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Activate Your MobilePass Token

ITICS Americas

About your MobilePASS token
MobilePASS soft token is used to connect (authenticate) to the Capgemini network from a remote location, such as
your home or client site. It also enables you to access global applications over the web (i.e. WebVPN).
You can download the MobilePASS soft token on multiple PCs or mobile devices but can only have two MobilePASS
PC or mobile device token active at a time.

Activating your SafeNet MobilePASS soft token
1. Connect to the Internet.
2. Launch Internet Explorer and go to
a. If accessing from outside a Capgemini office, enter your corporate login ID and corporate password at
the Capgemini Single Sign On (SSO) page.
b. If you are inside a Capgemini office, you will automatically go to the SafeNet Self Service Portal site.
3. Click Assign MobilePASS Token.
4. Click Add Value and select the date you started with Capgemini from the calendar. The start date will display
in the DD/MM/YYYY format.
a. If unknown, your Capgemini start date can be obtained from your MobilePASS activation email or by
calling the ITICS Americas Service Desk at 1-866-736-3399.
5. Enter your manager’s last name.
6. Click Save.

7. Folow the instructions listed on the site to activate the MobilePass
Soft Token by clicking on the link under “Enroll your MobilePass
token” to activate your MobilePass Token.
8. The Self Enrollment page will appear. Click the hyperlink ‘Enroll your
MobilePass token’.
a. Click Allow on the pop up box.
b. If your MobilePass software is not installed, click Download
MobilePass Installer.
c. If you receive an error message that reads ’Page Cannot be
Displayed’, please contact the ITICS Americas Service Desk
at 1-866-736-3399 and ask that they uninstall and reinstall the
MobilePASS client.
9. Enter your user name to identify this token and select Activate.
10. Auto Enrollment.will auto complete.
11. Enter a 4 digit PIN and click Continue.
12. Enter your 4 digit MobilePASS PIN to confirm and then click
13. Your MobilePASS token is now activated and will display a six digit passcode that you can use to connect to

2. Enter your 4 digit PIN and select OK or Continue. Play Store for Android b. Visit the application store that is applicable to your mobile device below and search for the MobilePASS application. Download the MobilePASS application to your Mobile Device 1. 3.Activate Your MobilePass Token ITICS Americas How to use the MobilePASS token 1. 3. App Store for iPhone 2. Follow the steps above to ’Activate Your MobilePASS’. . Use this passcode for your VPN or SSO password. Your six digit numerical passcode will be displayed. Launch the MobilePASS from your PC or mobile device. Download the MobilePASS application to your phone. a.