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SPM 2015 Tips: Bahasa Inggeris (BI

English Language General guidelines

To prepare for this subject, you will have to continuously improve your language skills in
every day life. Try to speak and write more in English language, and read more English
books, magazines and newspaper.

Before the exam, you mainly need to concentrate on Literature and Writing.

To prepare for paper 2, all you need to do is to do exercises regularly.

A. Writing
i. Directed Writing

Materials will be given for this section. You are advised to read the question carefully
before answering the question

You have to count the number of points given. If the number of points given are
insufficient, you will need to provide your own ideas in order to score full marks for your

If the essay is formatted writing, make sure that the format is correct.

ii. Continuous Writing

You are advised to read all the questions carefully and choose the question that you are
most confident in.

Include some idioms and quotes by famous personalities in your essay to make it more

The sentence structure should be varied. Use simple, compound and complex sentences in
your writing.

Your essay have to be interesting if you attempt narrative/descriptive essay. Avoid making
grammatical errors in your essay. Refer to the question often when writing your essay to
avoid writing out of topic.

B. Paper 2 Section A
i. Stimuli and Graphic Material

Read the materials given and question carefully, cancel off the options that you consider as
definitely wrong. Choose the most suitable answer among the options you are left with,
based on the materials given.

ii. Rational Cloze

This section tests you on grammar. You are advised to read the passage given carefully.

When answering. You are advised to write more points if you summary has no reach the word limit (130 words)  You should write in continuous form and not in point form. Paper 2 Section C i. Your ideas must be logical and relevant. in some cases.  Answers should be short and precise. Marks will be deducted. DO NOT CHEAT. State the exact number of words below your summary.  If the question asked you for your opinion. look for answers from the particular paragraph of the passage as stated in the question. Try to use your own words by replacing the words in the passage with other words which have the same meaning. You must begin your answer using the 10 words given in the question. otherwise your answer will be considered wrong and no mark will be given.  When answering.  You do not need to write any Introduction or Closing.  Ensure that the spelling in your answer is exactly the same as the spelling in the materials given. based on your understanding in grammar. The examiners will count the total number of words in your summary. Answer all questions based on the passage given. Summary  The question will usually ask you to summarize on 2 topics. Read the question and passage given carefully. Underline the relevant points in the passage that are related to any of the 2 topics.  You should write a total of 10 points. copy directly from the materials given and avoid using your own words. you do not need to answer in complete sentence. Reading Comprehension  Read the questions and passage given carefully. When answering. E. ii. Paper 2 Section B (Information Transfer)  Read the materials given carefully. However. use relevant points from the passage. C. Cancel off the options that you consider as definitely wrong.  For this section. D. you may have to make some changes to suit your answer. you should provide your own answer and do not look for answers from the passage given. Choose the most suitable word to fill in the blanks in the passage among the 4 options. Do not add in any unnecessary details in your answer or write extra answers. Poem . Do not take the elaborations or examples.

otherwise marks can be deducted. Make sure that the grammar is correct. Answers given must be logical and relevant. Novel  For this section. You must answer in complete sentences and not point form. Give suitable examples from the novel. .  You can also quote what the characters said in the novel as textual evidence.  If the question asks for your own opinion. Make sure there in no spelling and grammatical errors. F. you should answer the question using your own opinion and do not look for answers in the poem. Answer all questions based on your understanding of the poem. you will have to elaborate clearly on every point you write.  You do not need to answer in complete sentences. Read the poem and questions carefully.