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Belvidere PTO Science Expo

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Belvidere PTO Science Expo
June 2, 2010

Everyone is invited and it will be fun for the whole family!

Kick-off Event
“Celebrating our Student Scientist”

The Science Expo Kick-Off Event will celebrate our student scientists!

There will be a "Display of Works" featuring science related projects that students
created in their classrooms.

This open house style evening will feature hands-on science booths where children
will make and take home super balls and a crystal garden
provided by Mad Science of West New Jersey.

Come aboard the green-energy-powered, research-grade microscope lab and meet

Dr. Ben Dubin-Thaler as you explore the mobile science laboratory.
Belvidere PTO Science Expo
June 3, 2010
(Belvidere Elementary Students only)

Rutgers University Physics Demo: Presented by Dave Maiullo Whether he is lying on a bed of nails, illuminating pickles like
light bulbs or exploding hydrogen balloons, Dave Maiullo takes hard-to-understand scientific principles and creates ways
to make audiences sit up and pay attention. The demonstration is designed not just to inform but with an eye toward
humor, exciting the imagination as well as emphasize the fun in science.

Biology/Microscopes – Da Vinci Science Center

Students will bring your eye for details as you go on a microscopic journey through the plant and animal
kingdom. Use the power of microscopes to explore clues like a forensic scientist. Bring things from your home
or your school that you want to take a closer look at!

Electricity – Da Vinci Science Center

Student will explore the magic of static electricity as they make salt and pepper dance, make a soda can jump,
and have a hair raising experience of their own!

Chemistry – Da Vinci Science Center

Do you love mixing things together? Mix some safe chemicals together to create some cool reactions. Solve
the mystery of “what’s in that slime?”

Natural Science – Merrill Creek Reservoir

Discover firsthand the fascinating adaptations animals have for surviving in the wild. Students will
examine and compare several live animals.

Hobby Quest:

Hobby Quest will give an introduction, Bernoulli’s principle and tools. Student will build a balsa wood

Ron Caruso a Glider Instructor will give a power point presentation on how gliders get into and stay in
the air, the physic of weather and what it takes to fly a glider.
Belvidere PTO Science Expo
June 3, 2010
(Belvidere Elementary Students only)

Rutgers University Science Explorer –

A state-of-the-art mobile laboratory contained within a 40-foot custom-designed bus. The Rutgers
Science Explorer is staffed by Rutgers scientists, who will lead the students in “Whose Body?” The
students will learn about the human skeleton and the techniques forensic anthropologists use to identify skeletal remains.
They will identify a body from a pile of bones and figure out who the person is (gender, height and ethnicity).

NJ State Police Crime Scene Unit

Detective David Monisera and Detective Sergeant Thomas Redfern will be giving the students a
brief overview (power point presentation) of what the “Crime Scene Unit” does. Then have a hands-on
“dusting for fingerprint” demonstration.

Bio Bus – presentation by Dr. Ben Dubin-Thaler –

The Cell Motion BioBus is a mobile science laboratory. Students will learn that watching paint dry can
be so much fun! This normally boring activity springs to life under the microscope, illustrating concepts
such as suspensions, colloids, phase transitions, and crystal formation. Students move on to explore the interesting
properties of other materials, observing the globular proteins and structures in milk (not really a liquid!), creams, and gels.

Thor Labs – Fiber optic demonstration by John Taranto

Students will learn what lasers are, how they work, their function and how they differ from other
light sources. They will learn the importance of math as a tool for understanding and the practical applications of fiber
optics by discussing the role it plays in telecommunications, the military and other fields of science. Mr. Taranto will use
a red light laser to demonstrate the transmission of light through space and fibers. He may also demonstrate how lasers
can be used to reflect sound from one side of glass to the other. Mr. Taranto will use a power point presentation to
introduce concepts and use multiple laptops and a red light laser (kept at a very low optical power so it is safe for
students) in his demonstration.
Belvidere PTO Science Expo
Thank you to our sponsors
Vendor List Value Sponsor
7 and 8 Graders: 4 – 1 hour stations
th th

Rutgers Science Explorer $295.00 DSM Nutritional Products

Cell Motions Laboratories, Inc. Bio Bus
presented by Dr. Ben Dubin-Thaler $840.00 Novartis
NJ State Police
Criminal Science Investigation “finger print dusting” $400.00* NJ State Police
Thorlabs: John Taranto – Fiber Optics Engineer presentation $300.00* Thorlabs

K-6 “Hands-On” Stations (8 - 20 minute stations)

Da Vinci Science Center Visiting Science Labs Electricity $500.00 PNC Bank of Belvidere Biology $500.00 Novartis
Chemistry $500.00 BASF Corporation.
Merrill Creek Reservoir - Jane A. Bullis $500.00* Merrill Creek Reservoir
AVD - Audio Visual Dynamics - Kevin Kelly
Audio and visual exhibit materials set up and take down $1,500.00* Audio Visual Dynamics
Deliver set up and take down 37+ tables for hands-on stations $100.00* Mansfield Street Contracting

4-6 “Hands-On” Station (2 hours)

Hobby Quest (build wood airplanes) $650.00* Funded by General Donations
Yards Creek Soaring –
Ron Caruso - Aviation Presentation $100.00* Yards Creek Soaring

Physics Demonstrations – 3 x 1 hour shows

Rutgers Physic Demonstration, presented by David Maiullo K-3 1 hour demo $400.00 The Beaney Group
4-6 1 hour demo $400.00 PNC Bank of Belvidere
7-8 1 hour demo $400.00 EarthSpec LLC &
All Way Pest Control
Evening Event – June 2 (kick off)
Mad Science Demonstration w/hands on stations $450.00 PNC Bank of Belvidere
Cell Motions Laboratories, Inc. Bio Bus $200.00 PNC Bank of Belvidere

General Donation:
Warren County Police Benevolent Associations $200.00
Helen L. Brown $100.00
Rotary Club of Belvidere $100.00
The Women’s Club of Belvidere $100.00
Harry & Nancy Brown $100.00
Belvidere Lions Club $100.00
Ray & Rheva Smickle $ 10.00
ShopRite of Washington (contribution towards the lunch for vendors) $ 25.00
Belvidere Education Association Science Folders

*estimated value