our young women who strive to succeed as professionals.
Trumpet is a racist sexist thug that is the bottom line.

Steven J. Ybarra
Po Box 367
Sacramento, Ca 95812

What is to be done? First, Americans have to decide if having a Thug in the white house
is a good thing or a bad thing. If they dont care and most of the replicants with few
exception are lining up to jump over the cliff. Moreover, republicant voters who vote will
vote 95% for the Trumpet that is the hard statiscal fact, simply because they hate the
Second, the Clintons have to get off their respective culos and start physically
campaigning in Latino neighborhoods and spend 50 million dollars on Latino vote by
mail and gotv campaigns. Hillary needs real Latino professionals working her campaign.
Hillary should also apologize to the women and men of America for Megan Kelly and
her lack moral fiber.
Then America could take her seriously.
She will then be the nominee of the thinking people of America.

Steven J Ybarra JD is a retired Civil Rights Attorney, who was an elected member to the
Democratic National Committee from 2000 to 2008. During his time on the DNC, he
trained over three thousand political activists in mail ballot methodology and how to win
He is a published author and his work published under the title Negro y Blanco is his
property and may not be republished without this notation.
Siempre Adelante

Steven J. Ybarra
Po Box 367
Sacramento, Ca 95812